Declare the 9


I remember 1997 when another nine-in-a-row was about to be won.  We knew it was coming, we knew it would be difficult and we needed to get through the period.  I avoided all news coverage and football chat for over 24 hours that May, only to find out later that Motherwell’s Owen Coyle upset plans and the title had yet to be won.  I just wanted it over with, the delay was not helpful.

We are in the same situation now, there is not the remotest doubt the Premiership will be called and Celtic will be declared champions.  No one’s interest is served by further postponing the inevitable; it would only leave the SPFL in the spotlight longer than necessary.

Only box ticking exercises remain and today’s meeting between Premiership clubs and the SPFL should be the last.  Scottish football has more important things to worry about, it is in significant peril and needs to move energies on immediately.  Declare the 9.

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  1. A good week, celtic declared premier winner, eduard signs new contract, foster signs on permanent basis for 3 million, ofset by 45+ million for ajer, ntcham and % of dembele sale.



    Money in bank for couple of replacements for charge towards the 10.



    I get how the media try to talk up players leaving but dont they realise the players they talk about will bring in huge transfer fees that can be reinvested in the team and in fact we have already spent 5 million on a forward and centre mid in january. Perhaps they have not been around the last 9 years but we are actually pretty good at identifying good young players.




  2. Hi Bhoys



    I see their training centre is still called hummel.



    To be renamed BEAVER CENTRAL cos it’s full of f******




  3. who was doing a list of the 2nd rangers embarrasing moments, i forgot about this.






    Union Bears attacking the Rangers Player of the Year awards ceremony following a heavy defeat to Celtic (April 2018)

  4. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Happy birthday Paddymacoz



    I’m gettin gee eyed tomorrow!

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    In Huns media land they are asking if Stevie G is getting a bung from castore😂😂hope so👍

  6. watching aberdeens sportscene classic.



    the goals we lost to them during that season, packy ffs.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on




    I can remember Packy making loads of blunders, think he took over from Peter Latchford but would have to Google it

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    In 1980 Danny mcGrain testimonial v ManU Packy took over from a injured Peter Latchford, Peter in my opinion was a better goalkeeper

  9. One of life’s mysteries ….how the fek did we put up with Packy Bonnar for so long ? :O(


    ……and we are still suffering the prick.

  10. fairhill bhoy on



    Can anyone remember a save he made the same way you can AB or FF.


    He saved a penalty hit straight at him for Ireland at a World Cup,that’s it.


    His ramblings on radio Scotland are drivel

  11. I saw Packie take a goal kick that went out for a corner! Seriously, sc semi against Clydebank, to be fair it was a wee bit windy.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on




    That’s my only abiding memory of PB in the Celtic goal, nothing he’s done since marks him as a legend

  13. VP


    Over 600 appearances for the hoops and 80 caps for Eire. Couldn’t have been that bad 🤭