Déjà vu for Celtic


It was déjà vu for Celtic as, one week on from the club’s end of season awards, at the PFA Scotland gala, Scott Sinclair won Player of the Year, Kieran Tierney won Young Player of the Year and Moussa Dembele won Goal of the Season, for the remarkable move away to St Johnstone. All three won the same awards at the club event last weekend.

The PFA also named Brendan Rodgers Manager of the Year, to complete a clean sweep for the champions. Sinclair is the 17th Celtic player to win the top award in the last 21 seasons, a Generation’s worth of Domination………

Brendan Rodgers will be delighted to have picked up three points on Saturday, while giving an outing to teenagers Anthony Ralston and Michael Johnston. Captain, Scott Brown, remains rested by SFA instruction ahead of Friday’s game at Pittodrie, which on paper is offers our greatest threat to invincibility.

I took the weekend off normal duties but read over the blog last night.  Many thanks for the kind wishes, they are enormously appreciated.  Feel like I’m among friends.


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  1. thetimreaper on

    Minty obviously has some pals in the SMSM, the story about him allegedly returning is beyond stupidity. Only the daft Huns could suck it up. It’s nothing more than a squirrel to deflect from the ongoing Trial.

  2. Tim Malone Will Tell on




    Not sure if anyone answered your question – Jackie McNamara senior maybe?



    Hibs certainly won the second division title a few times in the past.




    ………………an the other yin is no bad either!



    Hope you are well big man!

  4. An Tearmann on

    Exiled Tim



    I agree.Murray never used his own money at any time.


    Its why he fell out with



    Hugh Adams.


    You owe a £1 to bank its your prob


    You owe millions its the banks.



    Ps.Thoroughly enjoyed your good lady’s verse to commemorate Bobby Sands.





  5. thetimreaper on

    Ok, now that you’ve had your praise Peter, do us a favour, get Stuart Armstrong signed up on a 5 stretch. Gracias.

  6. Gooooood evening CQN


    The £90 elite strip, I am told is the exact same strip/material etc that the players wear ?



    Hail Hail

  7. thetimreaper on

    COWIEBHOY on 8TH MAY 2017 7:21 PM


    Gooooood evening CQN



    The £90 elite strip, I am told is the exact same strip/material etc that the players wear ?




    Hail Hail





    One with McGregor 42 on the back would suit you my friend.

  8. mike in toronto on

    Lennybhoy ….



    since you have asked a few times ….



    There are three new home tops for sale …



    1. A ‘Commemorative’ jersey … a replica of the 67 jersey … very basic, no badge, no sponsors, …. selling for 127 dollars (98 pounds …roughly, when I look at the website, it converts it to dollars, so I have converted the prices back to pounds, but may be slightly off due to the rate used). This seems to be more of a souvenir, as opposed to a replica (I dont think the team will wear this model).



    2. The ‘regular’ 2017/18 jersey … 80 dollars or 60 pounds … which will look like the jersey the team will wear next season..



    3. The ‘elite’ jersey … looks the same as the regular, but would be closer to the jerseys actually worn by the players … different material, and slimmer cut … that sells for 145 dollars or 112 pounds…



    and I am presuming that there will be a 2017/18 away and third jerseys …



    here is the link …http://celticsuperstore.co.uk/stores/celtic/en/c/kits

  9. Gearoid1998


    I love listening to the blubbering buffon, he is one of the reasons they are where they are, long may it continue.


    As for their logic :-)






    An Tearmann


    As Starry said it’s all about selling season tickets, never in the world of football has there been a stupider bunch of gullibillies than thems, they deserve all they get.


    A thread on hun media slaughtering Tom English for telling them the truth, was mystified reading it, they agrred a lot of the time with the content but cos they didn’t want to hear it…….hunbelievable stuff.


    Thanks, she isny bad, her books are doing Ok as well, she is working on another and it’s amazing, excelled hersell imo, she just need the break.



  10. SFTB



    Thoughts and prayers with you and your family. Remember the good times together

  11. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Condolences to SFTB & your family on the sad loss of your Mother.




  12. AuroraBorealis79 on




    I really appreciate all you have done for me regarding issues I am having at work. I have taken your email addy should I require it in future. As it stands I have recently got contact with my Union & I am currently awaiting a date for a meeting before taking things forward.



    You’re a Legend!



    Hail Hail!




    Get a free DVD of our mighty draw at Celtic and famous victory in Maryhill with every 10 season books…



    Bonus DVD of Joe Garner’s greatest goal for the club:))



    Roll up roll up you lucky peepul:)))



    Och hiv they no suffered enuff:)




  14. An update on the CQN ‘In the Heat of Lisbon’ event that we are staging at the Greenock Celtic Supporters Club on Friday 26th May.



    Willie Wallace will be there with as many of his teammates as possible.



    We will announce these one at a time over the next few weeks.



    And we will have another special guest from on the pitch at Lisbon.



    Many of you will have ordered your very special CQN Lisbon 1967 inspired Jock Stein t-shirt and quite a few enquired if we knew who the supporter was who designed the original and strode majestically onto the field of play at the final whistle.



    Well, I have tracked him down and he has been invited to Greenock to be a guest of honour!



    He will be coming up from his home in Nottingham.



    Talking of the Jock Stein t-shirts, we have had numerous requests for these but had sold out in all sizes except XXL ( 3 left).



    So we have ordered 100 extra today in all sizes, Small. Medium, Large, XL and XXL and this should satisfy the demand. You can order for £14.99 for the t-shirt or for £19.67 along with a copy of our latest book In the Heat of Lisbon.



    We have a Lisbon Celtic shirt that we are going to raffle.



    It has been signed by Tommy Gemmell so is very special indeed. Willie has guaranteed that all the Lions attending the various events will sign this for us and we will be raffling this probably from tomorrow on CQN.



    There will be other Lisbon related prizes and the draw will take place at the CQN Lisbon party in Greenock the night before the Cup Final. Tickets will cost £2 and you can buy one, two or as many as you like.



    CRUCIALLY EVERY PENNY RAISED FROM THIS WILL BE SPENT ON THE LIONS, i.e. the Celtic squad who played in the European Campaign in 1966/67. For those we have lost, their families will benefit.



    Alex Gordon spoke at Tommy’s funeral and it was a moving speech, some 15 minutes long. He is coming to Greenock, probably with wee Bertie, to talk some more about Tommy.



    We will have the Cup with the Big Ears, live music and lots of other things going on.



    People like CRC will be getting back from Lisbon and going straight to Greenock and we welcome everyone to come down and join us, we’ll all want to hear your stories!



    The Greenock club for those who haven’t been there, is very special and CQN has had some memorable night there with Lisbon Lions over the past four or five years.



    Tickets will be available from me and will be added to cqnbookstore.com too. They will cost £10, and your ticket will be given back to you to use as a £10 voucher at the CQN Bookstall.



    Likewise al profits for the night will be added to our Lisbon Lions fund, so even if you can’t make it along, buy some raffle tickets, get involved.



    This is NOT a charity event. It is a THANK YOU event.



    CQN’s celebration of the night 50 years on, when the Lions got back from Lisbon, carrying the European Cup.



    Be there when they carry in it CQN’s In the Heat of Lisbon Party at the Greenock Celtic Supporters club on Friday 26th May.



    Times 7pm-1am. Tickets £10 in advance please. Email david@cqnpublishing.co.uk or Paul (who is bringing his dad!)

  15. thetimreaper on

    Paddy Roberts wearing the number 7 jersey next season, my goodness, what a thought!

  16. CowieBhoy is correct, it’s much more akin to the top the players actually wear, I know because it was me that telt him:-)



    TTR, the number 42 shirt would suit him well, he is a Calum convert:-)


    Loves the bold Boy now!!!

  17. COWIEBHOY on 8TH MAY 2017 7:52 PM


    Talking about yourself again…:)




    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. MOONBEAMSWD on 8TH MAY 2017 8:03 PM


    Lol…funny how we were just talking about that on the Train…quality…:)


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  19. Bateen Bhoy on

    On the subject of Celtic tops, the standard new top is £55, from memory, if you look at the retro tops, there is a replica of the 67 shirt for £35. Very nice it is too – my one arrived today and it fair put a smile on my face.


    So you can get the new replica top us ordinary geezers will be wearing, plus a ’67 replica shirt, for the same price as an ‘elite’ shirt. No brainer.

  20. Lennybhoy



    It was decking hilarious. Said to a one of them about it in work and he suggested it was just relief spilling onto the park. :-@)))



    Good to bump into you today buddy.




  21. Bateen Bhoy on

    Apologies to M.I.T. Who done his homework better than wot i did – new ‘ordinary’ top is £53, which is even better. An extra 2 quid in your pocket, which, in all likelihood, would buy you a beer in Lisbon, or feed a child in Nigeria via Mary’s Meals for a couple of days or so…. :-)

  22. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    LENNYBHOY basically the elite top had spandex in it and the underarm (oxter’s to you and me) have special vents and wicks sweat away from the body so it is most likely exactly the same as the actual players kit.





  23. Hi Bhoys



    Re. MWD’S link very witty indeed.



    Just watch the wee fud Windarse how is he no booked for celebrating wi the fans. He disnae even celebrate wi the other fuds in his team.



    Remember that ML got booked for pullin his jersey over his hied after a wonder goal.



    Speaking of ML what about a wee song you know the one by The Knack – My Sherona






    Just sub the words MY SHORONA with MIKAEL LUSTIG repeat and fade, as not as though he disnae deserve a song.



    Another wee song that some clever wordsmith could work with is






    The Dropkick Murphy’s – The Boys Are Back



    Something like this maybe



    The bhoys are back


    The bhoys are back


    The bhoys are back


    And we’re laughing at sevco






    Just a wee giggle this for me i’m bored.




  24. Another roaster appears



    Who remembers the bold Doc, telling us Amido Balde was a player :-)

  25. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Costa scores. Can this reignite my ailing, nae “ailed”, Goals for Shay campaign?

  26. MOONBEAMSWD on 8TH MAY 2017 8:18 PM


    And you mate. Would never have picked out your Colleague in a month of Sundays, a hard paper round…:) and to think I used to nick about with him. I couldn’t recall the Colin he mentioned but I know why he was one one of a few Huns than came about our company.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!