Dermot’s return to the fray, Kodak moment


A Dermot Desmond interview! Remember him? It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our major shareholder, so I am pleased STV got hold of him. His absence for so many years is not in itself an offence, but there has been no evidence he remains engaged with the club, and that’s not healthy.

His comments on Ronny Deila I agree with. Ronny is here because we think he can improve players and therefore improve the team. The evidence cited by Dermot Desmond (Nir Bitton, Tom Rogic), suggests he’s able to do this. There have been downsides of course. Ronny’s twice fallen in the Champions League to lesser-resourced (although decent) teams.

If we’re going to build a team we need to be patient enough to let the guy get on with the job.

The comments about a British league within 10 years are worth examining at a later date, but for brevity: this is no more than blue-sky thinking.

I agree in principle that technological changes are underway which will undermine the BSkyB business model. This model relies on the pull of English Premier League football to deliver high-value subscription rates from a huge portion of the UK population.

We talked in the summer about the switch to what the Americans call ‘cutting the cord’; moving away from expensive subscription TV to watching feeds streamed from foreign broadcasters, effectively free of charge. This is happening and its impact will only increase.

I know lots of CQNers are already consuming their English football in this manner, it works and it’s practically undetectable (i.e. it really is undetectable). But it’s not easy yet. You need to know what you are doing, and you need decent broadband. Products are improving all the time, as is broadband provision. Soon paying £100 per month for TV, as many do, will be a goodwill option.

Should there be even a modest shift in BSkyB’s ability to generate huge revenue from EPL football, the fallout in the English football bubble (it is a bubble) will be swift and structurally damaging.

Getting to the point. English football has a business model with risks which could bring it down. Technological changes are underway which undermine this model. Lots will happen in the next 10 years.

Let me share one of my favourite graphs………..

Kodak had a great marketing slogan, they called a great image a ‘Kodak moment’, when people would turn to their cameras to capture the memory on Kodak paper. The phrase was turned on its head in recent years when the realisation that Kodak’s entire business model was about to be destroyed by digital cameras.

The moment of realisation became the ultimate ‘Kodak moment’, it now meant a moment when you realise technology is about to wipe you out. Those who were saying this about Kodak 20 years ago were mocked. Some of us already think we’ve seen English football’s Kodak moment.

This is Kodak’s market capitalisation between 1989 and 2012, where was your Kodak moment?
Magners have kindly offered some CQNers access to the Fanzone at their Wellpark Brewery, just a few minutes walk from the stadium, on Thursday afternoon, from 4pm until 7pm.

Here’s the deal, email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com and you’ll go in the draw for a ticket.  Give a £1 (or more) to one of the Great Scottish Runners below, in aid of your Foundation, and you will feel a lot better about enjoying the pleasures of Magners’ Fanzone.  Put Magners in the subject line, to make sure your entry gets to the right place.

There will be not be many entries, so if you can make it, get busy…

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Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

Thanks to all who’ve contributed already, you’re absolutely brilliant!

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  1. MACJAY 1242






    “Precisely what I said to TAURANGABHOY earlier on. Who the hell wants to hang about wi people who say-Yes,you’re right-every time you say something?”




    Ma wife!







  2. Canamalar on 30th September 2015 12:49 pm



    From previous



    It was originally (and mostly still is) just one guy called Elliot Higgins. He’s not a trained journalist but I think he started out trying to identify weapons or the remains of them at any rate in google images and youtube clips from Syria to try and identify who was attacking whom with what. He basically became a self educated expert.



    He’s expanded from there and his site was the first to identify that MH17 was shot down by a Russian BUK missile from within Ukraine.



    As far as I can tell (and who really knows these days) he’s as close to independent as you can find.



    The article about barrel bombs does pose the question about why they are using such primitive tools but I think the evidence that they’ve been used is reasonable strong.



    Russian SU jets bombing Syria today apparently.

  3. As I have been on CQN as often as DD has been at Celtic recently I thought it apt to make my first post in a while……



    The sooner the EPL goes baps-up the better!






  4. Lots will happen in the next 10years ?



    Nice prediction Paul :-)



    Anyone got a link to DD interview ?

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    Sevconians and msm just don’t see irony.



    Johnny Hubbard – most penalties



    Wag horn – over half his goals are penalties.



    Wee bammy ferguson – scores loads of goals from midfield , loads of them “…………….



    Yes, you’ve guessed it, penalties.



    Obviously coincidental.

  6. Weeminger, I read the information clearing house and a few other sites recommended on here with articles supplied by some big hitters in the reporting world, they investigate and use documented evidence it’s rarely down to opinion and they are financed by public donations. Some of it reinforces my suspicions but sometimes makes me question what I think/thought I knew and it’s not always satisfying. I simply no longer believe the western MSM in anything they report, experience has caused that. So when I see anything backing the western version I immediately mistrust the source and demand evidence from independent non western sources. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/getting-it-right-at-the-back-against-fenerbahce/comment-page-11/#comment-2688580

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    ERNIE LYNCH on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2015 12:39 PM




    You`re right Ernie.



    He did make a reference to Bobo which certainly sounded racist.



    However,that particular term originally just meant a silly person.



    In the fifties nigger brown was a commonly used term.



    Agatha Christie`s “Ten little nigger boys” morphed to “Indians” although that`s probably unacceptable now too.



    Piccaninnies and grandpapas …Lees Macaroon bars.



    Anyway.I`ve said my piece.



    Thanks a lot,Tauranga.:-)

  8. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Do they do free magners in the well park or just tenements



    I work in a whisky bottlers on London Rd and might meet someone in well park who fancies swapping my annual whisky / malt allowance for his beer / cider allowance :)

  9. My Kodak moment came at New Year years ago when whilst dancing to the Pogues full of Guinness, I realised I couldn’t breath, and my dreams of a professional football career were finally over aged 42.


    Drinking and a complete lack of talent did me in the end.

  10. What about doing an interview on CTV Dermot?



    Or the Celtic View?



    PL could be the interviewer!



    …. or the mysterious head of the Celtic PR Dept!







    I had a similar ‘Kodak moment’ at a Saw Doctors gig at the Barras a number of years ago.



    Slipped on a wet floor while dancing(!!) and whacked my heid and nearly passed out.



    Stopped dancing after that.




  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Romulus IV reset to “Discerning Posters”






    Hate to butt in, but for many of us on the blog, Kojo’s advocating of anti-miscegenation was appalling and unacceptable.



    The only reasonable response to him was a forthright challenge to such an offensive opinion.



    The blog misses many, many posters of yesteryear, people of humour, of insight, of honesty. Kojo’s not in their number, let alone their league.

  13. Hearts fans try to burn Ireland flag


    FOOTIE yobs aimed insults at Celtic fans


    HEARTS have slammed a small group of Jambos fans for their drunken antics ahead of Saturday’s clash with Celtic.



    British Transport Police yesterday accused supporters of anti-social behaviour on two trains from Edinburgh to Glasgow.



    A group of 8-10 supporters caused a disturbance on the 10.30am train from Waverley to Queen Street, shouting and swearing repeatedly.



    And another larger group prompted similar complaints after boarding the 1.15 pm Bristol Temple Meads to Glasgow Central service at Haymarket.



    Chief Inspector David Marshall said: “This sort of behaviour is appalling and absolutely unacceptable and why football supporters feel the need to behave in such a manner is beyond me.



    “There are other passengers on the train who are not attending the matches and should be able to travel, and work without having to be faced with it.”



    Hearts have also appealed to fellow fans to help identify those involved.



    A club statement said: “Heart of Midlothian Football Club strongly condemns any anti-social and offensive behaviour carried out by a small group of its supporters at the weekend.



    “The club works tirelessly to create a family friendly atmosphere at Tynecastle and in the surrounding area and we expect all supporters to take these standards with them whenever the travel to see Hearts.



    “We apologise to those individuals who were rightly upset by what seems to have been totally unacceptable behavior and can assure them that the individuals in question do not represent the club or our values.



    “This minority of fans claiming to support the club are not welcome at Hearts and we will be working very closely with British Transport Police to help identify any individual who is besmirching the good name of Heart of Midlothian Football Club and bring them to justice.”



    A video showing Hearts supporters clashing with police as they try to burn an Irish tricolour and sing offensive songs about Scotland legend Jock Stein is also circulating on social media.

  14. JinkyRedStar



    Was aware of that game but not about the fact that Jinky went out and destroyed them in the 2nd half.


    Quite a deal that Jock struck at half time regarding not having to fly to the away tie.


    Amazing bit of motivation :)

  15. .



    Good Article Paul67..



    Getting your TV via Streaming in Australia is imo a Couple of Years ahead of the U.K..



    Foxtel which is our SKY was about $100 a month well over 10 Years ago..they can’t give it away for $25 a month now..



    Also SetantaOz tried to Charge Celtic supporters $25 a game to see the Likes of Dunfermline at 2am in our own CSC clubs over 10 Years ago.. That was Never going to Work..



    The Technology that Helped SetantaOz broadcast these games in Pubs all over Australia is Now available on Your Smartphone or Laptop that You can Airdrop on to a 65 inch screen on your back Deck if You want..



    I’m Sure the American Bhoys will have similar stories as Me..



    It’s Not just SKY that Need to change there Game plan.. Clubs all over the UK will need to Realise to get Supporters through the Turnstiles the will need to UP their Game.. And Lower there Prices.. Significantly in some Places it seems ..



    People No Longer have there Head in the Clouds as SKY are Finding Out..




  16. His comments on Ronny Deila I agree with. Ronny is here because we think he can improve players and therefore improve the team. The evidence cited by Dermot Desmond (Nir Bitton, Tom Rogic), suggests he’s able to do this. There have been downsides of course. Ronny’s twice fallen in the Champions League to lesser-resourced (although decent) teams.



    If we’re going to build a team we need to be patient enough to let the guy get on with the job.



    If we would invest in players at the right time instead of taking the chance the last to seasons we would be in the CL.







  17. Apricale



    Never knew about the Fiorentina game and Jinky’s performance.


    He must have been amazing to play with when he was like that.


    Just give him the ball and stand back.


    As much as it would be amazing to be on his side imagine facing him!


    Must have been a long long game!

  18. I have just finished re-reading The Seville Movement” and it was sad to see so many of the CQN’ers whose posts made up a large part of the book are no longer posting.



    Re Kojo, he was a Celtic supporter, no matter what his other opinions and feelings were.



    As for him being an old fellow, I’m not sure about that as he was always saying he was just back fae the jiggin’.



    I sometimes wish I was still able to jig.



    We can all dream I suppose.

  19. Summa,



    firstly, hope you are enjoying your stay back in ML4!


    If you are about in the next week or so, can meet up for lunch if it suits, as Im local just now.


    Know you’ll be busy so no worries if it doesnt suit.



    As for the streaming, I recently bought an android TV box and its all there for the taking, live games galore, movies, probably every TV series ever made etc. Lets just say that my when my current contract with Virgin expires, i’ll be heavily downgrading my package! Their b/band is very good though, which is a must for the box to work effectively.



    Unless Murdoch and co can find a way to legally block this (and in Establishment UK you can rule out nothing when it comes to money!) i can see their subscriptions taking a pounding, as clearly happened in Oz.






  20. DD is only here for the golf,he was at the Dunhill last year,and couldn’t bother his ar$3 to come to a game at CP at the same time.

  21. I still can’t see a British League any time soon. Even if Sky go belly up, you have Bt waiting in the wings to come in and swoop up the product at half the price. That would mean us getting closer to their coat tails but getting less from out sales. Remember transfers to the EPL make about 15% of our turnover.


    The downfall of English football is The English. They wrap themselves in their football culture and promise themselves they are the best. They are not even as good as Belgium on a National scale. Their inferior performances on the top tier at the Champions League leave them with a bespoke product. Success is measured on what happens against Stoke or Sunderland while Barca, Real and Bayern wipe the floor with them on the continent. Man City have spent over a billion on failure.


    That said, it’s a failure that most fans in England seem to accept. They keep paying over 70 quid a month on average to watch football on TV.


    I can’t see a total turnaround if everyone cuts the cord. All Sky and BT will do is bump up the cost of Broadband. BT control the Broadband market as they own the fibre and can charge huge fees for engineer call outs and unbundling. whrn BT burn off Sky they can then bump up the fibre plus line rental cost to over 50 quid. Add in a few extras and tie folk in with a mobile phone deal (ee deal soon to go ahead) then you have a happy English tv audience.


    Can Jeremy Corbyn not go for a people’s broadband, ban streaming and put Football back on to a 3 pm sat kick off?

  22. GREENPINATA on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2015 11:57 AM


    Bada Bing,







    As per previous discussions the pricing policy of the Europa group games will not maximise attendance.







    Why not is the Question?










    You are right my friend,and the reasons are on these pages daily.We shouldn’t be trying to squeeze more money from less people.HH

  23. Anyone got an idea how ticket sales are looking for tomorrow? Is the “a club like no other section” available for tickets?

  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The Battered Bunnet on 30th September 2015 1:37 pm



    In your opinion.


    Others beg to differ.



    Judge not………….

  25. A British League will never happen.



    Pan-European League(s) will be a reality, but probably not for another 5-10 years.




  26. Many teachers I know had their Kodak moment when new technology was installed in their classrooms. The board’s smarter than the teacher??



    When the bored realised this, it was time to get the hell outta Dodge!

  27. DD has been at the Dunhill for the last umpteen years.



    Fitba comes a distant fourth after family (rightly so), making money and gowf.




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