Declare the 9


I remember 1997 when another nine-in-a-row was about to be won.  We knew it was coming, we knew it would be difficult and we needed to get through the period.  I avoided all news coverage and football chat for over 24 hours that May, only to find out later that Motherwell’s Owen Coyle upset plans and the title had yet to be won.  I just wanted it over with, the delay was not helpful.

We are in the same situation now, there is not the remotest doubt the Premiership will be called and Celtic will be declared champions.  No one’s interest is served by further postponing the inevitable; it would only leave the SPFL in the spotlight longer than necessary.

Only box ticking exercises remain and today’s meeting between Premiership clubs and the SPFL should be the last.  Scottish football has more important things to worry about, it is in significant peril and needs to move energies on immediately.  Declare the 9.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on






    Now you”ve tempted me into a story i’ve told before on here.


    But it was funny.


    A big Irish mhate of mine who loved the stuff, as you know it was boiled


    in onions and butter salt and not much else.


    He came in from the pub , tasted the brew as you done in those days


    and said “that needs more salt ”


    But unbeknowns to him , it was the weans nappies in the old cooking pot.


    I suppose you had to be there lol.


    H.H . Mick





    Well done for quiz win last night.Everyone will be eating fish next friday.

  3. Ron Bacardi at 2:28


    Cheers and many, many thanks. The week before lockdown we took the donkey stallion down to a vet hospital in Penrith to get him “cut” as the rain in January and February was awful and we didn’t think our field would ever dry up to get the job done at home. Oldest daughter and I went down and had a great day out in Penrith, the last time we were able to do the pub/ cafe surfing (nae drink for me sadly as I was driving). Our first ever donkey came from a farm just outside Penrith. That was 22/23 years ago and she’s still with us….. and, ssshhh…she’s still my favourite.

  4. melbourne mick



    A tale that would not look out of place in a James Joyce short story.

  5. Melbourne mick.


    The wee guy with the cool turnups onhis jeans.


    Turnups .


    I must be the only guy in the world that’s got turnups on my underpants.

  6. If you fancy a giggle have a look at the FF thread about the title award on Monday. Every page is hilarious with their last gasp, ‘deep down they know it’s tainted…’ repeated lots.



    Absolutely loving it and their breakdown and pain. This will be an epic week coming up.



    GIRUY Hun Monkeys….HWG 9IAR…..Jelly and Ice Cream csc

  7. fairhill bhoy on

    PHILBHOY-I heard it 2 nights ago and sent it to mahe.Just a rumour and my crystal balling recently has been gash so kept it away from blogs.😉


    Hope you’re well buddy 👍

  8. BATEEN BHOY on 16TH MAY 2020 3:14 PM


    Looking good for 9, lads, Celtic 1-0 up :-)




    When does the Pools Panel report?

  9. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well that was different watching German football, Dortmund was too one sided and ended up watching Leipzig draw. Some of their misses were of Sebo quality whoosh over the bar😱

  10. RON BACARDI on 16TH MAY 2020 1:50 PM


    Is that Big Jimmy walking past the Boys Gate ?




    Steady on mate…Naw, it wisnae me…Honest LOL







    I had just turned 15 and starting my first job as a Tea Boy in January 1971 with my local Council…The Glesga Corpy, as it was known, and i was placed onto a building site in Easterhouse very near my home. I say Tea Boy, but the Official job Title was “NIPPER”.



    It was fact that you would work for One year as a Nipper, turn 16 and then take an IQ Test in the City Chambers to see if you were bright enough to become an apprentice Electrician or Plumber etc.


    I worked for One Year as a NIPPER with a squad of men who were Navvies, and it was Scots and Irishmen.


    I was brought up by my Granny and Grandad ( R.I.P), and they and others in the family spoiled me rotten, and I would get just about anything I wanted including Toys, bikes etc.



    Each and EVERY Day for that full year ( bar One Day, when I was kept at home because of Flu) as a Nipper…I had about a Dozen pieces made with Chopped Pork.


    All the men in the squad used to wind me up about it, as they would have cheese one day, and maybe meat another day etc.


    I didnt care…I just loved Chopped Pork and I still buy it to this day.



    Its perfectly feasible that on that One Day that I was kept at home due to the Flu, I probably had chopped Pork pieces that day also while putting my feet up ?






    The Sellers “Cry/Chant” that I remember well from my early days at Celtic Park was…” There’s yer Macaroon Bars, Spearmint Chewing Gum, Souvenir Special” !


    I think the “Souvenir Special” was maybe the Match Programme ?




  11. Watched the Dortmund game in patches. Surreal without the fans when you’re not really invested in the teams.



    Then watched Celtic vs. Juventus from 2002-2002 season in the Champions League. You forget just how rapid Didier Agathe was, like lightning. Great game and atmosphere.

  12. fairhill bhoy on

    When I lived in coatshill,morven ave we called the fancy estate near it spam valley.The thinking was they had spent all their money on the house and could only afford spam for dinner 😉


    Weans eh 😂

  13. Afternoon,


    not sure how this is going to work with formatting, but if it turns out to be a dogs dinner, I’ll try something different later. All contestants will have received two e-mails in the last couple of minutes – one with todays results and a second with Fixtures for Round 2 on Wednesday.


    Massive thank you to all participants.



    MOTHERWELL v ABERDEEN Draw 2:2 25/01/2014


    ROSS COUNTY v HAMILTON Home 2:1 20/02/2016


    KILMARNOCK v ST MIRREN Home 2:1 02/01/2014


    HIBERNIAN v ST JOHNSTONE Home 2:0 25/08/2012


    LIVINGSTON v HEARTS Home 5:0 14/12/2018


    THE RANGERS v CELTIC Away 2:3 11/03/2018


    ASTON VILLA V CHELSEA Away 1:2 11/05/2013


    EVERTON V LIVERPOOL Away 0:1 19/12/2016


    MAN CITY V BURNLEY Home 2:1 02/01/2017


    TOTTENHAM V MAN UNITED Home 3:0 10/04/2016



    SPFL League Table updated following Round 1 Results


    Round 1




    CELTIC 31 27 2 2 71 83


    THE RANGERS 30 21 4 5 44 67


    MOTHERWELL 31 14 5 12 3 47


    ABERDEEN 31 12 10 9 4 46


    LIVINGSTON 31 11 9 11 7 42


    HIBERNIAN 31 10 11 11 -5 40


    ST JOHNSTONE 30 8 12 10 -20 36


    KILMARNOCK 31 10 6 15 -9 36


    ROSS COUNTY 31 8 8 15 -30 32


    ST MIRREN 31 7 8 16 -18 29


    HAMILTON 31 6 9 16 -21 27


    HEARTS 31 4 11 16 -26 23

  14. Robinbhoy I recently saw him skip past the Hertz full back to set up our sixth in paradise, I’m sure I’ve never seen a footballer run faster. Still a fan of Didier

  15. Tobago Street on

    Have I got this right? We would need to lose both games to Sevco and another game while Sevco would need to win two more games. That would still leave us a point in front. Plus our goal difference is worth another point. So they would need to win again to go in front. Thing is we’ve only lost two games in the first thirty so far and drawn two as well. So we would need to only pick up 8 points out of our last 7 games. And 6 of those points need to be dropped to Sevco. When was the last time that happened? Anyone? When was the last time over any stretch of seven games we only picked up 8 points?



    AND any asterisk will be to denote that the league finished early. All positions will require the asterisk not just the champions.




  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Where do they dig up these people?



    According to the former Aberdeen CEO, ‘clubs like the old firm’ need to share the spoils more evenly.



    Does he not know they were liquidated? Does he not know the tribute act runs at multi-million pound losses every year? They have no spoils to share.



    Essentially his sub-text is Celtic should bankroll the rest of the league.



    Can tax payer funded Radio Scotland not seek out people know what they’re talking about. Agenda over substance yet again.

  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Fair hill Bhoy



    Still call it that.. I’m in old Wilkies farm next to West end

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    And it’s still a scheme not an estate as those kid on snobs call it

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM- did he mention Celtic waived £300k a couple of years ago, to get split between the other clubs?

  20. If Sevco are 14 points ahead of us after 9 games of the new season (whenever that’ll be) then maybe they’d have something legitimate to say about our 2019/20 title. Just wouldn’t happen though.

  21. fairhill bhoy on

    BT-My stepdaughters best pals mum and dad stay in there P.Swift .


    I had a few good school pals that lived down in the scheme 😉

  22. TOBAGO STREET on 16TH MAY 2020 5:17 PM



    Sevco would have to win all their remaining games giving them 94 points and we would have to drop points in 4 of our remaining games. We could lose both games to them, win 4 and draw 2 to reach 94 points. If they won all their remaining games but we hit 95 points the league is ours.


    Them catching us is pie in the sky.

  23. This isn’t football. Feckin soulless Pish without fans.



    I suppose it may be different if it’s your team that’s playing due to the emotional investment. But this is Pish!




  24. Tobago Street


    Of more significance is that we have only had one draw since the break.


    Whereas the Hun have been dropping points more regularly than Rab Douglas trying to hold crosses.

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