December fixtures when it all needs to resolve


A look at the fixture list will not provide  immediate comfort, we have away trips to Sparta and Milan ahead in the next 10 days, both of whom won comfortably at Celtic Park earlier in the campaign.  The principle positive is that after the team arrive home in the early hours of 4 December, the farthest we travel from Glasgow for the rest of the month is the 10 miles to Hamilton.

We have a meaningless home game against Lille on 10 December and the Scottish Cup Final 10 days later, but that Hamilton game is the only league match in five away from Celtic Park.   This will be our least taxing month of the league campaign.  It is an opportunity to get things right ahead of the Ibrox visit on 2 January, but as we saw with Newco last season, even easy looking games can result in defeats when the heads are down.

If  arrive at Ibrox solid in defence, controlling I midfield with an additional 15 points and a fourth consecutive Scottish Cup win, it is game on again, but I doubt any of us are complacent about those 15 points.

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  1. fine posting LARSSONSE7EN and HAMILTONTIM.



    :-) all for the best in Celtic



    night Celts,ta for bein here.stay safe all




  2. If only KT would have stayed to become a legend of the 10 rather than leaving for the Yankee dollar 😶



    We are all affected by media… I genuinely don’t watch much TV, seldom watch the news, and never buy a newspaper. People I converse with do tho. It clearly affects their opinion. Or maybe it’s their opinion that affects what the media disseminate??



    I’m hoping Whorldy Ghuy makes an appearance whilst I’m still on as I’d like to exchange views 😃



    Message to all…



    Stop moaning… and fight….fight for the 10



    Pick up the towels and say


    “F u sevco…. (the only club in Britain not affected by the plague)



    We’re gonna win the league ” 😎



    Hail Hail COYBIG Mon the Hoops ☘💚🍀💪🏼

  3. Maybe a new Covid vaccine could be made using cells taken from living Sevco players. It’s got to be worth a try as they seem to be totally immune. AstraZeneca and Pfizer eat your hearts out. :-)

  4. Cornelius @ pages ago



    If you accept that every transfer is a punt then you must also accept that they won’t all work out as we would hope.



    We are a buying club we don’t make players, or raise youths we sign all our players barring the exceptionals like Kieran Tierney in a very, very difficult cash restrained market, competing with clubs that can pay five times what we pay for turning out in Dingwall or Hamilton.



    Its hardly, a surprise there’s Banguras as well as Dembeles, we’ve several spirited away on loan at the moment, hopefully to find their level. We sign more players than the original Rangers did, and its always worth a reminder than we pay them legitimately, not from under the counter. Neither do we have rich businessmen soft loaning us to the next extinction.



    Neil Lennon has the squad Brendan Rodgers deserted, minus the family jewels, but has had three transfer windows in which he was budgeted more cash than any previous manager.



    We’ll know by January if he bought well enough.




  5. Ghuys… last thing from me tonight… this seems to matter so much more to them than it does us…. just the same as it did to us in ’98



    The parallel are there.



    Forget about manager, players, board for a second and lets talk about our role…



    I witnessed it first hand last season…the game we won 2-1 in paradise….wee JamsieBhoy (the invisible man despite devoting his whole career to Celtic) got the winner.



    We were 1 up and them down to 10… we slaughtered them first half… 2nd should have been a stroll…



    Yet see at half time… and I witnessed this from the LIONS stand… less than 30 meters from the horrible wee nan jeeani with the purple paratoopers flag… (they also started fighting amongst themselves and with stewards and polis – not a word mentioned about this in the Smsm btw!!)



    Anyway… before and after this… they were, as a support, defiant…staunch and.. well up for it… we on the other hand were either passive or acting superior… they battered us in the 2nd half.. with 10 men… Kent hooked \○/



    Their support was up for the battle that day… they still are…and they’re galvanised by our supposed demise…



    So I’ll ask again…. “who’s up for the fight ” cos that’s what it is…and whilst we all argue between ourselves about manager, tactics, form, new manager, direction, board….



    F it…..it doesn’t matter! Deal with that at the seasons end.



    Hail Hail COYBIG Mon the Hoops ☘💚🍀💪🏼

  6. David 17



    As a shareholder and/or customer any individual can contact the PLC/club as they see fit to seek to influence change.



    see res12!now 11!



    hope yir good David17.Thing is whatever way 10 goes the tectonic plates in our club will shift in summer.good to see you post



    back to kip.



  7. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Stephen McGowan now writing as an exclusive for Sportmail that NL has board backing. Again will be interesting to see if they public with that or whether DD will step in at some point.

  8. CORNELIUS on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 4:24 PM


    Well thought out piece. 






    CORKCELT on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 4:17 PM


    Succinctly put. 








    BIG JIMMY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 3:22 PM



    Want me to book you guys a room?



    Seriously though Big Jimmy, I did read out the “Away and throw shite at the Moon” to my good American lady when she heard me laugh at it and asked what I read. 



    I did my best to convey the message to her in ‘merican English. I succeeded and she chuckled. 









    Quality wee post there mate. 






    HAMILTONTIM on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:16 PM



    Good read. 






    GEEBEE1978 on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 10:18 PM




  9. DD, PL, and Neil, aren’t the problem.


    The customer’s who replaced the supporter’s, are the problem.


    We need supporter’s to replace these customer’s.


    What a mess.


    The Celtic Football and Athletic Company, had a soul, and where supported by supporter’s. Their time came to an end due to, Thatcher’s overreaction to Hillsborough disaster, which was caused by bad stewardship, not by supporter’s terrace’s.


    The Celtic Football Club, has no soul, and is consumed by customer’s.


    Fix that riddle, and we’re off…


    We need a hierarchy, and management team, who on their first day in office, will trash the SMSM, and label them as “Fake News” and instruct all sector’s of the club, management, player’s, and especially our supporter’s, to instantly NON recognize the SMSM swamp of, deceitful, saboteur’s. Let them know who we are!


    Oh btw, there were rumour’s doing the round’s that, Scottish Conservative mp, Prof Adam Tompkins made a speech in the Scottish Parliament last week, suggesting that…


    “It shouldn’t be necessary for anyone of Irish descent, to remain in Britain, after Brexit on 31st December 2020.”


    I don’t subscribe to the SMSM, so I don’t know if they covered it, but it was apparently on his Twitter timeline, and these thing’s fly over my head so, I couldn’t verify.

  10. oneill-celt



    Just for the record, where did you reference the quote, and it is you who has quoted it on here , from Professor Adam Tompkins, re those of Irish descent remaining in Britain?


    Or is it you peddling your own version of Fake News?

  11. Frigging site can’t tell the difference between emoticons. I posted one earlier after getting papped off, then tried posting another, and got the dreaded “duplicate comment. – looks like you have already said that.”





    Still slagging each other & cant have civil disagreements. Poor show.







    You are of course100% correct mate.


    Sadly, there are some on here pertaining to be Celtic supporters who offer up nothing but Disrespect and Abuse to our Manager. I can serve up Criticism of Celtic and Neil Lennon as much as the next man, especially with the way things on and off the field look now, but as I say there are some who cross the line with their Abusive and Trolling Posts. aimed at Neil Lennon in particular.


    When those Chumps get ” Told Off” by myself and others, they greet about being ” Abused and accuse Posters such as myself of being a ” Bully” ?


    These very same Chumps have NO hesitation in ABUSING Neil Lennon in particular…They FAIL to see the ” IRONY”, and Contradictions in their Posts and thoughts…because they dont want to. They are just Keyboard warriors who would NEVER call Neil lLennon a ” Puppet” to his face, but chose to do so on here, knowing that Neil Lennon cant get involved in any spat on a Blog….Cowards the lot of them.


    I have questioned Neil Lennons, Tactics, Team Selection, Subs etc…and I will continue to do so IF appropriate ?


    However, to call a Man like Neil Lennon a ” Puppet”…is not only Trolling but Abusive, especially after ALL he has been through in his time at Celtic, including any Mental health issues. These Chumps on here are ABUSING a Human Being who has had mental health problems no matter what team he plays for or manages…Would those very same Chumps walk up to someone in the street who has a Health issue /record…and ABUSE them in the street…Probably not…however they hide behind this Blog to do so !


    HH Mate.

  13. ROCK TREE BHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 6:22 PM


    Apologies Big Jimmy, hadn’t seen you had already asked that question.




    NO apology needed mate.


    You wont get answer from ONE NIGHT..Ive asked him Two or Three questions to his Posts…and he just body swerves them.


    I will just ignore the Chump as much as possible from now on, as I am almost stooping down to his ” Level”.


    He has started to call me ” Chumpy Boy”, which is obviously the best he can do but it does make me laugh, as I then KNOW that I am dealing with…


    A THREE Year old…with a TWO Year old Brain !



    cheers mate



  14. Good morning all from a dark, wet and windy Garngad



    Big Jimmy you tell them Amigo. Hope you are well Jimmy.



    How is wee Rocky doing?



    MM – Not seen you on for a while, I hope all is well, unless I have missed your posts, seen Quadrophenian’s post about Melbourne doing well. Correct me if I’m wrong guys did you not stop all flights in and out of Oz land?



    D :)

  15. Young lady Erin Slaven live on BBC Breakfast was a founder of a campaign to have free sanitary products in public areas,which should get passed by Scottish Parliament today,said the idea started at Celtic Park, and the Club were the first to provide this.

  16. PHILBHOY on 23RD NOVEMBER 2020 8:29 PM









    Very good post.







    The abuse PAUL67 gets on his own Blog is hunbelievable.







    And it’s the same old crowd giving him dogs.







    Why don’t they start their own blogs and talk about subjects of their choice?







    Oh and good riddance to them.







    For what it is worth, I agree 100% mate.





    I don’t see any evidence of gloating or hatred or is that what we are now calling criticism?




    Read your own Posts ya Chump……


    Immediately AFTER the 2-2 draw with Hibs on Saturday…YOU couldnt wait to get on here and ” INVITE” Celtic supporters on here to Post their views on Neil Lennon in particular…


    You stand accused of ” Hoping and Praying” that Neil and Celtic would drop points v Hibs…YOU got your wish, because that allowed YOU…. to Feckin GLOAT…and Troll Celtic supporters on here !


    Your Blind HATRED of Neil Lennon always shines through…



    As I posted earlier…YOU are just a THREE Year old….with a TWO Year old Brain.

  18. G’day DAVID66. That’s right; Oz stopped all non-essential flights with a mandatory 14-day quarantine for returning families/workers. Also, no interstate travel for ‘contagious’ states; firm border lockdowns.


    After 24 days COVID-free great effort by community. Still vigilant but relieved as summer slips in. HH

  19. DAVID66 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:53 AM




    I am okay DAVID66, and The Rocky Bhoy appears to be okay and responding well to the Insulin Jags. thanks for asking about Rocky.



    I have been out the last few days buying some new gear etc, and I bought two pair of denims yesterday, but I couldnt try them on in the shop. I tried them at home and guess what ?…TOO Tight !


    Both are 40 inch Waist size…so I now have to take them back, but not Today as I am a bit sore with all the shopping and walking since last Thursday…Not forgetting using the Masks when in a store…its not great LOL.


    Hopefully your knee is better ?


    Best wishes to you and the good Lady, and I hope that your Bhoy enjoyed his holiday …Lucky so and so ?


    HH Mate.

  20. Of all the ridiculous stuff I’ve read on here lately.. Possibly top of the league was from roddybhoy 2.58 yesterday…… If Fergus was still in charge we’d be light years ahead! 😂😂😂…… If Fergus had been in charge the huns would still have been in the top league in 2013 FFS!!!!!!……… Now if someone had said…. See if we’d backed Rodgers with McGinn and the right back he wanted then maybe we’d be light years ahead… But prudent Fergus??!!…. Lol…… The much vaunted philip Cocu (on here.. Not by me) still available!

  21. DAVID66…


    I meant to add that I have found a Pet Carer just in case I end up in hospital again, and obviously IF I did she will have keys to my Flat and look after rocky each day.


    Obviously she needs paid etc.


    She is a lovely young student Lass from Lithuniania….I know that I have spelt that wrong LOL !


    But meeting her and our agreement is giving me Peace of Mind, and now I know that I can rely on this lovely Girl should I end up back in hospital, to look after Rocky Bhoy, as it would obviously be a major concern for me NOT to have someone in Place ?


    HH mate.


    Maybe one day real soon, we will Meet up again and have a ” Beer Frenzy” ?