Dermot’s return to the fray, Kodak moment


A Dermot Desmond interview! Remember him? It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our major shareholder, so I am pleased STV got hold of him. His absence for so many years is not in itself an offence, but there has been no evidence he remains engaged with the club, and that’s not healthy.

His comments on Ronny Deila I agree with. Ronny is here because we think he can improve players and therefore improve the team. The evidence cited by Dermot Desmond (Nir Bitton, Tom Rogic), suggests he’s able to do this. There have been downsides of course. Ronny’s twice fallen in the Champions League to lesser-resourced (although decent) teams.

If we’re going to build a team we need to be patient enough to let the guy get on with the job.

The comments about a British league within 10 years are worth examining at a later date, but for brevity: this is no more than blue-sky thinking.

I agree in principle that technological changes are underway which will undermine the BSkyB business model. This model relies on the pull of English Premier League football to deliver high-value subscription rates from a huge portion of the UK population.

We talked in the summer about the switch to what the Americans call ‘cutting the cord’; moving away from expensive subscription TV to watching feeds streamed from foreign broadcasters, effectively free of charge. This is happening and its impact will only increase.

I know lots of CQNers are already consuming their English football in this manner, it works and it’s practically undetectable (i.e. it really is undetectable). But it’s not easy yet. You need to know what you are doing, and you need decent broadband. Products are improving all the time, as is broadband provision. Soon paying £100 per month for TV, as many do, will be a goodwill option.

Should there be even a modest shift in BSkyB’s ability to generate huge revenue from EPL football, the fallout in the English football bubble (it is a bubble) will be swift and structurally damaging.

Getting to the point. English football has a business model with risks which could bring it down. Technological changes are underway which undermine this model. Lots will happen in the next 10 years.

Let me share one of my favourite graphs………..

Kodak had a great marketing slogan, they called a great image a ‘Kodak moment’, when people would turn to their cameras to capture the memory on Kodak paper. The phrase was turned on its head in recent years when the realisation that Kodak’s entire business model was about to be destroyed by digital cameras.

The moment of realisation became the ultimate ‘Kodak moment’, it now meant a moment when you realise technology is about to wipe you out. Those who were saying this about Kodak 20 years ago were mocked. Some of us already think we’ve seen English football’s Kodak moment.

This is Kodak’s market capitalisation between 1989 and 2012, where was your Kodak moment?
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Thanks to all who’ve contributed already, you’re absolutely brilliant!

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  1. Disappointed that the largest share holder opened his mouth at the golf today, A sad day that that man said Celtic want those cheating Basas up into the Premier League. I said that if they come up I’ll never go to another game,and I mean it.


    Why did he buy shares? He very rarely attends games at Celtic Park,we all get stuck into Peter Lawell at times, but he’s only doing the golfers dirty business, the Celtic Charity should raffle his seat every week at Celtic Park for he doesn’t attend, the charities would gather in a few thousand a year,He’s not a Celtic supporter either,if he was,he’d attend the games.

  2. I honestly can’t believe you are getting your knickers in a twist about what the great moustachioed one is saying.


    He cares not for the support, he is a business man and money is his god, the hun are good for business in the boards view, end of.


    Do you really expect him to say anything different.

  3. Paul. Try this on for size.


    How about asking DD to come on here and justify his uncle Tomming in a Q &C A session.


    Don’t think he would score many birdies.

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Some guy the Great Desmondo




    Given that he is …once again …welcoming ‘Rangers back ” … How will those on here who suggested he was only playing along with the same club nonsense explain his latest utterances

  5. Quonno…



    Spot on mate.



    Put them in my work for a few days and they would soon change their tune.



    I’m still batting off zombies after the last PR p**h. HH

  6. PFAYR



    Hard to disagree with that.



    It was previously suggested he might be being younger in cheek but there is no other way to read his utterances.



    Flaming torches to the ready.

  7. Sorry tongue in cheek.






    You got relatives in Thurso?



    See you tomorrow pal.




  8. I have been doing a fair bit of moaning tonight when I should be rejoicing. After all, DD has justified every negative opinion I have ever voiced about him.

  9. Breithla shona Ms Pog Beag agus Mighty T




    Go and wash your mouth out with carbolic soap.


    HH. We don’t need no stinking Sevco

  10. Originally I was scunnerd by DD’s reported love in with the huns but if I’m not mistaken the last time he made a similar statement they folded, could the same be happening ?

  11. bournesouprecipe on 30th September 2015 6:02 pm



    Anybody getting Turkish Airlines when you log in?






    Yeah, seems to me that someone at CQN towers is trying to tell big Cifti something, in a slightly posher way than ‘taxi for…’

  12. What is the Stars on

    Lot of rattlers getting thrown out of the pram over The Kaiser Des statement.


    For once I find myself in complete agreement with exiled tim.


    Why would any one be surprised. Old firm is good for business. Business is good for the kaiser des. And the old firm will ride again whether we like it or not. .unless they go out of business. ..AGAIN! !!

  13. Right through the looking glass now, are we not?



    Only way this farce could go, really.



    Not a fortnight since Glibby admitted Sevco are a new club as he got lost in his own maze, and now Dermot comes along to his rescue, saying they are the same club.



    Way to represent the tens of thousands of Celtic supporters who unwittingly paid for years for the privilege of seeing our team being cheated.



    Well, once bitten, Desmond, ya clown!



    Though for every one of me there’ll no doubt be three others all too happy to get to Oldfirmland.

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on




    Our major shareholder should spend a day or two living


    and working wae the hun.




  15. Wis that no a re-run of his interview from last years Dunhill Golf, same questions,same answers,same agenda,only last year Sevco were expected to be in SPFL Premeirship at this point,DD absent landlord of Parkhead trotted out once again to perpetuate the myth.


    somebody should have a word in his ear,GB mibbee?


    HH and no DD

  16. The utterings of DD, which the Hun media lap right up…are a total disgrace.


    That man is nothing but a fool.


    I wont be buying into his bigot agenda…he can feck right off.


    Celtic supporter my arse.


    He knows nothing about Celtic.


    Should be chased, his conduct is unacceptable.


    Big Muppet.





  17. See all you bhoys in the BV tomorrow around 4ish..looking forward to it and catching up with some auld faces..well that’s most of them.



    As for Dermot gtf…appears from nowhere and spouts the same guff as last year. Time to make it known how we feel about his utterances about Sevco..Dermot gtf.



    As for his crap about England..aye right..he said the same ten years ago and we are further away now than we were then.



    Dermot Dermot GTF




  18. Celtic eye place in future British League set-up



    Celtic still harbour ambitions of playing in a future British League, according to manager Ronny Deila.


    The subject was raised once again when majority shareholder Dermot Desmond predicted such an outcome for Celtic and Glasgow rivals Rangers.


    “It takes time but Celtic is a team that should have the opportunity to play in the best league,” said Deila.


    “Hopefully in the end we can get into the Premiership or a league that is more a British thing.”


    In 2009, English clubs voted against a proposal that would have admitted Celtic and Rangers to a second tier of the Premier League.


    At that time, Richard Scudamore, chief executive of the Premier League, described the idea as a “non starter”.


    This year, the Premier League sold television rights to its games for a record £5.136bn.


    And Deila admits any adjustments to such a successful formula may be a long time coming.


    “I think that (British league) could be possible,” said the Norwegian. “But it is not easy to do things very quickly in Britain.”


    However, Desmond believes the global reach of Glasgow’s big two will eventually lead to change.


    “Celtic and Rangers have an immense fan base throughout the world,” the Irishman told BBC Scotland. “They are teams people want to watch.


    “Ultimately, football matches are about content, whether it’s Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool. I think Rangers and Celtic are in that bracket.


    “So we look forward to maybe a new British league in the future. Everything evolves, nothing is static.


    “I think Celtic and Rangers deserve to be playing against the best teams because they have the best fans in Britain.”


    Having missed out on promotion to the top flight last season, Rangers lead the way in the Championship after winning their opening eight games.


    Dermot Desmond


    Desmond is in Scotland playing at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship


    And Desmond is looking forward to a time when the derby rivals meet on a regular basis.


    “We’ve missed them over the last few season,” he explained. “But I must say Aberdeen have built a quality squad, as have Hearts.


    “We like to compete with Rangers and more often that not we like to beat them.


    “I think it’s good for Scottish football to have clubs of the size of Celtic and Rangers playing each other.”


    Celtic may have missed out on Champions League qualification for the second year running but Desmond is sure the club is on the right path under Deila.


    “We’re an improving team in every respect,” he said. “I think Ronny is doing a really good job.”


    On reaching the group phase of Europe’s premier contest, he added: “It’s very difficult to get through three rounds (of qualifying), there are no easy teams.


    “We will redouble our efforts for next season. It’s not guaranteed. But we’ll do everything within our power to achieve that goal.”

  19. Paul 67 et all


    Blue sky thinking would be to buy Carlisle


    They are a yoyo club, and whilst I am sure they have a passionate fan base, they could be bought for peanuts, put some cash to get them into Championship and then make the switch


    I am pretty sure there is a rule in English football that clubs can relocate up to 90 miles, so long as they don’t encroach on another club.It’s about 95 miles from Carlisle to CP , I am sure that with a bit of creative thinking we could overcome the distance issue.



    If the sporting authorities have a ‘beef’ about it, the next time we sell a Wanyama or VVD use the money in legal fees – European free market competition rules would ultimately throw out any objections.



    PS Visionary thinking would have been to buy Gretna when they played in English leagues and do a Swansea

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    Dermot pops up for the Dunhill Cup each year and casts his pearls before the swine.



    Its a long running gig.



    In my view, the worst thing we ever did was change the Articles to permit him to exceed the 29.9% shareholding limit. It was unnecessary at the time, and has since anchored us to an investment plan that has but a single dimension – the capital gain resulting from Celtic in the EPL.



    Dermot’s all about the destination, not the journey. He’ll say whatever he thinks best suits that outcome.



    Curious that he saves his most incongruous comments for when ‘Rangers’ are in greatest peril.

  21. Celtic Fc are DD’s next London City airport nothing more nothing less in my opinion,Sky are going to get involved in football in the USA with its 250 million of a poulation, to boost it sales, these comments from DD are so antagonist towards normal Celtic fans here none of whom I have heard saying they want to play any incarnation of them again that again he shows his lack of understanding and connection with the view of the fans.

  22. Dermot just embarasses himself on the rare occasions he deigns to speak publicly these days.



    “Missed the Hun?” Nope.



    “Celtic (and Rangers – who?) in a British league?” Oh dear, that one was old ten years ago. Not going to happen. And if he really believes it perhaps he could explain what he is doing to hurry it up? No? Thought not…



    Sounds spectacularly out of touch to me (and I am no board-basher). Perhaps time to sell up to someone who can actually be bothered?

  23. oldtim67 on 30th September 2015 7:15 pm



    I tend to be more of a reader than a poster,however your comment that should Sevco re-appear you would cease attending,has prompted me into a reply.



    I would earnestly encourage you NOT to take this course of action,as individuals with your dedication in matters related to Celtic are in short supply.



    On a personal note I have never had a great deal of time for DD or Iain Bankier for that matter,I like my front men to have a bit of passion and occasionally put their foot in it when supporting the Team.



    The current attitude of take it on the chin, with regard to lost titles,subsequent revenue loss,and blatant officiating cheating,needs highlighting,and a whiskey shop retailer and a dis-interested golfer,don’t cut it.



    Warts and all, I could not see Wilie Haughey being as tolerant. Time for a buy out.

  24. Skyislandisalandfill.



    What time are you coming down, I think Richie has booked the big table,I hope so I’d struggle to stand very long holding a G&T.

  25. Just caught some of DD’s comments on BBC news. To listen to our largest shareholder giving credence to the big lie is bitterly disappointing, ill informed comments regarding Sevco, Especially after the lies and cheating have been exposed on this very blog, as well as Celtic cyberspace over the last few years.



    His ignorance is astonishing. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he has no idea of the magnitude of the lies and cheating that has come from the old Rangers and now the big lie being perpetrated by Sevco in conjunction with the MSM.



    Especially annoying as some of the good folk on this blog has worked so hard on resolution 12, along with the club to expose the blazers utter disregard for the rules.



    Has he really no idea of what has transpired over the last few years? The neglecting of corporate governance by our authorities, ignoring and making up the rules as they go along?



    Does he not understand the anger of our supporters who have lived through the cheating years, and have to read, or listen to the big lie on a daily basis from the MSM and Sevco and their fans.



    Come on Paul, DD has to be taken to task for his ridiculous comments. No wonder so many fans are disconnected from the club at the moment. Just reinforces my opinion of how utterly clueless the ones at the top of our club are.



    HH Dan

  26. Np point in getting yer hooped knickers in a twist about anything DD says.



    He’s an experienced corporate success who instinctively mouths the rhetoric that will wash well with the media and not in any way damage the market value of the brand he’s discussing.



    Anything other than rolling out the OF message would hurt Celtic’s market value. it would be idiotic of him to show any emotion one way or the other, regardless of his own personal thoughts.



    What you got today – and every other time he’s talked about us/them – is interchangeable rhetoric, corporate blandness that stirs no waves.



    And, lol, you gotta admire the SMSM’s obsession with getting the Huns mentioned as often as they can – DD was fed the lines and droned out the replies they wanted to hear. If that’s the sum of their ambition – to get all excited at Celtic’s major shareholder mentioning them, you have to pity more than scold.



    In essence, he said nothing about nothing, and nothing we all haven’t heard before.

  27. West End of East End on

    Maybe DD comes on to CQN when the huns are playing and reads every kick of the ball during the live update and thinks hmmm that’s what Celtic supporters are missing….

  28. DD should be held accountable for his ridiculous views.


    He must be off his fecking head.


    What a total chancer…no respect for that man whatsoever.


    He knows nothing about Celtic.


    Nothing but an eejit.


    Praising the bigots and cheats and trying to associate Celtic with them.







  29. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    So Dick Dastardly canny wait for the return of Sevco



    what a tosser of a man




  30. Captain Beefheart on

    Deary me. It gets worse. Dermot, everybody wants to watch us, just like Madrid? Nope. Sat in various Russian ‘Irish’ bars when Celtic have been playing. People were not interested. Deluded crap.

  31. i am in 138 tomorrow night,



    if i start a



    dermot gtf




    chant will anyone join in ?

  32. The first time Dermot Desmond mentioned WGS was good for football, and ‘good for the balance sheet” fans thought he was taking the madam, but It became a cliché. and he wasn’t joking.



    The first and only time he mentioned ‘The Rangers’ after their demise, I thought he was taking the madam, he wasn’t.



    I’m not surprised by his unreachable isolation from Celtic and Scotland or what has happened to the game.



    Disappointment won’t cover it for Celtic supporters, who listen to his latest interview, Celtic will never fully flourish again, until a supporter is the major shareholder.

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