December fixtures when it all needs to resolve


A look at the fixture list will not provide  immediate comfort, we have away trips to Sparta and Milan ahead in the next 10 days, both of whom won comfortably at Celtic Park earlier in the campaign.  The principle positive is that after the team arrive home in the early hours of 4 December, the farthest we travel from Glasgow for the rest of the month is the 10 miles to Hamilton.

We have a meaningless home game against Lille on 10 December and the Scottish Cup Final 10 days later, but that Hamilton game is the only league match in five away from Celtic Park.   This will be our least taxing month of the league campaign.  It is an opportunity to get things right ahead of the Ibrox visit on 2 January, but as we saw with Newco last season, even easy looking games can result in defeats when the heads are down.

If  arrive at Ibrox solid in defence, controlling I midfield with an additional 15 points and a fourth consecutive Scottish Cup win, it is game on again, but I doubt any of us are complacent about those 15 points.

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    We agree that every Celtic player bought in is a punt.


    We agree that ‘good’ & ‘bad’ are often subjectively assessed by us.


    We seem to agree that some work & some don’t – with Celtic.


    Without getting into what either one of us seem to get or not get…the distinction for me is in the reason for signing some players, which has nothing to do with what the manager actually wants or needs. Rather it’s more their potential sell on value, where the hope is that they prove to worth something in cash terms even if they never kick a ball in anger for Celtic.


    Occasionally these criteria coincide as they did with Frimpong. It seemed to me he was recruited like Luca Connell, as a young player who cost nothing but with luck might be worth a couple of million later. It turned out that with Lustig not being offered an extension & doubts remaining about Tony Ralston, there was an opportunity for someone. Frimpong took his chance & impressed enough to get a slot at RB. He faded & some of his limitations were exposed so the club bought Elhamed as a starting 1st choice RB in the Summer window.


    Frimpong wasn’t signed as to start as RB in the 1st team, but circumstances presented him with the opportunity.


    When you sign players that the manager doesn’t want or hasn’t asked for they are a different kind of punt.


    But their presence is real. Many of our signings seem to fall into a black hole where they never get a chance to prove properly themselves & linger in the stiffs for a couple of years before going on loan somewhere just to get a regular game.


    They get pissed off & moan or do stupid videos out of immaturity & boredom.


    Meanwhile we seem unable to spot many diamonds in our own youth ranks & seem helpless when they leave to finish their development at other clubs.



    Then we move on to players that are guaranteed a start no matter how well or bad they’re playing.


    That will also negatively impact morale etc.


    For me, Brown & Elyounoussi fall into that category.



    No. For me our recruitment policy is deeply flawed. We lurch from window to window looking for the magic fix, the X factor the missing link & fans are eternally disappointed because that is a mirage fed by a lack of real vision about where we as a club want to be or see ourselves.



    At last, something we don’t agree on.

  2. IMO, Sevco are not as good as many think and we are not as bad as many think.


    The MSSM does its best to increase confidence at Ibrox whilst trying to destroy any we might have.Unfortunately, they are aided in this by many Celtic supporters.


    Also, Sevco seem to be getting the rub of the green (!) at the moment with Covid, deflected goals and weakened opposition.The biased refereeing they also benefit from will continue but by the Law of Averages, those other factors SHOULD even out over a season.


    I am not confident of winning this very important title but neither have I given up hope.


    Goodnight all.



    You seem to have missed the bit “solid in defence and controlling midfield ” , stop laughing at the back

  4. HAMILTON TIM-I agree .


    Regarding Lennon answering the call.


    Pish is absolutely right and so is,he came to play for Celtic for less money .


    He was still making plenty playing for us

  5. Change can only happen IF supporter’s refuse to financially back, DD and PL.


    Anything else would be to miss the point entirely.


    IF, DD and PL, where in charge pre 1994, then their corruption wouldn’t have been condoned for one year, far less 27.

  6. For what it’s worth, odds on Eddie Howe massively cut with Paddy Power at 5/6.



    Marco Silva and WGS at 11/2.



    They seem rather unmoved by the MoN rumours….

  7. St Tams


    ….and you seem to have missed the `if` which Paul predicates in his hope/belief that improvement in those areas will come as a result of success in the five games and the Scottish Cup.

  8. DAVID66 on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:14 PM


    Irish pickers on virgin channel 270 is worth a watch bhoys.



    D :)







    really interesting , ta for that heads up, now linked.



    the historical links in this are great,






    100 euro for a 1916 stretcher, that is worth 800 euro,



    that guy is a robbin bassa

  9. I can’t see any justification for keeping the current management team in place. I’m talking from the outside, Lawwell obviously knows more and has come to the conclusion that we stand a better chance of winning the league with Lenny.




    It’s the in house information that Lawwell has that causes me concern. Are players simply jacking it in because they didn’t get a move ? Regardless of who’s managing some have downed tools ?




    I think back to Eddie telling Lennon he was too tired to start a game ( I think it was St Mirren). I think we’re in big trouble and I don’t see a Hollywood ending.




    When this season ends the stories will leak and it’ll be jaw dropping for most of us.

  10. November and we hope to improve our defence. Ah well , let’s cross our fingers and “hope ” for an improvement during December

  11. GEEBEE 1978


    You may be right, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Why? Because Seethin’ G would have a shot at the CL Group Stage next year and a very probable guarantee of it the following year ( because of the Scottish co-efficient) and assuming they win the league. He probably thinks they have a good chance in the 2 rounds of qualifiers as he has won 20, drawn 6, and lost 0 of the EL qualifiers in 3 years, a very respectable record. I’m no Nostradamus, but my guess would be that Champions League competition would be a bigger carrot for Slippy to raise his profile than the English Championship.

  12. INIQUITOUSIV on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:35 PM



    That’s very true. I suppose a lot might depend on what kind of job becomes available.



    Something like Middlesborough might not be appealing but Newcastle after a takeover for example might be.



    Hypothetical of course as the landscape can change but needless to say, he’s done his credentials no harm at all.

  13. Hot Smoked



    J for many years I’ve seen you say that the media have an Impact on the views of Celtic supporters. I’ve not bought a paper in excess of 30 years. To suggest they impact my views is insulting to be frank.

  14. If you want to expedite change, don’t write in and say you want Neil sacked. Write in and say you want the board replaced.

  15. David17



    Writing in as an individual, although worthwhile and well intentioned, will achieve absolutely nothing.

  16. All that matters is the league – stats don’t lie- points drop most likely when coming back after an away game – key players stay at home please – rested and less chance of COVID ban –


    Oh and a new management team please – drastic action needed, no time to prevaricate


    Get it sorted Celtic or face total embarrassment

  17. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Alison McConnell writing in the ET tonight that NL won’t quit & he still has the backing of the board. McConnell along with McGowan tend to be preferred go to reporters for PL’s camp, so I would think this has merit.

  18. I’ve skimmed thru these pages as a lurked for months.



    Amazing to see WG back in this dear green place. Sorry I’ve missed lots of your posts ma Mhan… can’t do with reading the Raphael when most times I’m already feeling like a can of skol.



    I wish all the moaners and told you so’s would just start supporting the team, especially when they need us most.



    I could type more, much more… Yet all I’m gonna say is….



    We need to galvanize as a support. ..



    Love St 86


    Tommy Burns (RIP Legend) season


    When Rodgers left



    3 from top of head…



    before that 10 men won the league.. going a goal down to inter… this season feels like a prolonged CL (or European Cup in old money) final from 1970 on loop repeat… we thought we’d win… we could have and should have won… we didn’t. That was a 90 minute game… this is a season.



    Sort the attitude…you mention players, manager, board P67…. what about the fans?? Never underestimate the contagion of awareness… the fans / supporters need to start believing again. Stop getting so caught up in the 10… if it happens Great. If not we have still had the most amazing run ever in my lifetime.



    Hanging Lenny out to dry is ridiculous. Do you think he doesn’t have feelings? The players? Are they immune to The negativity of (anti)social media? Nothing would please the carnal more than us sacking Lenny… Nothing. He knows what this means… he started it. Let him finish it. I have faith that he will sort it. Strange position for a manager to be in when he has won every trophy available and yet never consideredgood enough.



    Start supporting. Believing….then knowing….



    F u sevco we’re gonna win the league


    We’re gonna win the league


    We’re gonna win the league


    F u sevco we’re gonna win the league



    We’ve got a battle on our hands for the first real time in 10 years… who’s up for it?



    Hail Hail



    Standing up for Neil Lennon



    Standing up for the (legitimate and 2x over) 9 in a row Champions



    COYBIG – Mon the Hoops – Hail Hail ☘💚🍀💪🏼

  19. BHOY FROM THE BOYNE on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:55 PM



    Then it makes you wonder if the board are watching the games and listening to the post-match interviews.



    If this goes belly up, they’ll be culpable. Lennon won’t walk…

  20. It must be brilliant to come on here and not talk shite ,not say something to offend or to just sound so much more imperious.😉

  21. Happy green bunny on

    Hi All



    Just a thought….is it a coincidence that Malky Mackay left his job with the SFA last week ?



    He has been linked with us previously.



    Any thoughts ?

  22. Greenpinta MON at 68 is 5 years younger than Roy Hodgson. He won’t be coach but GM and only for the duration of the season.



    As for all out there casting aspersions at big JK, when fraudgers effed off and Lenny came back we went tae swinecastle a day later winning 2-1, 3 days after that we were back in buftie land beating the kid on Irish side 3-0 in the SC quarters.



    After the dust had settled it was our current manager that stated big John had picked the side and laid out the tactics for both games.

  23. I have no idea if we will replace Neil


    I would 100% agree with the HamiltonTim Fhella assessment


    I would add though, it’s not just Neil


    I have serious concerns on what is also going on with our coaching


    Or watching the team lack of quality in such ??



    Just done a search on google for top 10 ranked managers available


    A few interesting names appear


    Ralf Rangnik at RB Leipzig was interesting




    And a couple of others as well 🤔🤔🤔



    Point being, if we were serious, there are quality candidates out there, and I was only looking at those available as currently out of work


    (Note Rangnik, is not out of work, stepped down from managers role, to run the football operation, but could be interested in returning to coach/manage)

  24. “We have a purpose built room at Lennoxtown with state of the art technology, providing every iota on the statistics of every single player from training to actual games. It now lies dormant and empty.”





    Not disputing the information but I’m interested to know where this came from. The cleaners?

  25. Magnificentseven on

    We all need to remember that we have been here before with Lenny, he has a short shelf life. He starts to lose against teams we should beat easily, lack of ideas and little ability to focus the players, this isn’t new, he was found out at Bolton and Hibs as well. Great guy, average manager.

  26. HAMILTONTIM on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:51 PM






    Writing in as an individual, although worthwhile and well intentioned, will achieve absolutely nothing.






    I would disagree. As a shareholder and/or customer any individual can contact the PLC/club as they see fit to seek to influence change. It will achieve a lot more the those who either collectively or individually do nothing. One thing that achieves nothing is ranting online (aside from providing an outlets for ones anger). If others choose to sit on their hands and its not enough, that is their prerogative, but it wont stop me trying.




    It came from an impeccible source. The manager himself.



    I can’t remember the exact conversation, or when it took place, but I know it happened well after his second tenure at the club had begun; he was asked a question about all the fangled toys and gadgets and Lennoxtown and said that most of it was unused.



    On top of that, if you listened to his comments after the Prague game; he sat the whole team down for a punishment watching of it, and freely admitted that they never watch back games.



    Understand that it’s not even clear that it was an analysis either, it was more like a l “well we’re gonna watch this again for shock value” type of thing.

  28. Larsson at 11:03



    With respect, i disagree with every single letter and punctuation mark of that post.



    Nothing of substance. A nostalgic walk down memory lane, then any number of cliches to finish.



    We need honest, candid discussion. We need to identify current problems then consider what our options are. Time is running out.



    Let’s leave the soundbites to the politicians

  29. We have been here before w Lenny; before the Dubai break there were plenty calls for him to be chased.


    But look what he delivered last year! Also unfair to tar Lenny by thon basket-case Bolton experience.


    If the Board are backing him all the way, it has to be based on intel we gum-bumpers dont know about.


    Course, it could just be millionaire ego and hubris.


    I hope PL etc are still considering the poss that – due to escalating COVID – the league may get called early. What if they stay multiple points and GD ahead when the line is drawn due to COVID escalation?



    BTW here in Victoria Oz, we’ve no active cases and have had 24 days of zero deaths, zero new cases. KTF