Dedryck after his MVP performance and Craig


Appropriate appreciation is due to Dedryk Boyata for his MVP performance on Wednesday. He scored the goal that won the points, could have scored more and made the most impressive defensive intervention of the game.

If scouts were in the Celtic Park stand watching, he did all he could to entice an offer, but a sample size of one game is not enough to validate a change in form for me.

Brendan has a big selection decision to make for Hearts on Sunday. You could argue he’s got the best from Patrick Roberts by bringing him on as a substitute in Celtic’s last four games, the most recent three of which the player considerably lifted the Celtic performance. Patrick will be wondering what he needs to do to get a start.

Chelsea want to sign Craig Gordon? No surprise there, they did sign Magnus Hedman a year after he left Celtic, after all. Craig is playing well and a reliable cog in an effective defensive wheel. But you know me. This far off the qualifiers, it’s all about the price as far as I’m concerned.

Everyone has a price, to think otherwise is to deny the future exists.


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  1. Margaret McGill on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 27th January 2017 5:13 pm


    Anal probes.


    yes they do

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Margaret McGill



    Probably get a red card for my intended reply, so i wont:)


    However, im sure strange substances are involved….especially three-letter ones:)







  3. 16 ROADS – CELTIC ÜBER ALLES… on 27TH JANUARY 2017 5:10 PM



    ‘Dunkirk is a mystery as to why he let the English off the hook’






    I think even the most rabid nationalist would concede that it wasn’t just the English who were involved in the BEF (the clue is in the name).



    And it’s not a great mystery at all. There were three reasons



    1. The Germany supply lines were over extended so they would have found it difficult to move any faster or further than they did.


    2. Where rearguard actions were fought the BEF gave a good account of themselves, so the Germans weren’t over keen to engage if it could be avoided, as they assumed that victory was inevitable.


    3. The Germans, possibly because of their lack of a maritime heritage, were unable to conceive of the idea of a successful naval evacuation. They assumed the BEF would simply surrender.

  4. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    True enough EL.



    The Old Contemptibles eh?



    Didn’t Hitler think of the English and the Germans as basically the same volk though?



    It is written, and a lot of historians are of the opinion that war with England was a last resort.




  5. SIN CITY BHOY on 27TH JANUARY 2017 4:35 PM



    All the mineshafters waiting with their pencils sharpened waiting for us to sell some kumquat (courtesy Greenman and Natknow), so that they can post “TOLD YOU SO!”



    So far nae luck.



    Brendan Rodgers flashes a maniacal smile.





    I’d rather sell a Kentish cobnut or two.



    TGM will know the correct price…




  6. BGFC


    Congratulations to your girl great news you must be very proud. Got a call earlier from one of my pals to say another pal had written and performed a song on you tube called Paddy went to Britain by John Fitzgerald O’Donnell, just listened to it there and I thought it was very good would be interested to hear what you guys think. HH

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    You seem well informed about exotic produce yourself:)


    Cobnuts and Kumquats indeed.





  8. According to port vale blog sevco have bid £250k for jack Alnwick keeper – apparently his release clause triggered

  9. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Amazing scenes from the March For Life in Washington DC.



    There is hope.




  10. BGFC


    Well done to your daughter. Hope she has an fulfilling career and makes a difference within this branch of Science.

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on






    great news.can i ask what her wee brother will be doing ?






    Hi FAVOURITE UNCLE, and thanks you other chaps for the best wished for ma wee lassie.



    On the subject of Wee BGFC, if the University of Celtic offers a PhD in Celticy Celticness, then he’ll do that.



    Other than that – he likes Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Geography and Music – top of the class in most of those in 3rd year at St Ambrose, Coatbridge (and in a couple of his other classes too).



    Not just a hat rack, our Wee BGFC :-))






  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    DESSYBHOY on 27TH JANUARY 2017 6:07 PM




    Cheers – a nice sentiment – I’ll pass that on to her. I’m sure she will – she has plenty of drive, and is determined.



    She is also not speaking to me at the moment – we are too much alike :-)






  13. Marrakesh Express on

    On my way back from Aberdeen last Saturday, five St. Mirren fans jumped on at Dundee. They were in good form but started having a go at us and Sevco. These were all guys in their Fifties so I decided to butt in and in a nice way take them to task about their point. Straight away they invited me to sit down and gave me a a can from their slab.


    I put them right on a false assumption and they were fine with that.


    Anyway all good fun, then the guy opposite says ‘you seem a sensible guy, older than us, so I’d like to put you in the mastermind chair and ask you the question, do you you hate Rangers and if so why’?


    I had the audience of surrounding tables because everything went quiet.


    ‘ Ok guys, I regard hate as a weakness so don’t use it but I suppose Rangers and Thatcher will be up there’.


    I then asked for time to go over it in my mind.


    I told the guys that there are many reasons but will limit it to four or five.


    The first was my earliest memory, early 60s realising they operated a policy which in later years I called apartheid.


    Next was my experience in a Bridgeton engineering factory as an apprentice at 17. Victimised, harassed, threatened called everything, simply for being a Catholic Celtic supporter. I used this as a general example of how Rfc are a hub for sectarian and religious bigotry, which extends to greatly affecting Scottish society… Orange lodges etc.. holding the country back with a huge number of their fans hating Celtic, Ireland, The Pope and Catholics as much as they love their club.


    The other two were their sense of self entitlement and their watp arrogance.


    I left it at that but mentioned very briefly their famously violent fans and the great British football scandal, which I’d never have got finished. They knew the details anyway.


    That took about 15 minutes. The Magnus Magnussen guy actually said thanks for that then pointed out that four of them were protestant and one RC. He then nudged the guy next to him and said ‘well Malky your the Rangers man here (St mirren second team) what do you think of that spiel’….’ canny disagree with any of it ‘ Malky said.


    Anyway good journey and ended up going for a pint with them.

  14. What is the Stars on

    16 Roads



    Hope ??



    He was a great leader, no doubt about it …


    You posted that about HITLER….just an hour ago


    There is no hope if that type of nonsense goes unchallenged


    If ever a comment needed to be deleted its that

  15. GENE@6-01PM


    Does that mean Chelseas smokescreen worked and they will sign Foederingham for 10 million?


    The future England number one was always their real target and Gorgons name was used to throw people off the scent as they didn’t want Real,Barca and Man U driving up the price with a bidding war.

  16. ——-



    A Big Happy Nike Friday….



    To All My Friends-In-Celtic .


    [It’s ALWAYS A Nike Friday….



    When Sevco2012 Are One Day Closer To Liquidation…..Ed ].



    We’ll Build A Big Beautiful Walmart In Govan….



    Oh Yes We Will…!






    Comrade Ernie….What Is Your Role In The Ongoing “Great Courgette Famine”



    Causing Such Misery In PhilvisLand…?



    Is This All Part Of A Sinister Plot…..



    To Derail BREXIT….?



    Comrade Ernie…The Lazar Kaganovitch Of CQN








    I also hope he plays a stormer and scores.


    Ryan has good skill and a football brain.


    Add muscle and experience and we have a gem of a player.

  18. Margaret McGill on

    Robert Snodgrass is set for a medical at West Ham on Friday ahead of his £10million move from Hull.



    Everton’s Phil Jagielka, Mamadou Sakho at Liverpool and Serdar Tasci of Spartak Moscow are all on Southampton’s radar as they look for cover for the injured Virgil van Dijk.

  19. Paul67 et a



    Dedryck suffers from what I call developmentisis. Signed to a big club from a young age, along with dozens of others he fails to get much gametime in the bigtime and as a result fails to develop as the player he could be. Others from a similar background are Janko and especially Blackstock. A road to oblivion for the majority of young players. That said Dedryck has ability, looks a bit stronger than before, can take a ball of of an attacker and stay on his feet and generally has a lot going for him. Maybe Brendan and Kole can really help him improve or in the modern lingo help him develop as a player.

  20. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    No WITS – You have took that sentence entirely out of context.



    Of course he was a great leader – they all were – Hitler, Stalin, Ghengus Khan.



    Now behave yourself.

  21. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    All the aboard the train, Marrakesh



    A liked that wee story




    Hail hail

  22. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Good one Celtic Mac :)



    Just googled great leaders in history there – Aye – they are all there, from Ghandi to Moa to Fergus Mckhan.



    The wee chap from North Korea isn’t on the list strangely enough – the greatest leader.



    But sure – I am literally Hitler now.



    Hail Hail.

  23. Selling Craig Gordon to Chelsea would be a risky piece of business . We have a good goalkeeper . Keep him . Thought were cash rich ? Hopefully Brendan decides ,in which case he stays . The PLC might not share Brendans opinion.


    Who’s the daddy ?

  24. …….



    Scratch The Donald……



    An’ He Bleeds Red, White….



    An’ TARTAN…



    Sturgeon….The Marxist “Scottish Merkel”….



    Your Days Are NUMBERED…!








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