Decades of youth talent withering on the vine


Celtic’s Twitter account mentioned today is Anthony Ralston’s 19th birthday. Living through decades of youthful talent withering on the vine, it is startling to realise a player with such potential still has a year of his teens left.

The early months of this season has seen Brendan Rodgers trust the player with considerable responsibility, not least going face-to-face with PSG’s diver-in-chief, Neymar. But it cannot stop here.

Monday night’s party animal, Mikael Lustig, should be rested at home this weekend, allowing Anthony to travel for Saturday’s fixture in Dingwall. We have an enormous burden of 13 games in the next six weeks ahead, precious few of which will be of little consequence. I would let Anthony, and Calvin Miller, have plenty of action during that period.



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  1. Old Tim 67, apologies that I didn’t get to the BV yesterday afternoon following the AGM. Got caught up with Embra Tim, Auldheid and Morrissey23. Interesting chat though. Hope you are well. HH

  2. Dunno if anybody has seen the Shankly programme on BBC Iplayer.



    One of the best sporting documentaries I’ve ever seen.



    Maybe because of the number of interviewees – Roger Hunt, Ian St John, Keegan, Toshack, Phil Thompson, Lawrenson, Howard Gayle, Chris Lawlor etc.

  3. Pete- i have that and the Shearer one to watch, the BBC have always done these programmes well.

  4. Good evening friends.



    Did anyone have success with BSR’s link on the last page at 7.25 to Brendan Rodger’s presser? I can get it to play but no volume?

  5. Hotels are fairly booked up and any rooms in town centre expensive for the 5th December,


    I”ve ended up in the Lorne Hotel, never knew Sauchihall Street was so bloody long.

  6. What is going wrong with CQN,that last page must be the longest page that has taken to change to the next page 5.and a 1/2 hrs to change from page 2 to page 3, is everyone in bed, or are they all in the same mind as me.



    I can’t blame adverts as I have no problem with adverts.



    I don’t post much these days but I lurk every day but after waiting 5.1/2 hrs I may give up lurking as well, it’s getting me down waiting for the next page to come up.



    I know that a lot of bhoy’s when they get near the end of a page wait with their post until the page changes,Why don’t you just add a one word sentence i e Celtic, or Hail Hail, (that’s a two word sentence) but you know what I mean, when it get’s to around 35 posts you just add one word three time and the page will change.(I think).




    I was going to post the very same thing, I wasn’t in Glasgow yesterday I missed the AGM myself, I had a bad night and didn’t get to sleep so was too Knackered to go into Glasgow.



    No doubt we’ll meet up soon.

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Treble winning captain’s , great interview with Ray Montgomerie about Tommy.



    Ray was interviewed after his retirement . He was asked who were the best players he played . His answer was George McLuskey and Tommy . He said each ad so much natural abilty.



    A Killie supporting friend of mine named his dog, Montie , after Ray. The Killie fan still loves Tommy to bits.



    Three Celtic Legends have managed Killie, Jimmy McGrory , Willie Fernie and Tommy.



    Willie Fernie had a big influence on the The Quality Street gang.

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Etims twitter has a tweet from Ross County saying Saturday’s match is completly sold out now.

  10. HOT SMOKED on 16TH NOVEMBER 2017 8:37 PM


    About two weeks ago,I had a small wager on Graeme Murty to become the next permanent (!) Sevco manager. He was 12/1. Today, he is 15/8.





    Probably your”Small wager”that done it.



    Good luck.

  11. 2 days ago Celtic announced that over £2m has been raised by the Foundation as part of the Lions Legacy project and that a significant amount would go towards Dementia Care and towards proving meals for up to 80,000 people in Malawi amongst other things. An absolutely staggering achievement by everyone concerned.



    Interestingly, in the same week the BBC have aired a programme by Alan Shearer looking at the link between Football and Dementia, they have to my knowledge completely ignored this story. Predictable yes but pathetic all the same.

  12. Here’s an interesting one. Remember all those Romanians who we’re going to flood the U.K. before the Brexit vote?


    Well my oldest Bhoy is teaching in Cluj, fourth most populous city in Romania, and developed some serious lower back pain (runs in the family) on Tuesday.


    Yesterday he booked himself in for an MRI scan and had it done today, less than 24 hours later. He had a 25 minute wait at the unit and had the results 2 hours later. He funded it himself 400 Romanian Lei which is approximately £77.00.


    Now tell me again why were those Romanians coming?

  13. TTR–BBC Scotland Sport homepage has the national report into costs involved in all leagues.A photo of Celtic fans, click on it, you find Sevco have the most expensive season ticket( no laughing at the back), and most expensive jerseys.More fake news from the hurting huns ….

  14. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on 16th November 2017 10:30 pm



    would make you wonder alright







    Three Celtic Legends have managed Killie, Jimmy McGrory , Willie Fernie and Tommy.



    *Oh dear you forgot about a member of the Empire Exhibition side and former manager of the national team Malky MacDonald.

  16. It’s more than 10 years since I was in Dublin but will be there this weekend.



    Any recommendations for watching the game on Saturday? A place where the ladies would feel comfortable lol



    Thanks HH

  17. THIRD63



    ALMORE Usually talks about the Bad Ass Cafe showing games in Dublin



    Being a Northerner in Cork I cannot be any more specific

  18. Thirds63.


    Definitely head to the Bad Ass in Temple Bar. Good bunch of lhads there for all the matches. It’s a gastro pub so there’s something for everyone. Pints cheaper than the surrounding establishments if you’re resplendent in the hoops. Wish I could join you all but double booked for a family thing. Will be there with Almore on Wednesday though.


    Hail Hail.

  19. It looks like the oul island of Ireland will be separated fae the butchers apron countries, courtesy of a border being erected in the Irish sea.


    P.S. Ah wunnir if Theresa is building hooses fur the expected Loyalist, DUP, Ulster plantations exodus, oot ae the new, shiny, united, free Ireland, maybe that’s why Francis is going o’er tae bless, exorcise thee oul island o emeralds ? Hmmmmm!!!


    It could turn oot that, the island of Ireland could be, united / free, fae the butchers apron, awe the gither.


    Just were would that place the very identity of the Celtic support who, despite all of the above, could still find themselves at the back of the west of Scoatlind bus, with their psuedo rebellious claims, seeming as plastic as the seats that they sit on, inside the oul Jungle-less Parkheid stadium.


    Awfy strange tumbleweeds comin doon the tracks!!!






    Hmmmmmm!!! again ;




    Liam Miller CSC





    Cowiebhoy, belated congratulations on your wonderful news .




    Talking of Andy Ritchie .




    Around March or April 1979, we played Morton midweek . We were catching up on postponed games cancelled during the cold winter.




    Andy scored an incredible goal which was disallowed as one of hs team mates was offside despite Andy being about 35 yards out , a few yards in from the shyline on the Jungle side of the pitch. Peter Latchford was totally bamboozled by the flight of the ball.




    We went on to win that game which was crucial in our run up to the 4 2 game.




    I was not long married ( 1st time) at the time of that game.


    Her brother ( wee Billy Boy) was always feckin skint so I bought tickets for him and I in the Main Stand that night, just so that “wee Billy Boy” could watch a GOOD team .


    Yer right mate, cos Morton got a free kick approx 35 yards out, and Andy Ritchie let fly…Big Latchford in the Celtic goal never sniffed it….and the celtic crowd all applauded as Big Andy took the bows right in front of The Jungle…my brother in law ” wee Billy Boy” was jumping up and down until………….The Jungle side linesman put his flag up for offside against a Morton player who was standing approx 25 yards out …………..NOT interfering with play UNLESS Big Peter Latchford had somehow got behind Ritchies shot and palmed it out ?


    Big Peter had NO chance as the ball flew past him from Andy Ritchies free kick…………that was my cue to tell ” wee Billy Boy” to sit on his erse….HaHaha !


    I think Celtic won 2-0…but that disallowed effort from Andy Ritchie could have changed the course of history if it had stood…but it was wrongly chalked off….and History was in the making……Celtic – 4 v Ranjurs – 2 ( 10 men won the league).


    ” My brother in law ” wee Billy Boy” was feckin speechless when Andy’s ” Goal” was disallowed…me ?……………I was laughing like feck…very nervously for the remainder of the game.


    Andy Ritchie’s ” effort” that night should NEVER have been chalked off….but looking back it was yet another example of how poor the Officials were…even back then !



  21. OLDTIM 9.07,


    Aye ….I was in bed with Sophia Loren and Gina Lollibriodgia….and Kylie Minogue’s Granny,….just at the time you posted…….




    Hows it gawn…me auld China ?





    Where are you watching Celtic v Ross County on Saturday ?


    IF your in a pub in Blantyre…will I come thru in a Taxi, and we can watch Young Tierney being Skipper for The Celts to mark his 100th appearance…OR do you want to meet me in the Empire/Tolbooth and watch the game….I’ll pay yer Taxi hame ?



    God Bless BT…………..and KT




  23. Talking about ” The Billy Boys” song….I read somewhere that it was the Celtic support around the 1920’s who started singing that tune to the words of ” We are The Tim Malloy’s”….and the feckin Huns hijacked it…..can anyone verify ?


    I think the “tune” was an old Confederate song during the American Civil War ?




    We’ll I wish I was in Dixie…Hurrah, Hurrah…LOL


    A lot of the CQNrs last Saturday also ” wished I was in feckin Dixie”, once they knew I had turned up in the BV



    Hail Hail

  24. Andy Ritchie….one of those Celtic Bhoys who never quite made it at Celtic FC cos of his weight ?



    it wasn’t thru lack of ability that’s for sure.



    Maybe Celtic and Big Billy didnae fancy him….I really don’t know….great talent that Bhoy !




  25. OLDTIM….Another of the Celtic’s Great’s !


    Another one who “Got Away” ?



    Must have been because of his “Arthur Daley” suits…. ?


    At last Saturdays Hoot….I was wearing one of OLDTIM’s DE-MOB Suits….he was sooooo smart, all the Ghirls in the BV and McCuills had their eye oan him…except wee beautiful BV Barmaid ” Sarah” ….aye her ……….the wee blondie Barmaid in the BV…. who couldn’t stop kissing me…..sshhh….don’t tell OLDTIM !





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