Deadline day is as it should be


Deadline day is as it should be.  Celtic have completed the business which they hope will see them through to the title in May (or April).  There is a sub-squad of peripheral players who may get a loan, while Giorgos Giakoumakis is expected to leave for Atlanta in the North American closed shop.  The MLS window is open until April, which introduces an anomaly for Celtic to consider.

With two in and two out in defence, a striker in and Giorgos probably heading out, the first team squad is net up a central midfielder – Tomoki Iwata.  Without closing doors on development opportunities open to our recent additions, it is hard to see the value in adding new bodies without others going out.

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  1. garygillespieshamstring on

    I remember an incident at pittodrie where Izzy made a sliding tackle to clear the ball. His momentum then carried him on and he collided with the Aberdeen player after the ball was away.


    Penalty to the sheep.



    They just make it up as they go along.

  2. This is what the refs must ask themselves , and if they get it wrong , var will put them right 😜


    1. a keeper goes through a Celtic player… pen …Y/N ?


    2. Celtic keeper goes through an attacking player… pen… Y/N ?


    3. A keeper goes through a hun player… pen …Y/N


    4. Hun keeper goes through an attacking player… pen …Y/N

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So the moderator is/was a school teacher, i recognise that condescending attitude.

  4. GREENPINATA on 31ST JANUARY 2023 3:38 PM



    I think that if Calmac and Petrov had said it WAS a penalty, our media would have been less likely to publicise their opinions.



    Personally, I am not sure if it was or not but I am certain that the pull on Kyogo highlighted by Saint Stivs ( I think) was a penalty. Did any of the Scottish media find that worthy of comment?




    Watch it, you !



    Mr.Barr, Ratton School.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I also expect had the result not been positive Callum might have had a different opinion, magnanimity in victory is easy.

  7. MODERATOR1888 on 31ST JANUARY 2023 3:47 PM


    Debate, yes







    It was heading away from that fast tho…



    Ohhh no it wasn’t …



    In a pantomime tone 😇



    I remember an incident at pittodrie where Izzy made a sliding tackle to clear the ball. His momentum then carried him on and he collided with the Aberdeen player after the ball was away.


    Penalty to the sheep.


    They just make it up as they go along.



    GARY…. and the ref in question was ? Wee Wullie Gollum!

  9. Personally I find it deplorable that Celtic allowed 2 of our best players were allowed to leave in this transfer window Juranivic and GG should have been told that they are here till the football season has ended,anyway we will see what happens,💚

  10. If we are still debating the Kyogo penalty furore then just look at it from behind the goals angle.


    He gets absolutely clattered. End of.

  11. Vetlesen of Bodo/Glimt is going to Brentford for 5m. Bargain, I would have loved to have seen him at Celtic.

  12. Hot Smoked,



    Jota’s feet may be eloquent as well as his speech. But I mustache him a question ? It’s not Movember any more, Why the tache, it’s definitely not growing on me.



    HH to all.

  13. Philcool



    You’re absolutely right. And there was no “clear and obvious error” to allow the VAR guy to intervene!

  14. glendalystonsils on

    Agree about Jota’s upper lip . Such things should have died out with the Victorians .

  15. The January transfe marketr is finally done and dusted for another season with Ange not sitting on his laurels, bringing in a clutch of new players and judging on his past signings hopefully they will not disappoint.



    I see our old friends Shakhtar picked up a handy 89 million for Mudryk which proves if you shine in Europe clubs will pay the readies to get you. The league in Portugal could be described as modest yet teams like Benfica and Porto make vast sums of money on players due to their great scouting annd coaching systems.



    Their iis no limit on the amount young players they can bring in from Argentina and Brazil and with the fine weather all year round the transition is is not so great.


    Benfica pullled in 105 million for a player this week.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 31ST JANUARY 2023 3:45 PM


    why debate the penalty ongoing ?







    well because simply the rules where not applied.





    EXACTLY Mate.




  17. SAINT STIVS on 31ST JANUARY 2023 1:49 PM


    Working Class History






    #OtD 31 Jan 1919 striking workers fought police in the centre of Glasgow. The Secretary of State for Scotland declared it a “Bolshevist uprising” and thousands of troops were deployed to restore order. The strike was to lower the working week to 40 hours



    *and the reason for shortening the work week was to open up positions for the returning survivors of the Great War.

  18. Ideguchi wasn’t a development signing – we was added to impact immediately. Unfortunately, he got injured in a game where the ref gave celtic players no protection! This is not an Ange failure – just bad luck for the lad – it happens.



    Are we stronger after the january window? We just don’t know! Where is our weakness? Center of defence – if CCV is injured we are screwed! I’d rather have kept Jenz or brought in a center with height. Starfelt and Kbayashi are good partners but they are not leaders. Risky!



    Striker – we have seen the need to rely on GG when kyogo is off the boil or the going in rough. GG score VITAL goals. Can Oh do the same – again we don’t know. He looks a prospect but its a lot to ask especially if the title race gets tight and nervy. Risky.



    Finally, left back – i’m thinking more next season. We don’t have physicality in that position. Taylor for me (much improved) but will be torn to shreds in europe. He defends will in a packed area – but Celtic play expansive and leave space behind. Thats why Ange likes Starfelt for his pace. – we need similar at left back (Tierney or Robertson back on loan eg)



    Rangers are improving and with VAR on their side will need watching these next few months – wait till you see the corruption at play in Edinburgh tomorrow!



    Overall – i’m excited to see Ange new signing (esp Oh and the bull Iwata) – but there is an element of risk in not adding height at center back!



    mostly , i’m more worried about VAR than rangers!

  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    Even when the refs and var were at their most biased against us in one game, Celtic won 4-3 at Tynecastle.



    At Ibrox, even allowing for a non-penalty given against us, Celtic still finished the game 9 points clear.



    So I’ll ask again. How are cheating refs going to stop us winning this league?

  20. Tom McLaughlin on 31st January 2023 2:20 pm



    A question for those who have been warning us since the start of the season that because of cheating hun refs, the league is far from over.







    Why do Celtic keep winning?



    Hard to believe that’s actually a question. We win because we are the best team,we win despite the cheating referees and VAR in our games and Sevco’s games,i suspect yo know this,but trying desperately to live up to being Fair Minded Tom,to tell the brothers about the ‘ paranoid ‘ Celtic supporters .The manager knows exactly what is going on as well, given his reactions to most VAR decisions, Sunday being one of them.