Dead rubber day


Celtic arrive in Prague tomorrow for a game many of us consider a dead rubber.  The thumping Sparta inflected at Celtic Park still smarts and almost certainly ended the competitive element of our Europa League campaign.  The most we can hope for is a cohesive performance and an injury and illness free trip.  A defeat, even a heavy defeat, will not resonate as much as the draw at Easter Road.

For me, the pace quickens at the weekend, when your clean sheet domestic record goes on the line for the 36th consecutive time.  We can only hope the week will be used productively.

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  1. DENIABHOY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:35 PM





    ‘we all support the same team.’








  2. NorrieM



    Thanks for that.



    They must be very proud today with that goal- another landmark on the way to progressing in a difficult career path.



    Young Harper, however, is devloping nicely and has had some bench time already. He may have jumped over Karamoko as the one most likely to feature soonest in a senior match

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Deniabhoy @ 5:35pm



    Amen to that.



    Laugh it off guys …. like this fellow?




    To Confidential Magazine




    If you continue to publish slanderous pieces about me, I shall feel compelled to cancel my subscription.




    Groucho Marx

  4. GENE @ 5:35 PM,



    Yes, quite, yet it wasn’t their “facts” that concerned me. My feeling is, if we are going to take them to task we need to do so on solid ground or else good fholk are wasting their time. You will rarely see the SMSM refer to them as the same Club.



    You may be right that the BBC were wrong, the thing is I couldn’t find the headline you speak of so it’s hard to tell.



    I did find reference to the best start in yada yada in a couple of articles, one headlined…



    “Should Premiership champions Celtic be worried by Rangers title threat?”



    Yet nothing in there you could form a meaningful complaint about. IMO bogus complaints merely strengthen their position.



    Hail Hail

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    My beef isn’t with Lenny. He stepped up when we needed him after Rodgers left, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t a completely selfless act. He was never getting another job at this level. Period.



    The weakness of his position is betrayed by the Imposition of his back room team by The CEO. WTF qualifies that guy to make these footballing decisions? His expertise in heated driveways? Arrogant sod.



    Perhaps Lenny knows his own weaknesses better and who could have complemented him, but instead the bean counter’s diktat prevails.



    We see the results. Complete absence of chemistry and probably a conflict of ethos, ideas and approaches within the coaching team.



    Since Duff left there seems to now be a schism between the players and the manager too. A total shitshow in fact, all by the hand of the CEO.



    This potentially historic season and historic advantage is about to be flushed down the toilet, because having created the mess the CEO and Board lack the courage or vision to fix it.



    They are so out of their time. Dinosaurs. They remind me of the Bank Board of Governors in Mary Poppins!



    Lenny was never a top class manager. He was always too flawed. Too emotional, not dispassionate enough (like me and most fans), tactically primitive and with a history of falling out with players.



    He was never the best we could aspire to, but the suspicion lingers that he’s here precisely because of the weakness of his position and the control that affords our dunderheid CEO.



    Allowing him to at least bring in his own people might have given him a fighting chance, but instead he’s been left hamstrung and alone as the sacrificial lamb.



    It’s terrible to see such a great Celtic man the subject of the ire of the fans. Horrible.



    It didn’t have to be like this, but one man chose it. Paul’s hero.



    And he’s going to do squat diddly to remedy it. That will be his legacy. The man who saved The Rangers.



    Well done.





    I have openly challenged YOU to SHOW The Blog where and when I have Posted…



    ” Neil Lennon should be exempt from any criticism” ?


    ” I am happy that Celtic FC are being DOWN GRADED” ?


    ” Neil Lennon is a SAINT”


    You have Feckin FAILED to show any evidence of me Posting the above…thats because there ISNT ANY such Posts !


    HOWEVER, You have been MOST SUCCESSFUL in attaching these Posts/Opinions which are 100% FALSE to my good name.


    ROCK TREE BHOY has just posted ( 5.08pm) the ” Post” from Saturday that YOU Posted…where you ” INVITE” Celtic fans to come on the Blog and try and defend Neil Lennon…


    THAT Post from YOU…was made with a CLEAR Intention to GLOAT and GOAD Celtic supporters into defending Neil Lennon on CQN……Well done..it Feckin worked !



    YOU have been REMINDED of your Post from Saturday after the 2-2 Draw with Hibs, I am reasonably sure that the VAST MAJORITY ( If not ALL) on here that readit would AGREE that it was a clear case of GLOATING, GOADING…and as ROCK TREE BHOY has stated…Highly PROVOACTIVE….



    I look forward to YOU attempting to justify and/or Back Track on your Post from Saturday….and You have the Feckin cheek to Post about MY Anger, and other Posters going into a Huff ?


    YOU have FAILED to address ANY of the questions that I have put to you regarding ANY of MY Posts…100% FACT !

  7. Chairbhoy


    I’m a simple chap just looking for a bit of fairness – the old club cheated for years – screwed their creditors and the tax payer. To carry on as if nothing had happened is just wrong. Dancing on the head of a pin is what the MSM are doing so they can keep up the pretence.

  8. I remember the days we criticised WGS for showing players some positional notes before they came on and for writing in notebooks during a game.



    I remember Brendan Rodgers getting criticised for repetitive and pointless ball re-shuffling and for subs being kept waiting for 5 minutes till they digested a “War and Peace” level of tactical instructions.



    Now, it turns out this was what we were longing for all along.



    There’s nowt so queer as fowk, right enough

  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Former Celtic defender Kelvin Wilson has spoken frankly about the tactical instructions of boss Neil Lennon.



    Speaking to the Glasgow is Green Podcast , a snippet of the chat between GIGPOD’s Stevie and the Ilkestone Town coach has already alarmed Celtic fans who had doubts about Neil Lennon and co.’s ability to prepare the team tactically.



    “We never did shape. Never.” Wilson said. “It was always drills, fitness was a massive thing. We all wanted to play for Neil, we all loved Lenny and wanted to play for him.”


    Wilson also described opposition analysis in the run-up to fixtures.



    “We didn’t concentrate on the other teams until probably the Friday, and it wasn’t on the training pitch, it was on the video.



    “While we were eating dinner, Lenny would get the projector screen up and just let them play. Lenny would stop it and go through a few bits, but it wouldn’t be any longer than 15-20 minutes.”

  10. GENE @ 6:07 PM,



    Yes, it is wrong, very wrong, yet the only two people who allowed it to happen that are still in place are good chums Neil Doncaster and Peter Lawwell.



    My thoughts are it is them we should take to task, they can still admit to their wrong doing, that would go some way to righting a wrong and undermine the continuity myth.



    Hail Hail

  11. BIG PACKY 1 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:29 PM


    for the ATTENTION of big jimmy, im getting sick and tired of your rants about me, if there were moderators on here, unfortunately they are not here, but you would have got a red card or at least a yellow, I posted to you about a fortnight ago, saying big jjimmy lets bury the hatchet and i would help you with your vets bills ,regarding rocky, you flew into a rage and said in other words feck off, that is also in the archives, now anybody who posts on here saying anything bad about neil lennon is a chump, big jimmy you need to wake up and smell the coffee ,everyone on here and sentinel celts know what neil lennon is a hunskelper bar none, but his time is up unfortunately, and you calling everyone who says anything bad about neil lennon is not on ,BTW I would still help you with any vets bills, ive got 4 dogs of my own and i know what vets bills cost, but i know you will just tell me to feck off, but the offer still stands,




    FIRST of ALL…Get your feckin Facts straight…I have NEVER slagged off anyone who gives Neil Lennon ” Criticism”. I have also give him criticism…So like your Pal ” ONENIGHT”…you are also making up FALSE CRAP !



    I have had a go at some, INCLUDING YOU…For Posting ABUSE and Venom Directed at Neil Lennon…and it is a FACT…That YOUR Post stating that “Neil Lennon is Lawwells Puppet” was the FIRST one that I saw. That is why I mentioned YOU by Name !


    You ( By your OWN ADMISSION), have never been near Celtic Park since the early 1970’s, DESPITE only living a few hours drive away, so IMO…YOU have NO RIGHT to call yourself a CELTIC Supporter. When was the last time that you even went to a Pub to watch Celtic ( Sorry, I know thats difficult, cos you dont have any mates), before this Pandemic ?


    Your “Offer” to give me Money for Vet bills is just a Feckin ” Smokescreen”, as by doing so you are hoping that folk on here that have never met you will think…” That BP is a very nice and generous Guy”…That Big Jimmy MUST be a Bad Bassa etc….THAT is why you are making an Offer of money…I can see RIGHT THROUGH You…I Sussed you out a long time ago.


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  12. For the first time in ten seasons Celtic are under pressure and now that Neil has been given the all clear by the board, he can forge ahead win the record quadruple treble and with twenty five matches left to play try and rouse his squad to the challenge by snatching yet another League title against the odds . The good news is that Scotland will have two teams competing in the Champions League next season after coefficient points secured in the Europa in recent seasons by both Glasgow sides.



    Celtic’s away form in Europe has been excellent and though form has been a mix of brilliance and mediocre at times it would not surprise me if the Hoops win in Prague.

  13. IBig Packy…


    I Ccouldnt give a Toss how many Dugs you have got, I couldnt care less how you got your Moniker ( You have told every one about 500 times….YAWN )…



    Your just another Coward Chump that would NOT Dare tell Neil Lennon to HIS FACE that he is Lawwells Puppet…Go on…admit that at least ?


    You also have a Feckin cheek to call anyone a ” Puppet” we ALL KNOW who Pulls the Strings in your Hoose….and it aint you !



    I also contacted the BBC yesterday regarding their best start headline for the huns , we just need to keep reminding them of the truth. HH !

  15. Bhoy from the Boyne



    Interesting selection from that Kelvin Wilson article which I read earlier.



    Anyone reading the curtailed selection you have provided could easily be fooled into thinking it was a hatchet job by Kelvin on his old manager. But you and I know it was far from that- Kelvin spoke well about a lot of the qualities that Neil did have and of the way he got players to play for him with even squad members being supportive.



    Plus, he is talking about Neil’s first spell as manager, when he made many mistakes like having a Player’s night out before a crucial trip to Inveness for a postponed game that we ended up losing.



    Kelvin’s insights are hepful, of course, but he knows as much about the current workings of Celtic and Neil as Charlie Nicholas does.



    MON left the training ground stuff to Steve Walford. Brendan left most of it to Chris Davies; it’s a common development when a Head Coach tries to adapt to being a Manager. They all realise that, if they are going to be lsitened too, they cannot be an ever-present critical voice in the player’s ears or they will become mere background noise. When you become manager, you must spealk less often but be impactful when you do speak.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:02 PM



    You are just a boor. A bully at it’s worst.

  17. VOGUEPUNTER on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:24 PM


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    ANYTIME Mate…anytime.


    HH MATE.

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  19. CHAIRBHOY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:14 PM



    Well done. One of the very few who spell Peter Lawwell correctly.




  20. JERSEYBHOYS on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:25 PM


    Can we please ban this clown




    Heres a message for you, ONE NIGHT …and your other pal Packy…


    I couldnt give a Feck if I was Red Carded, Ive got a very rich and Rewarding LIFE…with some great Mates to enjoy great times with…unlike yourself and some of your Pals.


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    You and your Plas are well suited.


    You can Feck Off also…FUD !

  21. Good to see Burghbhoy and Vfr post.





    Paul i think “dead rubbers” is what this season is about and by that i mean that Celtic since playing their first game are about winning,if possible.


    Alas the only rubber in town is league whereas Celtic are used to competing and winning all games at all levels,all cups and i believe that pick and choose psyche(ie never mind europa,use LC as training etc.damages our build up and our consistency.


    i think we missed,as fans the culmination of our clubs second nine in a row.we were in lockdown and didnt see the excellent recovery we made after our defeat to rosemaryswean,more important we missed our community celebrating our clubs historic achievement.as one at Celtic park.it was a massive loss.


    Am with Jobo,(if he has got in yet:-)




  22. BIG PACKY 1 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:32 PM


    BIG JIMMY i have offered to help you with your vet bills, you have declined and called me names, other posters will surely see this, unless they are are in your clique ,




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  23. GENE @ 6:17 PM,



    Yes, we can do little about them improving, that was always inevitable I guess. But we certainly could have done something about our decline, the decisions that have made that happen lead right to Big Pedro’s door.



    If, and it’s still an if, the mythical 55 is achieved then PL will be the main culprit.



    Hail Hail



    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:02 PM







    You are just a boor. A bully at it’s worst.




    If YOU say so..


    Im STILL waiting for YOU to produce ANY Evidence of Me slagging off Posters for having a go at Neil Lennon, and where I have referred to Neil as being a SAINT ?




    YAWN…Feckin YAWN.

  25. GREENPINATA @ 6:34 PM,



    Thank you, I think you may be the first on here to congratualte me on my spelling:))) Saw your very pertinent post on page 1 – you’re not coming over to the darkside are you;)



    Hail Hail

  26. BIG JIMMY, absolute shite i have never ever begged not to be red carded, why unlike you i never abuse anybody, now ive been nice with you although you have not been nice with me, ive offered to shake hands with you and bury the hatchet, but you decline everything, so listen mr bad guy i will be on here all night as long as you are .

  27. Evening all,


    I know it’s a moot point, but, if we had beaten the Huns at home earlier rhis season, we’d be sitting 5 points behind with two games in hand – assuming all other results stayed unchanged.


    Can’t believe how easily some are givinig up on the team, and the Ten. There’s a lot of football to be played before the destination of the title is known.


    I’ve been around long enough to know that things can turn around very quickly. I’m not throwing the towel in yet.

  28. PARK ROAD 67 @ 6:26 PM,



    Fair do’s… my issue right now is the enemy within!!



    Hail Hail