Dermot Desmond puts on the greasepaint


Dermot Desmond held his hands up in an interview with club media, acknowledging mistakes that led to the collapse this season “without qualification”.  In reality, there is usually a myriad of reasons why any project fails but ownership of mistakes is the first step in putting things right.

He challenged “conjecture coming from some journalists, commentators and pundits that they foresaw the outcome of this season”.  In my preview ahead of the new season starting in August, I put our chances of winning the league at 70%, up from my estimate for the previous season of 50%.  I doubt anyone expected the abruptness of the collapse, but many of us are not totally surprised to be in second place.

The interview discusses managerial recruitment, “process is underway and is taking place privately” and acknowledges the high turnover in playing squad ahead this summer and a commitment to learn from mistakes made.

I get that Dermot Desmond is reluctant to take a higher profile role at the club, the hostility fired the board’s way, even during the quadruple treble era, was unrelenting.  Remoteness is not always a friend, though.  Dermot might feel the same frustrations and disappointments as the rest of us, but if he never shares these feelings, a sense of aloofness builds in the vacuum.

The board overwhelmingly present to the fans through the chief executive, with the chairman on his feet one day a year and signing the odd statement, and the major shareholder a largely unknown figure.  It is unbalanced; it does not serve the board and therefore the club well.

Dermot, in your statement you said, “football is not an exact science”, which is correct.  It is as much an art, theatre for the millions.  You need to put on the greasepaint more often.

Hearts, ha!  Knocked Newco Rangers out of the Scottish Cup last season, lost to Brora Rangers this season, who have played only one game since Hearts brave but futile attempt to stop our record fourth consecutive triumph.  Not that it made me worry about Falkirk…………..

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Roy Keane?



    When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

  2. ZIGGYDOC1 on 25TH MARCH 2021 8:56 AM



    a) `Subliminal` is a much used word in my vocabulary.It is where we will find what we truly believe but not always easily accessible.



    b) Because I enjoy going to see Celtic, I, too, will be renewing.

  3. SQUIRE DANAHER. From that link,I quite liked this comment by Aidan O`Reilly:



    “So…who does everyone want next year after Keane?”

  4. I do not want Keane….But..



    What is the alternative – John Kennedy. No Thanks.



    If it is Keane well we know there is going to be a clear out anyway so maybe DD will be throwing some big cash at him to get his own team on the park who in turn will play for him.



    Then again maybe not and maybe I’m being brainwashed.



    D :)

  5. TIMMY7_NOTED on 25TH MARCH 2021 8:12 AM


    ‘Ethnic cleansing and the 17% is back!!! Anyone know who this 17% is?







    JHB is a troll who spends his whole life trying to frighten the life out of normal people who only want the best for the families and friends. He would have us all at each others throats’








    Unfortunate choice of words given recent events.



    Still, onwards and upwards to the broad sunlit uplands of a free and separate Scotland (well as free and separate as any country can be while trying to meet the economic criteria for admission to the EU) .



    And if anyone is concerned about any intensification of anti Irish Catholic bigotry that might result they can always move to England, which, curiously, is largely free of such a scourge.

  6. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Speculation is dangerous



    My view on Roy Keane:



    Sunderland he got the attention of the players because he was fresh off the field as a player (and what a player) but eventually he lost them. IMHO because his personality was single minded with no empathy for individuals. He became what he was as a player – a bully and people do not respond well to bully’s


    He got the best out of Sunderland for a year then it crashed



    Ipswich I cannot think of a positive thing that happened at Ipswich when he was there I think it was the end of club management



    Ireland he was “guided” by Saint Martin I think he kept himself out of controversy but not sure he commanded the respect of the players



    Then we have Sky Sports he can argue his point and is often funny – but I am not sure he intends to be funny – he chases conflict he loves an argument



    Would I personally like him as my boss – NO



    After we lost to the Huns at home last year it was my opinion that we were in big trouble and needed to change our Manager – I suggested Keane as I felt he could have shaken us out of our slumber, would have had an immediate impact and made an effort to get the 10. He was also available. I would have traded winning 10 IaR knowing the season after would have been very unpredictable. But 10 was the priority



    Now the 10 has gone we need to think beyond one year and for that reason Roy is not for me




  7. Hoopsman Brian #BriSquad








    Only last night was I told that Celtic held talks with an Italian coach but no name given and now this. I hope it’s just the process #Shaking






    D’Parcsa Ammaton

  8. squire danaher on

    Well documented suspicion regarding Keane is that, based on his MU career, and difficulties within other lesser settings, including his national team, that he “doesn’t suffer fools”.



    His management style is regarded as a bit “bull in a China shop”.



    You would like to think that our PLC/DD would question;



    1) How will our pampered pooches cope with such an approach,


    2) How RK would cope with their distinct ‘back of the bus’ tendencies and


    3) How RK will deal with the snideyness of the SMSM

  9. DAVID66 on 25TH MARCH 2021 10:01 AM



    Not many things would make me want Kennedy to be given the gig full-time.



    However, the idea of Roy Keane is making me think that exact thing.



    I’d take almost anyone over Roy Keane.



    People on here have scoffed at the idea of “dinosaurs” such as Mick McCarthy, Sean Dyche etc….far superior managers to Roy Keane.

  10. SQUIRE DANAHER on 25TH MARCH 2021 10:54 AM



    The first thing they should question is his CV as a manager.

  11. To post my honestly held opinions & fears for the 17% of Scotland’s population who see themselves as Catholic/Celtic/of Irish descent, of whom I am one, in an independent Scotland is something that I will continue to do.



    James Forrest, someone with whom I cannot always agree, posted at 10:00 last last night, a hard-hitting, honest & concise description of the kind of anti-Catholic behaviour that is the norm in Scotland – so much the norm that people can march in the street chaperoned by Scottish Police whilst singing that they wish to be “up to their knees” in our blood and, fifty thousand can gather in a football arena every other week, and do likewise…with impunity it seems – except of course from the odd UEFA fine.



    There is plenty of evidence, historical & contemporary, of the beliefs and motives of the SNP cult over eighty odd years – from co-writers of an original ‘Famine Song’ policy, to their less than even-handed interference in the running of Scottish football over the past few months.



    I don’t expect everyone to agree with me – argue point for point on any issue and explain differing views is what I believe the majority expect of this forum – personal attacks/name calling & abuse is puerile and mimics that for which we rightly hold our ‘enemies’ to account.

  12. Whilst all facts regarding the Easterhouse murder are not in the public domain, it sadly reminds me of the undernoted that happened 26 years ago in Bridgeton.



    Jason Campbell slashed the throat and murdered 16-year-old Mark Scott in an unprovoked attack in Glasgow in 1995 just because he was wearing a Celtic shirt.

  13. Callum McGregor


    321 appearances with 53 goals, 14 medals over 7 seasons.


    Hunskelping goals at Celtic Park, memorably at Hampden and at the Edwardian toilet block.


    2 seasons ago, the player with the most minutes on the park in all of Europe.



    Alan Thompson


    227 appearances with 51 goals, 8 medals over 7 seasons.


    7 Hunskelping goals, including 2 match winning goals, on the down side sent off 3 times all at the toilet block.



    I think we can safely say, legends, equals, no comparisons needed.

  14. Calmac is a totally different type player to Thommo, playing in a different era with a different position.(s)



    I rate Calmac very highly as I did with Thommo.



    No need to compare.



    Imo Calmac should play in the last third.

  15. Anyone think Brown’s departure would be influenced by the possible incoming Keane? If Keane wants to be the undisputed boss in the dressing room then he’d probably prefer to remove SB and appoint his own captain.

  16. I’d find it amazing that a manager would be appointed without the input of a DoF. Surely he’d have to be appointed first.



    And I’d be even more amazed that someone as highly-rated as Fergal Harkin would fancy Roy Keane.



    Paul67 suggested that if a manager’s name is being thrown around publically, then we can probably dismiss it. Let’s hope he’s spot-on here.

  17. GEEBEE1978 – From the other perspective, I doubt RK would want to work “just” as the coach at Celtic under a DOF. It may be one or the other, a step forward or a step back.

  18. Keane is just the red herring in my opinion.


    We are changing the the full structure and modernising the football system was the departing CEO’s advise was it not.

  19. Can anyone recall when Keane came in as a player if he caused any problems or, on the contrary, was someone the team looked up to? who motivated the players to be more professional? To train harder etc.? Looking for the potential positives here . . .



    He’d certainly put a few huns in the media back in their box :)

  20. jason was murdered in the union


    kamil was murdered in the union



    it happened under the union


    every fear you have is from the union


    every big of the paranoia you exhibit is from learned behaviour under the union


    and regardless of how many times you what if? the answers are it happened in the union.



    now stop trying to “tupe” over fact based violence into a situation that has not been voted for.


    As a Roman Catholic i am comfortable with Scotland or a union


    my point to you is stop weaponizing my faith so that your party- labour can access power as you know no power in Eng or Wales after your war criminal leader murdered thousands in iraq.none in Scotland eithet


    Gordon is the source of our banking crisis after another labour govt leaves the country skint.very socialist to give wealth to the rich.



    no more shoddy deals.



    and repetition of error strewn figures never makes it right.



    Has George not got a chat show for you to call in and both you and he can revel in your bigotry.just like you used to do. as embarassing as some of your stuff here.

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