Derek McInnes gave Neil Lennon anticlimactic end to first tenure


If Neil Lennon carries the scars of defeats around with him, Saturday’s game against Aberdeen will have some significance.  The last trophy Neil lost as Celtic manager was at the hands of Aberdeen.

Then Derek McInnes was in the Aberdeen job a year and that season saw his team with the League Cup, their first trophy in 19 years, and qualify for Europe for the first time in five years.  Anthony Stokes put Celtic ahead in the fifth round tie at Celtic Park, but Aberdeen came back to win 1-2.

That game took place on 8 February with Celtic out of sight in the league.  They won the title in March, at the earliest date in over 80 years, but elimination from the Scottish Cup so prematurely meant the last two months of Neil’s tenure were anticlimactic.  The stadium was flat on match days, giving everyone unwelcome time to ponder, What next?

If we got the better of Aberdeen and extended competitive pressures until the end of the season, different decisions might have been made.

Much has happened since but Derek McInnes still knows what he is doing.  He won at Celtic Park, Ibrox and Hampden (against Newco) last year, killing that old question about Aberdeen: Can they win in Glasgow?

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing. – Bill Shankly.

  2. glendalystonsils on




    You missed a historic treble . Imagine what three of them would be like!

  3. AT



    “Still waiting for inquiry”






    Aye, and ye’ll wait!



    Graham Spiers, June 2016



    “I asked Stewart Regan/SFA today about the Tax Justice Network’s claims. Got off-the-record response, SFA unimpressed. ”

  4. SOUTH OF TUNIS@11-08



    ” Strange team PSG – how on earth did they manage to lose that ?. Interesting penalty decision too.All that money and repeatedly victims of interesting decisions in European competition . It’s tempting to think that UEFA really doesn’t like them .




    I think the guy has a point


    .Couldn’t give a hoot about PSG but the stench of cheating and corruption is growing.



    UEFA like’s the money they bring though.



    If the sheik’s withdrew their investment from the tainted game UEFA would panic.



    A bit like Scotland where they also want our money but resent our presence and winning so consistently cheat to hamper our chances.

  5. mike in toronto on




    Given that you were both first (first) and second (nothing), that makes you Schrodinger’s poster. I Have to know ..is the cat dead or alive?

  6. Hunderbirds Are Gone



    Sometimes second is the true first.



    BBC August2017



    “Gone are the days of Olympians receiving their medals in an airport food court, or having to hold their own medal ceremony.



    Britain’s 4x400m relay squad from the 2008 Beijing Games got their podium moment in front of a home crowd at the London Anniversary Games last month, finally becoming Olympic medallists after a nine-year delay.



    They are among dozens of athletes who are receiving medals after their competitors were disqualified retrospectively and stripped of their achievements because of doping offences.



    The new approach of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as part of a stated commitment to supporting clean athletes, is to “honour accomplishments in a more systematic manner”.



    That has been reflected at the World Athletics Championships, where 16 medals were reallocated at the recent meet in London, with Britain’s Jessica Ennis-Hill receiving her gold from Daegu in 2011.”



    SPL 2002-3, 2004-5, 2008-9, 2009-10, 20010-11??




  7. Aberdeen won at Celtic Park last season in a game which meant nothing. Everyone was there for the party afterwards, and the Double Treble cup final the week after.


    We had nothing to prove.


    They will face an entirely different animal on Saturday. McInnes’ team have little to play for, and will be more concerned about their midweek game in Glasgow against an SFA inspired team, who could potentially end their season.

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    This year we strongly target the Treble, and a Treble Treble will remain a unique Celtic achievement, if not for ever, for a very very long time.


    As I have said before, having proved our point, and having set a tangible competitive mark, that confirms our dominance of Scottish Football. We should prioritise only two competitions next year; The League and Europe.


    The two domestic Cup competitions should only feature players out with our first team match day squad. Basically, fringe players and youth players, and first teamers returning from injury. This should cut down the number of games our first team squad have to play each season, and hopefully this should result in fewer injuries. If our first team do not feature in Scottish Cup ties, and can wrap the League up with a few games to spare, then the first team squad could add as much as four weeks on to their close season, and really improve our chances of success in the qualifying games for the CL and/or EL.


    Our youths and projects would benefit from more games against a higher calibre of opposition, and having the opportunity to play first team competitions may make it easier to both procure and retain top young talent. Who knows? Our second team might even prevail in the Cup Competitions.


    So I reckon that next season is the time to stop hoovering up more Scottish baubles, be bold, and put everything in to the title and Europe.





  9. glendalystonsils on




    There’s logic in what you say but I doubt if Lenny (or his successor) would agree with you. If we claim a third treble , just think what an astounding feat a fourth would be!



    Having said that , I don’t think we could fight on 4 fronts right up to the business end of the season (or three assuming the LC was in the bag) so yes, the league and Europe would be the priority.

  10. SOT and DD on last Thread.



    I was in Valencia on Thursday when I saw zomers DD referred to standing arms outstretched


    come ahead fashion as Robocop tried to clear 3 lane city center main road of Celtic fans.



    Vast majority of fans were behaving but we have some that don’t deserve to wear the colours.



    Then I saw Robocops react and basically anyone in their reach was fair game.



    My brother had been pre-warned by his Spanish mate that the specific cops deployed would take


    no prisoners so to speak.

  11. Hunderbirds Are Gone


    The principle that you talk about is not too dissimilar to the later stages of our invincible 69 game run. I seem to remember a few games where we were a goal up, or even drawing at home with 15 – 20 to go and the priority was more about avoiding defeat than going for another goal. And whilst the run continued, it offered no real chance to rest players or introduce youngsters etc. So, yes, there can actually be a downside to winning consecutive games and/or trophies.


    I think there’s merit in what you suggest. We would of course sill be trying to win every game we play and may well still win one or both cups. But if we make fans aware in advance where our priorities lie and be up front about it then I see no problem there.


    In a similar vein, publicising at the start of next season that we do not intend to kick the ball out of the park when opponents go down injured and that we don’t expect our opponents to do that for us would also be more than welcome! Motherwell hasn’t yet been erased from my mind!

  12. Any yous music lovers interested in seeing a living legend up close get yerself along to see Jimmy Cliff At BAAD in the Barras.


    Another reason? It’s on 25/5, and it’s a Saturday.

  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I have tried and tried but I just can’t get the lid off the box.


    Imo, there are two possible explanations for this:


    1) The cat is indeed present in the box and is alive as it is patently holding the lid on with it’s claws.


    Or 2) There is no cat inside the box, or indeed anything at all. This total vacuum has resulted in the lid sealing itself on to the box.


    I hope this sates your curiosity on the matter ?



  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jobo,- a club in England a couple of seasons ago,wrote to every other club in the league, and told them not to put the ball out of play for injuries, as they would not be doing it.

  15. Cosgrave is out of the cup game but not our game, kinda lessens their chances, as does the shinnie rumours




    Have read the subject but a wee request to m


    Mad MITCH , before you start you posts can you please include a list of your abbreviations and what they mean. On previous blog you listed players we have signed etc. Sorry I just slipped past because you it looked like you had more abbvs (see what I did there! ) than days in the year.


    Enjoy your posts but my old brains knackered trying to figure out who/what your on about. ;-))



  17. Hunderbirds



    In theory it’s not a bad idea. There are lots of plus points as you’ve laid out.



    However, for as long as Sevco remain trophyless, which they have been since inception in 2012, I would be loathe to open the door to them.



    Can you image them winning both cups next season? It doesn’t bear thinking about!



    Jordan Jones signed for sevco then scored the winner against them not long after.


    Huns wanted his contract ripped up.


    Professionals have a duty to act professionally.


    Surely not everyone wants to be like Calderwood’s Dunfermline?

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I agree. I think the idea is sound, but as GLENDALYSTONSILS said, perhaps the coaching staff and players would think differently. On thinking on this more, perhaps more… ahem… mature supporters like you and I, would agree on prioritising Europe. We have seen many cup victories in our time. Younger supporters may feel differently.


    I feel European participation is increasingly more important to our budget. A more professional SFA & SPFL May be able to generate more money for Scottish Football than the current blazer wearing buffoons, but in such a small market, as Scotland will remain, the ceiling is low, and will remain so. Europe? the healthy participation fees and Prize money aside, European competition will increase our exposure to potential markets and therefore allow us to maximise sponsorship and advertising income. Successful sides (success here means regular group stage participation) sell more strips and merchandise too.


    To survive and to thrive we must have European participation. People may point to the demise of Original Rangers, as a warning to what can happen if we financially overreach in our quest for success in European Competition. I posit, times have changed. Rangers over stretched their resources, when Scottish Football was a duopoly.


    Is it not now a monopoly?


    Differentlandscape. CSC



  20. BATEEN BHOY on 7TH MARCH 2019 12:43 PM



    Yes I agree. Celtic treated that Aberdeen game like a friendly, we even let Shay Logan strutt his stuff in front of a packed Paradise.


    It was a nice day to watch and party. Most of us tolerated the downbeat performance as we had bigger fish to fry.



    Apart from being statically recorded in the record books and for those who took money off the bookies, the game was a non event.


    Paul 67 knows this of course.




  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Looks like the Sevco v Sheep game won’t be live on TV,as CL games are on,gives Clancy an ideal chance to follow Brother Muirs cheating v Killie, under the same circumstances ,Clancy will already have been briefed on the Moreloss card issue,oh and look out for Douglas (red card,red card) Ross MP running the line.

  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    I know, it does seem against our DNA to give Sevco a break in anyway. Personally I think Europe is so important to our future that we should at least consider it. It would be interesting to know how the support felt on this. Anyone in here with any clout on other blogs?


    I wonder how a survey question to the support like, “Would you support Celtic only playing squad players in Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup ties, to allow the first team to focus on the League and European competitions” would pan out?



  23. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Thinking about it, if we made such an announcement, we could all enjoy watching Sevconian heads exploding. ???



    Toomoonbeamy? CSC



  24. My friends in Celtic,



    Personally I do not think that was a penalty last night at the PSG v Man Utd game.


    The referee was in perfect position as were his assistants and initally awarded a corner. It’s not a positive move, it’s a fudge.



    Do players and supporters now refuse to celebrate a goal in fear of looking stupid ?


    Do players hound the referee for every tackle or perceived hand ball in the box.


    Does a panel decision have to be unanimous? Bearing in mind a penalty must be awarded only if the referee is 100% sure.



    Subsequently ; Why have linesmen, dudes behind the goal and a 4th official. Only need a focal point in black to convey the cameras decision.



    Imo this technology is perfect for establishing whether the ball has crossed the line but that’s it.


    It will take all passion from the stadium and is pandering to tv. Very apt the ref signifies it with a tv sign




  25. mike in toronto on




    There have been a few penalties given in the last few days based on VAR that I think were completely wrong … no effort by the defender to play the ball, but moving and, in some cases, wasn’t even looking when the ball hit is arm (which, admittedly, was not right by his side …. but, when you are moving around, arms move).



    But, for me, if I were going to change any rules to improve the game, it would be ….



    1. the offside rule … unless there is clear daylight between the forward and the last defender, the forward is onside …. at the very least, really give the forward the benefit of the doubt … encourage teams to try to attack.



    2. for a similar reason, if a ball is rolling out, and the defender stops the forward from playing the ball, (which they do now, in order to win a throw or a goal kick), the defender should have to play the ball, or else it is obstruction (if the forward could otherwise play the ball)…. it would cut down the nummber of stoppages, and increase the number of offensive opportunities…



    those two things … goals would follow…. so, VAR would be less relevant perhaps.

  26. Why will Gary Parker ‘never be back at Celtic Park’



    What happened with him?

  27. The risk of constant tinkering with a team was evident in BR’s tenure.


    All teams require consistency of selection.


    Integration of players has to come on a singular basis until a comfort level and understanding is achieved.


    Spread out over the 3 Scottish competitions would be the way .


    If we do decide that we are willing to sacrifice a domestic trophy then it should only be the League cup.


    I think a weekly friendly between combined youth and first teamers utilizing our full squads would be a better way to prepare.


    You could pick teams that are about skill and flair and the opponent could have remit to nullify,


    Would help players to face different systems rather than the ten men behind the ball we face in Scotland.


    We could even have cheating refs to make it realistic.

  28. MIT,



    Offside is hard enough to contemplate with all the rule changes. But now the football authorities can’t even agree if the assistant referee ( Linesman) signals for offside or not.



    Nowadays it’s not just the fairer sex that have trouble understanding the rule. No misogyny intended if the pc enforcers are lurking.




  29. SOUTHSIDE on 7TH MARCH 2019 1:24 PM



    Any yous music lovers interested in seeing a living legend up close get yerself along to see Jimmy Cliff At BAAD in the Barras.



    Another reason? It’s on 25/5, and it’s a Saturday.





    Also the date of the Cup Final? when (hopefully) Lenny’s Lions give us something more to celebrate.



    Saw Jimmy a number of years ago at a Summer festival. I’m not normally a fan of festivals but Jimmy worked his magic on the crowd and it was a great night.



    I would recommend !!!



    Most recent reggae adventure in Glasgow was Toots a couple of years back. Awesome.

  30. South Of Tunis on

    VAR –



    The penalty given to Manchester United was justified according to an Italian Ex Ref / media pundit . According to him UEFA Refs have been instructed to consider something called Natural Body Silhouette Another pundit scoffed at that – ” compare the silhouettes of eg -Gattuso and Pirlo ” .



    2 Var penalty incidents in last night’s Porto v Roma . First one rightly picked up a mega stupid no need tug on a jersey by Florenzi. Porto player wasn’t going to reach the ball . Second one possibly missed a penalty for Roma (looked like there was contact to my eyes )






  31. NATKNOW on 7TH MARCH 2019 3:01 PM



    Didn’t even realise it was it was cup final day, makes it even better (here’s hoping)



    Jimmy has amazing energy for an auld yin and what a back catalogue!



    Seen Toots recently at swg3 and he’s definitely still got it!


    First Toots gig I went to I managed to get the venue wrong. Myself and mrs ss got off the bus at the 02 academy, thought it was a bit quiet outside, checked the ticket, abc…..doh! Jumped in a taxi and still managed to catch most of the gig.

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