Dembele marks a breakout from previous contacts


There was a bit of surprise in England yesterday that Moussa Dembele, subject to a £6m bid from Tottenham in January, chose to move to Glasgow, instead of remaining in London, or picking up another option in the south. Perhaps it surprised a few here too.

Why choose Celtic? We’re an exciting place to play football, again, which as Moussa made clear, has a lot to do with Brendan Rodgers. Celtic’s aspirations have always been to qualify for the Champions League, but that ambition is a lot easier to see now than it has been since Martin O’Neill’s time.

Two of the four managers we’ve had since Martin outperformed him in the Champions League, but that’s hard fact that is often needed to overcome perceptions of a more golden era.  Martin sparkled, but Gordon and Neil got results at the top table.

When rating a player I avoid YouTube at all costs, those who watch him every week provide far more reliable verdicts. On that front, Fulham fans are full of praise.

I suspect this signing marks a breakout from the previous range of agents and contacts (which appeared increasingly limited to someone in Manchester and an Israeli agent). One of the things Ronny was unable to bring with him was links into a Champions League-ready talent pool. Irrespective of his coaching abilities, Brendan is already ahead on that front.

On paper, signing a guy who scored 23 in 39 for Sporting Gijon was a result, but Stefan Scepovic is a name we’ll forget soon enough. He competed (loose use of the term) with John Guidetti and (then down the pecking order) Leigh Griffiths for the striker role but the feeling around Celtic was that we weren’t seeing the best of him.

He’s now off to newly-relegated Getafe, who clearly saw more in him on loan last season than we ever did.


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  1. The guy that’s complaing about Dembele,and Crossan ,I think the reason ,we signed them is that ,possibly some of the development squad,are not that good,and I don’t mean to be desrespetcful, but some young football players make the grade,sadly a lot don’t,another bhoy who I think will make it playing for Celtic is Michael Duffy,who has been loaned out to Dundee for this season,also I think we will see Liam Henderson,making his mark this season.

  2. 50 shades of green on



    50 Shades of Green





    Mr Benn and that strange shopkeeper spring to mind.



    Explorer, Astronaut, Soldier,….and Mr Pastry:)










    LOL forgot about MrBeen.




  3. Matts Niloc,



    I agree with you about continuing to challenge the failings of Scottish football. It’s also vital, I think to observe and clarify what the current board of Ibrox are doing.



    I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a small step but PUMA have joined Coca-Cola in writing to the board at Ibrox in relation to the ‘serious matters’ raised in my letter, below.



    I will post the responses from Coca-Cola and PUMA when I receive them.








    Please see a communication that I sent to PUMA on the 31st of May 2016. Unfortunately I have not received a reply from PUMA to date.I am concerned by the inaction of the Board at Glagow Rangers Football Club in relation to the criminal offence of Sectarian/Racist chanting by Rangers supporters at soccer matches.


    Another company involved in the sponsorship of Rangers, Coca-Cola have written to the club asking for a response to the ‘serious issues’ raised by my letter. Could I politely ask that PUMA acknowledges my concern and takes the opportunity to enter into a similar dialogue with Rangers as being currently undertaken by Coca-Cola?



    I look forward to your response,



    Kind Regards.





    Dear Sir/Madam,



    The purpose of this communication is to ask what measures have been taken by PUMA to enter into a dialogue with the Directors of Rangers Football Club, who I believe are sponsored by your organisation, about the continued singing of illegal sectarian and anti Catholics songs by supporters of Rangers Football Club.



    I am extremely concerned by the conduct of the current Rangers Board in this respect and I am writing to you as a parent, to ask you to contact Rangers to articulate that sectarian singing at Scottish football matches is a criminal offence.



    Can I ask that you consider some words of the song the ‘Billy Boys’ for example?



    ” We are up to our knees in Fenian blood surrender or you’ll die.”



    Rangers supporters are referring to Irish Catholics.



    This particular song is banned by law at soccer matches. It causes gross offence and yet it is continually sung by Rangers Supporters.


    What compounds the offence is the attitude of the Rangers Board towards this behaviour.



    To illustrate this point I have provided four enclosures,



    1) Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012


    A communication from the Scottish Government describing the law.






    2) A statement issued by respected Scottish Journalist Graeme Spiers where he alleges that a current Rangers Director described the song ‘Billy Boys’ as a ‘great song’.






    At the recent Scottish Cup Final 2016, Rangers supporters can be heard singing this awful song throughout the game. Comments such as those attributed to Stewart Robertson the current Rangers Managing Director, are to say the very least unhelpful.“If I recall correctly, the Billy Boys was sung after the Hibs fans came on to the pitch.” The comment is not accurate and to many people it appears to provide justification for those who continue to break the law and sing illegal songs.



    3) A Statement issued by Rangers Football Club on the 22nd of May in the aftermath of the Scottish Cup Final.






    You will note that the PUMA Brand are prominently displayed at the foot of statement. In my view this associates PUMA with the contents of the statement.



    You will also please note that the statement makes no reference to the sectarian singing. It minimises the role of the Rangers supporters who invaded the pitch and engaged in riotous behaviour. It criticises the BBC, the Scottish Football Association and the Scottish First Minister.



    I gather that independent investigations are underway into the violence at the Scottish Cup Final.



    4) A You Tube, video published on the 2nd of February 2015. The video is entitled ‘The Billy Boys are Back.’ Please note the singing from 2 minutes into the video. Please also not the distasteful comments placed by viewers.



    Is this the type of criminal behaviour with which the PUMA brand should be associated?






    My immediate concern however is to clarify with PUMA;



    a) What are your views on continued criminal behaviour of Rangers supporters in singing offensive songs such as the ‘Billy Boys’?



    b) What is the view if the senior management at PUMA in respect of the conduct of the Rangers Board in this matter?



    c) Do you believe that PUMA should be associated with the Rangers statement of the 22nd of May 2016?



    e) What discussion do you plan to have with the senior management of Rangers Football Club, regarding continued breaking of the law by Rangers supporters? The offence caused to the general public by this behaviour and the apparent approval of this behaviour by senior members of the Board members at Rangers Football Club?



    I hope that you will be able to begin a process of meaningful dialogue with the Director’s of Rangers Football Club to clarify their views upon continued law breaking by their supporters and the responsibilities of the senior management at Ibrox.



    I look forward to your reply in respect of the points I have raised and for your information I plan to share this letter with a number of Social Media outlets.





    Yours Faithfully,

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    The point she was making was not on the Brexit result, but the ludicrous position of the architects of the Leave campaign ; namely the idea of wanting to leave the EU, but to retain all the benefits of membership.




    Sounds very Sevco to me.




    I don’t like discussing politics on here, no matter what direction it comes from.




    It is divisive.



    I also believe in the paraphrased maxim of, No representation without taxation.




    In other words, I try to keep out of another country’s affairs.



    Doesn’t always work though!




    BTW I didn`t initiate. I responded.


    I won`t if there is no initiation.



    Six days after a democratic decision , she has made a judgement.


    Based on precisely what information ?


    Which ” architect ” claimed any of this garbage :



    ” I hate you . I want a divorce . I will begin divorce proceedings when I know how to.. In the meantime we need to negotiate me being able to access your house , use your cooker and your fridge . I would also like to continue to take advantage of your Gym membership .— It’s good to see the Brits haven’t lost their sense of humour ”



    We don`t even know who the British P.M. who will play a part in negotiations will be .



    Tell you what.


    If European politicians are not worried by this development ,then they should be.





    You could always wind PUMA up a bit by asking where you can buy one of their branded Rangers tops.



    They aren’t even allowed to sell them on their own website apparently.

  6. Can things get any sicker?


    Reported that Chicago gun dealer is raffling assault rifle, with proceeds going to victims of Orlando massacre.

  7. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 30TH JUNE 2016 11:32 AM





    Problem is that Britain has always wanted to pick and choose when it comes to Europe.


    And even from the days of Big Charlie, Non, de Gaule, France hasn’t been too keen on Britain.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CLOGHER CELT on 30TH JUNE 2016 10:42 AM


    Morning Macjay,




    I see you are still posting about Brexit,




    Do you think that there are any possible,




    a) Economic



    b) Security (internal/external)



    c) Political



    d) Human Rights




    negatives to Brexit? I’d encourage you to think this through.




    What do you think of the response of ISIS? See attached. What do you think of the influence of Russia in the debate? Why do you think it is believed Russia might be involved in fostering/funding anti-European groups? Why would the benefit from this?




    What destabilised the Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan?





    Again. I responded. I didn`t initiate.


    Of course there are negatives. Perhaps unforeseen. Probably unforeseen.


    Angela Merkel should have thought about that. No ?


    Or maybe she did. In cahoots with Putin ?


    She took ludicrously stupid action and the British electorate have responded with a democratic vote .


    Betcha there will be more countries who leave.


    Russia and Putin are the overwhelming winners. No more sanctions from the E.C. if the E.C. no longer exists.


    Two warm water ports for Russia , Ukraine and Syria.



    Remember Obama`s red line in Syria ?


    Meanwhile , the vacuum in the White House talks climate change and gay rights.


    Result ? Trump.



    U.S. foreign policy and Middle Eastern wars have destablised the whole globe ( viz Chinese expansion ) and the unrestricted flow of people who understandably see opportunity to improve their lives is the result.



    The good news ?


    Cameron`s account of his talks with the Irish P.M. ( President ? ) about the recent and hopefully ongoing marvellously cooperative relationship between U.K. and Ireland.


    Long may that continue. Agreed ?


    Nice to be on the fringes of Europe .


    Buenas noches.



    Fiviesh hours to kick-off.



  9. Macjay



    The Italian minister’s pithy observation sums up perfectly the ludicrous position that the Brexit ‘leaders’ are now seeking to adopt.


    Wanting their cake and eating it.



    As for the Italian navy much of it was sunk in WW2. As was much of the British, German, American, Japanese, Russian and ……. Australian navies.



    The common factor in this was of course the every ship sunk took with it hundreds, often thousands of young men who’d barely started to shave. By forgetting the horrors of past wars we make the next one too easy to start.



    Your Weltanschauung is notable by its absence. You post as a Brit whose perceptions were formed entirely in the late summer of 1940 in the skies above Kent.



    A reasonable person could spend a lifetime asking forgiveness for the British crimes solely in your country of Australia. No empire in history was responsible for more famine, genocide, profiteering and pillage. Yet you pull up an Italian for making a joke about keeping the gym membership?






    HH jamesgang

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Mr Benn, Bagpuss, Test Cricket :)



    Studentinthelateseventiesdaytimetv CSC

  11. West End of East End on

    Whilst the Labour party are stabbing each other in the back you can always rely on the Tories to go for the jugular…





    Test card,more like. It shut down for bliddy hours at a time.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    QUONNO on 30TH JUNE 2016 11:54 AM



    Absolutely agree.


    The feeling mutual ,though.


    De Gaulle would have remembered the British destroying the French Fleet in Mers el Kebir ( ?) .


    We thought they should have been grateful for being liberated.


    Well ,some of them anyway.







    Fifth-most powerful fleet in the world,with every chance of it falling into German hands.



    C’est la guerre. A difficult decision not taken lightly.





    Only if yer a street-walker from Rome…

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 30TH JUNE 2016 11:58 AM






    The Italian minister’s pithy observation sums up perfectly the ludicrous position that the Brexit ‘leaders’ are now seeking to adopt.



    Wanting their cake and eating it.





    Precisely who is seeking to adopt precisely what ?



    She is seeking to make light of an extremely serious and potentially dangerous situation.


    Exactly the wrong tone to be adopting.

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Dead right , Bobby.



    The French admirals were given many warnings .


    1,200 French sailors killed , however.

  18. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    LOL. Aye the dark ages right enough. Makes me laugh when my two girls (19 and 21) ask me what something or another was like in “the old days”

  19. I honestly don’t know why any of you bother and/or get upset with the froth that drools out of the tips of Macjay and Matts Lickspittle yee of ever changing opinions.



    It is literally all just crap for reaction and no more.



    MWD sees a touch of narcissistic psychopathy in their postings. But ultimately really looks forward to more frothing drools in their respecting troll like retorts.



    P.S. This is not an attempt at Trolling our respective intelligentsia.

  20. Hundderbirds



    You forgot the Snooker. World Championship always on at exam time.




  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    “A reasonable person could spend a lifetime asking forgiveness for the British crimes solely in your country of Australia. No empire in history was responsible for more famine, genocide, profiteering and pillage. ”





    Only your opinion.


    Totally improbable.


    How many did Stalin slaughter ?


    Hitler ?


    Cortes ?



    Buenas noches this time.

  22. Boris just dropped out of the leadership contest.



    I think he has shit himself that he actually pulled Brexit off and knows fine well he does not have the intellect to carry off the leadership.



    Google Eddie Mair’s interview with him if you think he’s clever with all the answers.

  23. Boris will not stand for Tory leadership!i.e Somebody else can fix this sh***I helped to cause. Typical tory

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ZBYSZEK on 30TH JUNE 2016 12:24 PM


    MACJAY1 12:23 PM



    What about Iceland?






    You got me there , pal.






    In my younger days I was often called a ‘Tally Fenian basturt!’



    My reply was usually: “Aye, and don’t you f***** forget it ya ****!”




  26. The Brits are and always were full of shit. They have an exalted sense of their own importance. It comes through with their expectations of their football team, which is why so many get such fun out of them being beaten. However it is now coming through on a more serious level and it isn’t a laughing matter.


    However to be fair, the U.K. have every right to quit the EU and having quit, have every right to seek Associate Membership.


    However there is a protocol and a logical process that needs to happen.


    They cannot say we are leaving but won’t tell ye when. In the meantime we want to negotiate the terms of an agreement that will allow us to rejoin you in a trading capacity.


    European Leaders of the other 27 Countries have quite rightly said, (A) Trigger the mechanism to start leaving negotiations (B) We will then discuss & agree all terms & consequences of the “divorce”.


    & then (C) We will discuss & agree a new relationship.


    Make no mistake about it, it is very much in Ireland’s interest that the UK has an amicable relationship with Europe and that the common travel area & free movement of goods is retained. So Ireland will probably be the U.Ks greatest friend in these negotiations, however the ball is firmly in the UK’s court to get things started.

  27. BABASONICOS71 on

    Only hours to go…first friendly i’ve had any interest in for a long,long time.







  28. On a lighter note and seeing as celtic are playing, is there any means by which i can listen/watch the game other than celtic tv?