Defending to win against Zagreb, Sevco roulette


Dinamo Zagreb dropped points for the second time in 10 league games this season on Saturday when they drew a blank against bottom of the table Slaven Koprivnica.  Slaven took only one point from five league games in August, and lost heavily to Zagreb on the opening day of the season, but have tightened up at the back in recent weeks.  Parking the bus on Saturday was enough to curtail the Croatian champions.

That blank score line was a rarity for Dinamo, who had scored in all but one of this season’s 18 previous outings.  After losing their first leg at home to Zagreb, Aalborg shut up shop in the Champions League qualifier in Croatia and overturned the first leg deficit.

So what can we expect on Thursday?  We’ve kept only one clean sheet in the last 10 outings, and that was to lower league Hearts, who missed a penalty and struck the crossbar.  Looking at Celtic’s defensive record, Dinamo will fancy their chances of getting a goal.  Like most teams away from home in Europe, they will plan to defend first and foremost, and take their chances on the break.

Having collected a vital point away to the top seed on match day one, the group opens up for Celtic if they can beat Zagreb this week, but how should they go about achieving this?  If St Mirren, Motherwell, Dundee and Inverness can score against Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb will do so, unless Celtic protect their back line considerably better than they have so far this season.  Celtic are likely to need to score two or more to win the game.  Without Goals Guidetti, this sounds like a big challenge.

Going on form, it’s in Celtic interests to ensure this is a tight game, deny Dinamo space to break into, and use their own speed to attack when opportunity arises.  We’ll need to hold the ball, and that means Kris Commons will have to play, no matter how fit he is, but I would be tempted to give him a deeper role than usual.  Johansen and Brown have critical roles to play in protecting the defence but they will need Commons available to bring calm to proceedings.

I see The Telegraph have taken a punt on Craig Whyte, et al’s, Worthington Group being in sufficient funds to mount their threatened legal challenge to Sevco Scotland Ltd, now known as Rangers International PLC, for acquiring the legal entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Sevco 5088 had irrefutable entitlement to the assets of liquidated Rangers FC but this entitlement was assumed by Sevco Scotland, then owned and controlled by Charles Green.

Green and Craig Whyte both claimed to control Sevco 5088 when the company’s entitlement was assumed by the other company.  So what does all this mean?  There’s nothing in The Telegraph story that we didn’t know two years ago.  Even if a journo had first-hand information from a prime source, you’d have to wonder what value you could invest in what any of these characters say.

Until Our Hero spins the roulette wheel at the Ibrox Casino, everyone’s chasing shadows on this one.

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  1. Loans repaid, Imran Ahmad paid off, payroll at the end of the month and they are skint again.



    I do not believe there is enough funds for November payroll.

  2. BT.


    In dock again eh!


    Nay luck pal.


    Hope the new op goes well.


    Just make sure you don’t get to used to the Michael Jackson juice.


    You’ve had that many ops recently.


    All the best mate .


    I will say a prayer for you.

  3. Proceeds from the share offer £3.13M


    Net proceeds from the share offer £2.75M





    Letham – £1.05M (inc interest)


    Easdale – £500k


    Ahmad – £400k (estimate)


    Wallace – £300K bonus


    Total outgoings £2.25M



    From TSFM

  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Blantyre Tim



    Just been reading that you’re having a leg op tomorrow. The very best of luck to you. Hope all goes well. Will say a prayer for you.

  5. Both : 4,5,1



    Brown. Kayal. Commons Bitton. Wakaso



    ——————Scepovic ———————-



    Or. 4-4-1-1



    Brown. Kayal. Bitton. Wakaso






    ————–Scepovic ——————




    Strike me as being far more solid, and capable … Than the fanciful 4-2-3-1 , with Ambrose, McGregor and Johansen contributing to a general state of weakness.

  6. Can anybody please help?


    Have had a debate with work mate about the Statue of Liberty .


    He said it was a gift from the French.


    I said it was from the Italians.


    Can someone please let me know who is right.

  7. lionroars67


    16:08 on


    30 September, 2014



    Hold on didn’t somebody on here tells us they were all anti-Catholic bigots? Has the Archbishop been suckered?

  8. Ruggyman and Gene


    According to an Evening Times link from earlier, McGregor is playing on Thursday!




  9. The Honest Mistake loves being first



    Thank you for posting that link. Amazing strength and love in face of such an unimaginable adversity. Really inspirational people. I hope they find some peace. I will offer up a prayer for them. And for all parents nursing sick children. I’ll hold my own babies a little closer tonight. Feeling really annoyed at myself for giving out about spilt cereal this morning.


    Again thanks for posting that. Heart breaking to read, but important.

  10. Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been banned from being a company director for the maximum period of 15 years after a court heard that his conduct in his dealings with the Ibrox club was “singularly shocking and reprehensible”.



    A judge at the Court of Session in Edinburgh said that the case for imposing a period of disqualification on Whyte was “overwhelming”.



    Lord Tyre said: “He deliberately placed his own interests before those of the company.”



    The judge said it was necessary and appropriate for him to impose as lengthy a period of disqualification as he was empowered to do on Whyte who was previously banned from being a director for seven years.



    David Thomson, counsel for the Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills Vince Cable, said: “He preferred his own interests to those of Rangers.”



    Mr Cable raised a petition seeking to have Whyte, 43, holding a directorship following Rangers going into administration and then liquidation in 2012 and the liquidation of a second firm Tixway.



    The legal move left him facing a disqualification for a period between two and 15 years. Mr Thomson told Lord Tyre: “It is my submission that this is a case falling within the top bracket of 10 years or more.”



    He maintained that Whyte’s conduct as a director had made him unfit to be concerned in the management of a company.



    Whyte, formerly of Castle Grant, Grantown on Spey, in Morayshire and Rue De Tenao, in Monaco, did not appear at the Court of Session in Edinburgh to defend the action.



    Lawyers previously acting for him withdraw from the case.



    Mr Thomson was granted an amendment to the court document to state that his current place of residence is unknown.Whyte bought the Ibrox club for pounds 1 following discussions with Sir David Murray but with it came terms that pounds 27 million was to be introduced to Rangers which owed the Lloyds Banking Group pounds 18 million.



    The club was also involved in tax disputes with HM Revenue and Customs — known as the big and small tax cases.During negotiations Whyte had a meeting with the independent board committee at Rangers where he was asked how he proposed to fund the purchase.Mr Thomson said he was asked if the funding was coming from him as an individual and confirmed it was.



    A subsequent email sent on his behalf indicated that the source of the money was funds generated by Liberty Capital, a British Virgin Islands company wholly owned by Whyte.



    But he had been negotiating with Ticketus for the provision of funding by the sale of season tickets over a three-year period.



    Mr Thomson told the court: “His acquisition of Rangers was entirely predicated upon an untruth and the untruth was he would be funding the acquisition using his own personal wealth or that of his company.



    “The Secretary of State alleged in the action that Whyte failed to act in accordance with his duties as a director of Rangers, including in particular his duties to act in the best interests and promote the best interests of Rangers and to avoid conflicts of interest.It was alleged that by causing Rangers to enter the Ticketus contract and using the funds received to repay the debt due to Lloyds he caused Rangers to give financial assistance in breach of Campanies Act legislation.



    It was said in the petition: “The effect of the Ticketus contract was that RFC effectively funded the purchase of its own shares.



    “Quite apart from the unlawful nature of such a transaction the Ticketus contract was not on any view a transaction into which RFC should have entered.”



    it was said.It was maintained that it was not in RFCs best interests to borrow so substantially against its future income simply to enable Whyte, through another firm Wavetower, to fund the acquisition of the shareholding.



    The Secretary of State alleged that Whyte had “deliberately and dishonestly” concealed the way in which he had arranged to fund Wavetower’s acquisition of the Rangers shares from board directors and its financial controller.”



    On any view, the directors and financial controller of RFC required to know that such a substantial amount of its future income had already been borrowed against by RFC,” it was said.



    It was said that he had denied other directors access to information about Rangers management and financial affairs.



    In the petition it was said that Whyte caused Rangers to sell shares it held in Arsenal Football Club through a firm, Pritchard Stockbrokers, where he was company secretary.



    He was told in January 2012 that the sale proceeds were held by Pritchard ready for his instruction ready for his instruction yet he failed to take steps to recover the funds although he knew Pritchard was in financial difficulties and Rangers was in need of funds.



    When Rangers went into administration in February that year it had not received the proceeds from the share sale.



    Pritchard was placed in administration in March that year and Rangers received about 50 per cent of the proceeds resulting in a loss of more than pounds 100,000.It was said that Whyte failed to get Rangers to use any part of the pounds 5 million of funding for expenses over the playing squad which Wavetower was obliged to provide under the share purchase agreement.”The respondent (Whyte) denied RFC access to substantial sums of money which were due to it at a time when it had a pressing need for funding.



    By conducting the affairs of RFC in that manner, the respondent placed his own interests (as the beneficial owner of Wavetower) in conflict with those of RFC.



    In that conflict of interest, he preferred his own interests to those of RFC,” it was said.



    Mr Thomson said that the conduct involving Rangers was extremely serious and had catastrophic consequences for the company.In the case of the other firm where he was a director, Tixway, it was ordered to be wound up in July 2012.



    Mr Thomson said: “Over pounds two million of assets have either disappeared or if they still exist simply cannot be found by the liquidator.”



    It was alleged that Whyte failed to ensure that Tixway maintained adequate accounting records and failed to cooperate with the liquidator and Insolvency Service.



    Whyte was previously banned for a period of seven years in a case concerning the misapplication of money and property to the detriment of creditors. The Secretary of State was awarded the expenses of the proceedings.

  11. Strange how some on here suddenly noticed political banners at StMirren Park. Have they not been there since it opened. Just asking. So our observant have never noticed them before now!

  12. Jungle Jim



    I saw that. Nothing against McGregor… His early season form was good…. Last few games though he has looked a bit lost. Against Salzburg he was the stereotypical boy against man

  13. Newradbhoy


    Obviously ( or perhaps not! ) the `French` post was in response to you. Here is a little bit lifted from Wikipedia:


    “The statue, designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886, was a gift to the United States from the people of France”




  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty (She Was Almost Gold!) 



    JULY 2, 2014 – 9:50 AM – 4 COMMENTSShare on facebookShare on twitterMore Sharing Services270



    By VI-AN NGUYEN @vian_nguyen



    What if the Statue of Liberty had been plated in gold, like its designer had planned?(Photo: Getty Images)In honor of the Fourth of July, we asked Elizabeth Mitchell, author of the new book Liberty’s Torch, an account of the Statue of Liberty’s bumpy history and the life of her creator, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, to reveal some little-known facts about America’s most famous monument.Every year, New York hosts the largest July 4th fireworks display in the country. This year, the blasts will be going off from the Brooklyn Bridge and the waters around the Statue of Liberty as Lady Liberty gazes out in her usual imperturbable fashion.We take this icon for granted—the perfect backdrop for celebrations of American patriotism. But few people know the fascinating story of how she came to be, and how one quirky visionary, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, battlednaysayers, engineering impossibilities, and a raging storm ddduring transport to put the Lady on her feet in New York harbor.My new book, Liberty’s Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty, tells the improbable journey of the statue from one artist’s whimsical inspiration to the feverish labors of supporters from Gustave Eiffel to Mark Twain to the penny donors of old New York tenements.Here are just 10 of the little-known facts about America’s colossus:1. The Statue of Liberty was not a gift from France to America.We have all heard the shorthand that implies that the statue was exchanged government to government. In fact, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a mid-career statue maker, decided to pitch a country he had never visited before on his vision to build a emassive lighthouse in the shape of a woman. In his diaries and letters, he described his journey to all corners of America, from Niagara Falls toWashington, D.C., from Chicago to Los Angeles, to explore this exotic land and drum up support.When no significant government funding emerged, he contrived every possible fundraising strategy himself. He put on spectacles of wonder in Paris, charged visitors admission to watch the statue’s construction in a dusty workshop, sold souvenirs, and petitioned the French government to let him run a national lottery.In the end it was Joseph Pulitzer, the American newspaper magnate, who helped him finish the job by printing the names of every person who donated even a penny to the cause. This strategy rapidly boosted the circulation of Pulitzer’s newspaper when readers bought a copy simply to see their names in the paper—a brilliant marketing strategy

  15. glendalystonsils on

    The funny thing about Boyd’s headbutt on the Hibs player last night is that you couldn’t


    imagine him getting his fat ,lazy ass worked up enough to do that playing for Kilmarnock.


    It must be the sense of entitlement that descends on them when they walk through the doors of bigotdome.

  16. weeminger




    Yes risible nonsense especially from some on here who knew they were playing the political scare game

  17. Re Boyd`s headbutt. In the category of such matters, it is a headbutt but only just. If the matter goes to the Video guy ( McGlennan?), then I predict bans for both Boyd and the Hibs guy and a ban for Moshni (SP). This will punnish Hibs and help Sevco.




  18. Great to see:



    Albion boss Sami Hyypia has hinted at a more prominent role for Paddy McCourt in his Championship plans.



    McCourt caught the eye on his full debut in last night’s 3-0 win in the Capital One Cup at Burton Albion.



    The former Barnsley playmaker was involved in two of the goals but also impressed the manager with his defensive contribution, an aspect of the game which has held the Northern Irishman back throughout his career.



    Hyypia told The Argus: “I think that’s maybe why he is in this kind of position in his career. Nobody can do it but him. He needs to realise what he needs to do to improve and to be a very important player for the team defensively as well.



    “When he is doing that I’m very happy, because I know what kind of qualities he has offensively.



    “He is much fitter now and he performed his defensive tasks perfectly as well.



    “He was running back and that’s what we want him to do. When he can do that in the higher level in the League games then why not (play him)?”



    Go, Paddy!

  19. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    tartan shamrock , small wee boozer, Paul should be in. Game will be on ..

  20. Re; the football.


    If we ever get a right back fit again I’d like to see us try with VVD as the deep holding midfielder protecting the centre backs. He looks like he could play practically anywhere and I think that role might suit him, particularly for European away games (whilst we still have him)



    I realise taking him out of the back four is a risk but wouldn’t mid seeing it given a go.

  21. @glendalystonsils



    I totally agree about the sense of entitlement. When Dundee United went down there last season in the Cup they should have had Moshni, McCulloch and Black all sent off before half time.



    Cannot take it when they are getting beat and resort to throwing elbows off the ball and flying into two footed challenges.



    Yet no red cards.

  22. glendalystonsils



    16:26 on 30 September, 2014



    The funny thing about Boyd’s headbutt on the Hibs player last night is that you couldn’t


    imagine him getting his fat ,lazy ass worked up enough to do that playing for Kilmarnock.


    It must be the sense of entitlement that descends on them when they walk through the doors of bigotdome.




    Often see Boyd doing his shopping with his missus, he actually seems like a decent fellow. But I agree, I think something comes over these guys when they join that mob, particularly the Ayrshire one’s. I thought Boyd looked comfortable in his role at Killi and away from the hoards, he’s back in amongst it one last swansong…… hell mend them…

  23. lionroars67



    16:21 on



    30 September, 2014




    No mention in there of his reneging on the contribution he promised in his take over document of 3 June towards the £2.8m tax bill.



    (e) The Rangers FC Group is to contribute to the Club the amount required to meet a liability owed by the Club to HM Revenue & Customs in relation to a discounted option scheme tax;






    You would almost think they just don’t like folk to be reminded of that whole tax evading to the bitter end episode.

  24. timaloy29 – I thought about Efe but he has the distribution of a sand gritter – I think VVD would be better.

  25. A wee question for the Spanish Bhoys.



    My mate and I are going over to Malaga early New Year, hoping to pick up a Malaga game. Apparently the tv pattern is one match on Friday and others on Saturday/Sunday. Any idea how far ahead they choose the Friday night game, as that’s the one we would need to avoid in Malaga?



    Muchas gracias

  26. lincolnshire poacher


    15:08 on


    30 September, 2014


    Help, stuck in Doncaster, anyone know where I can watch game on Thursday?



    We show all televised games upstairs in the Railway bar, West St. 50yards from railway station. See you there.

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