Demonising liquidation carries risk


I didn’t hear the scores of other games this weekend until today when I read a red card protest (remember the day Celtic fans gave birth to this concept?) occurred at Ibrox to demonstrate disapproval to any potential new owner who plans to liquidate Rangers.

It would be preferable to everyone if Rangers paid their bills, restoring a degree of dignity, although apparently no one is offering to do this.  Publicly bidders for the club will all confirm their preference is to exit administration via a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).  Offering pennies in the pound for a company is unquestionably a great deal, for the buyer, but whoever is nominated as preferred bidder this week is likely to have a serious option to liquidate the club.

Demonising the liquidation option carries risks for Rangers fans.  Short of raising considerably more money than they have thus far and paying their bills, there is little fan power can do right now.  If liquidation is the best option for creditors it will happen, better to accept the reality of the situation.  Whatever the resulting phoenix club is called, if the new owners inherit animosity from the start it will only diminish the potential of their new club.

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  1. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on


  2. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on

    Only in a big horse race! damn!



    (though I did read the article)




  3. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on

    The merits of a liquid lunch should help them get over the dissolution of history. Crying into your beer has distinct merits for those who can’t face reality.




  4. stephbhoy on 9 April, 2012 at 13:21 said:


    k. wilson ~ is not on my list for one reason and that is he has had one season disrupted by injury. i think any player that comes in should be given 2 full season, akin to the manager.



    mccourt is a class football players, technically gifted and on his day would give the best a run for their money, but he can be awful and he can be both in the same game.



    its easy for us sitting here with a list of players to let go/ sell etc… but its harder when you have sat with those same players, know them well, have built up relationships with them.



    what NL needs to remember when he is letting these players go is that they would be off in a heartbeat if they had a better offer elsewhere.

  5. midfield maestro on

    Need help from phone techies



    My daughter has a blackberry curve, it is stuck on ‘alt’, she has all her daughters info in the memo pad(1st tooth dates etc) & she wants to back it up. Can anyone help a caring grandfather?

  6. we won the league and soon they’ll be dead walking in a celtic wonder land hahaha

  7. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on

    Perhaps a more fitting tribute would have been red neck collars rather than red cards.



    That would have been most appropriate.



    Perhaps we can have wavy red hands on spring sticks for the next home game vs the deathrow appellants?




  8. .






    You have Probably Posted the Most True Post on This Blog this Season..



    Years ago a Very Wise Man Daid the only Reason Kenny Dalglish played Bad for Scotland was because Kenny was a Move & 10 yards ahead of any other Scotland Player..



    I have for a Very Long time Believed this to be Sammi’s problem



    He is a Striker BUT has Never played with a Partner of His Skill/Vision who Understands Him..



    The Moaning Marsupial (Skippy) me im From Melbourne I stood next to his Grandad when he Scored on Black Sunday.. Know great Celtic Men that went Home from Melbourne and TMM was a Ignoramus to them..( Can’t believe I said that.. Holding it in for Years)..;0(



    Where was I..?



    Sammi is King Kenny.. He needs Class Team Mates or Players who will play for Shirt Not Own Agenda..



    Btw Stokesy has my Respect this Year the Amount of Times he has been Left Out.. Never Complained.. Last Season he would have Spar the Dummey..




  9. Did scotland’s shame carry out the ‘Red Card Salute’ at the weekend….???



    Did it help with the three penalties?

  10. Is there still life in Rankers? Seems as if there is, although mortally injured they cling onto life with with tenacity of a cornered rabid dog. Hopefully the preferred bidder will have the kindess to adminsiter the coup de grace as soon as possible thereby allowing the Huns some dignity in death; the dignity they so desperately sought in life.

  11. Aidy the Tim on

    midfield maestro – you tried the crackberry forums, always found them to be really good and knowledgeable.

  12. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    stephbhoy on 9 April, 2012 at 12:27 said:



    Of those on the list the only one I would not mind being retained is Paddy McCourt but I love tanner ba’ players.



    However what critics of the Board seem to forget is that when a signing that does not become a first team regular is signed it is not a matter of snapping your fingers and they are gone. They have contracts and are in charge of when and where they go.



    Some players are identified as worth keeping to bolster the squad but as the talent in the squad rises more players enter the let them go category.



    Some we have loaned out to take them off the wage bill, others like Loovens we have not because were it not for his fragility he would be a regular bt he is god cover when fit. So the guys on your list who are out of contract will not be offered new ones and that will free money to help us hold on to the guys of higher quality that have risen to the top.



    It is the curse of multiple year contracts and we have to live with it. The key to success is getting more signings right than wrong, managerial as well as playing, because mistakes are very costly whilst success gives a slower rate of return and in finanacial terms only does so if you can sell them. You can only sell what others want to buy and that is usually your best, not the average.



    The realities of dealing with real live people with real live contracts in real life seems to have been lost on some people (not you btw).



    I blame Championship Manager. :)

  13. i think they will get out of this mess, it will take a while, but they will survive in some form and they will be readmitted into the spl

  14. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    I have always felt this way re Sammi – for too long he was on his own reading the book ahead of his team they have caught up, although Sammi still a page or two ahed in my opinion.

  15. Clashcitybhoy on

    From last page ..


    Regarding all the talk about who we keep, and who we let go, one of the important bases we need to ensure we cover is having decent squad cover.


    Zaluska is a good example , we know exactly what he can and cannot do , and , that if our first choice keeper gets injured, he can come in , he knows his way around the SPL and will do a decent job. That sort of experience is very hard to get in squad players. We could bring in some guy from AN Other country who may be better than Zal , but , who needs 10 or 15 games to get up to speed. With a squad player covering an injury we don’t have that time.


    That is why I would tend to keep guys like Mark Wilson , and probably Glen Loovens.


    If they come in as squad players, then we know exactly what we are getting , as opposed to other guys like Lustig, Browak, and Bangura none of whom have had any impact – partly via circumstance ie injury and the form of others, but the reality is in the title run in I would trust Mark Wilson as 3rd choice cover at full back than Lustig or the wee Morrocan guy whose name I forget .

  16. If every player we currently have on the books is fit and on form, which are automatic first team picks?



    For me:


















  17. but Championship Manager is a great game all the same, keep well and off to visit the sister



    hail hail

  18. Ghents



    assume a CVA is agreed



    what about ticketus …their deal is with the huns …they will have to honour it or face a firestorm of litigation



    they cannae afford the squad they have



    their managers a dud



    their young players are moderate at best



    the huns in any form are in bother



    thank god that they are the peepil

  19. Secretly TBK’s and the other 2 bidders will be hoping that HMRC take a hard line. Gives them the excuse to liquidate and tell the peepul they couldn’t do anything else. I wish they would hurry up and die. It’s boring now.

  20. Aidy the Tim on

    midfield maestro – make sure she googles crackberry, not blackberry they are different forums. crackberry is a much better forum for fixing.

  21. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    First they showed animosity to SDM and MIH.



    Then it was Lloyds turn



    Then Craig Whyte’s



    Now it is the CW plan,(liquidation) the only thing that can give them a sustainable future – if the actually want that.



    It is as if they have a death wish.

  22. Cathedral View on




    A very apt point today. The MSM are, when pushing the party line of a CVA, completely missing the point. The only difference between CVA and liquidation to creditors is about 10p in the pound. Perhaps less if a sale of assets return anywhere close to book value.



    The creditors are still being stung for millions and it’s all been pre-packaged in the most dignified fashion.





  23. lennon's passion on

    Paul 67


    Speaking to someone last night Speaking to someone last night said Celtic are putting a lot of pressure on the gang of ten. Threating not to sign the sky deal if they don’t change there stance. Not there fans driving all over the country at stupid times to suit tv companys. You heard anything.

  24. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on 9 April, 2012 at 13:32 said:


    Green cards for Celtic supporters at next OF game….




    Cults i’d have a red card day – let HMRC what the support think about any possibility of a CVA deal. Supporters groups may want to pass this idea to other SPL clubs – combined show of No to a Newco. Apparently 80% of Don’s say they will not be back to Pitoridrie should Newco be allowed straight back into the EPL. I assume many of other team’s supporters share the same sentiments

  25. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Gordon J





    Adam Vic Charlie Izzy


    James F Beram Joe Sammi


    Stokes Commons

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