Dedryck after his MVP performance and Craig


Appropriate appreciation is due to Dedryk Boyata for his MVP performance on Wednesday. He scored the goal that won the points, could have scored more and made the most impressive defensive intervention of the game.

If scouts were in the Celtic Park stand watching, he did all he could to entice an offer, but a sample size of one game is not enough to validate a change in form for me.

Brendan has a big selection decision to make for Hearts on Sunday. You could argue he’s got the best from Patrick Roberts by bringing him on as a substitute in Celtic’s last four games, the most recent three of which the player considerably lifted the Celtic performance. Patrick will be wondering what he needs to do to get a start.

Chelsea want to sign Craig Gordon? No surprise there, they did sign Magnus Hedman a year after he left Celtic, after all. Craig is playing well and a reliable cog in an effective defensive wheel. But you know me. This far off the qualifiers, it’s all about the price as far as I’m concerned.

Everyone has a price, to think otherwise is to deny the future exists.


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  1. We need a settled defence for the qualifiers more than we need a small fee for our currentl top keeper

  2. What price glory Paul.



    We should sell a trusted player to take a punt on an unknown?



    What are we going to do with all this money?



    Sub the huns?

  3. If we sell CG we will be unlikely to buy a new keeper this window. A new keeper coming in during the summer before the Champions League qualifiers (if we can manage to keep our goal difference up and win the league) does not make sense in my opinion.

  4. Everyone does have a price but for 4 or 5m or whatever the offer we may struggle to get a keeper as good as Craig.



    Obviously if we have few targets already scouted who are abit younger and have great potential like Fraser forster did then selling is a good option. Craig is great shot stopper and keeper but I have no doubt there is better out there . Just finding one for good price is the tough part.

  5. My youngest has a 17-18 tkt


    Got TEXT and email saying £30 for game against Sevco


    Got his and his mates yesterday








    Regarding price of tickets v. THEMS.



    A neebor in North Stand lower, who has a concession SB, was wondering if he had to pay any extra for his ticket or could he just use his ticket as normal?

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys from a very frosty and white Central Scotland.Well the transfer window rumbles on with only MSM rumours about players that Celtic are after it wont be long until Tuesday when the window closes.I am not sure we will sign anyone else but I certainly dont believe the MSM know anything. H.H.

  7. Kitalba






    There’s no glory to be had playing, without protest, in a farce.



    Archie McPherson forgot to mention that when comparing record undefeated runs.

  8. 50 shades of green on

    Tickets for this match are now on sale to eligible concession season ticket holders.


    Tickets are priced as follows:-


    Concession Season Ticket Holders (Under 13, 13-16 and 17-18). – £30


    Overseas and Student Season Ticket Holders – £40


    Tickets can be purchased online, by calling 0871 226 1888* or by visiting the Celtic Ticket Office. If purchasing via booking line, please have client reference and payment details available. Booking fees apply online and via booking line.


    The deadline for eligible STH to purchase their seat is 5pm on Friday, 3rd February.


    Concession (Under 13, 13-16 and 17-18), Overseas and Student Season Ticket holders looking to upgrade to a Standard Adult ticket can do so by visiting the Ticket Office or by calling 0141 230 1967. Only upgrades are available on this line.


    A Standard Adult ticket will cost £49. It is not possible to upgrade to a Standard Adult ticket in the rail seating section of the stadium.


    Match tickets will be issued for all tickets purchased. Concession season tickets will not be activated.


    Please note, tickets are currently ONLY available to those eligible supporters with a 2016/17 Concession (Under 13, 13-16 and 17-18)., Student or Overseas Season Ticket.


    This does not apply to Season Ticket holders in Special Season Ticket Areas 115 to 118 in the Lower Tier of the Lisbon Lions Stand and Special Season Tickets in 416 to 419 in the Upper Tier of the Lisbon Lions Stand.


    Subject to availability, ticket information for these areas will be communicated in due course.




  9. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Good morning,



    Looking for a bit of help.



    After reading some posts yesterday about a dream of pulling on the hoops, I actually managed to achieve this dream at Paradise in the charity game played prior to the Pater Grant testimonial Vrs Bayern Munich.



    I have been looking for a photograph of the night for a few year’s now on Celtic sites to no avail. Team photos were taken on the night but I can’t locate them.



    Can anyone point me in the right direction of sa contact ? I know it was a few year ago now but I can only hope that someone somewhere can help



    Yours in Celtic




    If Chelsea are really intent on signing Craig Gordon, it would be remiss of him not to at least have his agent explore the interest. After all, he has a family to look after, it is his obligation to maximise his ability to provide for his family in the long run.



    Taking my heart out of the equation and being pragmatically realistic, It is what I would do if I was him.



    If the reports are proved true, then it is up to Celtic to show ambition by upping his contract.



    Do we grab the money and divvie it on dividends or do we try and make a fist of the last 8 in next seasons CL?



    I honestly believe that with keeping the squad intact and 2 good signings and a favourable draw, the last 8 is not beyond us.


    If Craig Gordon leaves,he goes with my gratitude for doing a difficult job well.



    It will also complete his rehabilitation from forgotten crock to wanted man again. Well done,son. You deserve that.



    You couldn’t have done it without us,mind. So remember that,please.



    Equally,remember Chris Kirkland. Career wrecked by injury,and would love to be in your shoes.



    Now,get your new Celtic contract signed,pronto!!!!

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Are we all just falling into the trap of playing the MSM game in relation to Craig ?



    Rumour. Speculation. Flog copy.



    Marvellous now to be able to ” Leave it to Brendan .”


    He knows best.




    No disrespect intended, but I don’t understand your post or point. Could you elaborate?




    Didn’t The Rangers also assist in Craig’s rehabilitation prior to him signing with us?



    Credit where credit is due….

  15. Goodest morning fholks.


    Brendan will decide who stays or goes and that’s good enough for me.Saying that,I would prefer it if Craig stays .


    And aren’t we at home on Sunday?


    === === ===


    WW2…Approx 60m dead,hard for me to say there was a ‘winner’ from that.

  16. Macjay:



    I think Brendan Rodgers comments lend a large degree of credence to the paper talk of Chelsea’s interest.



    After all, if he wanted to squash innuendo all he has to do is squash it.



    He hasn’t.



    Neither have Celtic.

  17. Craig is playing well and a reliable cog in an effective defensive wheel. But you know me. This far off the qualifiers, it’s all about the price as far as I’m concerned.



    Everyone has a price, to think otherwise is to deny the future exists.



    If I was Peter I might test the water in a similar fashion.

  18. Kitalba



    No disrespect perceived.



    We are playing in a league whose administrators state on their official website that a 4 year old club has won 54 top tier titles and over 50 other major trophies.



    This makes them Scotland’s most successful club.



    This palpable nonsense, which makes a farce of our game, goes unchallenged by the other SPFL member clubs.



    Which is why I state that there is no glory to be had while this state of affairs persists, all done in support of the Big Lie.






    Hail! Hail!

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