Describe him as a billionaire


Today, the Daily Record give a remarkable admission on how they report goings-on at Rangers.  Allegations have long been made that some in the old media replaced journalistic analysis with note-taking at the foot of PR agents.  The Record not only admitted this practice, they made a headline story out of it.

Apparently, when asked by the Record about Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte’s wealth, “PR gurus” said, “Describe him as a billionaire”.  At that moment, the legend of the Motherwell born Billionaire took life.  The claim was never interrogated by those present.

Under this cover, Whyte breezed into Ibrox without any of the analysis outside the Celtic online community of where his funding came from, and pitched Rangers onto the path they are now on.

At Celtic we get proper financial information on what’s going on at our club – on time, but we have been fed hoary old tat like “Where did all the Seville/Aiden money go” as though there was any doubt on where our money goes (mostly on wages, before you ask).  Feeding distrust in a club causes harm, but what causes more harm, distrust or utterly ignoring potentially damaging facts about a club?

It wasn’t quite a Mea Cupla from the Record today, in fact, I’m not sure they realise the admission confirms their role in the whole matter, but they also put in print today what has previously scarcely been mentioned outside the Celtic online community, more on this later.  Welcome to the ‘news’.

For the ‘record’, the CQN community were first to describe Mr Whyte as a Thousandaire.  What, still too high?  Mea Cupla!

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  1. Ciao—–



    Busted flat in Govan-heading for the tube.



    Describe him as an asset stripper —- he strips assets.



    Like a sleazeball who hits on a desperate numb nut woman , feeds her a line , shows her the size of his fake Rolex , moves into her pad and then pawns everything she owns -whilst leaving her with all the debts. He makes a profit , she loses everything..



    No to Newco.———Yes to Liquidation.. Yes to justice

  2. Just get that funny feeling that it’s all being orchestrated a bit to much here and feeling well manipulated.Its been touched upon by others they say timing is everything there was the Smith interview with Traynor and Murray suddenly turning up at the training ground and now the story breaking..So you have a 40/50 thousand fan base looking for a home and a team to support and you open offices down south.Long term strategic planning comes to mind.

  3. enmac, a bampot stands shoulder to shoulder with Neil Lennon on

    RogueLeader says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:46





    Darell King is on tonight as well.

  4. Big Swee


















    for starters

  5. Just wondering if Sally bails out will Wiggy [at last the throne is hear!] be in charge v Dundee Utd….?






    Will the MIBs move to defcon 4 to save the carcass of the deathstar?




  6. Ooops, from last thread.



    This a basic stitch up job on Whyte so that Murray can start up a new Rangers and buy back the stadium. I think that will be fraught with difficulties since both Murrays and King were directors during the EBT years – I imagine HMRC would attempt to pursue them for that liability at least. King is still a director anyway so I’d rule him out as he has been party to both dodgy regimes. Ultimately Whyte is a daft chancer and shyster, but realistically all he has done is to restructure the debt from the previous regime.



    The money owed to HMRC is only NI and income tax on players’ wages.



    The lack of working capital is only as a result of having to pay players’ wages and exhausting bank debt through transfer fees.



    Who sanctioned the improper use of EBTs?


    Who sanctioned the purchase of Flo, Prso, Arveladze, Steven Davis, Jelavic, Lafferty, Whittaker, Papac, Bougherra, Diouf, Edu, Bocanegra and David Healy?



    That person is the person responsible for the demise of Rangers.

  7. Does anyone know if anything is happening on the transfer front with Celtic.



    I’m all for the demise of Rangers but c’mon its transfer deadline day, CQN isnae the same.




  8. To the tune of American Pie



    A long long time ago


    I can still remember how


    The tax case used to make me smile


    And I knew if I had my chance


    That I could make our people dance


    And maybe we’d be happy for a while


    But February made me shiver


    With every paper they delivered


    Fab news on the doorstep!


    I couldn’t take one more step



    I’m sure I laughed until I cried


    When I read about that football side


    The laughter could be heard worldwide



    **The day the Rangers died**



    So they’ll be singing:


    Bye, bye down Edmiston Drive


    All the Tims will have a bevvy ‘cause the coffers are dry


    And sad, fat Ally with his Fray Bentos pies


    Singin’ this’ll be the day that we die


    This’ll be the day that we die



    And so on and so forth…

  9. The Good Ship Celtica. on

    Big Swee,



    Mark Hughes (MU, Chelsea, Barca)


    Petit (Arsenal, Chelsea, Barca) – unsure of Barca


    Owen (Liverpool, MU, Real)



    That’s all I got at the moment (without cheating).





    Sailing On….

  10. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    imaginger: re-read the question mate. They need to have played for 2 of the English clubs.



    SOAL: bang on with those so far

  11. lionroars67 says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:43



    Brilliant matey, i’ve just sent a text to all huns saying its a myth that you lot haven’t spent lol.








    Not a request,an instruction.



    To members of a profession who should be taking instructions from no-one,and whose predecessors would have balked at the thought of being told what to do.



    Those predecessors would IMMEDIATELY have spent hours poring over research,calling knowledgeable sources,doing basic background.



    Their modern counterparts couldnae even be bothered to access the web for The Sunday Times Rich-list.



    Tossers,the lot of them.

  13. TONYG – “Long term strategic planning comes to mind.” Anyone who has liquidation as the main facet of a long term strategic plan is not a businessman. He is a shyster. Believe me, the only plan is stuff your bag with as much cash as possible and run.



    It is a bold, yet frighteningly profitable strategum…..

  14. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    The Good Ship Celtica



    Spot on so far. Petit did indeed play for Barca (2000)

  15. Lionroars67 says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:43



    The 08/09 figure (£8,798,000) for the orcs is interesting, especially when one considers that they signed the following:


    Misser £2m


    Velicka £1m


    Laffatme £3.5m


    Fatersemanhandlesref £2.5m


    Mendes £3m


    Davis £3m


    Edu £2.5m



    I’m assuming whoever compiled the STV numbers only has a 7-digit calculator.

  16. Paul. I have never mentioned anything of seville money


    I know we did not make much money that year as most of the money went on wages


    If you have success you must pay for it


    Our club decided to to go for success, but gamble on rangers failing


    We ended up


    With a squad of players who struggled to make any income in Europe


    I agreed with you totally 5 years ago, one quality player brought in, is all we can afford and need, the rest should be youth


    That did not happen , result 3 in a row and lost income



    Peter lawell ” every penny brought will be reinvested”


    Not paid to our debt when they were going for 3 in a row


    Ps never received a mail


    Yes he will maybe do that, he is good at that

  17. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon says:



    31 January, 2012 at 10:42



    Michael Owen, Nicholas Anelka

  18. I’ve not always been a fan of how the board conducted transfer business but when it comes to the general running of the club financially, we are in good shape, amazes me that today of all days some are trying to criticize the way our club is run!!!



    Rangers fan who I’m friends with just messaged me on FB saying “looks like you were right all along; no way I’m buying a season ticket now, i’m away to watch the ice hockey instead!!!!” HO HO HO!!! (for the record ice hockey is awesome btw)



    End days are coming.

  19. RogueLeader says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:46


    henr1k – the phone ins will be comedy gold tonight….now which one to listen to live and which to catch up on later?



    Choices choices



    OH yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  20. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Kayal33 rounds it all off with Anelka.



    Full list as follows:



    Michael Owen: Liverpool, Manchester Utd and Real Madrid


    Mark Hughes: Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Barca


    Lassana Diarra: Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid


    Nicolas Anelka: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Real Madrid


    Emmanuel Petit: Arsenal, Barca and Chelsea


    Bolo Zenden: Barca, Chelsea and Liverpool



    Now where the hell were you all when this beer soaked Tim was wracking his brains trying to get them all :o)

  21. RaRaRasputin says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:50



    ‘This a basic stitch up job on Whyte so that Murray can start up a new Rangers and buy back the stadium.’




    Doubt it.



    More likely just to deflect responsibility and attention away from Murray when the FTT tribunal decision is issued.

  22. What is the Stars on



    I said “Boo Fergus,sack the board,be like Rangers”


    My point was that the people who booed Fergus (because the cheerleaders in the Scottish Press encouraged them) for his biscuit bin mentality and the people who scream Sack The Board (everytime we lose a match) (again following the anti celtic cheerleaders in the Scottish Press) effectively wanted us to “be like Rangers” .By that I mean to spend “other peoples money” (as the much maligned Mr Desmond once described it) to achieve sporting success that otherwise was unattainable


    As Celtic fans we suffered for many years in the shadow of Rangers while the press taunted us with the “biscuit tin”


    Now that the chickens have come home to roost and Rangers are looking into the abyss I for one take my hat off to our board for the way they have run the club through these difficult times


    Our day has come or so it appears

  23. FF believe this has all been a strategy by Whyte to further reinforce to HMRC that the Rangers are in fact potless therefore hastening their need to come to a settlement with them for the big tax bill as it will now be obvious they are about to get nothing.




  24. I’ve not posted in many a moon but thought I’d come out of my “lurkage” on this oh so lovely day.


    Paul67 – “Describe him as a billionaire” was perhaps the biggest news for me in the DR story.


    Thanks to yourself, Phil and RTC most of the content had already been covered. In fact, Mrs Whoosh could have probably written the story for the DR “journalists” as I’ve bored her sensleless with this story over the past months.




  25. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    Talksport: Craig Whyte: “You’ve got to think he’s not a stupid man”. “Hard to see his plan”



    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  26. Ps. Paul. I asked you for any info on where the Scott McDonald 3.5m went to



    You said to balance books



    You then denied that phrase at the end of the season when rfc got to 2 in a row


    When I asked if titles were more important



    I will always rate titles above balance sheets


    John Reid time as chairman of Celtic along with his CEO was an absolute failure


    1 title in 4 years


    Tanks on lawns


    I will tell the jokes



  27. Sheik Yerbouti, cheers.



    Big Swee, sure will.



    Battered Bunnet, yes, the question of the day is whether Rangers can raise enough cash for the season.



    voguepunter, not me, this is me in happy mode.



    angelfc67, sure am.



    Kraljski, nothing is happening at the moment. There are a couple of potentials but I have no info on the likelihood.



    Sydneytim, email regarding the lies told about me sent to you on 26 August 2011 and resent a few moments ago. I look forward to hearing from you.