Demonise Celtic and fawn SFA Ogilvie


You’re victim of a costly refereeing failure, what do you do?  Celtic wrote to the SFA for clarification.    There was no demand for censure of the officials or a ban for the Inverness player.

In 2011, when the SFA were victim of a costly refereeing error against Czech Republic, Association president, Campbell Ogilvie, took it upon himself to write to Uefa demanding the referee who failed to correctly interpret a penalty incident, be marked down, and that the player who dived is excluded from the remainder of the competition.  The Daily Record glowingly reported the actions here.

The SFA set a precedent: after being hard done by, demand action against the referee.  Don’t just let supervisory processes take their course.  This is the standard set by Campbell Ogilvie.

“An SFA spokesman” also made it his business to brief a grateful media on the actions of Mr Ogilvie.  This was a coordinated campaign by the SFA against a match official, as well as an attempt to circumvent process.

Is this fair enough?  Well, I don’t remember an outcry at the time.  A referee made a bad mistake in an important game.  Standards should have been higher.  The SFA would have been within their rights to say so, although they had no business trying to influence referee supervisory processes.  If only we had a competent administrator who would realise this.

Celtic are within their rights to say standards should be higher now and instead of trying to mislead by suggesting no one in the ground was convinced Celtic should have had a penalty, the SFA should acknowledge that standards can and must improve.

Saying that would shut Celtic up and give them nothing to MORE complain about.  Instead of being concerned by the actions of SFA referee chief Fleming.

What you will note is the utter contempt shown for your club by many for writing a letter asking for clarification, even from those who lauded Campbell Ogilvie for demanding a referee is demoted.  Celtic are the last superpower standing after the Long Cold War, but we’ll always be the enemy to some.  We may well win the next 30 league titles, but as long as Campbell ‘What school did you go to?’ Ogilvie is in charge at Hampden, you’ll know what we’re up against.

Great three points last night.  Particularly delighted for Gary Mackay-Steven.  He, and Stuart Armstrong, are still finding their feet at Celtic.  It will be next season before we see the best of them (think Stefan Johansen circa April 2014), but the early signs are encouraging.

Big Virgil had a better record from free kicks than we had from penalties a couple of seasons ago!

Thanks to everyone who registered for the Foundation’s Ben Nevis climb yesterday, trying to get as many confirmed before tomorrow as possible.  It’s on 13 June.  Last year participants raised £45k, which fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and aided others in need.  Sign up here.

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  1. tonydonnelly67


    McClean is the 4th official at Hamilton game at weekend, this little group of Brothers are taking a fortune out our game ,


    FLEMING needs looked at imho

  2. the glorious balance sheet on

    Geordie Munro 1215 (previous thread) –



    You`re right that its possibly harsh to tar all 6 officials with the same brush but they are a team, they cover their work, and I expect they`ve all got their story straight before the referee`s match report was written up.



    I also think that Frank Connor, North Stand linesman deserves some heat too re the handball; I was in the North Stand in line with the 6 yard box and I could see it was clearly a penalty so how he didn`t flag that -or Ofere`s blatant hand ball in the second half – is beyond me.



    And I`m bemused at the apparent shortage of referees/ officials in Scotland that means that Andrew Dallas gets three appointments every week at SPFL and Championship level. There is a guy who probably clears more money from football than anyone else in Scotland bar Celtic and sevco players.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well said once again, Paul. Don’t forget the SFA demanding a huge ban for Mikolounis.

  4. South Of Tunis on

    French media outlets reporting that AS Monaco and the Monaco players are furious that Collum didn’t give Chiellini 2 yellow cards and didn’t award Monaco a clear penalty..



    Quick look at AS Monaco’s Official Twitter – they are mightily annoyed at Collum.

  5. It’s something bizare like this that will bring the whole rotten SFA edifice down, might not be this but something equally off the wall, an Al Capone IRS moment if you will.



    Karma is a real bitch and will visit them eventually.

  6. Yeez can greet & girn tae the coo’s come home but, know what….the establishment that takes great delight in cheating you….know that yeez are no-marks…joost a bunch of wee insignificant folk who…will ‘not’ fight back.



    Yeez q-up tae hand over yer sheckles tae, the very same bunch of folk who, if ye look ‘hard’ enough…you’ll see them rolling about the same bed as the big-bad-establishment-roaring-and-laughing-at yeez…the punchbag-kings-of-world-football.



    Neil Lennon’s brave and, gallant crusade for justice had the establishment on the ropes…guess what happened next…the board reigned him-in.



    And, what was all the nice wee folks reaction to that?….that’s right, they danced-and-huddled-the-day-away…as, the cheating-mibbery-assisted-huns wrapped-up another tainted title at Rugby Park?!?!?…on ‘that’ day…the Celtic Board must’ve had a collective wet dream….ah mean, ye couldny make this stuff up…yeez even fell for John Reid’s guff about the…’back of the bus’….



    The SFA, cheat-mibbery-fraudulanty-assist-the-huns…and lots more….know how?…coz, they know that…the ‘only’ force who will empty them is…a Celtic Board full of, rebellious Celtic Fans….not one that, kow-tows-and-compliantly-assists-the-huns-to-cheat-Celtic-Supporters….



    Are you guilty of assisting the above?

  7. I loved the line in Tombstone when Wyatt Earpe visits Doc Holiday on his sick death bed having received the last sacrament.



    On Wyatt’s comment Doc replies.



    “My hypocrisy knows no bounds”



    Doc Ogilvie – and he is in the same situation.



    And when he goes he can take the bed, ward and hospital with him.

  8. Tgbs,



    Yeah possibly blame lies with the linesman too.



    I’d love to hear the mic convo.




  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Auldheid, BRTH,



    Are Phil’s interjections on the Res.12 issue helpful, harmful or effect neutral?

  10. Last post on the last article……missed a second career podium by virtue of typing at the time…..Gutted ! :-(



    Anyone think that Celtic may have heard / have a recording of what the goal-line assistant said at the time of the non-decision ? The Club statement left it open for SFA to come back with the expected response of ‘honest mistake’, thereby dropping themselves right in the proverbial fog-s**t. ( pure speculation on my part – I don’t know Owen Coyles Granny )


    Perhaps Gannon is aware of this ?


    Something rotten in the state of Hamp-DenPark……

  11. davidopoulos



    You really are just a young timmish pup aren’t you!



    Have a great day.



    Plenty of walking and standing is getting me gradually better.



    Walked down the road and bought a daily record. Wow. Remarkable!



    Unusually I disagree with Livibhoy. Cos usually you’re wrong! I think it’s good that RD has come out and said Celtic don’t want the ict player banned. Whether that’s entirely sincere or a consensus isn’t the main point. The main point is that it undermines the BS allegation that we wrote to the SFA seeking action against ict or their player. Nail the lie. Nail the liars!



    HH jamesgang

  12. I watched the Monaco-Juventus game on one of Berlusconi’s channels last night. At the end of the first half the Italian commentator said that Juve had got away with 3 possible bookings, and a debatable non-penalty. The Monaco manager has since complained about the referee.



    The referee, Willie Collum, didn’t have a bad game by his standards…which unfortunately says it all (Collum was also criticised for his handling of the Bayern-Shaktar game in the last round). But he is just symptomatic of a poor system. We are so used to fifth-rate refereeing in Scotland that unless your team is involved, most fans don’t notice and don’t care. Our expectations of refereeing standards have been managed down to the level of “these things will even themselves out”. Nothing needs to be done, move on.



    The SFA needs to accept that there is a problem, and needs to be seen to do something about it.

  13. Phil’s at it if he doesn’t appreciate the difference between somebody having a copy of a letter and being ‘written to’. Which of course he does, and he’s back tracking on using the wrong language in calling others naive.

  14. Great article Paul,



    Apart from the obvious problems with the football authorities in Scotland, the slavish winalot journalism is probably worse.



    This is how the public at large are fed the correct agenda and the truth remains hidden.



    Don’t buy the rags or listen to the radio shows.



    Árd Macha

  15. 1974 – The Solti-Lobo Case. Juventus escape punishment after accusations that they used a go-between, Deszo Solti, to try to bribe Portuguese referee Francisco Marques Lobo before a Champions Cup semi-final against Derby County in 1973.



    1974 – Italian players are accused by Polish opponents of offering money to them on the field to lose a World Cup match in Stuttgart. Italy, needing a draw to stay in the finals, lose 2-1.



    1978 – Scotland’s World Cup referee, John Gordon, and linesmen, Rollo Kyle, together with David McCartney, are suspended by Scottish FA after admitting they accepted presents worth £1,000 from Milan before a UEFA Cup match with Levski Spartak. Milan, fined £8,000 by UEFA, had drawn 1-1 in Bulgaria and won 3-0 at home.



    1980 – The world’s highest paid player, Italian striker Paolo Rossi, is one of more than 30 banned for their part in widespread Italian match-fixing on behalf of an illegal betting ring. Milan and Lazio are relegated. Rossi’s ban ends just in time for him to lead Italy to their 1982 World Cup victory in Spain.



    1986 – UEFA bars Roma from their competitions for a season and president Dino Viola from UEFA activities for four years after he tried to bribe a European Cup referee in a semi-final game against Dundee United in 1982. Roma won 3-0 and 3-2 on aggregate.



    1994 – Torino are placed under investigation by the Italian fraud squad after being accused of providing prostitutes for match officials in their attempt to win the 1992 UEFA Cup. The club are also alleged to have siphoned off under-the-counter cash from transfers, including £465,000 for the “phantom transfer” of Alessandro Palestro, son of a club secretary and not registered with the club, but studying at university.



    In 2006, Juventus were found guilty of participating in fixed matches. They were deprived of two of their League titles and relegated; the club known for its huge popularity as ‘La Signora d’Italia’, the bride of Italy. Among those brought down was their powerful chief executive, Luciano Moggi, previously nicknamed “the Nice Pinocchio of Italian football,” Not really so nice but, to his credit, it was he who gave Gianfranco Zola, then an obscure Sardinian footballer, his great chance at Napoli.



    (2012), 19 arrests were made in Italy and Hungary in connection with the latest scandal, bringing the number to 50, all accused of fixing matches. It meant that the Italian squad heading then for the European finales in Eastern Europe had to do without their defender, Domenico Criscito, actually with the Azzurri, preparing for the tournament at the Italian training and coaching headquarters, out at Coverciano near Florence. But Cesare Prandelli, the Italy manager, though he cast out Criscito, surprisingly decided he would keep the Juventus centre back, Luciano Bonucci, although his name is rumoured to be on the list of suspects; which Prandelli denies. Scommessopoli, a play on the word scommessa, which means a bet, rolls grimly on.

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    thomthethim for oscar ok



    I have already asked BRTH that questipn and he confirmed ts not a worry.




    Loose lips CSC

  17. Livibhoy



    That should of course read that ‘UNusually you’re wrong’ on this occasion.



    Apols for me being wrong with my typing!






    HH jamesgang

  18. Apricale



    No chance. The SFA via the media and guys like Chick Young will blame Celtic for putting pressure on the referee’s.




  19. South Of Tunis on

    Apricale @ 12 37 .



    I see that anti Rube media outlets have taken to disseminating and agreeing with Monaco’s complaints. Journo in the Corriere della Sera attributes the Ref’s decisions to ” the Platini effect “

  20. Indeed it was a good result last night, but I was disappointed at losing the late goal.



    Aside from the fact that we have now conceded in four consecutive domestic games for the first time under Ronny’s leadership, last night’s late goal now means that we cannot afford to concede any more goals in our remaining five league games if we are to beat (outright) the record for the fewest SPL goals conceded in a season.



    Having missed out on a rare treble after getting so close, it would be nice to seal what would be a massively impressive record, and one that will likely see many years go by before it is surpassed, if indeed it ever is!



    Another wee snippet to brighten the day…



    If we beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie by even a single goal, then the title will still be ours if they win every other match 4-0 ad we lose every other match 0-3.



    It is that close now.

  21. Apricale


    12:37 on


    23 April, 2015





    The worst refs I have seen are not Scottish (Juve games anyone?), In Scotland we are now reffed very ‘cutely’ – break up game flow, tactical yellow cards, rarely get a 50-50……..subtle but very effective.



    The cabal needs dismantled but in Scotland people don’t like us, fact of life.

  22. Been particularly impressed with Armstrong when he plays. Great drive. Hasn’t fully found his feet and got up to speed with the way the team plays and plenty of room for improvement but he possesses excellent balance and that’s something that is difficult to teach.



    He could develop into a top player.



    GMS is very talented and works hard but has the usual wingers peaks and troughs.

  23. jamesgang



    Unusual for you to make mistakes or is it usual? I’m not sure anymore.




  24. Res-12 = Punch & Judy v’s Mike Tyson



    …a pile of ‘tippy-tappy’ p#sh….long-winded



    …War & Peace type of drawn-oot tae the huns



    …are back type of clusterflucking nonsense



    …that’ll probably be time-barred when the huns



    …are back…doing what they do…next season



    …if it’s justice yeez want?….then



    …Sack The Board and replace it wi one that will



    …fight their ‘own’ battles…not take a back-seat



    …and, leave to a handful of ‘cosy’ plants to, string



    …it along….

  25. Left click



    Phil has his sources. We are unsighted on that aspect, but it’s all grist to the same mill.



    In fact involving UEFA was what Res12 actually asked for. So if Phil has it right it appears to be Res12 met one of its objectives.



    However, and this is important, this exercise was more than looking into possible skullduggery, it was about telling the SFA ( and SPFL) that they are ultimately accountable to the supporters of Scottish football for their decisions and those decisions must be taken in a transparent light, no more smoke filled room stuff.



    Once they realise that then the dark decisions stop and the game benefits.



    That it has taken so long to get there is a sign that a more formal mechanism is needed, be that a Football Reform Bill or new structures with an independent overseeing Ombudsman who can handle complaints free from paranoia.



    That will take a bit longer but if there is a link between Res12 and LNS, then the case for total reform will be overwhelming.

  26. The thing about don’t listen to radio shows, don’t read the rags, that I don’t get, if wee all did that we would have missed the good article in today’s DR, one that is far and few between I agree, painfull as it is to listen to them, and read them, the odd time you get a little gem, every five, ten year maybe :)

  27. LB



    I make lots


    You make few


    Today you made 1


    How do I know? Cos I’m always right. Apart from when I’m wrong. Which I often am!






    HH jamesgang

  28. Kevjungle



    You are Manuel from Barcelona.



    You know nothing.



    Difference is Manuel knows it.



    Now go aff oot.

  29. Highly interesting article, Paul67. Keep on getting the truth out there. Too too many in Scotland have a total aversion to it.



    If they dig the hole deep enough, the powers that be here might just not be able to get out this time. Oh to see the back of the likes of Ogilvie. The problem, of course, is that he might simply be replaced by a clone.

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