Deloittes report indicates scale of football’s challenge


Deloittes, world football’s financial authority, today estimated English Premier League revenues will drop by 20%, or £1bn, due to the crisis, a figure that will soften slightly – if they manage to complete this season.  Question is, will a 20% drop cause systemic problems?  I’m not sure.

Unlike the Premier League, the Scottish Premiership and the lower leagues in both England and Scotland, are heavily dependent on match day revenue.  The SPFL’s agreement with Sky addressed some of the danger, but our game is significantly more vulnerable than the Premiership.  The lower leagues in England have some of the worst metrics in world football.  If I was looking for systemic problems, the EFL would draw the eye.

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  1. Jaysus, imagine the party we are going to have for 10-in-a-row? I’ll have to book the month off work ;)

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    You’ve mention the financial bombscare that’s the EFL a few times lately, Paul, and I’m not sure whether you’re hinting at potential change to our football environment, or simply pointing out the bleedin obvious.

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    THE BATTERED BUNNET on 11TH JUNE 2020 12:27 PM



    Yes, at least 3 times since the pandemic began… I enquired if the ‘opportunites’ referred to for Scottish clubs in the EFL carnage related to potential signings or something bigger, but didn’t see a reply. No one knows with any certainty I suppose. There should at least be some interesting pickings player wise for us and going forward the wages in the EFL, not just the Championship, will have to undergo a mammoth correction for long term survival.




  4. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️..
























  5. Renewed season ticket yesterday and then realised I don’t have a 9IAR scarf to celebrate this season. God knows when we’ll be able to get over for a match to get one.

  6. Lyon organizing a tournament for 8 teams who had their league finished early.Celtic mentioned,of course.Could be a great pre-season event for us.Lenny hinted he did want to go somewhere for pre-season.

  7. The benefits of going abroad to play games, would be lost by having to quarantine when coming home. I suppose it all depends on the seasons start date.

  8. Jaw dropping guff today from Gavin Berry in the Record.Up there alongside Hans Christian Andersen,and Brothers Grimm.Absolutely dreadful,even by their standards of succulent lamb.

  9. stirlingbhoy on

    Tommy B, players will be exempt from quarantine as they follow a cycle of continuous testing at the football club….

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Pablo



    Would love to see either



    – average revenue / debt ratios OR



    – total revenue & debt



    across the Premiership and Championship darn sarf.



    Anyone got access to that data?



    EMERALDBEE – from last thread …



    Laughed out loud at your “rub their noses” comment.







  11. IniquitousIV on

    INIQUITOUSIV on 11TH JUNE 2020 1:30 PM


    HEBCELT @ 4:58 am



    Greetings, HEBCELT, you are up early! Thanks for the concern re my logging on. I do indeed incur sporadic difficulties, which can be very frustrating. I performed all the remedial measures many moons ago – Java is disabled, I have not one, but three Adblockers, and I have tested all the available browsers, ending up on Chrome.




    The net effect is that I have zero adverts, including that for Turkish Airlines, which defied my first 2 Adblockers. I do have a constantly running small frame football video, and a puzzling black bar at the bottom of the screen. Both can be Xed out if I scroll to the left, but one wonders why that has to be done every single time one logs on.




    The primary difficulty is logging on. I can never stay logged on for any length of time. I enter the user name and password, click ‘remember me’ and ‘log on’, and invariably end up back where I started! When I do get on, and find the last page not up to date, then refresh, the same thing happens. This is annoying, and I have consequently spent more of my time on Sentinel Celts.




    I’m glad you posted, because I was going to send you a private email today. Yesterday, I received a parcel from Guershader, which puzzled me, as I know many people from Lewis, but not from there. I think you had something to do with it, as it was a beautiful Stornoway Saltire CSC shirt sent by Ross Munro. He asked me to post a pic on Facebook, but I don’t subscribe to it, so thank you very much for that kind gesture, and please thank Ross for me. If you have an email address for him, and send it to I will be glad to scan a pic for him by return email.




    I was actually all booked for Stornoway via Iceland in April. I was going to see mates in Glasgow, my brother in Manchester, friends in rural Wales, and finally my aunt at the Lewis Trust Home. It all went up in smoke. I have vouchers from Icelandair good for 4 years, and from Loganair for an optimistic 12 months. So here’s hoping.




    Anyway, Thanks again HEB!




  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    FOURSTONECOPPI- I wonder if Sevco’s new Orange PR man,is advising Linfield as well….

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Regarding the advert popups, does anyone know how you get the Russian women back😱😂

  14. OK. just scrolled down, new look cqn.might get used to it but so far i dont like it.My opinion

  15. Prestonpans



    If you mean those we were shown before the Cold War ended, I would imagine a bear trap would do the trick.

  16. Paul67 et al



    Managed to log in first time.


    Day after day now we hear of firm after firm (even old firms) announcing the loss of thousands of jobs across the board. Heathrow, the Airlines, Rolls Royce and pretty much the whole retail sector, an industry whose heyday is now behind it. Football cannot hope to fully avoid the economics of elsewhere.


    One thing is for sure, the fans will not be involved. We weren’t when the SPFL was created, (or the SPL in 1975 for that matter), and we were not when the SPFL agreed the ‘new deal’ with Sky. No surprise there.


    Of course we could always come up with a Scottish solution, a new metric if you like Paul, increase the number of teams from 42 to 46.

  17. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CELTIC MAC on 11TH JUNE 2020 2:42 PM



    Was there a decision to make with the Sky deal though? They offered the best deal financially and the spread of repayments of only £1.5m over 5 years for missed slots due to the pandemic is probably better than they could have dreamed of.




  18. Hot Smoked,


    Really,far too difficult a job to put this article in a nutshell.The headline was”No Rangers Board has ever been stronger”.That’s mild to the guff that followed.

  19. siempre celtic



    Was actually referring to the deal between the SPFL and Sky which gives exclusive rights to SPL season ticket holders. The deal with in the deal if you like.

  20. I think COVID19 will make more than a 20% hole in Celtic turnover compared to normal times. Loss of match day income for last season including refunds. Also the reduction in match day income of coming season. The income for European football should also be reduced.



    I reckon likely nearer 30% COVID19 effect.

  21. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CELTIC MAC on 11TH JUNE 2020 3:12 PM



    Ok sorry, yeah, fair point!




  22. Back to Basics 1.14



    hi mate don’t know if you are on Twitter,Swiss rambler does Lot of club and divisional statistical data.He does a good range of analysis.he answers too


    hope your good and stayin safe



    Take a look at Swiss Ramble (@SwissRamble):




  23. Corkcelt, Thank you for your response, I don’t think I made my position clear (this is a constant in my life). As I understand it Season ticket holders & season-ticket holders only will have virtual tickets this year & watch all of the Celtic games live as they happen? My point was that in these troubled times someone may pay £1500 /£2000 For Three or four season tickets & end up with 3/4 Virtual season tickets, If they are from one family they only need 1 virtual season-ticket, I would be quite happy to pay them 50% of the price of a ticket which would then give me access to the ten in a row campaign as well as I cannot attend, Thus reducing the financial burden on that season-ticket holder for one season only and giving me access via the virtual season-ticket. No doubt this will Contradict terms & conditions somewhere but in reality it might very well let someone who is choosing not to Renew a season ticket this year due to financial circumstances Maintain a seat they could possibly have had for years?

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