Decades of youth talent withering on the vine


Celtic’s Twitter account mentioned today is Anthony Ralston’s 19th birthday. Living through decades of youthful talent withering on the vine, it is startling to realise a player with such potential still has a year of his teens left.

The early months of this season has seen Brendan Rodgers trust the player with considerable responsibility, not least going face-to-face with PSG’s diver-in-chief, Neymar. But it cannot stop here.

Monday night’s party animal, Mikael Lustig, should be rested at home this weekend, allowing Anthony to travel for Saturday’s fixture in Dingwall. We have an enormous burden of 13 games in the next six weeks ahead, precious few of which will be of little consequence. I would let Anthony, and Calvin Miller, have plenty of action during that period.



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  1. M.I.T



    Great lads Sam and Dan from The River Detectives.Had a few beers wi them over the years…no seen them in a long time right enough..they love the hoops

  2. mike in toronto on

    Drew 1967



    Hoops fans? I knew there was a reason I liked them!



    I saw them around 1989 … in a very small club … so, everyone got to chatting …. they seemed like nice lads.

  3. BSR au contraire their problem is anybody suitable does “get them” and are giving them a body swerve.HH Hebcelt

  4. Hebcelt



    Was in ASDA there, and there was an old lady struggling with her shopping trolley I asked her if she could manage turned round and told me to @@@k off,…she didn’t want the Sevco gig

  5. M.I.T



    I worked in the arlington bar on woodlands road in glasgow.they were regulars for a few years.came from craigneuk i think..liked to support their local team,motherwell,too as they were the local celebs but big hoops fans





    Ah,that joke never gets old-Sevco managers don’t last long enough for that.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    As much as I loved TB . The Celtic player , manager and supporter I don’t think the academy should be known as anything but the Celtic academy…

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Celtic keeper Dorus de Vries has signed a contract extension at the club until the summer of 2019



    Remember when Celtic quick news wasn’t all about the money?

  9. If only MO’N would have repeated his {Murty} tactics in 2nd leg, like he did in the 1st leg vs Denmark.


    Ach well.


    If youve no got the players…..git the {Murty} bus oot.


    Anywye,…..guid luck tae big Mark McGhee at the mighty Barnet FC ;


    Liam Miller YNWA



  10. its a sad state of affairs. when a relative of an ex celtic player. has to come on a celtic blog to tell people to stop the rumours and said relative is still alive.

  11. St Stivs



    I was there- wasn’t orange n blue the Scott Lithgow colours?




  12. Morton v Celtic 1982



    20 mins, magic wee watch, how good was paul mcstay,


    as an aside is that a young saltires in the crowd on 7 mins 10 secs,



    Morton v Celtic from October 1982. The first game Celtic played since the death of scoring legend and former manager Jimmy McGrory.


    Celtic win 2-1 thanks to goals from McGarvey and Nicholas.




  13. FAN-A-TIC on 16TH NOVEMBER 2017 4:23 PM





    The point is it was well known players could more or less eat what they want. Ronnie had wrong diet idea.




  14. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, belated congratulations on your wonderful news .



    Talking of Andy Ritchie .



    Around March or April 1979, we played Morton midweek . We were catching up on postponed games cancelled during the cold winter.



    Andy scored an incredible goal which was disallowed as one of hs team mates was offside despite Andy being about 35 yards out , a few yards in from the shyline on the Jungle side of the pitch. Peter Latchford was totally bamboozled by the flight of the ball.



    We went on to win that game which was crucial in our run up to the 4 2 game.

  15. Ok bhoys going to Kraków on Saturday will do all the normal stuff with a slight trepidation .Looking for recommendations for restaurants with Polish and European menu’s.Thanks HH

  16. Fanadpatriot.



    Looking for recommendations for restaurants with Polish and European menu’s.Thanks HH.



    You should ask Zbysek, he’ll know plenty of good eateries.

  17. About two weeks ago,I had a small wager on Graeme Murty to become the next permanent (!) Sevco manager. He was 12/1. Today, he is 15/8.




  18. Cowiebhoy-sorry I’m late but brilliant news,being a granda,papa,grandad or in my case a grampa is just the best it gets;-))

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