Dembele marks a breakout from previous contacts


There was a bit of surprise in England yesterday that Moussa Dembele, subject to a £6m bid from Tottenham in January, chose to move to Glasgow, instead of remaining in London, or picking up another option in the south. Perhaps it surprised a few here too.

Why choose Celtic? We’re an exciting place to play football, again, which as Moussa made clear, has a lot to do with Brendan Rodgers. Celtic’s aspirations have always been to qualify for the Champions League, but that ambition is a lot easier to see now than it has been since Martin O’Neill’s time.

Two of the four managers we’ve had since Martin outperformed him in the Champions League, but that’s hard fact that is often needed to overcome perceptions of a more golden era.  Martin sparkled, but Gordon and Neil got results at the top table.

When rating a player I avoid YouTube at all costs, those who watch him every week provide far more reliable verdicts. On that front, Fulham fans are full of praise.

I suspect this signing marks a breakout from the previous range of agents and contacts (which appeared increasingly limited to someone in Manchester and an Israeli agent). One of the things Ronny was unable to bring with him was links into a Champions League-ready talent pool. Irrespective of his coaching abilities, Brendan is already ahead on that front.

On paper, signing a guy who scored 23 in 39 for Sporting Gijon was a result, but Stefan Scepovic is a name we’ll forget soon enough. He competed (loose use of the term) with John Guidetti and (then down the pecking order) Leigh Griffiths for the striker role but the feeling around Celtic was that we weren’t seeing the best of him.

He’s now off to newly-relegated Getafe, who clearly saw more in him on loan last season than we ever did.


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  1. Dembele isn’t a player I know much about.


    But the fact the Fulham fans aren’t happy to see him leave is a good indicator I think.



    I’m looking forward to seeing him from my new seat, couldn’t go to the standing area, too frail for that:-)

  2. 67 European Cup Winners on




    How bad as it become – in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king !!






    Also as am on it what happened to image presentation first impression the pair of them look like they just came out the pub


    Seriously what a pair of twats


    Anyway of to bed




  3. Craigellachie10 on

    O.G.RAFFERTY on 29TH JUNE 2016 10:03 PM





    I hope it’s not the same PJ Crossan, priest and Celtic fan, who taught me English at secondary school. He must be pushing 80 now, with little sell on value, in this life at least



    We’ve no chance Sevco have been tracking him for months!

  4. Jobo/Nat Know



    If you are around the Old Town in Xabía try (if you haven’t already) La Sucreria De La Placa in The Old Town. It’s in the square behind the The Church of Sant Bartomeu.



    It’s Irish owned, a Mayo man I think. You’ll find it on FB. A good spot, lovely food, cráic etc

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    MELBOURNE MICK on 29TH JUNE 2016 10:12 PM



    Hail Hail Mick. Good to hear from you, I wondered where you had got too. I love yer posts and so enjoy hearin’ about the wee mhans craic.



    I hope he continues to have a great time, and enjoys the Stadium Tour. I have done it myself and me, aaaaaaaaaand even Mrs Hunderbirds, fair enjoyed it, so I am sure he will.



    Hail Hail

  6. CLOGHER CELT on 29TH JUNE 2016 11:12 PM



    Jobo/Nat Know



    If you are around the Old Town in Xabía try (if you haven’t already) La Sucreria De La Placa in The Old Town. It’s in the square behind the The Church of Sant Bartomeu.



    It’s Irish owned, a Mayo man I think. You’ll find it on FB. A good spot, lovely food, cráic etc




    Cheers dude – I have 2 weeks to check it out! :-))

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    O.G.RAFFERTY on 29TH JUNE 2016 10:03 PM





    I hope it’s not the same PJ Crossan, priest and Celtic fan, who taught me English at secondary school. He must be pushing 80 now, with little sell on value, in this life at least



    Made me laugh there :)))

  8. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    terry venables and griff rhyss jones never spotted in the same room – bbc 1

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Art of War, Doc , Hunderderbirds are gone.


    Thanks for the replys lhads, don’t realise how dependant you become


    for CQN to give you news and views, recipes, squabbles and general


    chit chat but you fair miss it.


    It’s the wee mhans first visit to Celtic park and he was gobsmacked just


    standing outside it, hope he can meet any of our legends on Monday


    but as long as he kisses Jinkys boots i’ll be happy.


    School holidays here and we’ve been taking his team for extra training


    during the weekdays and all i hear from them is ” when will he be home


    with our new Celtic tops ” not bad for some bhoys who hardly knew what


    soccer was never mind Celtic.


    Mick H.H

  10. NatKnow,



    You’ll have a lovely time there. The bullet holes on the walls of the church in the Old Town are from the Spanish Civil War.





    Mickbhoy1888 @ 9.48pm



    ‘Now if a man is prepared to join a club as manager where the transfers were approved by committee and was prepared to keep silent about it during his tenure, Who is to say the same man,as his next job,would join a club of similar standing under similar circumstances.’





    The Fenway Sports Group wanted to recruit a Director of Football at Liverpool. It was rumoured than were interested an LVG. That didn’t happen The compromise was the Transfer Committee which came in after BR was appointed and transferred Andy Carroll.


    No-one kept silent about the existence of the committee.





    Maybe given the huge sums involved in transfers it is sensible to have a number of people involved in the decision making process.



    Unless of course we were only looking at free transfers.

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Nae bother Doc, but its just not possible to be pish ripped by a baldie, english loving apollogist. Hawd oan, who,s ripping who?



    In Edinburgh tonight in a less than celubrius hotel for miss acgr,s latest graduation ceremony tomorrow. Nae wardrobes to hang yer stuff, which I didnt see as an issue until the size 22 started her whinging.



    Anyway, I went out for a smoke and picked up a sausage super at the chippy next door.



    FFS, when I get it back up to my room does she no start fecking whineing that her clothes will be stinking of sausage supper tomorrow.



    Now I dony know about you guys but aside from my Anabel Goldie fetish, a wummin that smells like a sausage supper is a dish to be savoured, in my meagre opinion.



    Wi a pickle anaw

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ACGR- you are a mad one, you make me laugh ma Heid aff ,hope you are well amigo HH

  13. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Someone posted that istanbul airport will now be the safest airport on the planet. I hope so cos the wee wan is flying from istanbul to singapore on sunday.



    What a sad world we live in where people have so much hatred for others they,re happy to strap a bomb to themselves, taking their own lives and more sadly those of innocent random people also.



    Peace man

  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Bada Bing, I,m good pal. Looking forward to the last ever graduation ceremony of miss acgr. Time the wee bastart started paying her way……… and me back her dues:_)



    Only kidding, I proud of the wee lass s achievements and so would dony todily be. All achieved without a single penny of tax payers money.



    Enjoy your holiday BB



    HH bruv

  15. melbourne mick


    good to hear from you ! is there any chance of you going along to sydney and telling my bhoy to get hame , he was only going for 6 monrhs and almost 2 years later still there ,it must be that beautiful oz ghirl he has got!

  16. ACGR, nice reposte, as usual.


    I’d rather be bald than that ugly though!



    The young Bhoy will be fine, security just after an event is high.


    For all those travelling, stay safe.

  17. Gwyneth Paltrow is on HardTalk, so laters.



    Jeez, where has hardtalk gone? Holding business leaders, politicians to account?


    Nah, promoting an actors business!!!


    BBC kwality.


    Sky could learn lessons,

  18. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Im sure the bhoy will be be hunky dory Doc. He,s in tenmerife wi his pals bevyin and banging his trousers off.



    Its the wee princess who,s dping the singapore gig.



    Hope all is good with yoi. See you soon bruv.



    HH from a sausage fragranced room in Haymarket

  19. If at 19 the only Criticism people have is you are Raw then you are already a player.


    FFS he’s 19 and played one full season in the championship, of course he is going to be raw.


    However, a clue as to how well he will do, might be in his rapid improvement from first to second season.


    To score 17 goals at 19 in the championship is very impressive.


    To get this guy is a major coup, and if he keeps progressing, we are looking at a major star.


    Nothing comes close to game time for development, I expect Paddy Roberts to be even better than last as a result of games.


    Those two are going to light up our matches, relax and enjoy.

  20. Celtic are signing the kid from Dunfermline as he obviously has the potential to add to our group.


    Don’t ever stop looking for improvement or you will only go back the way.

  21. Have to agree with Sid, why do people always look for negatives in new signings? Let the captain steady the ship, pick the crew, and then drop the sails, then we’ll see, wait a few games and give the lads and the new manager a chance, this I told you so, and oh I said they, and I said this is very silly, cam doon, let it take its course for the love of God.


    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  22. ACGR (and others, thank you for commenting, expressing concern, replying),



    By Sunday it’s unlikely that we would be able to even see that there was that scandalous incident here last night. Contractors have already repaired a lot of the damage I witnessed before leaving the airport last night and they are working right now while the airport runs on around them. Yes, and security is a bit higher than normal, but it is usually quite high here anyway.



    I wasn’t aware of that much gunfire last night to be honest, although I did hear some shooting amidst what I thought was two but turned out to be three explosions. But good grief, walking through the international arrivals area tonight and having a bit of a look, the place really is riddled with bullet holes, dozens, maybe over a hundred of them in the small area that I could see. I didn’t stop to take much of a look last night. A lot more of the area is screened off so that can’t really be seen by the public just now. I could hear a lot of work going on behind them though. One of the explosions happened there.



    As far as travelling through here goes, most flights are back on schedule again, although those of us that use Ataturk airport as a go-thru kind of place might find our employers or their security advisers suggesting other routes such as via Baku etc, depending on where you’re going of course durhh, but I’m fairly comfortable continuing to transit through here.



    Hail Hail,







    Just glad to know you got through it ok,bud.



    There’s not that many Kilwinning Tims that we can afford to lose any!

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Pre – season games ( inclusive of hyphen )






    Win or no injuries ?


    If it`s either / or ………


    The latter for me.

  25. Hola friends from a very very sunny Spain. Clear skies over Xavia but clear head not yet arrived. Could have been the beer. Or the Rioja. Or the Mojito.


    No booze till todays sun goes down. Probably….

  26. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Are Celtic playing tonight ?




    Cmon you bhoys in green

  27. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    Are Celtic playing tonight ?






    Aaaaarrrrggghhh – can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!



    Wee BGFC’s head is bursting with excitement – and so is his dad’s ;-) Been awake sing 5:00 am – can’t sleep – this is just silly!!!!






  28. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    sing = since (although have been singing too…)