Defensive experiments will pay dividends


Playing Adam Matthews and Emilio Izaguirre as wing-backs with Kelvin Wilson, Charlie Mulgrew and Mikael Lustig as a back three looked a bit clumsy and didn’t last the 90 minutes but that was to be expected.  New defensive formations are not supposed to operate as smoothly as familiar systems.

I’m far from certain three at the back is a good idea, or if we have the correct personnel for this formation, but Neil Lennon should persist with the experiment.  We will not learn and grow if we don’t take chances, which was one of our abiding frustrations under both Martin O’Neill and Gordon Strachan.

No experiments on Tuesday, of course!

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  1. eyes wide open, agreed, but still think we need cover for the far post bALL



    when it comes to hooper and commons who else do we have, Broonie is the only name that springs to mind who can press the opposing defence.

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Make no bones about it!!



    HelsingborgsIF will be no push over.



    Home or away.



    We need to be on form and up for it!



    Get them sorted Neilly!

  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend . Estadio



    Pal. ye hiv bin Missed,Dearly.. as . there is nothing Cheap. aboot yer


    submissions tae this sacred spot in the Blogosphere.



    Ye are wan of they Doyens.. that folk talk aboot. but. are very seldom





    Lang may yer lum reek…palomine.





    yer pal..who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’.. like Heidi!

  4. Evening bhoys, very humid, just had a thinder storm, but as ever hun free.



    If the powers were going to do anything it would have been done by now, they have had chance after chance to punish the old huns, they have done sfa.



    They have broken all the rules to accomadate the new huns, so there is no chance they will be punished for anything.



    Maybe after a time, they will strip the old huns of a title or two, but in all honesty, a few retrospective titles are not going to change what they have done.



    There is no chance of our club claiming compo against anyone, so a waste of time imo.



    Also there seems to be no desire to change anything, all that seems to be the mantra is get the huns back asap, and without anything concrete from the club to the contrary, they are as complicit as anyone in this act.



    If the desire for change is there, the club should be advocating a fair refereeing system, where the footballers are allowed to play football, a level playing field will allow Celtic to be at the top of scottish football for as long as they want.



    They have cheated us on and off the park since I have followed football, well over 40 years,and the rest, AND STILL THEY CAN”T DOMINATE US.



    Strip their ill gotten titles, it matters not a jot to me, I know we were cheated, even the dogs in the street knows we were cheated.



    Sort the match fixers, sort the problems.

  5. TET



    They believe they are entitled to win in any fashion .. Win at all costs ….the method is irrelevany



    The shameless can’t ever be shamed

  6. bigfil47



    I used to think there was a great similarity between Telly Savalas and Duncan Goodhew, or was it Tommy Gravesen? Anyway I understand the interest! :)




    Hail Hail




  7. Estadio Nacional on

    We have been experimenting with defensive line ups since we pushed out the McManus/Caldwell partnership, time to stop messing about and at least get a settled central defensive partnership.



    If theres experimenting to be done it should be to find some creativity in the middle of the park.

  8. It’s that time of the year again when we are assailed from all sides by the various media outlets that the English Premiership is back almost like the fourth secret of Fatima has been revealed. For the next ten months the sport sections of our newspapers will resemble Shoot magazine and the monotonous ear-shattering hype on Sky TV – no escape.

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    !!bada bing!!



    18:18 on


    19 August, 2012



    Oh, good ………Ki is worth a lot more than £5m……..

  10. ki



    why would we turn down the supposed £6m from a russian team in june and then accept £5m after ki was one of best players at olympics and there are 3/4 other clubs interested??



    no me neither



    anyway swansea sell allen to lpool for 15/16m mmmm i will leave that hanging

  11. Gerald766



    Had a similar experience yesterday regarding the end of the match.



    Had promised the kids that I would take them up the Titan crane in the old John Brown’s yard. Meant to leave earlier but was sure we were going to score. Anyway, left with 90.00 on the clock and cheered myself up with ‘Alt J’ CD in the car.



    Only found out the score after 5 – how I laughed knowing the pain the FOD commentators (esp Craigan) would have felt…..

  12. My dear,dear,dear,friend…The Singing Detective..



    Pal.. There is nae danger of me daein a foolish thing like… THAT..



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    Anyway.. apropos tae nothing in particular..



    Ye wull be glad tae hear that Ah hiv bin in . Contact ..wi..



    Your Friend and Mine.. Alyss Le Fey..



    and She has alerted me tae a Prognostication whivh she has newly made.



    .. she hid tae.gie me wan of them… fur she wiz awe oota





    and She foretells..or. tae be mair specific.. her interpretation o’ the Tea Leaves..


    diz.. regarding, the morrow’s meeting wi’ the Swedes..



    “Celtic, will conduct themselves… most. Befittingly!”



    that’s awe. she wrote.









    yer pal…who likes ye aloater.



    Still, Laughin’ ..like .. Anything!



    Gotta Go..




  13. Estadio Nacional on




    Haha, thoroughly enjoyed Roll n Sausage Day, a good old fashioned Sunday.





  14. kojo



    glad to hear that you think young chalmers is real deal



    of course that is tempered with your last big thing josh thompson —- wonder what happened to him



    still laughing

  15. Shimmies33



    Interesting point re Allen




    Ki looked the superior player during the Olympic tournament …yet the EPL is three times more expensive



    The transfer market in England has gone mad

  16. dettolandtheblackash on

    Hi guys – where do I go on the site if I want to change my account details/password etc-thanks

  17. jimtim,



    Like you, I am completely disillusioned with the game in Scotland.



    Coincidence, or not, but I suspect that you, oldandgrumpy and myself are of a similar vintage.



    This means that we have been through a lot in supporting Celtic and don’t make statements lightly about the club.



    You will recall when Bob Kelly threatened to withdraw from the SFA and register a GAA team, if the Flag nonsense wasn’t resolved.



    I feel the same way now, in that Celtic cannot continue to operate under the auspices of the SFA and still claim to be the Celtic of our youth.



    Has the Celtic Board /Shareholders the integrity to resist the corruption and make a stand?



    If not, then there will be many of us who will feel disenfranchised from the club.



    Only a fool would endorse a crooked game.



    Celtic owe it, not only to the support, but to the Game, to register their objection to the total corruption of the sport.



    BC or DC.

  18. Eyes Wide Open on




    18:35 on 19 August, 2012



    Id be reluctant to start playing as defensively as 1 up front against the likes of Helsingborg. Champions League opponents ok – but Helsingborg..



    Whatever we do decide to do, I hope they will have been thoroughly researched to the point we know them as well as they know themselves.



    There is too much at steak – and with the right amount of research done behind the scenes we can set ourselves up perfectly which will help avoid heaping all of the pressure onto the players themselves

  19. Very impressed with young Wat -is that the correct spelling- when he came on yesterday. Packs a fair old wallop in his boots and seems to have a bright future.

  20. rangers rangers thats the team for me rangers rangers stuck in division three we’re one of the sh#$est teams in scotland and i am sure you will agree that we’ll all give up when we’re out the cup and still stuck ind division three.


    sorry i had to post it’s been in my head for a month now back out to finish my shipyard IPA in the sun and think up another one.


    that almost rhymes as well.

  21. robert snodgrass is a far better player than kris commons.,like a few celtic players he is to slow and loses the ball to easy,he wasnt in the game yesterday, the goal that he scored yesterday was laid on a plate for him,jeez even i could have scored and im nearly 70. poor performance yesterday.celtic were that bad ,that for the first time in my life i actualy said to my wife ,right thats it im going to get changed .and that is not like me, i have always watched celtic play right to the final whistle , but yesterday was the day the straw broke the camels back.and i will say this keep ki , why because there are 2 or 3 in that team ,that time is up for them .when is lawell and lennon for once in there life come clean ,stop pussing about and tells if we are going to add to our squad , and we all no what positions need filled, so come on you 2 tell us now ,stop f—–g about with us supporters enough is enough,

  22. Apparently Paul 67 managed to break the real truth about Sevco Rangers (AKA Andropov/Chernenko FC) because he cannot be sued for defamation and does not have the Press Complaints Commision to answer to, or a duty lawyer preventing him from telling the truth.



    DBBIA should sue the bold Kevin, a CQN lurker (or are you Bonty Bhoy?) for stealing the word scrofulous :-)








    FEW spheres of Scottish society have been left untouched by events surrounding the demise of Rangers Football Club, which now operates as a newco in the Scottish Third Division.



    Since the nation’s most august sporting institution went into administration on February 14, Scotland has been having one of those national conversations which end when it administers a right good kicking to itself.



    Finance, faith and politics have all been dragged into the Rangers imbroglio, and the Scottish print and broadcast media have attracted among the most scrutiny.



    That merry and scrofulous band of cavaliers known as the football journalists, in particular, have all had their little whims, caprices and foibles held up for the world to see, almost all of them accused of having failed to spot – or choosing to look the other way – when it came to the financial unravelling of Rangers that led to their day of reckoning.



    The chief accusers of these gentlemen (and a few ladies) of the football Press are what I suppose we ought to be calling the new ‘Citizen Journalists’.



    That’s ‘citizen’ as in ‘have never held a staff job on a national newspaper’.



    They see themselves as valiant, courageous and remorseless seekers of the truth. Some have shown themselves capable of sentient thought and articulate prose, albeit unbound by the traditional strictures and shibboleths of the ‘old journalism’, which, in the opinion of many of them, consist solely of variations on the theme, ‘Never upset the Rangers’.



    Some of their criticisms of the Scottish football Press, and its conduct in providing coverage of Rangers FC, are valid, but some are born of ignorance and pub folklore.



    Thus far, I have referred to the sports Press in the third person, but I really ought to say ‘we’ when discussing them. For, in the late 90s and beyond, I was sports editor for a couple of our national newspapers.



    As such, I had an excellent view of how football writers operated and was entirely complicit in a few episodes for which the new citizen journalists’ army would have sent me to their correction facilities.



    On one occasion, I was happy for Graham Spiers, then the chief sportswriter at Scotland on Sunday, to visit [former Rangers owner] David Murray at his Jersey estate for a few days in the company of a handful of other journalists.



    It was on this trip, or one similar, where the Daily Record’s chief sportswriter, Jim Traynor, used the phrase, ‘succulent lamb’, in describing the quality of the comestibles in Sir David’s larder.



    In recent years, this phrase has been used gleefully by Traynor’s online detractors to suggest a relationship that was too cosy. Although I can’t speak for the Daily Record, I would guess that their motivation for having their man accept David Murray’s hospitality was the same as mine: to get a decent story.



    The demonisation of Traynor on some football blogs and messageboards is obscene. This writer has been putting his name to stories in Scotland’s best newspapers, and broadcasting for the BBC, for more than 30 years. He is one of our best and most experienced journalists and it is ironic that many of those who seek to criticise him do so behind the cloak of anonymity.



    At this time, Rangers were the only game in town.



    And while I accept that, as journalists, we have a noble, sacred and sacredly noble duty to scale the coalface of truth, we also have a duty to try to sell more papers than our rivals and, if possible, rub their noses in it while doing so.



    Thousands of jobs in the industry rely on these principles and more than a few mortgages and turf accountants’ fees. Any football writer who refused to entertain the entreaties of the most powerful man in football simply risked handing a potential story to his rivals.



    Such a relationship is no more cosy than the entire Westminster and Holyrood political lobbies taking late phone calls from Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Alistair Campbell and dutifully writing up these midnight whispers and stratagems.



    The accusation that the mainstream media were slow off the mark in reporting the progress of the ‘tax case’ against Rangers and their subsequent descent into financial ruin does carry some merit. But before the current inquisition risks becoming a witch-hunt, let’s look at some inconvenient facts.



    As early as 2003, Graham Spiers, writing in The Herald, and Bob Wylie, reporting for the BBC, were beginning to ask serious questions about Rangers’ finances.



    The quality of writing in the best of the football blogs has, at times, been exceptional. Yet the whiff of sanctimony and self-righteousness is never very far away either.



    I have been known to visit Celtic Park not infrequently over the years and so I can state with absolute authority that we have a tendency to glory in sanctimony and puritanism. We also do a nice line in victimhood…despite our 43 league titles, 35 Scottish Cups and European Champion Clubs Cup.



    Unfortunately, what passes for debate on many blogs is nothing more than nameless individuals hurling illiterate profanities in response to an opinion that is merely disagreeable.



    The new citizen bloggers have a few luxuries that are denied a newspaper journalist. None will ever be sued for defamation and none will risk being forced to carry an apology by the Press Complaints Commission for getting the facts wrong.



    There have been some excellent blogs that have sprung up amid it all. Among the sharpest and most vibrant have been Celtic Quick News, Rangers Tax Case and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a Glasgow-born writer who now lives in Donegal. Each has carried revelations and cold analysis that have sometimes eclipsed the efforts of the mainstream media.



    As far as I can tell, with the exception of Mr Mac Giolla Bhain, none of the blogs are written by working journalists, requiring to earn a living from their writing, so that it doesn’t really matter how many or how few people read their blogs. And they write eternally on only two subjects: Rangers’ finances and the gossip surrounding their own football club. They have no deadlines and no duty lawyer striking a red pen through their copy just before the presses roll. They are under absolutely no pressure to deliver and they are responsible to no-one but themselves.



    It’s a nice and interesting pastime, all this blogging and tweeting and facebooking, and I’m sure we’d all be diminished without it. But it resembles newspaper journalism in the same way that a skateboard resembles an aeroplane.



    Kevin McKenna is a columnist on The Observer and the Scottish Daily Mail.