Dembele marks a breakout from previous contacts


There was a bit of surprise in England yesterday that Moussa Dembele, subject to a £6m bid from Tottenham in January, chose to move to Glasgow, instead of remaining in London, or picking up another option in the south. Perhaps it surprised a few here too.

Why choose Celtic? We’re an exciting place to play football, again, which as Moussa made clear, has a lot to do with Brendan Rodgers. Celtic’s aspirations have always been to qualify for the Champions League, but that ambition is a lot easier to see now than it has been since Martin O’Neill’s time.

Two of the four managers we’ve had since Martin outperformed him in the Champions League, but that’s hard fact that is often needed to overcome perceptions of a more golden era.  Martin sparkled, but Gordon and Neil got results at the top table.

When rating a player I avoid YouTube at all costs, those who watch him every week provide far more reliable verdicts. On that front, Fulham fans are full of praise.

I suspect this signing marks a breakout from the previous range of agents and contacts (which appeared increasingly limited to someone in Manchester and an Israeli agent). One of the things Ronny was unable to bring with him was links into a Champions League-ready talent pool. Irrespective of his coaching abilities, Brendan is already ahead on that front.

On paper, signing a guy who scored 23 in 39 for Sporting Gijon was a result, but Stefan Scepovic is a name we’ll forget soon enough. He competed (loose use of the term) with John Guidetti and (then down the pecking order) Leigh Griffiths for the striker role but the feeling around Celtic was that we weren’t seeing the best of him.

He’s now off to newly-relegated Getafe, who clearly saw more in him on loan last season than we ever did.


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  1. Joe Thomson signs a 2 year extension.



    His old man will be pleased…………Not




  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    If PJ Crossan, played wi’ Bobby Mann and Wayne Bridge…………



    ………. You’d hae “Mann Crossan Bridge” :)))

  3. BT



    I’ll keep an eye out, don’t get on much anymore so you’ll probably see me asking few times more :-)

  4. AuroraBorealis79 on



    If PJ Crossan, played wi’ Bobby Mann and Wayne Bridge…………




    ………. You’d hae “Mann Crossan Bridge” :)))



    You nailed it.

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Whereas if Booby Mann played wi’ Brian Little and Emmanuel Petit…………….


    It’ll take something special to beat the Aston Villa trio from the 60s of;


    Jimmy Brown


    Oscar Arce


    Barrie Hole




  7. Real, Yet Amusing, Names of Footballers:



    • Australia once had a goalkeeper called Norman Conquest.


    • Harry Daft won five England caps.


    • The Seychelles’, Johnny Moustache has yet to hit the big time.


    • Midfielder Frank Awanka remains unknown outside Luxembourg. [


    • Apparently Wagner, Mozart and Bismarck all played in Germany recently.


    • Segar Bastard played for England and later became a referee. [There is no truth in the rumour that his name is regularly chanted at football matches in Britain.]


    • Roberto López Ufarte, born in Morocco and played in La Liga, Spain, tends to raise a smile.


    • Nicky Butt played for England, Manchester United and Newcastle United.


    • Martyn Booty played for Reading.


    • Rafael Felipe Scheidt, once of Celtic [cost £4.9 million in 1999] and of whom a fellow professional said, ‘The guy couldnae trap a bag of cement.’


    • Lionel Prat played for Le Havre AC and had a trial for Aberdeen.


    • Dean Windass: Hull City, Bradford City, Oxford and Middlesbrough always raised a grin.


    • New world meets old world – Mozart plays for Spartak Moscow.

  8. What is the Stars on

    If we had signed davey weir we might have had a back 3 of Weir Tebily Scheidt

  9. Here we go, back in Atatürk 24hrs on from my previous aborted attempt to get a flight to Kazakhstan from here. As you may imagine there’s a very unsettling atmosphere here.



    Hail Hail,



  10. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Kev…be careful bud.


    Let us know how you are getting on with the flight.




  11. North Cyprus (formerly Baku) Bhoy on

    Because of the horrendous attacks in Istanbul Ataturk, I’m not allowed to travel to my new job with BP in Azerbaijan, via Turkey, so having to leave from the Dark Side (Larnaca) on Sunday night.



    My thoughts are very much with the bereaved.




  12. mickbhoy1888 on

    just been doing a bit of reading elsewhere and was surprised to find out that as recently as January this year Brendan Rodgers claimed he did not have the final say on signings at Liverpool. Now if a man is prepared to join a club as manager where the transfers were approved by committee and was prepared to keep silent about it during his tenure, Who is to say the same man,as his next job,would join a club of similar standing under similar circumstances


    Cue CQN six months from now ……..Successes Brendan’s signings………Duds Peter and Dermots signings

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If any you guys have booked Monica Isabel Beach Club in Albufeira,cancel or rearrange,spent a day haggling with Jet2 ,eventually moved to Albufeira Sol at 6.30pm(this started at 10am),but hey hoe holiday starts now

  14. Scott Sinclair



    Definitely has some talent but that Aston villa team had no heart or passion at all last season.



    Could be a gamble

  15. STARRY PLOUGH, 7:30 PM


    I hope it’s not the same PJ Crossan, priest and Celtic fan, who taught me English at secondary school. He must be pushing 80 now, with little sell on value, in this life at least

  16. Catman



    What’s the Bhoy Thomson’s dad’s problem?



    Love the Dembele signing .


    Hopefully another one or two quality signings in prospect.


    I’d feel a lot more comfortable if we’d a new Centre Half in the ranks





  17. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH JUNE 2016 9:48 PM



    Ya big eejit!!! Do you not read reviews?



    Enjoy Meu amigo hh

  18. BadaBing- watch out for my lovely sister who is also there. You’ll hear her before you see her…. think WWII air raid siren crossed with a vuvuzela.



    Say “Hi Pauline! “

  19. Old Town Xavia for authentic tapas is just wonderful. Life at a leisurely pace. Life is indeed Good!

  20. We have a development squad and under 20s team who are winning everything in front of them. Why on earth do we need to sign a 17 year old from Dumfermline? I don’t understand it. No disrespect to the young guy.

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Finally got my internet back, the whole country is changing over


    to NBN the national broadcasting network and i think our area


    was one of the first so its been a nightmare without my CQN fix.


    The wee mhan is over with you all in Glasgow and loving it,woke


    up this morning to a photo of him outside the stickiedome with


    Celtic top on tongue out and thumbs down, although i laughed


    I’ve since warned them to realise this isn’t Oz and they have to be




    They have been up at Paradise to do the tour but it was fully


    booked so it’s all arranged for this Monday, his dad said he was


    standing outside looking up at our majestic Celtic cathedral with


    his mouth wide open and said ” you can feel the vibes and there’s


    no even a gemme oan ” brilliant!


    We certainly miss him but his team miss him more, they had fought


    their way to the top of the league with him top scorer but struggling


    a bit now without his rampaging runs and powerful shots so hoping


    he’s back soon and they gave him a list of stuff to get them out of


    the Celtic superstore, think they will need a Jumbo jet to get back.


    Our club on the rebel peninsula is going great guns, we’ve had so


    many requests for membership even without the Brendan affect but


    Paddymacoz and the committee have decided to limit the number


    of members and only on referral after their experiences of too many


    nutjobs at previous clubs.


    Sorry for the long post it’s been a while and i hope you all are well


    must go now as I’ve a lot of catching up to do on Celtic TV.


    Mick H.H

  22. JOBO BALDIE on 29TH JUNE 2016 10:10 PM


    Would that be Javea…:)


    CM67’s recommendations any good?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. I mentioned my concerns about Dembele last night.


    These have heightened having watched several videos of him.



    He is extremely raw.


    His finishing is sporadic ,and rarely clinical.


    I had the same feelings when I first saw Bangura and Balde.


    I so hope my concerns are wrong,but this boy is not a step up from Anthony Stokes.



    I know video evidence can be unreliable.



    Time will tell.




  24. Lennybhoy



    Went tonight to La Tasca Robotica, one of CM67s and very good it was too.

  25. JOBO BALDIE on 29TH JUNE 2016 10:10 PM



    Old Town Xavia for authentic tapas is just wonderful. Life at a leisurely pace. Life is indeed Good!




    I’ll be there on Saturday with Wee NatKnow. Don’t eat ALL the tapas will ya? :-)



    BTW – Altea is a nice town. Bit of a climb up the hill but worth it for the view etc.

  26. Ffs TinyTim- you been drinking with Neganon? Give the bhoy a chance!!!



    As for PJ Zebra Crossan, potential and has been with Scotland youths. Hails from Dalziel High School in Motherwell. Again, must have something. We don’t always catch the best young. That’s just arrogance.



    Mick Dundee- good to see you posting. Hope the youngster has a ball. He’ll be freezing though :-(

  27. There is a risk with every signing, Dembele is no exception. However if he was Balde/Bangura level it is highly unlikely Spurs would have offered 6 million last Christmas. They would have had him well scouted.


    15 goals in 43 games with a struggling Championship team is an impressive return and from online chat Fulham fans seem gutted to lose him.


    Ever since Tiny Tim was the first to warn us that Derk was likely to be a sick note, I take his opinions seriously’ but I remain optimistic on this one.

  28. Melbourne Mick, wait to hear the stories from the wee mhan when he gets to sit in the dugout! Or gets into the dressing room, sees the Big Cup!!!! He’ll have a ball on Monday:-)


    It’s a great tour.

  29. TinyTim is always miserable about all things Celtic but he’s pays his money so has a right to be miserable (even when he’s wrong) :O)

  30. Oh, and ACGR, luv ye wee mhan, just taking the pash the other night.


    But you know that:-)