Deila and Hutter bedding into their new teams


There are parallels between Salzburg and Celtic.  After an outstanding season Salzburg lost their coach, Roger Schmidt, in May to Bayer Leverkusen, appointing Adolf Hutter (commentators beware), who previously managed Austrian Bundesliga club Grodig and is largely unknown outside Austria.

Unlike Ronny Deila, Hutter has not tried to change Salzburg’s system, but the period of transformation has been blamed for Salzburg failing to overcome Malmo in the Champions League play-off round (Malmo taxed Juventus in Turin last night before two second half Tevez goals settled things).  New instructions, new training techniques and, in some cases, new personnel present challenges.

Ronny has had a few false starts but the return of Scott Brown at the weekend, the return to form of Kris Commons, who will surely start, and the addition of Scepovic, Tonev and Wakaso to the squad give reason for confidence.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to participate in the Great Scottish Run to raise funds for the Foundation in their work with poverty, equality, learning and health.  You can sign up here.

We’ve had over 3,000 responses so far to the survey on Celtic fans, who they are, where they came from, and what their views are.  The results will give an excellent insight into this time in our history.  If you’ve not had a chance to leave your mark yet, please do so here (only your first submission counts).

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  1. You got the touch


    You got the power



    After all is said and done


    You’ve never walked, you’ve never run,


    You’re a winner



    You got the moves, you know the streets


    Break the rules, take the heat


    You’re nobody’s fool



    You’re at your best when when the goin’ gets rough


    You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough



    You got the touch


    You got the power



    When all hell’s breakin’ loose


    You’ll be riding the eye of the storm



    You got the heart


    You got the motion



    You know that when things get too tough


    You got the touch



    You never bend, you never break


    You seem to know just what it takes


    You’re a fighter



    It’s in the blood, it’s in the will


    It’s in the mighty hands of steel


    When you’re standin’ your ground



    And you never get hit when your back’s to the wall


    Gonna fight to the end and you’re takin’ it all



    You got the touch


    You got the power



    When all hell’s breakin’ loose


    You’ll be riding the eye of the storm



    You got the heart


    You got the motion



    You know that when things get too tough


    You got the touch



    You’re fightin’ fire with fire


    You know you got the touch



    You’re at your best when when the road gets rough


    You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough



    You got the touch


    You got the power




  2. hen1rik



    10:25 on 17 September, 2014



    From Bthebhoy twitter.



    I would advise to get headphones on & volume up full blast.



    The Great Dictator – David Hayman – Scottish Inde…: http://t.co/JnmfcAhTBU oofft! Im welling up here!!






    Thank you for that

  3. Henriks Sombrero on

    Just seen someone ask when the Huns will ever get two away games in a row. Just checked their fixture list. They’ve played 9 games in all comps so far this season. SIX of them at home.








    Changing the subject to something close to the hearts of many on here.






    Paddy Power,it seems,are offering a voucher to cover yer bet if an English team draws in the CL.



    I’ve just checked the prices on the two games tonight.



    To win £100-the famous over round-you would need to bet….



    62 on Bayern and 20 on Man City.



    73 on Chelsea and 11 on Schalke.



    That’s £82 and £84 for a £100 return,with yer money back otherwise.



    Check the small-print before placing the bet. But I’m sure I’m right.



    Off to the cashpoint.

  5. Paul 67,



    Although I was aware of Adolf Hutter ( somebody posted it on here some time ago ) it still raised eyebrows. I thought the name Adolf was virtually extinct in Germany and Austria.




  6. When we played in the EL the last time I thought it greatly improved our domestic form and we looked a much better side , especially after playing Atletico Madrid .

  7. Paul67



    On Saturday I noticed a big return to form for Efe & Izzy.


    Kris also. With our Captain Broon back, my confidence in our team is rising.

  8. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Seems correct …but the bookies always have an out



    Peterborough done me £250 for a tenner …..four aways….Sheffield Wed,Watford and Norwich



    Thought I’d bagged my betting money for Friday’s Ayr extravaganza

  9. leftclicktic,



    I’m not a podium man myself, but I’m hoping through time old age will slow his reaction time down…doubt I’ll be here to see it though ;))

  10. from last page page


    An Tearmann


    12:36 on


    17 September, 2014




    As an example if Salmond bullies the UK into currency union using their fear of not doing so as leverage, what if they do as we would do and say stick it. We’ll manage better than you?



    Eh no he didnt.


    The £ is made up of the 4 home nations


    Take any nation out of that you do not have the £.



    Gideon,when announcing to the City,from Edinburgh that if the Scots (democratically) voted to opt out of the union they could not use the £.


    He was actually the idiot who introduced the uncertainty.When he made his announcement the polls suggested a 72-28 lead to the No campaign.



    The change in polls since then means Gideons announcement appears like a speculators charter,whether it be £(sco) which thro interdependency and market interactivity would knock onto £(eng,nir,wales)


    The £ should have been left to the negotiating stage imo instead of becoming part of the govt orchestrated ‘city be afraid’ stories


    Gideons announcement could be a speculators charter,we will see,most traders were initially suprised it was brought up as each time it causes uncertainty.


    Then again its not like the tories to shore up the city and use our reserves(oor money) to battle against the market…just like black monday



    Still it was not a patch on the Brown/Darling/new labour mess and bail out of the banks in 2008.it was simply the biggest transfer of wealth from POOR to RICH…socialism eh!!



    whichever party increases the debt WE PAY.


    vote yes and end the whitaboutery



    It is our £ until negotiations take place to say different




    hope your well





    right onto Celtic

  11. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Correct …Brown is our most important player…he keeps others who are prone to slack honest



    A very good captain IMO

  12. Awe Naw



    I’m sleep walking again!






    what utter nonsense SFTB.



    If it wasn’t for that crass ignorant statement I may have even iopened that link and gave it a read. And the NO camp wonder why people are turning to the YES in numbers over this last 4 to 6 weeks.



    You are sounding like the good old Aunty BEEB. Minfd that lot you complained about not so long ago.



    I am hearing that constant siren from ‘LOST’ in my head now reading some of the No voters this morning.



    It is making me larf though.



    MWD says AYE

  13. son of gabriel –



    On the battlefields of Scotland,


    In the hour of victory,


    There was heard the cry of heroes,


    Philvis-y, a Philvis-y! (thumbsup)



    leftclicktic – thank you my friend in Celtic (thumbsup)



    bjmac – Paul67 wishes he was Philvis! (thumbsup)

  14. Just listened to John Reid , what a condescending ‘Lord’ he his ! ‘Don’t vote Yes because you don’t like the English’ WTF !

  15. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES


    12:22 on


    17 September, 2014


    An Tearmann



    11:58 on 17 September, 2014





    Good article, AT.



    Hope you’re still DOON WELL.



    Good Luck.



    Hi There KK,yeh back in Scotland after a wee trip,


    Great time,will get a we pic to you mhate





  16. Paul67 purely to satisfy my curiosity I have filled the survey 5 times with different answers can you assure me only my first response will count and the other 4 disregarded. Hail Hail Hebcelt


    AN TEARMANN 1236



    I said at the time of Gideon’s announcement on the pound that it was a seriously bad move.



    When someone tells a Scot-especially in a condescending English accent-that they cannot do something,our reaction will always be along the lines of












    I have no idea why he said it,but he put 20% on the Yes vote.



    All because he didn’t know what thrawn meant.



    Well,he kens noo,and he’s having kittens over it.

  18. PFAyr



    Sitting a few rows from the front of the Jock Stein stand, it was noticeable how vocal our captain and goalie were in Saturday’s first half.

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