Defensive experiments will pay dividends


Playing Adam Matthews and Emilio Izaguirre as wing-backs with Kelvin Wilson, Charlie Mulgrew and Mikael Lustig as a back three looked a bit clumsy and didn’t last the 90 minutes but that was to be expected.  New defensive formations are not supposed to operate as smoothly as familiar systems.

I’m far from certain three at the back is a good idea, or if we have the correct personnel for this formation, but Neil Lennon should persist with the experiment.  We will not learn and grow if we don’t take chances, which was one of our abiding frustrations under both Martin O’Neill and Gordon Strachan.

No experiments on Tuesday, of course!

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  1. Calamity in the Southampton defence …Hooiveld caught under the ball , then Fox heads the ball back across goal for Nasri to score



    Both paying like they did for us ….

  2. Philbhoy



    No idea but I hope not judging by the comments on here. I don’t know enough about Dobbie to make a good judgement.

  3. In Harry Potter, Dobbie came to a bad end.


    What will this signing achieve,exactly?


    Baffled is me.

  4. HT



    Should we even be considering players that aren’t seen s good enough for Swansea

  5. Hoop hoop Hooray on

    I have read on here for more moons than I care to remember that we need a central defender despite a whole string of central defenders comin and going. Maybe we just need a decent central defensive coach.

  6. PFayr



    We’re discussing one of the stupidest posts placed on here in recent times needlessly.



    The poster has meantime, thankfully, gone off the radar but sadly will return to hog the blog.

  7. The bloated and corrupt world of football has drained me of anything more than passing interest.


    Apart from Celtic F.C. of course.


    The rest can go hang.


    I just wish we played in a decent league in a decent country.


    I know…I know…I’ll wake up soon. You can’t blame me for dreaming.


    RipVanWinkle CSC

  8. Seen this on phils twitter page and remembered the wee history lesson posted by KITALBA yonks ago.


    (takes about an hour when you have time) :))))



    Gerry Regan‏@gerregan



    TODAY IN IRISH HISTORY: DOMHNAIGH — On August 19, 1876, the whaling ship Catalpa was given a tumultuous welcome… http://fb.me/MxARGViA



    part 1




    part 2




    part 3




    part 4





  9. EDB



    I will be delighted if the story in nonsense ,….sadly it would fit too readily with our downsizing

  10. pfayr



    That the same Swansea that won 5-0 away in the EPL yesterday they cannae be that bad :-))



    I honestly haven’t seen enough of Dobbie to give a personal opinion that would be of any value. I don’t want us to sell Ki in any case buddy.

  11. Rodwell 15 million?


    His only attribute seems to be size.


    Ki is already a far more accomplished player.


    Surely we wouldn’t take another journeyman to slow the progress of our talented youth?

  12. matt mcglone ‏@MattMcGlone9


    Easy wind down for Celts today with rested and niggling injury players looking good for Tuesday. Four changes from yesterday looking good




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  13. Ki for 5m plus Dobbie ! no chance. this is from the same poster that said Helsingborg had signed the icelandic striker.




    442 on tuesday. Forster Lustig Rogne Wilson Mulgrew


    Brown Kayal Ledley Samaras







    Forrest and Watt on about the 65min mark





  14. Carrigan



    Why no Matthews nor Izzy



    Lustig …not after yesterday’s performance

  15. Swanseabhoy,



    Your earlier post 16.45 struck a chord, and a serious one at that with me. Especially



    “Separately, on dead Rangers/newco Sevco: ………………..I have no strong feelings on a Club that has played a handful of games, whether they live where the baddies used to or not. I will ignore them in exactly the same way I do the other 3rd division clubs until they are playing against my favourites …..”



    I am almost full agreement with you on that. Just one wee niggling doubt itches my brain.



    There is a counter-arguement and one that irritates me because I argue with myself about it.



    Suppose we just ignore them. Suppose their own fans continue to propagate the myth ignore us ignoring them. In three generations, it will be their strategy that work. As the ‘schism’ of their existence is forgotten as a bagatelle, they will grow again into everything that many of us would rather ignore…but we can’t. Would they have ‘won’ (for want of a better word.)? When only guys on sports masterminds will be able to answer for this brief period and reality will be forgotten. My God England still think the ball was over the line 1966).



    The question is ….will we have inadvertently saved their memory, their history and their existence? What a terrible thought.



    If HOWEVER, the more confrontational stance is adopted with the media, the SPL laws, FIFA, SFA, UEFA, and most of all the public…. if that sees their total ostracisation, then their humiliation, then their obliteration from the midst of civilised society by being fed to radioactive crocodiles, one piece at a time, through the slats of a barbed wire protected sewer.



    If that sees Ibrox turned into a monument to the day the second asteroid in 65 million years returned to wipe out the remnants of the dinosaurs, if that means that there isn’t even a shadow of nothing to pollute and corrupt the laws of physics.



    If that dream happens…….perhaps we must continue with the in yer face battering on about their rightful place amongst anti-matter, presumably where they can play anti-football.



    That would seem to be the two options……..both cannot be right……..God problems problems…..What do we choose?



    Ignore them and possibly save them or go head to head and possibly lose the battle.





    Hail Hail




  16. I posted a few weeks back from an impeccable source, NL was out with Captain Unbookable and A N Other, and was quizzing them on Stephen Dobbie and Tom Ince. Bigger teams will be in for Ki than Swansea.

  17. PF Ayr, because i think we will need height in defence against Helsingborg and yes Lustig after a good start fell to bits yesterday but i would still go with him, dont forget he has knowledge of the Swedish game.




    Bit of news concerning Helsingborg their ex Hibs goalie will be between the posts, Andersson i think he is called, 39 years old.

  18. Dear,Dear Kojo…..



    My Esteemed High Heid Yin…..



    Surely you are not questioning the Judgement and Integrity….of Yer Guid Pal


    ,Peter Lawwell..?



    As a Trusty Lieutenant to Bad Bob Crampsey…..runnin’ wi’ the Notorious Shawlands Heid-Hunters..back in the day,


    Ah thought that Blood was thicker than Water….?



    Didn’t those cheap Sicilian imitations , the Mafiosa…steal the idea of ‘Omerta’, fae yer own Spartan Code Of Honour…



    Anyway…Onwards and Upwards.



    Yer Pal….Who Thinks Ye Are A Beacon Of Light…Oan These Hallowed Pages..

  19. Ah did see wan guy, sitting oan oor bench, yisterday..and the sight… filled me wi anticipated glee..and Elation…



    fur .. that .. sight… wiz..of..



    Young Master.. CHALMERS..



    Ah hiv bin chaffin’ at the bit. .awaiting.. the time when Mr.Neil..


    realized that he hiz goat the Next Celtic LEFT BACK ..in his Stable o’ Hopefuls.



    Thank Godot.. Neil.. has,finally, realized that ..well. realization!



    Noo.. This Youngster is the Real McCoy..



    He kin Tackle.. He Kin Motor.. He is No Wee..and .. lastly. and no leastly



    HE KIN CROSS A VERY ACCURATE ..well.. Cross!



    If Ah wur… King..



    Ah wid .. Dump Izzy.. who kin no eethur Tackle..or Execute an Accurate Cross..



    fur whitevah . the Suckers oot there, are willing tae Gie us in exchange fur his Services..



    Yes.. Nutsy says..



    Young Chalmers, is the Cat’s Night Attire.. and



    When Nutsy, talks.. People Should Listen..fur he used tae woik at Sears ..in the Haberdashery.. and he know aloat . aboot.. Pyjamas!







    Still, Laughin’… though..

  20. If we lost the ball the way the teams in the best league in the world lost it….CQN would explode….very poor advert for fitba dressed up by sky

  21. Eyes Wide Open on

    Carrigan what concerns me is how easy it was for Lustig to fall to pieces yesterday.



    If one stray pass, a missed block or tackle – or even perhaps the threat of an over zealous opponent puts him off his game then we will have to be patient with the boy until his mental strength has matured.



    With regards to Commons and Hoops – id be reluctant because neither has enough desire to defend from the front when we dont have the ball.

  22. ernie lynch











    from much earlier



    Good points all well made.



    Not surprised my post prompted similar feelings of general disgust, if a Celtic fan feels injustice another one will feel it stronger. Rules were broken despite good people in Scotland upholding others, and rebelling against evil, and I don’t use the word lightly.



    Some of the things I’ve seen written and generated by the lowest common denominator


    called ‘Rangers’ are a sickening in the extreme, and a timely reminder that the real force of evil in Scotland although flat lined for months, still sadly has a pulse. Whether they play in the


    Ramsdens, Irn Bru or Champions league, they are right, they are still the same.



    Still they are contemptible and destestible and a travesty of justice was missed in this country when the licence swindle took place, and I posted as such when they were openly delighted, they’d prowled into the last division.



    Good people of the world will hope that the liquidation process returns some equilibrium to this scandal, and neutral followers of life never mind football will find some semblance of justice when ‘they’ finally receive some modicum of discipline and the rest see of us see some decency delivered.

  23. Wouldn’t read too much into the Ki story, it was on the the Sky Transfer Rumour Site at 11:00am this morning – a page filler!

  24. I read and found this amusing earlier –



    Supposedly the announcer at Falkirk read out: “Sevco franchise 2, East Stirling 1″ when giving the half time scores on Saturday.



    They should go a step further. I’d love it if Falkirk put “Sevco” on their scoreboard when they play them in the cup. Hail hail

  25. thomthethim




    15:09 on 19 August, 2012




    Below is a post taken from TSFM.


    The writer sums up my feelings exactly and is why I get frustrated at the squabbling that takes place on here at times, often on matters completely unrelated on Celtic.



    It would be more in our interest to try and focus ourselves and our club on the main issue.



    Please read the excellent post::-



    Nowoldandgrumpy says:


    August 19, 2012 at 07:58









    Rate This











    Thank you for submitting that post . I wish i knew how to look back on my posts over the past year and a half , as this gentleman has echoed my opinion on the murder of scottish football , in one post compared to the dozen or so on the matter i have put on here ( oh how i wish i had paid more attention at school ). Since the second all this came out into the domain ,it has been operation save the rangers at all costs . When they are back into the big league , sanction and debt free , all the stops will be pulled out to make sure silverware quickly follows. And they are not finished at that , anyone expecting justice from the ebt. second contracts case about to come, will end up disappointed ,that too will go according to plan , surely no-one expects all the hush hush deals and midnight meetings ,and rule bending that has gone on ,to be scuppered by an independent inquiry, instigated by the same authority that has carried out all the dirty tricks ever implemented in sport history. Make no mistake what we are witnessing here is the death of football in scotland . This will be my last post on this site . i have enjoyed the many years i have been on here , I have made many new friends ,but CQN is a site for celtic supporters . I disgusted by what has gone on, and to the level the game in scotland has been taken down too .could not sanction me taking any part in attending anything to do with the game under the governance of those people . .I have had over 55 wonderful years following the hoops .the bhoys .the tims . .ive travelled all over europe , attended 3 euro finals , felt the highs and the lows . nearly killed on a few occasions ,crushing at hibs .scottish cup replay john clark goal … tynecastle another wednesday night replay crush . nottingham forest . the bottle avalanche at liverpool . on the roof at motherwell 66 . NOW all lost . I pray to god that someone like paul mcbride who has clout will step forward and defend not just your club but all the other clubs who are also being shafted by the suits at hampden hq . All the best to you all .




  26. I thought Celtic did well to come away with a draw and with a bit of luck could have won the game. In fairness it was a grand occasion with a lovely pitch in this tight little ground in the highlands and the full house meant a great atmosphere.


    Ross did well and there is no doubt we are going to have a competitive season ahead of us. let’s hope there is no experimentation on Tuesday night and we maintain our unbeaten start to the season.



    Well done to all concerned with the new CQN layout, much easier on the eyesight.

  27. Philbhoy…….



    Quiet innit!



    Whit did ye think about the friendly in Philly? The injury perhaps :)))))).



    There’s an interesting debate to be had on that! :)))))



    Hail Hail




  28. Helsingborg manager playing desperate mind games. Fails to mention the loss of their best player. Also, on Friday we were predictable today we can play many formations.




    “The most important thing is not to let Celtic score an away goal,” he told Press Association Sport.


    “That is the key to the tie. If they do score it will be very difficult for us. “We don’t necessarily need to take a lead to Parkhead. We had a good experience in Poland in the second


    qualifier, we did really well there and we defend well when we stick together. “Celtic are favourites, they are a big club with good players. “But expectations are high in


    Helsingborg with regards to Europe and the fans will be behind us at home. “We have a good record there, I think we have only lost one game in two


    years, so we are strong and we played very well in our last home game (a 7-2 win over Kalmar). “It will be an interesting tie. Tactics are


    important over two legs and things can change from one game to the other but we have to go into the game in a positive manner.” Hareide insists nothing should be read into yesterday’s 2-1 defeat away to


    Elfsborg in the league. “We played well in the first half and


    were winning 1-0 but we lost our legs a bit in the second half,” he said. “We were playing on an artificial pitch which wasn’t great. “I also rested players for the game on Tuesday, some of them have played many games already this season. “We will see who is fit today and get ready for Tuesday. We got the scouting


    report and we will make plans.


    “I have seen Celtic against Helsinki and against Aberdeen and they are a good team, a hard-working side who are well


    organised and who can play different formations. “Of course I know Thomas Rogne who


    is Norwegian and Georgios Samaras played for Greece against Norway when I was national team coach and we will have to watch him.”

  29. My dear,dear,dear,friend… The Singing Detective



    Hiya.. Palomine…



    Nice tae see that ye are Aboard the Good Ship Lollipop..



    ..where folk like us…meet and greet…and are regaled and hailed.. by.. folk like You.



    and Me.



    Nice tae meet and greet ,ye..



    If Mr. Lawwell, has bin a willing party tae this . reported… calamitous Transaction.and ye know tae which wan Ah am Referring.



    then Ah wull eat Ma Hat… oh!..check..that.. Ah already .hiv eaten it..several time, in fact!



    How aboot..then, Ah wull mak a real meaningful Sacrifice..







    Ah will.. Declare.. From noo oon.. Ah wull stoap eatin’










    Yer pal..who likes ye mair and mairer.




    Still, Laughin’.. of course!

  30. ASonOfDan



    Give it a rest. Bored with your drivel.



    Olympic medal to you for copying and pasting.

  31. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Glad you are on the mend and great to see you posting regularily.



    God bless!

  32. Kojo



    Never mind the quiche…..having returned from my long interesting sojourn down the coop but that’s another story, I hear that quite a few posters have deliveries of humble pie to keep you from going hungry! :)



    Hail Hail




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