Defensive experiments will pay dividends


Playing Adam Matthews and Emilio Izaguirre as wing-backs with Kelvin Wilson, Charlie Mulgrew and Mikael Lustig as a back three looked a bit clumsy and didn’t last the 90 minutes but that was to be expected.  New defensive formations are not supposed to operate as smoothly as familiar systems.

I’m far from certain three at the back is a good idea, or if we have the correct personnel for this formation, but Neil Lennon should persist with the experiment.  We will not learn and grow if we don’t take chances, which was one of our abiding frustrations under both Martin O’Neill and Gordon Strachan.

No experiments on Tuesday, of course!

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  1. Proudbhoy


    Just watched Wigan and i thought McCarthy was neat and tidy but did nothing to impose his obvious talent on the game.


    Caldwell has a lions heart without the talent to match.


    Maloney showed nice skill but then typically got injured and came off early in 2nd.


    The other ex spl player McArthur ran around like a hun and kicked everything that moved.Got subbed to save from red.

  2. Thomthethim



    Excellent post



    Regan and Doncaster getting justifiably panned……question is why ?



    Bonuses?, Insidious Hun corruption ? ….or just doing their job ..not one SPL chairman made the decision to exclude the Huns



    I am concerned that R&D are simply working to their employers agenda and sadly , I include CFC in that

  3. fan-a-tic


    15:31 on


    19 August, 2012



    I think that you may have a point but I also happen to think that it’s more of a result of young players as opposed to a young management team.

  4. Had a terrible experience yesterday, I was watching the game at home yesterday, we were into the 89th minute, the doorbell rang. I rushed to answer it and it was a lady returning my good wife’s ironing,and by the time i took it from her and paid her, i returned to see the lads shaking hands with the Ross Co. players. I was so angry that I just switched the bloody t.v. off. I flounced off to the bedroom to turn on the computer, did so, then went and made a cup of coffee,returned to read what you all were saying, and i was confronted by a large green logo with 1-1 on it! i gaped at it for a moment, then sprinted (well my version of sprinting) to the living-room, switched on the ‘old box’, rewound the recording and then noticed the 1-1 score line, kept going until i found


    ‘our goal’, sweet-mother-of-god! what joy! and then listening to ‘thems’ grinding their teeth, oh! even ‘carling’ couldn’t do it better! God is sooo good!




    Paul! This new format is sweet! well done to you all!

  5. nothing without fans on




    Odd that only IE8 (and maybe earlier) took exception to your spam.



    Happy to help if I can, Paul has my email.

  6. Posters can talk about signings until the cows not only come home but go away again.


    Only PL will decide who and if when.

  7. Kevinjohn


    didn’t realise you where trying to sort it out yesterday when I was moaning about the site..



    great job..

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I can understand a level of frustration regarding Sevco and how little appears to have changed. That’s because on the face of it so little has changed.



    The superfluous coverage of a fourth tier team, free advertising throughout the media in an attempt to shift that team’s tickets, and the fawning articles on a club with no history are all hard to take.



    Anyone would be forgiven for thinking the Scottish Third Division is a desirable place to be, where billionaires are forming a queue to buy into Sevco, who are busy ‘splashing the cash’ on a host of big name signings.



    But like deals with HMRC, Scottish football dying without Rangers, and the Huns being too big for liquidation – it is all lies.



    One minute there is a lynch mob outside Ibrox waiting in anticipation for John Brown to complete his first sentence, and the next minute they are buying into the Green dream – a guy who has still not informed the Huns who his investors are by-the-way.



    Sevco are in the bottom tier of Scottish football. They have not spent a penny on one player – and their wages must amount to buttons for Craig Beattie to walk away after he had verbally agreed to join them … or have St Johnstone suddenly started splashing the cash?



    All the same mistakes are being made again, and the outcome will be the same for Sevco. Rangers will get stripped of those titles, and HMRC are definitely not finished with them yet.



    There is more to come. Don’t believe the hype.

  9. fan-a-tic



    15:38 on


    19 August, 2012




    Just watched Wigan and i thought McCarthy was neat and tidy but did nothing to impose his obvious talent on the game.


    Caldwell has a lions heart without the talent to match.


    Maloney showed nice skill but then typically got injured and came off early in 2nd.


    The other ex spl player McArthur ran around like a hun and kicked everything that moved.Got subbed to save from red.



    Was hoping this year that McCarthy would be a bit more direct, similar to Darren Gibson at everton, neat and rarely losses ball and will play couple excellent passes during a game but would like to see something bit more direct.. Suppose doesn’t help when Wigan only have 1 up top then most of the play must go sidewys and up wings.



    Shaun looks in great shape to be fair to him.. Was discussed on here not to long ago how his fitness had improved since leaving Celtic. Very worrying .

  10. A number of guys on here,are discussing if we have the players to play certain formations,ie 3 at the back.As always it is the attitude of players,not the systems that are wrong,for a perfect example watch Commons when Brittain received the ball and hit the bar.He looked across,seen the player in a dangerous position,then turned and walked away.Commons is a lazy player,who IMO cheated the Celtic support,who travelled miles to support the team.

  11. thebhoydaveJAPAN on



    Another myth dies.


    We win every game in the SPL this season just because the evil doers are banished.




    Painting our sport in this light over the last few months MSM have own-goaled their way into an untenable position.


    I remember winning leagues having lost more points to them than won… and vice versa – lost leagues while taking more points from them over the piece.



    I know there are some among the support who are appalled that we drew with Ross County.




    Usual arguments right?


    Our salaries dwarf theirs.


    We have X amount of international players…







    Jock never lost a game. JJ earned as much as his St Mirren counterpart. Henrik never gave the baw away. Lambert won every tackle. The Maestro wouldnae eat his Sunday dinner after a draw.


    Dry yer eyes.






    We win, we lose, we draw.



    We aspire to flair, fair play, community, charity, history, togetherness.


    We go through times of not clearing the bar.


    But when we do… ahhhhhh…


    It’s a grand old team to play for, and a grand old team to see.



    Watching yesterday I was proud of the players & proud of our opponents.


    We will, and should have to fight, work hard and overcome all teams we face this year.


    We done RC.


    Well done Celtic.



    Earn every point.



    I’ll let you churn my emotions once more @ 4:00am Wed morning & I’ll hope for a great performance & result.


    I will never demand, nor expect it.


    That’s not sport.


    That’s something else – we should never become.



    Hail Hail



    Yours in Celtic




  12. Steinreignedsupreme



    I tend to agree with you …..can only hope that we’re both right

  13. Celtic made a bid which was derisory, even given the kids age at the time.



    Mccarthy, mccarthur, snodgrass, dorrans……..all raised within 3 miles of paradise and all missed by our scouts.

  14. Snake Plissken on




    Commons is a lazy player at times and it is an accusation thrown at him throughout his career






    I’d rather have Commons with his intelligence and ability to turn a game than a team of runners and thugs like Ross County.



    At any time you could call a player lazy but remember it was Commons who started the move and finished it in the 93rd minute so he is not that lazy

  15. Steinreignedsupreme




    SEVCO= A disaster waiting to happen


    Limping towards an oct share issue(how did their last one go) with green trying to upset everyone on the way.

  16. feedthebhear



    15:49 on


    19 August, 2012


    Celtic made a bid which was derisory, even given the kids age at the time.



    Mccarthy, mccarthur, snodgrass, dorrans……..all raised within 3 miles of paradise and all missed by our scouts.



    Is snodgrass a Celtic man ? Mate is big Leeds fan and rates him quite highly.

  17. 5 star resorts in Mehico and gerald766 missus sends oot the ironing ,whit’s this site coming to? SOCIALIST CLUB MY ERSE.

  18. Thebhoydavejapan



    Why on earth would you be proud of opponents who exhibited anti- football and hoofed us all over the park …..interesting observation



    The rest of your post is fair …

  19. Fair report from remained when Kris Commons scored the equaliser”



    “Many neutrals would have been pleased if their resistance had held for a little longer to deliver a memorable win. All the same, natural sympathy for the underdogs should not cloud how the game actually unfolded. County manager Derek Adams was baffled and upset that ref Thompson played three minuted of stoppage time, in which Commons got his goal, but it would do Celtic a disservice not to acknowledge that they created so many chances that defeat would have been unjust.”



    “Celtic though they were due a penalty after falling behind, when Brittain knocked Samaras on to hi sbackside. It should have been given but Thomson wrongly thought the challenge was fair”




  20. The report above was from Michael Grant in the Herald, apologies for mashing together the first few lines.



    My point is that it is a rare example of balanced reporting from Dingwall today.




  21. Snake plissken/bloke109


    If you have taped the game,look at the incident I am highlighting then come back and tell me what you think.HH

  22. Paul you are right that we should experiment with formations, players, positions etc. strangely Celtic managers in recent years never experiment with putting an undoubted football player centre of midfield. Listening and generally enjoying Strachan’s input yesterday he did bring up the horses for courses argument, ie we must match up to the Tokelys and Munros with like for like. Then I remembered Caldwell, not Nakamura centre mid, the turgid Lennon/Hartley pairing while Naka was wide right passing square, ball back to McManus then hoof. I feel we now have Ledley, Ki, Kayal, wanyama, Brown, all ahead of the likes of Commons, McCourt centre mid, players who can unlock with a pass, who can beat a player and play someone in. Note how well Maloney does this when asked to for Wigan. Can’t argue with previous successes but I like brave players who look for the ball in tight positions and look to make the brave decision. I don’t think that is in Celtic’s plans, instead we have incredibly similar players standing beside each other centre-mid, eventually putting ball back to Mulgrew to do the hoofing. McStay was discussed this week on CQN: we need a piece of his bravery, and we need to give the players the chance ti deliver that bravery.

  23. feedthebear



    I don’t know about the others that you mention but I do know that Snodgrass wasn’t missed by the Celtic scouts, they just didn’t rate him for several reasons.



    Commons and Snodgrass are both left footers and would play similar roles, I know who I’d rather have.

  24. Fanadpatriot



    I remember thinking that Brittan had way too much room to pick his shot



    The entire midfield seemed to be posted missing

  25. thebhoydaveJAPAN on



    Played the game?



    I didn’t think RC were overly physical. Certainly no malicious, late, off the ball, rough house tactics observed by me.


    Hard tackles are to be expected, welcomed, and offered in response.


    The ref & his cohorts are there to judge the legalities. (another debate)



    I had zero problem with RC’s approach to the game yesterday.



    Yes. They retain my respect.




  26. fanandpatriot



    I don’t tape the game, so won’t see it. In the same vein you could also ask where the midfield was, you could criticise every player for yesterday. ‘Cheating’ though is too strong imo for someone not tracking back.

  27. Thebhoydavejapan



    Your opinion can remain different from almost all ….your prerogative



    Football as played by RC would get the game stopped…praise away if you want …..again your prerogative



    Hasn’t everybody played football ?

  28. BBC: Here’s one for the pedants. Howard Webb isn’t happy with David Silva’s sock tape – as Fifa stipulate, it must be the same colour as the socks. And – oh god no! – it was white, with the socks being blue. Could probably have sorted this out before kick-off instead of wasting a minute right?

  29. Bloke109


    I think you are missing the point,he saw the danger and took the decision to ignore it,deliberately.

  30. PJBhoy…………..



    …If yer loookin’ in……?



    I’ll be watching the game in The Parlour, and would be delighted to let you buy me that pint of falling -down -water that you owe me……..!







    Bankiebhoy1 Hell’sKitchen CSC

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