Decades of youth talent withering on the vine


Celtic’s Twitter account mentioned today is Anthony Ralston’s 19th birthday. Living through decades of youthful talent withering on the vine, it is startling to realise a player with such potential still has a year of his teens left.

The early months of this season has seen Brendan Rodgers trust the player with considerable responsibility, not least going face-to-face with PSG’s diver-in-chief, Neymar. But it cannot stop here.

Monday night’s party animal, Mikael Lustig, should be rested at home this weekend, allowing Anthony to travel for Saturday’s fixture in Dingwall. We have an enormous burden of 13 games in the next six weeks ahead, precious few of which will be of little consequence. I would let Anthony, and Calvin Miller, have plenty of action during that period.



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  1. The Springfields – Island Of Dreams








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    One of the great songs from my childhood…many many years ago.


    I still play it in the Hoose and in the Pub’s Juke Box…Go get em Dusty R.I.P.



  2. Another ” wee tune” for any Lurkin Hins……………..” We drink Beer…we Drink Wine….Celtic already made it NINE” DO ROO ROO…roo roo roo…then fade




  3. TURKEYBHOY on 16TH NOVEMBER 2017 9:57 PM




    I hope that Hun Chump Murty gets the “Gig”….the 1st time they get GUBBED…that Hun support will be going radio rental wantin Wattie back ?



  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Tontine Tim, thanks , I thought there was a fourth ex celtic player had managed Killie but I couldn’t remember who.



    Big Jimmy, the image of that Andy Ritchie disallowed goal has stuck with me since and the possible consequences of it if the goal had stood.



    The run in to the 4 2 game was unbelievable , with us at one point playing 3 games in a week.



    Danny scored an absolute peach in our 3 1 home win against Hibs plus there was a game at Firhill played on a bank holiday Monday where we won 2 1 after being 1 nil down after about an hour.



    George McLuskey equalised with Davie Provan scoring a belter late on to win it.



    We won a good few games with late goals in that run in.

  5. Another wee tune from the Ali v Foreman fight in Zaire in 1974……..


    ” Once there was a battle there,


    in where in ….Zaire,


    A hundred thousand people there,


    In where….in Zaire,


    One more GOAL and Celtic’s there…………..


    in where …in Zaire….” Hear the Rumble in the Jungle….where…where…..where..in Parkhead” !


    Me and my mates ( when I had some mates.? )…..used to sing that in the auld Jungle.


    That was a song in the charts in 1974…Ali v Foreman….” The Rumble in the Jungle”



    Memories….What happened to all those lost years ?








    Yer right mate…the auld ‘Tic are well re-knowned for scoring a few late winners….it’s in our make up



    who can forget 1987/88…when we did the Double…ALL those late winners etc ?



    It’s magic….” Pilot 1974″



  7. Re the 4- 2 game v the Huns…a Monday night and I had a ticket for the Jungle, but my best mate didn’t have one.


    I got him a ticket in the Duke Bar in Duke St Glasgow, just before he turned up to meet me…he thought he was gonna miss the game…..the bassa’s never thanked me til this day !


    I was night shift that night…and there was a bus strike on.


    By the time I left Celtic Park, and my uncle dropped me off at work in George Square…I was about an hour late…ALL my Hun Bosses were going Nuts..,, and dying to give me a verbal warning..at least.


    However……..When I finally walked into work ” as high as a kite”…they couldn’t do anything cos of the bus strike, as I simply told them…” There’s no buses on…I had to walk it it to work, yer lucky i’m here”……….



    The following morning I was walking home at 6am from work, and once I got home my wife ( 1st one) who was a wee bitter hun was getting ready to go to her work for 8am…………I couldn’t sleep cos of the 4 – 2 game the night before…so I hung about the house til the pubs opened at 11am…then got pure mad with it in Dennistoun that day ( Crown bar).


    By the time my wife got home around 6pm….I was pure steaming boats…singing Celtic songs…nae wonder I binned her !



  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big Jimmy, the centenary season was absolutely brilliant especially with all the late winners we had.



    We played Dundee at Dens, it was 1 each with the 90th minute approaching . Chris Morris swung a free kick over for Francis McAvennie to rise up, heading in our winner. Absolute bedlam in the enclosure under the stand at Dens.



    I recorded a BT programme last night , Der Klassiker about the last Dortmund v Bayern game.



    Part of it includes 4 Celtic fans from the Leven CSC who go to at least one Dortmund home game each season.

  9. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Big Jimmy, a great story about the afterath of the 4 2 game.



    Work calls

  10. Niall McGinn opens door for sensational return to Scotland after terminating his contract in South Korea


    Aberdeen are likely to be among the interested clubs just months after the winger left Pittodrie to try his luck with Gwanju.




    Hibernian maybe ?


    If/when Lenny Bhoy sells John McGinn to the Celts….he then buys Naill McGinn ?


    Just a wee thought.



  11. For ALL football purists,


    There have been and still are many different opinions about ” The Greatest Goal they have ever seen etc” ?


    In my long life I have witnessed so many but………..


    In the 1970 World Cup Final in Mexico…Brazil v Italy, everyone talks about Carlos Alberto’s goal that day to make it 4 – 1 to Brazil….yes a fantastic goal, BUT….


    What is always overlooked is Brazil’s 1st goal that day when PELE scored with a header from about 8 yards out.


    I would URGE every youngster to watch that headed goal, so that they will learn how to header a ball correctly when going for goal ?


    Pele was on his heels..and going backwards with a taller Italian defender jumping in front of him. the deep cross alluded the Italian boy…and Pele ( who wasn’t that tall), jumped ” spring heeled” to get over and above the ball……


    he met it it smack on with his forehead, and placed it right in the bottom corner to put Brazil 1 – 0 up.


    Pele wasn’t noted for his heading ability…but feck…whit a heeder !


    That goal is one of my favourite non Celtic goals of ALL time.


    In his video years later Pele was telling us all how to do this….and do that…..when he was describing THAT Goal, Pele said ” When heading the ball…keep your eyes open, and your mouth shut”…


    It just doesn’t get any better ?



  12. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Unfortunately I’m confined to Barracks tomorrow during the match.. family commitments☘️☘️





    nae bother mate…it was just a wee thought. I hope to catch up with you soon


    I was gonny get you pure steaming boats when Celtic win 4 – 0………Again.


    Best wishes to all the family.



    I might head up…..and stoat aboot the Gallowgate



  14. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    vituperate /vɪˈtjuːpəˌreɪt/





    to berate or rail (against) abusively


    to use or address with harsh or abusive language; revile.


    to use abusive language



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    vituperator, noun



    Word Origin and History for vituperate




    1540s, from Latin vituperatus, past participle of vituperare (see vituperation ). “Not in common use until the beginning of the 19th c. Related: Vituperated ; vituperating.




  15. Good morning from a bitterly cold and foggy central Ireland.


    Back to League action for the Hoops in the morning, hearing we’ve a full squad to choose from apart from Ralston and Rogic.


    I’m still on the lookout for one ticket for the Celtic v Anderlecht game if anyone could help a fellow Tim out. Thanks.



  16. ““It’s just a natural process where if you’re on X amount of money and someone offers you Y amount of money, and the club get offered a ridiculous amount of money then you have to respect that.


    “That’s unfortunate. I don’t like it. For me, this is a big club and we should never have to sell anyone. But because of money that is not the reality.”



    If a Celtic manager had uttered those words anytime between 2005 and mid 2016, they would have been slaughtered and vilified for speaking this truth.



    But what he says is true and it has been true for quite some time now.

  17. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Well, at least we won’t be selling anyone cheaply anymore!


    ‘Always look on the bright side of life’!!





    I agree with your last sentence. We’ve always been a selling team,inasmuch as when an offer exceeds the player’s value to us on the pitch,we accept and replace.



    True for most clubs,I reckon.



    Our big problems in this regard have always been in recruitment. Of course,we often get it right. That’s why we get bliddy annoyed when we sell! But too often,we fall far short.



    Our history is littered with sub-standard replacements for star players. Fortunately,our history is littered with star players,not all of whom have had sub-standard replacements. Some have even spent their best days with us.



    Good times to be a Celtic supporter,mate. And some right good memories to go with that.

  19. Third65: just to reiterate what others have said – The Bad Ass Cafe is an ideal place to watch the Celtic match tomorrow. Your wife will feel very comfortable there. It is also in an ideal location from which to enjoy Dublin’s various attractions. I won’t see you there as I’m still trying to shake off the flu.



    Enjoy your stay.

  20. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    KEVJUNGLE on 17th November 2017 1:30 am


    It looks like the oul island of Ireland will be separated fae the butchers apron countries, courtesy of a border being erected in the Irish sea.




    P.S. Ah wunnir if Theresa is building hooses fur the expected Loyalist, DUP, Ulster plantations exodus, oot ae the new, shiny, united, free Ireland, maybe that’s why Francis is going o’er tae bless, exorcise thee oul island o emeralds ? Hmmmmm!!!




    It could turn oot that, the island of Ireland could be, united / free, fae the butchers apron, awe the gither.






    Just think about all those guys, immortalised in song for their part in the struggle for a united Ireland – when all that was really needed was one inept old etonian prime minister.



    The wreckage caused by Brexit, an independent Scotland and a united Ireland all achieved in one nights work – albeit unintentionally.



    Maybe we should be singing about “The bhoys of the old Oxbridge brigade?”

  21. You all right Philbhoy ?


    Have you been smitten by a early onset brevity or are you just trying to turn the page for Oldtim ;-)




    Just trying to get to the next page asap!



    Hope you and your good lady are well!

  23. Very well, thank you. Enjoying some sunshine in Dubai at the moment. Was great to meet you and yours at the weekend, and looking forward to the next time. :-)

  24. The Hoots are a great way to meet and make new friends and I am looking forward to the next one already!



    Hopefully see you there too.

  25. Damn…..


    Looking forward to the next Hoot too, but not looking forward to trying to remember everyone’s names…:-(

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