Den Bosch and Janko in town, clogs to clogs


My expectation is Den Bosch will be better than an equivalent second-tier Scottish team (any of whom would give us a game on a summer evening like tonight), so they will hopefully present a suitable challenge to help stretch the legs.

Most attention will focus on Dedryck Boyata, but no matter if he looks great, or lousy, you will learn nothing of his abilities tonight. For Dedryck the objective is to get the limbs and lungs moving, just as with his new team-mates.

I hear Saidy Janko (19) was spotted walking into Ross Hall Hospital this morning.  Although known as a right back, Saidy can apparently play right side of central midfield and as a winger.  While he’ll be the fourth right back in the first team squad, positional definitions aren’t what they used to be.  At Celtic in particular, there’s often little difference between a full back and a winger (the former can hopefully tackle, the latter, less so).  They both have a responsibility to make runs into the opposition box, and to track back and defend.

Reports this morning that Dundee United have agreed a £1m fee for Nadir Ciftci with Gary Caldwell’s Wigan will be more palatable to United fans than seeing another player agree terms with direct rivals Celtic.  The fee agreed is within Celtic’s grasp, should they be sufficiently motivated to move for the player.  After a rising through the ranks, Wigan have endured two relegations in recent years.

They still have Premier League parachute payments coming in, which explains the seven figure bid.  It remains to be seen what Dave Whelan’s 23-year-old grandson makes of the opportunity, now he’s in day-to-day control.  There’s an old Dutch proverb about families with money going from clogs and back to clogs within three generations.

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  1. Wondering whether to shell oot, any you guys in UK use Celtic TV? I suppose, even if it’s gash I’ll get the 3 friendlies.

  2. KevJ Re 10:01- He’d need to get shot of his No2 before he got anywhere near paradise!!! I’m quite sure that wouldn’t be a problem tho :-)…….



    He’s as big a tim as i am so would love for him to get the gig eventually HH



    Is tonight’s game on tv??

  3. Paul67



    Why is Janko visiting Ross Hall ? Thought all our medicals are now done at Lennoxtown



    Hail Hail

  4. saltires en sevilla on




    Celtic TV is worth every penny mate



    I’ve had it for a good few years direct debit every August



    Started off fairly amateurish tbh buy has improved and you get lots of free games like the 3 friendliest will be on it.



    I am a UK subscriber and watch all games on delayed transmission rather than give cash to sky and BT ( not Blantyre :) work commitments mes I cannot get to CPas much for the present time.



    It’s a godsend but think I pay more than £40 nearer £60 each year


    Still cracking value with all the archive stuff etc


    Go for it!



  5. Hutchybhoy



    Did you get sorted for the Golf Day ?



    Does JMcI still live in Dunblane ?

  6. Apparently we have secured an amazingly “cheep” deal for Janko



    “The Express claim Swiss-born Janko is heading to Glasgow for a poultry sum”

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on





    12:21 on 1 July, 2015







    Why is Janko visiting Ross Hall ? Thought all our medicals are now done at Lennoxtown




    Maybe he wants Craig Bellamy’s autograph……

  8. Distin from Everton to Bournemouth for free




    Clyne from Southampton to Liverpool for £12.5m



    Hail hail






    On the signings front – Janko’s signing WILL see the departure of either Fisher, or, Mathews – one will be retained as cover for Mikael – let’s hope his injuries are now behind him.



    Not surprised at the Janko move, but he will not be coming here to sit endlessly on the bench – also Mikael will be used as centre-back cover, a position, I believe, he will settle into in future.



    Cifti ? – I am a fan – he is just what we need for Scottish games – he could fall short in Europe, but you never know – Skippy done well in Europe, apart from his goals.



    Can’t see the McGeady thing coming off – he will be looking for another few years of big wages down south – can see a top Championship challenger, or, the likes of Leicester/Norwich, making a move.



    I think there will be 7/8 on the way out – McGregor, Derk, Irvine, Mathews or Fisher,Rogic, Balde, Fridjonnson.



    Look for an experienced young keeper coming in – maybe Scott Bain from Dundee.



    Alas there will be no Jelle & Isa Karim.

  10. Just phoned My Auntie Marion who works in Ross Hall . . There’s been nay Saidy Janko kickin Aboot there . . Maybe he was Gaun furra cocktail in The Pines

  11. Paul67,



    I sense a disappointment at missing out on Ciftci in the article?



    I’m pretty much nonplussed.



    Árd Macha

  12. Hi Hoops



    Have we signed Janko yet?



    I hear hes the New Dani Alves




  13. bhoylo83



    12:41 on 1 July, 2015


    Have we signed Janko yet?


    I hear hes the New Dani Alves



    He’s the poor man’s Reece Warbara

  14. Greetings Paul67,



    Terrible news! I must depart your present as Timlord Lawell has ordered myself and my machine to the Battle of Malcontent in 2364. A vicious 50 plasmaball traverse generational struggle culminating in the Malcontent area of Glasgow, or as you currently know as Ibrox, being completely destroyed from the sonic laughter guns of the timverse forces.



    As you may not be aware, I have been having some difficulty with my machines quantum coordinate locators recently so it may be a good idea on May 23 2016 to clear out your garden, as on the 24th, when I arrive back in your present, I will inadvertently destroy your shed when the locators target me on the roof of it.



    To Infinity & Backwards!

  15. mullet and co 2 on

    In Tenerife. Plenty Tim’s about judging by the strips.



    I sense we would have bid for Cidtci at less than a million as the second of two strikers we need. I also think we are prepared to help United inflate the transfer fee.


    A new striker has to be mobile fast and score lots. Where do you get one of those for less than a couple of million?

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The poultry sum means we’re not puttin’ all the ole eggs in the one basket.

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