Defensive shape not right


Penny for the thoughts of Erik Sviatchenko on Saturday as he watched the defence he’ll soon become part of. Players were skipping past Jozo Simunovic while we had Keystone Cops defending from Efe at a corner kick (our problems here are clearly not resolved).

St Johnstone failed to score during their previous five games but would have scored more against a generous Celtic were it not for some fine work by Craig Gordon.

Individual errors aside, there are aspects of our shape I’m not happy with. In previous times you wouldn’t know if the Celtic defence and keeper were having a good game, they were so well protected. In the Premiership, this makes for entertaining football as we march to the title, but at a higher level we’ll be ripped open.

There’s not a proper defensive midfielder at the club. If we’re going to keep to this shape, we’ll need one before August.

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  1. Any Employment Law experts on here who may be interested in becoming advisors for a couple of companies based in Shropshire and Yorkshire? Currently using a well known company whom better remain nameless I guess, but not at all happy with them.

  2. Repost…


    Re Keech Jackshuns hagiography to The Warbmeister/Dodgy Dave





    If anyone was in any doubt that the man lives in a parallel Universe..





    “Diagouraga, Holt and Halliday dominating O#% F#%*’ clashes” wtf (apart from the fact that his team died….where to start.





    “With salary and contractual add ons” …in his own words proved that they are a NEW club. Old Rankers would just have had side letters and





    on the Stokes loan Keech really takes the proverbial…” Celtic again acting without class. What’s new?





    Not in favour of banning from Celtic Pk but in Keechs case, for that last sentenceprepared to make an exception.





    OG @11.23





    No surprises there. Lethal Allies by Anne Cadwallader a must read in that respect. Any wonder national security certificates are being issued to prevent files being examined in Coroners inquests.





    Wouldn’t agree wit you WITS @11.45 ….there’s a suprise. Don’t think it was widespread but I do think informers occupied key positions a la Freddy Scapp and Denis Donaldson. Sad thing is we will never know until the truth comes out and given what’s currently happening in the Coroners Courts think it’s safe to say we will just never know.





    HH all. Work to be done.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-st-johnstone-live-updates-2/comment-page-34/#comment-2761489



    Lies, half truths, disinformation.


    Indeed, very odd that it emerges now, especially after this



    ‘Police helped IRA steal Special Branch secrets’





    If true I have little doubt that his handlers passed him info that helped target Adair in the first place.


    Also amazing that he is still living in the Ardoyne. Now that really is incredible.



    Of course entirely likely the whole thing was a charade to protect another tout



    ‘The Police Ombudsman is investigating a claim that a break-in at the headquarters of the PSNI was allowed to happen to protect a high-level IRA agent’








    So too have you been,mate. Back where you belong,which is grand.



    Keep posting wi the recollections of when we were fab,and when we wurnae. If you know yer history…



    Mail reply will be along shortly. I really didnae quite think that one through…

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 25th January 2016 10:50 am



    Sorry for the delay – the mere mention of Queen makes me feel nauseous.



    But still, I hope you are well now that you’ve ruined my day…

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    OG Rafferty,


    I expect this is being released to distract from other issues, info like this does not get into the public domain unless they want it to.


    The only time they want info like this released is when there is a bigger problem being buried under it.

  7. Delaneys Dunky



    Might be back in your parish in June, need to get a proper catch up if so.





    Get her telt,I thrive on the acerbic wit and repartee in a relationship!



    Sounds as though yer Mum is in fine form,mate. That’s great news for all of you.



    I hope she has a really smashing day. She has her Bhoy wi her,a fine start.

  9. I’ve posted before about this defensive midfielder issue. It’s been there for all to see for a long time.


    We persist in leaving 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 at the back.



    When the central defenders are encouraged to take the ball forward as ours seem to be, the Lennon/Lambert style role becomes so much more important. And yeah I know we don’t have money to spend on a Lennon or Lambert standard player, but you gotta try. The role is to protect the defence, take the pressure off of them.



    Ignoring it to date hasn’t left us exposed in domestic football, but in Europe the goals against columns speak for themselves. Be smart with European games……4-5-1 always. And 3 of the 5 should be able to keep things right.



    Not rocket science.



    Ps game was entertaining on Saturday, some really good performances, but a better team could have punished us





    Sorry,mate. Canny resist an open goal…



    I did offer some better suggestions though. And I thoroughly recommend the Stevie Nicks one.



    You can watch it with the sound turned down,and still enjoy it…



    I’ll mail you some sleeves that have no place on here. Or anywhere,TBH.

  11. twists n turns on 25th January 2016 12:17 pm



    I am not an employment law expert but i do work with one who is very practical. I have know her for many years and she has a lot of HR/employment law expertise.



    If you email me hrvatskijim@gmail.com I would be happy to pass on her details. (i have no idea whatsoever if she has any football interest)

  12. Hey Paul old chap. After your constant negativity re: RD, the Team, the Board, Ian Livingston, Living wage, quality of the Pies/Bovril we now find the team in a promising and entertaining vein of form. You still however pick holes in a largely good performance and give no credit to O’Halloran or Sutton who trouble defences week in and out. Big Jozo was certainly below par at the weekend but you missed the fact that much of his poor play was contributed to by Tierney being caught too far up the park (which is where he should be against team like St Johnstone)



    You seem like someone who hates to be proven wrong and will do anything to bolster your failed case.



    Do yourself, and the rest of us, a favour mate. Try looking on the bright side, just for once.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on




    I approve of Stevie Nicks on almost every level.



    She’s probably a lot easier to negotiate than this site is.





    A Lambert or Lennon type player is definitely within our price range.



    It’s down to the scouting. (Ooooops,that’s that theory up in flames already…)



    Think how much those two players cost to join the clubs that we signed them from.

  15. Gearoid1998.


    The Jackson article annoyed me immensely …until I noticed that it had been posted by Awe_Naw.



    Of course Awe_Naw was probably using Reverse Redaction Software to reveal Jackson’s true message to the Followers of Darkness.






    The Onlooker

  16. BMCUW



    You’re probably right, is it then a blind spot pure and simple?



    The players being scouted are heavily skewed towards wingers or no. 10s (or so the gossip and names suggest).





    Welcome aboard. Most of us are usually more polite,to begin with anyway…

  18. Is the Croat training with us not a defensive midfielder?


    If nothing materialised in next few days then the well trodden road to tannadice street will bring us John Souttar as our defensive midfielder by next Monday night!

  19. Paul67.


    Aspects about our shape your not happy with !


    I think you’re joining a concerned number totalling many thousands. HH







    A Lambert or Lennon type player is definitely within our price range.




    It’s down to the scouting. (Ooooops,that’s that theory up in flames already…)




    Think how much those two players cost to join the clubs that we signed them from.







    Aye that is all well and good. But if you buy a player for buttons, you have to take the rough with the smooth.



    You don’t get that at Celtic. You have to hit the ground running and never stop.



    Celtic park is an unforgiving place.

  21. Defensive Midfielder?



    Here’s a guy that might be available (out of contract this summer – SANDRO WIESER Liechtenstein Internationalist (circa £5-600K).



    Fits our profile:


    – aged 23


    – played for; Hoffenheim, Thun and Basel


    – 5 years coming through Basel Academy ranks


    – circa 40 caps (ok frequent doings – but has given him regular playing experience)


    – First team experience in Swiss League (better than SPL?) + Europa League.



    Couldn’t be any worse than some of our previous projects???

  22. As any striker who has played football(regardless of the level) will testify, the chances of you pushing the centre half around were almost nil. The two centre backs playing on Saturday are good footballers but they certainly don’t resemble Bobo Balde. Our forwards don’t have the luxury of being able to bundle their opponents out of the way. I agree we need a ball winner in the middle but the the last line of defence must have the courage and commitment to make sure their opponents don’t have an easy passage towards our goal. If it continues next season, we’ll have the embarrassment of Kenny Millar pushing our defenders aside the way he has done in the past(I’m sure we all remember that), not to mention Waghorn!!

  23. Go tell the Spartim on

    Jozo gets isolated as our full backs are half way up the field, its a coaches and attacking players dream to force a CB down the full back position, doesnt help with Jozo wearing Sammi’s ole slippery boots

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