Defending to win against Zagreb, Sevco roulette


Dinamo Zagreb dropped points for the second time in 10 league games this season on Saturday when they drew a blank against bottom of the table Slaven Koprivnica.  Slaven took only one point from five league games in August, and lost heavily to Zagreb on the opening day of the season, but have tightened up at the back in recent weeks.  Parking the bus on Saturday was enough to curtail the Croatian champions.

That blank score line was a rarity for Dinamo, who had scored in all but one of this season’s 18 previous outings.  After losing their first leg at home to Zagreb, Aalborg shut up shop in the Champions League qualifier in Croatia and overturned the first leg deficit.

So what can we expect on Thursday?  We’ve kept only one clean sheet in the last 10 outings, and that was to lower league Hearts, who missed a penalty and struck the crossbar.  Looking at Celtic’s defensive record, Dinamo will fancy their chances of getting a goal.  Like most teams away from home in Europe, they will plan to defend first and foremost, and take their chances on the break.

Having collected a vital point away to the top seed on match day one, the group opens up for Celtic if they can beat Zagreb this week, but how should they go about achieving this?  If St Mirren, Motherwell, Dundee and Inverness can score against Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb will do so, unless Celtic protect their back line considerably better than they have so far this season.  Celtic are likely to need to score two or more to win the game.  Without Goals Guidetti, this sounds like a big challenge.

Going on form, it’s in Celtic interests to ensure this is a tight game, deny Dinamo space to break into, and use their own speed to attack when opportunity arises.  We’ll need to hold the ball, and that means Kris Commons will have to play, no matter how fit he is, but I would be tempted to give him a deeper role than usual.  Johansen and Brown have critical roles to play in protecting the defence but they will need Commons available to bring calm to proceedings.

I see The Telegraph have taken a punt on Craig Whyte, et al’s, Worthington Group being in sufficient funds to mount their threatened legal challenge to Sevco Scotland Ltd, now known as Rangers International PLC, for acquiring the legal entitlement of Sevco 5088 Ltd.  Sevco 5088 had irrefutable entitlement to the assets of liquidated Rangers FC but this entitlement was assumed by Sevco Scotland, then owned and controlled by Charles Green.

Green and Craig Whyte both claimed to control Sevco 5088 when the company’s entitlement was assumed by the other company.  So what does all this mean?  There’s nothing in The Telegraph story that we didn’t know two years ago.  Even if a journo had first-hand information from a prime source, you’d have to wonder what value you could invest in what any of these characters say.

Until Our Hero spins the roulette wheel at the Ibrox Casino, everyone’s chasing shadows on this one.

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  1. If DD decides to sell his shares, Denis O’Brien may have first refusal.



    But wtf do I know?




  2. Commons Dilemma?



    Ah Canny See that~






    He is Washed Up!



    “Commons, wull be .. THIRTY TWO..next Season!”



    Yes,.. He Wull.. Virginia…



    Commons, must go the way o’ the Greek .. Enigma..



    Ah wudnae Dream of Gien him a Noo Contract..



    Wid You?



    If he STARTS agin the Zagreb..then Ah wull Be Very Disappointed..






    Laughin..like Jimminy.. Dae Ye Blame Me..?

  3. squire danaher – 18:16 on




    “Allowing for Salmond being a political opportunist, he’s been a more assiduous courter over recent years of the “Catholic vote” (if such a thing still exists) than anyone else



    I felt the Catholic community had less to fear from Salmond than from the secular bigots like New Labour and Harvie.”




    Indeed, the fact Salmond couldn’t find any Catholics within his party good enough to promote to the inner sanctum of the cabinet says all you need to now about the poor state of the Catholic education system.



    Very reminiscent of the poor state of diet, fitness and general lifestyle issues which plagued the Catholic population of Scotland for most of the previous century which resulted in no Catholics attaining the necessary fitness and skill levels to play for Rangers (may perpetual light shine upon them…)



    And as for these secular Catholic bigots Blair and Murphy (who I used too see most Sundays in St Joseph’s in Clarkson), just don’t make me start!! Why oh why couldn’t they have drafted the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act to target and convict those horrible, secular papist tims instead of letting the SNP steel all the limelight??

  4. Desmond, is Celtic’s Rock.



    Kin Ye imagine.. If We Didnae Hiv such a Strong.. Financial.. Rock..


    at Parkheid oan the Clyde.?



    Na. Kiddies..



    Desmond, Is Mr. Celtic..n.



    Don’t Ye Evah Furgeet It!






  5. Ruggyman – the greatest trick KC played was convincing us he played no.10 or midfield….



    He plays well up the park.



    When I have seen him in a congested midfield he gives it away to easy and doesn’t do any defensive work.



    It’s hard to know what to do with him, he needs to be goal facing to be effective, but in what role I dunno.



    As I said earlier, it wasn’t a 442 or 433 issue on Sat, it was Stokes choosing a forward pass instead or our usual incumbents in that area dribbling or shooting

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    I have a reservation for the Dakhin on Saturday for 7.30.



    Was there on my last visit to Celtic Park and it is on a level of it’s own,(apart from being up a stair).



    My recommendation came from the CQN Restaurant Guide, available from all good discerning posters.



    It’s easy to book online.

  7. Kris Commons didn’t play on Saturday. What did you think of Celtic’s performance?



    Because from my seat we were shite.



    We had one bit of ingenuity and creativity which came from Stokes’ sublime pass to Guidetti.



    That aside, we were ponderous, methodical and devoid of inspiration.

  8. MickTT



    16:43 on 30 September, 2014






    16:26 on 30 September, 2014



    The funny thing about Boyd’s headbutt on the Hibs player last night is that you couldn’t


    imagine him getting his fat ,lazy ass worked up enough to do that playing for Kilmarnock.


    It must be the sense of entitlement that descends on them when they walk through the doors of bigotdome.




    Often see Boyd doing his shopping with his missus, he actually seems like a decent fellow. But I agree, I think something comes over these guys when they join that mob, particularly the Ayrshire one’s. I thought Boyd looked comfortable in his role at Killi and away from the hoards, he’s back in amongst it one last swansong…… hell mend them…





    Herd mentality or something? Hate to admit this but, his hitler youth hair do aside, wee Naismith was a guy I hated in his time at the Deceased Club. I have to admit I think he’s OK now and more than decent as a footballer.

  9. Presume our resident billionaire footballing expert and folksy linguist would have written off Lubo as an old has been?




  10. Incidentally posting even slightly complimentary stuff about Celtic players or former Celtic players on FF and Sevco Minded is enough to get you banned and hounded by a flock of satanic attack bats sent from the cavernous lair of Dark Mingwall.

  11. “The Commons dilemma is exactly that. He never started the home game versus Maribor, and it was the stick with which Delia was beaten with.”




    And we were bloody going through till he came on ruggy.




  12. Bada Bing



    “Imo,if we had a more ‘hands on’ owner,who was a regular at CP,he might be a bit more in touch with the fans,and how they feel about the Club.HH”



    As I said, that might make you feel better if you have a target you can vent at but it does not help Celtic one little bit. Mike Ashley goes to Newcastle and he spends big. The fans banners still read “Ashley Out”.



    I sometimes feel that our fans think that if DD showed up at CP regularly he might love us more and spend more money on us. It’s a fantasy I used to have about the young Candace Bergen after Soldier Blue. That never happened either.



    DD is as aware as he wants to be about fans opinions. He has a man there, whom we can already boo, if we are that way inclined, who carries out his strategy for Celtic to the letter. If the fans boycott attendance, you might get a temporary loosening of the purse strings but it will be brought quickly back into balance by future reigned-in spending. We cannot afford to play our circumstances any other way.

  13. Re Boyd- heard a few weeks ago him and another fud got in a taxi, worse the wear, opening line’you’re no another wan o they F Bs……’allegedly……

  14. I voted against DD getting back on the board at last AGM. He couldn’t even turn up.Only one other person voted against him. So shareholders seem happy. But whoever has been buying our centre forwards never had to re-apply for their job……….. or even own up to it!

  15. Spent some time with my son(he”s 12) in Buchanan st and George sq..during the referendum , iwas wearing a green YES badge my son a blue YES badge…both times the atmospere was fantastic, the crowd so friendly and warm…nobody asked me what school i went too or what team i support,Yes wasnt about that, it was about people with a common goal coming together….it wasnt to be


    ,but i for one wouldnt have missed it for anything, and i would vote YES again tomorrow.Bringing it down to religion or what team you support is , well , low and more suited to others…

  16. How typical of the Grand Wizard of the CQN Fascist Faction



    Quick in & out.



    Throw a grenade on the floor & then shout ‘Gotta Go, Joe’.



    Draw your own conclusions on this pitiful misanthrope.

  17. Hi ghuys anybody know the individual shareholding of each of our board members? I believe I may have more than most of them I wait to be corrected. Hail Hail Hebcelt