December has loomed long in the calendar


Credit where it is due, Newco have kept pace with Celtic in the league and did better than expectations in the Europa League, where, like Celtic, they top their group after five games.  So far, so good, for the challengers, but December has loomed long in the calendar.

Before the end of this month, Celtic play two away games in the league, against Hearts and St Mirren, teams joint-bottom of the table.  By contrast, Newco are away to top of the table Celtic, Aberdeen, who lie one place below them, Motherwell, who are fourth and sixth place Hibs.  The only team in the top half of the league they do not face away from home this month is Kilmarnock, who visit Ibrox on Boxing Day.

In the Europa, having already won the group, Celtic can rest players away to Cluj, whereas Newco will almost certainly need a point at home to Young Boys to qualify.

Against Ross County on Sunday, Neil Lennon had the luxury of giving players extra time to recover from knocks; the same is true tomorrow when Hamilton Accies come to Celtic Park.  Aberdeen are not the side they were two years ago, but Pittodrie is still a challenging place to perform.  Newco will not have the luxury of resting anyone when they visit tomorrow.

The consequences of tomorrow’s games might not tell in the league table at full time, but it will have an impact on energy in legs in the latter stages of Sunday’s League Cup final and could contribute to how the league looks on 30 December.

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    I think we’re all getting pulled into the hype surrounding Kent






    There’s a hype around their whole team. I’m embarrassed to say that I bought into it before the match at Ibrox and went into that match with a tangible fear of losing.



    Kent, Morelos, Defoe, Davis, Tavernier, McGregor, Goldson…we’ve had these guys on toast. We show up, we win. Play your game, Celtic.

  2. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 12:09 PM


    Eddy,Elyounoussi, Boli,Bayo,Ntcham, all returned to training today




    That’s good news Bada,this Accies game is a vital 3 points






  3. When we completed the Invincibles season the genral consensus was that it may never happen again. And yet, had we not faltered in that one game at Livingston we might be sitting here debating whether we could do it again, just 3 years later. Indeed, as things stand, Sevco have also just lost 1 domestic game this season. Of course, by Sunday evening, one of us will then have lost our 2nd (or maybe even our 3rd) game of the season. It won’t be us.


    Just beat Hamilton tomorrow night without getting caught up in the goal difference side show. If you offered Neil Lennon a 1-0 win right now he’d not hesitate to take it.


    And am I right in thinking that a straight red up a Pittodrie would put El Buffalo out of the final? ;-)

  4. Reading back on team selections for tomorrow and Sunday,


    I spoke to Jonny Hayes today and he said he has no chance of playing either


    game,he seemed genuinely surprised when i told him NL thought he had a chance.

  5. Jobo – they would appeal and it would be delayed till after the game, so he would play – cynical moi?

  6. BSR


    So about 2.5 million to date in points money.


    Plus about a million for winning the section, with another 1/2 million up for grabs against Cluj.


    Then 1 million for winning the section.


    3.5 million to date with a possible 1/2 million on the table and then turkey gravy on offer after the New Year.


    We have probably brought in another 5 million from European night gates.


    It sure puts our SPFL TV deals into perspective.


    It’s time we owned our own TV rights.

  7. I have a better chance of succeeding to the Papal throne than Greeting Face picking up a red before the cup final.


    Even if he beheads an SPFL official.

  8. Gene



    That’ll be an easy draw for Port vale in cup eh? City,who are they? Hope life’s good





    Looking forward to tonight’s game




  9. Good morning CQN from a dry, dark and mild Garngad



    Come the leather belts. Let’s keep up our winning mentality by beating the Hammer throwers of Hamilton.



    I see our Scottish cup tie against Partick is moved to 5.30pm on Saturday 18th January and Sevco home tie moved to Friday night. Hunbelievable






    D. :)

  10. Dreich in Corcaigh………….



    Neil’s presser yesterday was enjoyable. He stuck to his guns. The Level of sports journalism in scoddland is lower thn Fat Jum’s waistband……………






    Let’s bag the three points tonight and just keep at the winnin’.



    I’ve little confidence that the Dandies can or will be allowed to impede Sevco Stevie’s Staunch Storm-troopers……………………….but a scare or injury would be welcomed tooooo.



    Every Little Helps.




  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    David66 on 4th December 2019 6:24 am



    Would not be surprised if Police input played its part. Would be surprised if they would want that mob drinking all day on a Saturday then let them loose @5:30 !!

  12. agree with many- points are lost at the strangest of places and, when teams are not fully focussed on the game in play. I sometimes think Paul67 has just started watching football this past few years.



    Like or not, Newco are a credible and immediate challenge and anything less than 100% from us will see games, titles and cups lost as a result.


    GORDYBHOY64 on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 11:06 PM


    Reading back on team selections for tomorrow and Sunday,





    I spoke to Jonny Hayes today and he said he has no chance of playing either





    game,he seemed genuinely surprised when i told him NL thought he had a chance.




    I would hate to tell you anything in confession.



    FROM the IRISHMAN “when 3 people know a secret the only way it stays a secret is when 2 of them are dead”



    YOU realise JH will get dogs abuse if NL finds out.

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Very happy to read the update from the An Gorta Mor Memorial committee yesterday evening about being within £200 of the £80,000 funding target following their dinner dance in November. It’s one terrific effort to complete the task this year.



    I had looked at the webpage earlier, which at the time was showing £60k as the running total, worried that perhaps the drive had stalled. Not at all.



    All praise and all thanksgiving to everyone involved

  15. Favourite Uncle



    “YOU realise JH will get dogs abuse if NL finds out.”




    Not necessarily. Neil might be encouraging all the players to spread disinformation about their injuries and readiness this week.



    After all, if Jonny Hayes IS fit enough to play, do you think Gordybhoy is not going to forgive him ever for not telling him the complete truth.



    In any case, I doubt whether Stevie G and his backroom Bhoys are swallowing anything about what they are hearing from either Official Press Conferences or from blogs or gossip.. They will have a game plan for every selection they are likely to face, short of a real curveball like Karamoko or Shved.

  16. San Luis



    I don’t see how the comments made in the Blog Leader equate to either complacency or naivety. I don’t even understand how you can be complacent on a blog- we are not going to play against them- we are just going to write stuff on a blog that is unlikely to be read by any current Celtic or Sevco player, the ones who will influence the outcome of the game. Neil Lennon isn’t going to take direction from either yours or my views on who should play.



    You are correct to say that we can drop points at unexpected venues but it is also correct to say that, in the long run, in common with all teams in all leagues, we are more likely to drop points in away fixtures against our nearest rivals. Most sensible managers, therefore, will feel more sanguine about changing a settled line up against a Bottom six team that you are playing at Celtic Park, than they would in resting “First 11” players in an away fixture against a Top 4 team.



    In the long run that is a sound policy. Unfortunately, it does not and cannot guarantee that Celtic will beat Hamilton tonight or that Aberdeen will damage Rangers. Only the correct or incorrect attitude and effort from the players, or a major refereeing performance, will influence the outcome.



    Those of us writing on blogs and watching on TVs will not influence this match in the slightest. Only Neil and the Bhoys can be guilty of complacency- so far- they have shown little sign of it.

  17. Good morning, friends, from a damp and grey East KIlbride. Looking forward to being entertained yet again by Neil Lennon’s wonderful attacking Celtic side. And whilst 3 or 4 goals would be nice, any old win will do me.


    It’s seems to have all gone quiet around the Green Brigade – has anyone heard if their ban remains in place or not?

  18. An Tearmann


    Hope you’re good


    Man city away is like a bye for the Vale



    3 points tonight

  19. Jamesgang – if you haven’t already you could introduce yourself to the West London CSC, who meet near Brentford’s ground – in a pub called The Horseguards.



    A fine bunch of rascals!




  20. JOBO BALDIE on 4TH DECEMBER 2019 8:54 AM



    Not heard anything but fairly sure the GB will get their Final tickets. The Board were likely to back down after the AGM in what appeared to be a thought out strategy.

  21. On this day in 1982 myself a


    nd a few compatriots were at Hampden getting completely soaked to the skin watching Celtic win the League Cup with goals from Charlie Nicholas and Murder McLeod. I had a stookie on my foot and we had to get there early because of that. By the end of the day it was melted in the rain and I had to go and get a new wan the next day.

  22. HOT SMOKED on 3RD DECEMBER 2019 5:49 PM





    Yes, Kew is a fine part of town.




    ` I’m collecting all the great English to take home with me`.




    All the great English what? Am I missing something or did you?







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