Defences, views and runs


We can take some comfort in the fact that Salzburg have lost three games on the bounce but they sit in second spot in the Austrian Bundesliga, Celtic are fourth in the Scottish Premiership and have won only one of their previous five games.  The Austrians will see just as much comfort in our form.

Success on Thursday will be determined by who manages to overcome their frailties most effectively.  As far as Celtic are concerned, that will mean trying to find the kind of defensive performance that we put in last season.

Our reason for most confidence should be the speed which we can break at, and Salzburg’s only defensive issues.  They shipped three goals to Sturm Graz and Malmo in recent outings.

Many thanks to everyone who has already taken our ‘Who we are and Our Values’ survey, it took just over 1 hour to register 1,000 submissions.  It’ll take you little more than 5 minutes to share your view on some important matters, take a look here.

I’m a wee bit late to the party but I’ve signed up for the Great Scottish Run on 5 October to assist Celtic Foundation’s work in the areas of health, equality, poverty, and learning.  If you’ve already registered with the event, or you have a pair of trainers and an outrageous disregard for the aging process, get involved.

You can register for the Great Scottish Run here and with the Foundation be emailing them, details here.

This is our club, they are your trainers, that is your outrageous disregard for the aging process.  Let’s do it.

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  1. macanbheatha Oscar Abú


    12:48 on


    16 September, 2014


    duvet day



    allright bud,


    caught your comment late last nighton Peaky Blinders.



    who did you saywas the actor in the family ?

  2. Vote Yes…..and send the Tory Lords and their lackeys back to Westminster….Defeated.


    Keep yer Westminster, and ram it where the sun don’t shine.





  3. quiz of the day , nae cheating now, there have been 34 “new” countries establishd since 1990.



    starter for 10 –



    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics



    Fifteen new countries became independent with the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Most of these countries declared independence a few months preceding the fall of the Soviet Union in late 1991.



    name them.

  4. HT,



    Agreed mate, it’s easy to pick faults with a player…short memories springs to mind.



    If the new players need a chance under our manager, surely our recognised need the same time to adapt to a new system of play.



    Bedtime for me, FREEDOM….;)

  5. just watched greetin face cameron



    “please, please dont go, please, please, boo hoo”



    why i he so keane to keep the subsidyjunkies from up north ?



    what dos it relly all boil down to?

  6. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.



    12:17 on 16 September, 2014






    Can you provide to me a simple explanation why Andy Burnham, shadow Secretary of State for Health, has stated publically that NHS England is going down the road to privatisation and joined the Jarow protest against privatisation only 3 weeks ago when we are being lead to believe by his colleagues in the Labour Better together Vow of promises campaign that there is no such thing happening?



    Is Andy Burnham, Labours shadow secretary of state for HEALTH wrong or misrepresenting what is happening in the English NHS?



    Or are the Labour Better Together Vow of promises partnership campaigners misrepresenting what is happening in the English NHS?



    Please advise.



    MWD says AYE




    Not really – but maybe ask Andy Burnham or Twitter or something? Politicians are not usually backwards at coming forwards.



    Can you provide me with a simple explanation of why official figures from Audit Scotland show that, since Alex Salmond became first minister in 2007, NHS spending in Scotland on the private sector – to treat patients who have waited too long for an operation or to provide locum nurses – has risen by 37% to a total of £80.26m? It rose by 23% between 2011-13 alone.



    Or why Mike Russell, SNP MSP wrote a book “Grasping The Thistle” proposing the privatisation of NHS facilities that “failed to maintain profitability” ??



    Cuts both ways, amigo.

  7. Jonny the Tim


    12:51 on


    16 September, 2014


    In Santa Ponsa, (again), but just wanted to say…………………..



    End London rule. YES.









    johnny , in the previous thread, it was established that Scots on holiday in dubai right now have mostly voted yes 8 from 11.



    and ernie said “aye well, what do you expect from people who go to dubai on holiday”



    i para phrase,



    s i am taking a stabat, people who go to santa ponsa on holiday aso vote yes.



    am i on the mark ?

  8. greenpinata/Sipsini



    I’m absolutely astonished at some of the things I’ve read about him on here.

  9. This from Green Man sums it up



    If the no vote cretins win….I want a massive square go retaliation in Westminster.


    The political will of Scotland has changed forever.


    No more tory and orange rule.


    We decide our own destiny, and its Freedom from a Corrupt Westminster.


    The depravity of monarchical wealth has no justification in a true democracy.


    Get rid of these leeches, starting with Westminster, and then a Republic of Scotland.


    Down with Monarchy and Loyalism.


    Vote for Scotland.



    Ignoring the fact that monarchy is guaranteed as is loyalism.



    So anyone who votes no is a cretin. The bullying and intimidation continues.



    A free scotland or a scotland free to victimise and bully those who disagree.



    Blind and unthinking patriotism.



    How does the song go again…



    Come all ye young rebels, and list while I sing,


    For the love of one’s country is a terrible thing.


    It banishes fear with the speed of a flame,


    And it makes us all part of the patriot game.



    That we have come to this.

  10. Saint Stivs



    “Fifteen new countries became independent with the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Most of these countries declared independence a few months preceding the fall of the Soviet Union in late 1991″












    Azerbajan ( Apologies for spelling )









    I give up ” Hopeless need new players”




  11. So how come if the outcome of the referendum is “YES” then it is forever but if “NO”, a sense of a reinvigorated scottishness has been stirred that will see scottish independence within a generation??



    And what are my fellow celtic supporters views on the union Jack in the event of a “YES” consensus? Remove the satire from it ??


    6 county unionists are most worried about their “fleg”.


    I enjoy their nervousness.!!

  12. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.




    12:25 on 16 September, 2014




    Frank Ryan’s Whisky



    please do not remove comparisons others see in seperate calls for Independence from the Iron fist of WM.






    You told him.



    i told you.



    Get over yourself.



    MWD says AYE





    Aye your right Amritsar, Derry, just the same as poor wee Scotland not getting the government it wants.



    Deluded Nats

  13. Neganon2



    I was being slightly tongue in cheek to be fair.


    However…the political will of Scotland has changed.


    Westminster is corrupt and depraved….no amount of rhetoric will change these facts.


    Scare tactics and hatred of the no campaign…is a busted flush.




  14. Bourne



    At least they’d have wanted a million pound for Mark McGhee :-)



    They’d sell Commons for hauf a Crown and an apple.



    He’s had a slowish start to the campaign. For me that’s not been helped because the manager hasn’t played him all the time.



    The results and performances speak for themselves.



    Play Commons and he’ll create or score.

  15. bournesouprecipe on




    Good shout on ‘the sieve’.



    Celtic finished the game on Saturday with three combative ball winning midfielders Biton Kayal and Johansson, and the back four will pick itself.


    With captain Scott Brown a shoe in, I’d like to see at least two of the others start the game in Salzburg preferably,



    Brown Kayal Johansson.



    “I don’t know what he does to the enemy, but he sure as hell scares me “



    What the Duke of Wellington might have said if he’d saw Scott Brown

  16. Have any of the apolitical CQN gambling fraternity placed a bet on the rather generous odds of 3/1 being offered for a Yes vote.



    I have not been on too much these past few days so just wondering if ‘any’ of those who so often come on and tell us how much they gambled on a punt have been as open with their wagers on the referendum.



    Thinking of having a wee punt myself and just curious as to where the CQN betting money is actually going.

  17. Neganon2


    Come on pal and grow a pair, if you think that’s bullying or intimidation god help us,I have read a lot worse on here plenty of times

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