Dermot Desmond puts on the greasepaint


Dermot Desmond held his hands up in an interview with club media, acknowledging mistakes that led to the collapse this season “without qualification”.  In reality, there is usually a myriad of reasons why any project fails but ownership of mistakes is the first step in putting things right.

He challenged “conjecture coming from some journalists, commentators and pundits that they foresaw the outcome of this season”.  In my preview ahead of the new season starting in August, I put our chances of winning the league at 70%, up from my estimate for the previous season of 50%.  I doubt anyone expected the abruptness of the collapse, but many of us are not totally surprised to be in second place.

The interview discusses managerial recruitment, “process is underway and is taking place privately” and acknowledges the high turnover in playing squad ahead this summer and a commitment to learn from mistakes made.

I get that Dermot Desmond is reluctant to take a higher profile role at the club, the hostility fired the board’s way, even during the quadruple treble era, was unrelenting.  Remoteness is not always a friend, though.  Dermot might feel the same frustrations and disappointments as the rest of us, but if he never shares these feelings, a sense of aloofness builds in the vacuum.

The board overwhelmingly present to the fans through the chief executive, with the chairman on his feet one day a year and signing the odd statement, and the major shareholder a largely unknown figure.  It is unbalanced; it does not serve the board and therefore the club well.

Dermot, in your statement you said, “football is not an exact science”, which is correct.  It is as much an art, theatre for the millions.  You need to put on the greasepaint more often.

Hearts, ha!  Knocked Newco Rangers out of the Scottish Cup last season, lost to Brora Rangers this season, who have played only one game since Hearts brave but futile attempt to stop our record fourth consecutive triumph.  Not that it made me worry about Falkirk…………..

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    LIONROARS67 on 24TH MARCH 2021 12:39 PM


    TANGBHOY on 24TH MARCH 2021 12:29 PM



    New CEO with zero football experience buying a new squad




    Not worried about the new CEO not having football experience as long as he hires an excellent DoF.



    Logical order of hire should be CEO / DoF / Head Coach-Manager / Scouting Team / Coaching Team / Players.



    Leaving things as late makes it very difficult to do all that in order if we only get DoF after CEO gets into post. Hopefully that DoF role can get filled very soon, then the other appointments can flow from that.






  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Daily Record is abysmal, no mention of who attacked that chap the other night. No Mention of football colours, supporters of which club etc. Truly shameful!

  3. squire danaher on




    I agree entirely.



    However I think we need to accept the likelihood that either



    1) PL has a hand in process, or


    2) that the imagination of our EPL Fanboy OF board stretches no further than currently unemployed Keane, Wilder and Lampard, or maybe S Clarke after the Euros.

  4. &7%5XXXX!!!!! aww mate……..@XXXX!!!!!…ya &&&!



    tellt ye!!! listen @ZZZ!!!!!!! Lawwell







    Jock Tamson’s Ear Bangers.

  5. Paul67 said he rated out chances of the league this season as 70% and DD said nobody could see the collapse coming,



    Might be some truth in that but I wonder how our chances were rated in October/November. The board came out and backed a manager that was clearly struggling while our season was still salvageable. Most people on here could see that keeping the status quo would result in what we’re seeing now. Paul67 said himself that things would get worse. This isn’t hindsight.

  6. Tierney is being bigged up by Arsenal in the media. It looks like they are advertising him for sale to a big club.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    SQUIRE DANAHER on 24TH MARCH 2021 2:09 PM



    Hi Squire – you might well be right.


    I’m clinging on to the hope that they do this the right way.



    Given it is the same people making the decisions, I might end up less than happy with the outcome.



    The CEO seems a good first appointment though.



    Fingers crossed for the rest!






  8. Rolling_Stone on

    Couple of points Paul:



    Why did you rate our chances of winning the league in 19/20 as low as 50%, proceeding on the back of a treble treble, a turnover north of £100m (in 17/18) and £40m in the bank? Our nearest rivals were going into their 4th league campaign in the top flight, having gone through 3 managers in the process.



    Was your rating of our chances as being 50/50 not representative of how poorly our club is run?



    “I get that Dermot Desmond is reluctant to take a higher profile role at the club, the hostility fired the board’s way, even during the quadruple treble era, was unrelenting.”



    No it wasn’t. It started to gain traction during BR’s 3rd summer here on account of the transfer window (and quite rightly so) and increased further with the full time employment of Neil.



    However, it’s wrong to pretend that the opinion held by many during BR’s days equated to that held during NL’s.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DD and his OF Trademark, is only clinging on to the vain attempt to get to a better league, then he could cash out,.

  10. Reading back,I think far too many have had their heads filled with nonsense about managerial appointments .The MSM,especially in Scotland ,laughing their arses off at us.Its not Celtic,thats the problem,its the SPFL.Its our budget.Most of the managers touted,would not step foot in Scotland,for a lot of reasons,and that excludes Celtic.3 plastic pitches,the rest like ploughed Tattie fields.Opposing teams filled with hammer throwers.The Bigot mob across the City.A transfer budget,they would expect for a prospect.I mean,the whole of the budget.


    Taking an in depth look at how the supporters reacted after 9 Leagues,and Quadruple Treble.Give any prospective manager the wobbles.No time will be given to him to build a team,and win the lot.This is the job.


    A support already at war with the Board.PL,and Lenny were the targets.Now its moved on to Bankier,and Desmond.Would take a couple of bad results,before they moved onto him.This is the job.


    If I was a manager,with a reputation,or even trying to build one,this is a job I would avoid at present.

  11. !!BADA BING!! on 24TH MARCH 2021 1:03 PM


    AN DÚN on 24TH MARCH 2021 12:38 PM


    Desmond was disingenuous in his assertion that no one foresaw the collapse at the start of the season.



    I respectfully disagree, it’s the opinion of a man ,who is so out of touch with the supporters, and what is happening at Celtic Football Club. HH



    I don’t know if DD is familiar with the expression ‘sicken yer happiness’, but I can assure him that that was EXACTLY what Mr Lawwell did to me and my mate minutes after starting our rejoicing at achieving the Trinityoif Trebles. Instead of continuing to party to celebrate the cup win and the Treble we started to conjure up and discuss the likely pace of decline under Neil bhoy. So, BADA, like you I see his musings as those of a guy quite out of touch with the supporters. We aren’t all daft Dermot!

  12. onenightinlisbon on

    The “collapse” was on the cards when they appointed the new manager in the showers at Hampden. Nothing from his latest statement suggests that they have learned or will not make the same mistake again.

  13. Regarding people forseeing the problems in the coming season, some


    CQNers certainly saw the problems.


    Here are some comments during the first game against Hamilton.


    Pity Adi_dassler wasn’t on the coaching staff.



    adi_dassler not for 2nd best on 2nd August 2020 5:27 pm



    Crossballs will be our achilles heal this year if we dont defend crosses.



    glendalystonsils on 2nd August 2020 5:24 pm



    Need to put this game to bed asap in the second half . Hamilton dangerous from set pieces against our slightly sloppy defence .



    Coneybhoy on 2nd August 2020 5:07 pm



    Very poor defending 3 times today and one goes in. A lot of work to do in training.



    Uncle Jimmy on 2nd August 2020 5:19 pm



    We look sharp. Zipping the ball around nicely. Love the overlap and low crosses from left hand side.



    Defending at corners isn’t great and Hamilton tackles are a little nasty


    Philbhoy on 2nd August 2020 5:49 pm



    If we have 5 subs we should make changes now, shoorly?


    ‘GG on 2nd August 2020 5:51 pm



    It’s going to be a busy season Neil. Let’s see some subs


    Gene on 2nd August 2020 6:02 pm



    Need to be defending these crosses better


    Turkeybhoy on 2nd August 2020 6:09 pm



    Far too much careless play crept in.Too many passes,touches on the ball.We are giving away corners .



    Almost spooky…..

  14. A MAN has been arrested in connection with the alleged murder of a dad in Easterhouse.



    The 22-year-old is said to have been involved when Kamil Charyszyn lost his life on Conisborough Road on Sunday.



    The father-of-two is alleged to have been stabbed to death.



    READ MORE: Fundraiser launched for murdered Easterhouse dad Kamil Charyszyn



    Now, officers have confirmed they have made an arrest and a report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.



    A force spokesman said: “With reference to our previous release regarding the death of a 35-year-old man in Conisborough Road in Easterhouse, Glasgow on Sunday, March 21, please note: a 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death.






    “Police enquiries are ongoing.



    Glasgow Times: Officers on the scene on Monday


    Officers on the scene on Monday


    “A full report will be forwarded to the procurator fiscal.”



    Following the death of the Kamil, a fundraiser has been launched to support his family with thousands pledged in less than 24 hours.



    Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar backed the fund and identified Kamil as a Celtic fan.



    He said: “I hope all decent people come together to help them through this horrific time.”



    More to follow…

  15. This from the person who has set up the Fund Raising page for Kamil Charyszyn:



    “This was NOT football related, please keep the comments away from that in respect to the family.”



    Karl Marx foresaw and predicted the most recent recession because he was always predicting the inevitable colapse of Capitalism.






    He wasn’t. If he thought that the collapse of capitalism was inevitable he wouldn’t have spent so much time and energy in trying to establish a political movement to hasten its demise.

  17. Re Karl Marx,SFTB and ernie lynch,



    I was under the impression that Marx predicted a process which would lead to the fall of capitalism.I didn`t think he was ALWAYS predicting this and I thought he DID think the fall was inevitable.

  18. So, here’s a scenario for us this season.



    We reach the SC final and are due to play Aberdeen in the final. Do we…….?



    a) Play Scott Brown because he’s a proven winner and will enhance his medal count?



    b) Drop him cos his heid’s already gome to Aberdeen and his legs left long ago



    or c) Bring him on for the last minute if we are winning.

  19. Karl Marx himself could have foretold this season’s unfolding …. and he’s deid.



    Meanwhile, Groucho Marx was seemingly in charge of defence drills..



    HH jg

  20. Rolling_Stone on

    Yes I remember when people were thinking we were going to blow TIAR when BR was at the helm. Trebles, domination of Sevco, European participation…yes, we all thought we would blow the Ten.



    Of course, that wasn’t the thinking but people like to pretend it was so they can say ‘you were bound the be correct eventually’.



    Truth is, the zeitgeist changed when we downgraded to NL and many Celtic fans, both here and on other sites, noted thier disappointment with that appointment at the time.



    Of course, I don’t think anyone predicted losing the league by the largest margin in 100 years or conceding a record equalling number of goals in the Europa League. Yep, Neil really brought the thunder.

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