Dempster must regret mutual consenting Neil Lennon


Leeann Dempster must have looked at the Celtic dugout on Saturday and wondered if she backed the right horse in January, when she suspended the then Hibs manager Neil Lennon, five days before he left the club by “mutual consent”.

Neil took over from Scottish Cup winning manager, Alan Stubbs, and won Hibs promotion back to the Premiership for the first time in three years, finishing fourth in the table in the only season he completed with the club in the top flight.  He would finished the following season as league and cup winning Celtic manager.

Dempster replaced Neil Lennon with Paul Heckingbottom, who started brightly, but Hibs now sit just a point off joint-bottom Hearts and St Mirren.  I’m sure the players who were upset at working for Neil Lennon are much happier now, though.

Hibs will not go down, there are worse teams in the league, and for 20 minutes on Saturday, they demonstrated what they can do, if they can be motivated, but having got rid of one manager, there are controls in place to undermine whoever comes next.

Few managers in history can have come through the “mutual consent” trauma so successfully.


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  1. Good morning CQN from a dark and cold Garngad



    To everyone going to Rome, stay safe and have a ball.



    MM- great news about Paddy.



    Bigyinmilan and any other cqner’s whose health is not great, get well soon.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Are we ever paranoid enough?



    It strikes me as an odd coincidence that in the same week Celtic play in Rome on Thursday, the official referee observer in Tuesday’s Champions League game in Naples was Willie Young. Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, he walks into ours.



    Also noted – Son of Dallas didn’t stay away for long. 4th official at Clancy’s game in Rosenborg on Thursday. That’s the Christmas presents paid.





    All good wishes to Celts travelling to Rome. Wear the colours and scarves, by any means available.

  3. Melbourne Mick,



    Hi Mick, Just saw your comment/question from last night. I was introduced to Arran by Mrs Emeraldbee way back in the early days of our marriage and I fell in love with the place. Being going back and forth for years now, but in recent years, now being retired, we make a point of getting over for a long weekend two or three times a year.



    The outdoors is fantastic, well worth the accolade “Scotland in miniature”.



    I don’t know the people you mentioned, but the island is surprising;y busy. Going over on Sunday (missing my first game of the season due to damn Europa League) and staying at the Auchrannie where we usually get a good deal at off-peak times. There were only a few rooms left when I booked the break a few months ago (before the Cluj home game!!)



    Pass on best wishes to Paddy – glad to hear he is home. I will have a wee Arran malt for his health (and mine).



    Hail Hail

  4. LAFAN



    I understood that Barclays was providing basic bank services, not loans or credit facilities.




    Good morning , just had a wee goosey on the last page to catch up…..i might be missing something , ( i often do )


    in all the years i’ve been on here i’ve never once engaged in a conversation or referenced ERNIE LYNCH in any of my posts ( that i remember anyway ) maybe it’s someone else your thinking of ……no harm done btw.



    ps….nothing against ERNIE , his conversations on many subjects are way above my level of understanding and that is the only reason i’ve never had any interaction with him .



    If i’ve got this wrong MY apologies :)))




  6. Great news about Callum signing a new contract. So much for rifts


    In other news… just been given a copy of local newspaper and there’s the grandson pictured prominently in two photos in full page spread wearing his Hoops Kit at local football camp and not a hun ripped-off strip in sight. Changed days… 20 years ago you couldn’t get moving for them.

  7. Low lie the Fields. In Athenry. Been in most places in the Country but first time here. Must check a few fields. Anyhow on my way to Galway so if anyone knows a Celtic Pub in Galway for the match tomorrow please let me know.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Get a photo of yersel at the sign on the way into the village. I did that when I visited yonks ago. The pic is a great conversation piece. There is a local CSC there, but I can’t remember the name of the pub.



  9. Hello again all you young rebels.



    I hope fervently that the news Callum has signed a new deal


    is true, what a boost to him, the club, and most of all the fans.


    After wee Jamesy’s recent signing of his new contract it gives


    us hope that the EPL knicker flashers can’t / won’t lure the bhoys


    who only want to wear the hoops no matter how much cash they






    It was just a wee punt in case you knew the names, but it was


    good talking about the Isle again, brought back a lot of great




    H.H . Mick

  10. Melbourne Mick



    Glad to hear of an upturn in Paddy’s health and that Bigyinmilan is getting better, I wish both of them well.









    Great news regards Cal Mac, the Scottish Xavi!



    May have been mentioned on here but I haven’t seen any comments…Huns play one less game (6) than us (7) in December, anyone any insight as to why?



    Operation help the hun?







    ” To be at the club hopefully for the full 5 years ,that will make it


    23 years at Celtic ” said Callum


    Add on another few years coaching, then as manager and he’s


    intelligent enough to be a CEO.


    That should just about make it the 55…years that is 8-))))))


    H.H . Mick

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