Describe him as a billionaire


Today, the Daily Record give a remarkable admission on how they report goings-on at Rangers.  Allegations have long been made that some in the old media replaced journalistic analysis with note-taking at the foot of PR agents.  The Record not only admitted this practice, they made a headline story out of it.

Apparently, when asked by the Record about Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte’s wealth, “PR gurus” said, “Describe him as a billionaire”.  At that moment, the legend of the Motherwell born Billionaire took life.  The claim was never interrogated by those present.

Under this cover, Whyte breezed into Ibrox without any of the analysis outside the Celtic online community of where his funding came from, and pitched Rangers onto the path they are now on.

At Celtic we get proper financial information on what’s going on at our club – on time, but we have been fed hoary old tat like “Where did all the Seville/Aiden money go” as though there was any doubt on where our money goes (mostly on wages, before you ask).  Feeding distrust in a club causes harm, but what causes more harm, distrust or utterly ignoring potentially damaging facts about a club?

It wasn’t quite a Mea Cupla from the Record today, in fact, I’m not sure they realise the admission confirms their role in the whole matter, but they also put in print today what has previously scarcely been mentioned outside the Celtic online community, more on this later.  Welcome to the ‘news’.

For the ‘record’, the CQN community were first to describe Mr Whyte as a Thousandaire.  What, still too high?  Mea Cupla!

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  1. Its not to late ghuys, we all know we can’t live without the gers as removing their fan base from the SPL would cost us and everybody else big time, so why not start an online SAVE THE GERS FUND? Some of the more IT literate CQNers could set it up and we could make online donations, and encourage our work mates family and friends to do the same. Lets bail out the gers and save ourselves at the same time.

  2. Good morning from a frosty yet fresh Chilterns



    HI Paul,



    ”Allegations have long been made that some in the old media replaced journalistic analysis with note-taking at the foot of PR agents.



    Accusations of Lazy journalism – I can feel a tagline coming on!



    “Where did all the Seville/Aiden money go?”



    Now they are asking where is the Jelavic money going and the 2015-16 Season ticket money – not only are they playing catch up they seem to be trying to get ahead – Could there be a story here:-)?



    Interesting prediction on Ally McC from the last article, do you know something I don’t? Guess you do – you’re seldom wrong about these things.



    I predicted some time ago he would be gone by Christmas – then he had a bit of a purple patch, which coincided with a pretty tardy Celtic phase.



    Thought that might see him through to THE END!



    “Under this cover, Whyte breezed into Ibrox without any of the analysis outside the Celtic online community of where his funding came from, and pitched Rangers onto the path they are now on.”



    I remember when their Greatest ever player resigned I thought, see even John Grieg gets it why don’t they?



    Some may say winning a treble with your main opponents in disarray is a pyrrhic victory – I’ve got a feeling 2011-2012 maybe very Satisfactory!

  3. The £5m Vat sum is a Criminal Investigation not a Tax Investigation.



    Also will ALL posters please amend ALL Posts with the Initials MBB to MBP Motherwell Born Poundaire por cierto.

  4. Hamilton as I said I believe we have made improvements and that is great


    What leaves a bad taste in the mouth is some employees at Celtic park are still there picking up large salaries


    If a goalie had made this amount of mistakes he would have been booted out long ago

  5. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    sidneytim – i agree mate. we cant let people forget about all of the mistakes that have been made. no matter what else is happenign today the eye cannot come off the ball. you have hit the nail firmly on the face there. the board seem to have got it right this time but we cannot forget all the mistakes or can we forgive the mistakes that have been made. we need to keep this going so people know what is actually happening round here. rangers arent the only team in a mess



    mon the hoops

  6. SFFS, although, he might have made a packet recently.



    KINGLuBO, ah, I see! A lira billionaire!



    Folly Folly, it’s a hard day to get any work done.



    BlantyreKev !*!*



    mhaddog, we’ve been saying “crash and burn” for a while…



    SydneyTim, over any business cycle Celtic spend every penny that comes in – a completely irrefutable fact. Your CEO never gave you an assurance than money coming in late one window would be spent the same week, only that it would be spent. Celtic have been in debt every day for circa 17 years, not a penny rests in the bank.



    Stick with “Where’s all the Seville money”, it’s one of my favourites.



    Speaking of still waiting….



    I’m still waiting on a reply to my email to you about the guy who told you lies about me and which you were kind enough to share here in August last year. Still waiting, as we both say, I hope you get a chance to confirm your source as I explained in my email the damage these lies cost.



    Let’s hope you don’t have to read lies about yourself, I bet that guy could tell a few whoppers about you.



    Swiss Tony, mea too.



    Good Ship Celtica, indeed.



    ASonOfDan, yes, indeed.



    Chairbhoy, indeed.

  7. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    Trying to make sense in regards to the imminent sale of Jelavic?



    if last nights rumour is true & Wednesday is admin day? Then perhaps any monies raised from Jelavic will go straight into Whyte’s sky rocket before the s@@t hits the fan tomorrow? Either that or he’s trying too inflate the coffers as he’s first in the queue of creditors. If this is what he’s doing then surely it would make sense for more assets to be sold off today?

  8. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    Por Cierto,



    Thank you! Now fully understand MBB. Now who’s going to enlighten me with regards to MSM. Know what it refers to, just not what the letters stand for.



    Cheers in advance.





    Sailing On….

  9. awesome work paul phil and rtc



    the new media will continue to set the bar



    as well as all the contributions on here



    well done CQN community


    well done everyone

  10. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I’m sure that will sound a bit quirky! Check out a version of Hells Bells by a girl called Sonny Hodge(?) I got it a few years back from itunes,amazing.

  11. Mmmmm.



    What’s going on?



    The FTT tribunal has finished and it looks likely that the bill will be unaffordable.



    That’s all down to Murray and the previous board members, (including Mr Campbell Ogilvie, lest we forget).



    And now we have an expose of Whyte.



    Who gains from the expose, other than Murray and the old board?

  12. Lucky Number 7, thank you so much for posting that article from the Record. I can never bring myself to buy/visit the site, but wouldn’t want to have missed that for thw world!



    Poor Rangers (and I mean POOR!) :)

  13. What is the Stars on

    I am absolutely astounded that people still criticise the Celtic Board regarding their financial policies


    Today of all days,when the spend spend spend (other peoples money) chickens have finally come home to roost


    Some twit comes on with “yea but what about the Aidan money”


    Sack the board,Boo Fergus


    Be like Rangers





    Good man;my debating skills are fearsome when required,as are yours judging from what I’ve seen,but why exercise the brain cells only to educate pork when two syllables will do?



    I also resort to those two syllables when I’m on the receiving end from an eclectic master,cut it short and GTF is my motto….

  15. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Ha ha ha ha.



    Just tuned in to Talksport to hear Gray’s plaintive sigh when Keyes mentioned the back page of the record.



    Comedy gold.



    A bottle of Veuve chilling nicely for the happy day!



    If they can only hold on till Friday I can really enjoy the birthday bash on Saturday :o)



    Hail Hail



    Paul67, keep it coming.

  16. Sydney and Declan



    TFOD are going to the wall before the tax man takes a ‘penny’ (arcade) off them. The past 3 years rangers have spent more than us, and now it has come to pass they have spent more cash than they had.


    Should we have done the same?



    If there are more non VAT payments the SFA must act, now.

  17. Declan



    when the awards are being handed out, you will be getting my vote for “poster of the year”



    Absolutely brilliant.

  18. Snake Plissken says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:07















    These guys could fetch them some money but no one is interested.






    Theres no point in selling Wallace as the money would have to go to Hearts

  19. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Wee quiz question we got hit with at the weekend (I will add that it was asked at the end of a very boozy 21st party at 0415 which had us talking for about an hour and then the lad asking forgot the answer to some of the players himself :o)



    Name 6 players who have played for 2 of the big 4 in England (Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea) and either Barca or Real Madrid.



    Not sure if this has been done on here before but gave us some fun in working through them.



    Hail Hail

  20. The Battered Bunnet on




    Posted a couple of minutes ago but it seems to have been lost in the ether.



    First up: credit where it’s due: Thousandaire: Copyright The Magnificent Philvis.



    Next up: the reference in the story to JLT – looks like someone flogged their pension fund to pony up the dough for the deal. Oh Dear!



    Next: I’d say, on balance, that the outcome of today’s transfer window will determine whether Rangers can fulfill their fixture obligations. Big story. Big consequences. Who’s on the ball?




  21. Transfer fees spent



    Team 06/07 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 07/08 ,,,,,,,,,08/09 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 09/10 ,,,,,,,,,,,,10/11 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Total


    Aberdeen £25,000 ,,,,,,,,,, £106,000 £453,000 ,,,,,,,,,,,,£81,000 ,, £85,000 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, £750,000


    Celtic £5,865,000 ,,£5,598,000 £7,434,000 ,,, £8,350,000 , £8,150,000 ……………… £35,397,000


    Dundee Utd £650,000 ……….£53,000 …….. £69,000 ………… £52,800 .. £15,300 ………………………. £840,100


    Dunfermline £48,400 …………. £0…….. £39,000 …………… £0 ………. £20,560 ………………………. £107,960


    Hearts £1,188,000 £1,180,000 £176,000 ………… £450,000 …. £0 …………………….. £2,994,000


    Hibernian £240,000 ………..£340,000 £166,000 …………£540,000 £102,000 …………………….. £1,388,000


    Inverness £80,000 ……….. £66,000 ……… £56,000 ………………£0 ………… £0 ……………………….. £202,000


    Kilmarnock £30,000 ……….. £10,000 ………. £20,000 ……………..£0 ……….£88,000 ……………………….£148,000


    Motherwell £132,000 ………..£180,000 £23,000 ………….. £23,000 ….£0 ……………………………….£358,000


    Rangers £3,759,000 ..£6,994,000 £8,798,000 …. £7,339,000 .. £6,420,000 ……………….. £33,310,000


    St Johnstone £44,000 …………….£0 ……… £28,000 …………..£153,120 … £0 ………………………………..£225,120


    St Mirren £130,000 ………………£0 ………….. £0 ……………£30,000 .. £10,000 ……………………….. £170,000



    Figures taken from STV over last 5 seasons

  22. Bear it in mind lads that some people don’t like being proven wrong. There will be a lot of bitter people about today who dismissed all of this as Timmy Fantasy. They will be lashing out. They will not all be Rangers fans….

  23. Big Swee 10-42



    Romeau, McManaman,Makalele,Beckham,Fabregas Pique



    quiz right and huns out of business, a libation will be taken at lunch!!

  24. Sydney Tim.



    Since McGeady was sold, we have brought in (first teamers and prospective first teamers listed) the following players:


























    and have a pre-contract for Fojut.



    We had also recently brought in:













    Now remove the McGeady transfer, i.e. let’s pretend that we never sold him.



    Of those listed above, how many do you think we’d have been able to buy and/or retain?

  25. What is the Stars says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:37



    ‘Sack the board,Boo Fergus


    Be like Rangers’




    The huns don’t question their board.



    It’s not in their nature.



    They are deferential, compliant, obsequious.



    That’s why they’re in the mess they’re in.