Describe him as a billionaire


Today, the Daily Record give a remarkable admission on how they report goings-on at Rangers.  Allegations have long been made that some in the old media replaced journalistic analysis with note-taking at the foot of PR agents.  The Record not only admitted this practice, they made a headline story out of it.

Apparently, when asked by the Record about Rangers’ owner Craig Whyte’s wealth, “PR gurus” said, “Describe him as a billionaire”.  At that moment, the legend of the Motherwell born Billionaire took life.  The claim was never interrogated by those present.

Under this cover, Whyte breezed into Ibrox without any of the analysis outside the Celtic online community of where his funding came from, and pitched Rangers onto the path they are now on.

At Celtic we get proper financial information on what’s going on at our club – on time, but we have been fed hoary old tat like “Where did all the Seville/Aiden money go” as though there was any doubt on where our money goes (mostly on wages, before you ask).  Feeding distrust in a club causes harm, but what causes more harm, distrust or utterly ignoring potentially damaging facts about a club?

It wasn’t quite a Mea Cupla from the Record today, in fact, I’m not sure they realise the admission confirms their role in the whole matter, but they also put in print today what has previously scarcely been mentioned outside the Celtic online community, more on this later.  Welcome to the ‘news’.

For the ‘record’, the CQN community were first to describe Mr Whyte as a Thousandaire.  What, still too high?  Mea Cupla!

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  1. whooshman says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:58


    I’ve not posted in many a moon but thought I’d come out of my “lurkage” on this oh so lovely day.


    Paul67 – “Describe him as a billionaire” was perhaps the biggest news for me in the DR story.


    Thanks to yourself, Phil and RTC most of the content had already been covered. In fact, Mrs Whoosh could have probably written the story for the DR “journalists” as I’ve bored her sensleless with this story over the past months.








    Hahah, same goes for the DirtyMrs – she’s even asked me if they’ve gone bust yet (in a sarcastic tone).

  2. Paddy Gallagher on

    If you call Clyde (where you pay for the calls) and you are redirected to the Samaritans (where the calls are free) do you have to pay for the call?


    This could be very important.

  3. Malc at 10:37


    No worries mate, I found myself on their site accidentally after clicking a link


    Decided to make it worth my time being in there and grab the article so noone else would have to visit.



  4. Boys is there more i ask, plz plz plz be more.



    30 Jan 2012 22:37:43


    Now I know were geting treated to a 5page spread in tomorrows record but there is meant to be another big story which is possibly being held back, revolves around something fat sally has told a close friend and it could be the final nail in the coffin, Jim traynor knows that this could kill rangers and his own career possibly



    Paddy {Ed007’s Note – McCoist told a friend ‘The Daily Record are sitting on a story. If they run with it the game’s a bogey’

  5. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    “This facility (selling on of season ticket monies) was in place at Ibrox long before the takeover.”



    This is the key phrase in all this.



    If true, it explains why, on a grossly reduced wage bill, they have been unable to correct the position and trade out of debt. Because whilst Minty Moonbeams was there, this ‘common practice’ (stop laughing at the back) was already undermining their working capital.



    Do do do do De dah dah dah…….. you’re up to your necks in it!

  6. SydneyTim says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:59


    Ps. Paul. I asked you for any info on where the Scott McDonald 3.5m went to



    You said to balance books



    You then denied that phrase at the end of the season when rfc got to 2 in a row





    We brought in Keane, Braafheid and Kamara on top end wages – did you think that to balance the books on those three, we done an Aluko (three times)?

  7. Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888 Hates being 2nd on

    sydneytim – agree again mo chara. titles way more important than anything. win at all costs. deal with the rest later. we are in the footbal bizness. facts are they are on 3 in a row. nothing else matters. that is all anyone should look at. who cares about the rangers finances. doesnt affect what has been done with our money. i was in the car park for less. too many at celtic park sitting back on big bucks. these guys need to be held to book about it all.



    hail hail

  8. What is the Stars says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:57



    If it hadn’t been for people saying sack the board Celtic might no longer exist.

  9. sky Sports understands Nikica Jelavic will fly back to scotland after failing to agree personal terms.He wanted £40,000 a week.”




  10. row z \o/ (O) Mississippi Burnin Nearer Home on

    Glasgow’s Green and WHYTE!



    There’s a Simon and Garfunkel song running around my head………



    Like a Bridge…………….



    No. It’s not that one. Ah! That’s it.



    Slip Slidin’ Away, Slip Slidin’ Away, you know as you near your destination the more you’re slip slidin’ away………



    Yip, I’m just singin the Chorus all day long.



    Nice mellow, easy peasy song.







  11. SydneyTim at 10:59



    I will always rate titles above balance sheets



    Short sighted ST. Rangers have 3 recent titles but starting to look like they were at the expense of the club.




  12. RaRaRasputin says: 31 January, 2012 at 10:50


    Yeah I was wondering about Murray’s machinations on this – Whyte is looking around the poker table to see who the sucker is….



    As for the broken record about the board letting Rangers win 3iar – it’s like someone busting a guy who lost to someone on steroids “why didn’y tou do it too?”.



    Murray changed Scottish football for the worse when he (and only him) started talking about spending as being the only way to win in Scotland. Who ever spent “big” before Murray started that death cycle?



    Heck even when McCann was looking to sell/float Celtic after he saved the team from ruin, Murray was banging his gums about what “deep pockets” anyone taking on Rangers would need to take on his team. Also in that famous “Succulent Lamb” article Murray was was described as “one of Britain’s wealthiest individuals” with a record of spending – he bought success for Rangers with money he didn’t have.



    I think it’s ironic that one of the biggest fans of Murray’s model is Sydney Tim.

  13. Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois on

    What a great day.



    The BBC will eventually catch up and say something. Tomorrow’s Sun ‘exclusive’ will be their attempt etc



    So, pressure on the MBB builds.



    Why now?



    This has to be about Murray and his reminaing influence with the old media.



    The big tax case result. History blames Murray if the appeal is lost. History blames Whyte if failure is now.



    Why sell Jelavic now? He absolutely has to in order to extend to beyond the FTT appeal result. Then he blames Murray and tries to run away with his cash. Job done.



    I’m enjoying this folks, I assure you. But this civil war betwen the bluecoats and the other bluecoats is just getting started and there has to be an escalation from today onwards.



    The other ‘why now’ is how on earth did they let it come to this?



    I agree with Marrakesh Express and Paul67 from last night that this is about the one thing they cannot abide, Lisbon 1967 and our great manager Jock Stein. Murray, ego, Smith, ego. Hate. Envy. Hell mend them. Walter Smith spent £29Million on 20 players in the 2007 and 2008 transfer windows. Smith must have demanded it and Murray allowed it. Even though the debt was already huge and income from selling Hutton and Cuellar could have really helped them re-stabilise. They spent the £29 Million in 2007 and 2008 Even though they must have known that it would hurt RFC further down the road. And it has.






    All of them.






    Jock Stein and our Lions of Lisbon 1967. And, Paul67, CQN’s giants (Barcabhoy and others), RTC and the RTC blog giants (Barcabhoy again, Paul McConville, Don Dionisio, Paulie Walnuts and others) and, of course, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.



    From me to all of you, on this great day, please accept the most sincere thank you.

  14. Still did not get a mail


    Off to bed now



    Just retold a story I heard in glasgow by a someone


    Won’t say it again


    But if you are saying it did not come direct from PL


    Then fair enough


    But. Seemed similar to when Neil was not a happy bunny that PL did not secure young polish goalie


    Then cqn said we had moved on to other targets , when Neil


    Said made out later he was not happy



  15. RogueLeader says:


    31 January, 2012 at 10:58



    I’ve spoken several times about how even the majority of Celtic fans wouldn’t/couldn’t believe that somebody would take over Rangers purely to profit from their demise and walk away with no plan for the future, whether that be NewCo or not.



    Admittedly I said I wasn’t 100% sure that was his plan but it looks like those that warned this might be the case are being proved correct. To my mind he’s quite astute. He sees 10 gambles all at 20 to 1 and if only one of them succeeds he doubles his money.

  16. According to BBC online, ‘Lots of GOOD stories in the newspapers today. Zenit St Petersburg chasing Celtic striker Gary Hooper, according to The Sun and Rangers want Norwich captain Grant Holt to replace Nikica Jelavic, say the Daily Mail’.



    So it’s GOOD that Celtic MIGHT lose their top striker and GOOD that Busted FC might get some Dolt in to replace Jelly*ish. Excellent bit of spinnage

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Edson Braafheid!



    On ‘top end wages’!



    It maks nae sense tae me, and it maks nae sense tae Mo.

  18. Chaps



    As a group, we should now lay off Craig Whyte. He could well be our biggest asset!!



    Talksport about to have a mourning session about Rangers, led by keys aand gray. Expecting it to be very very funny. From this mornings show and it’s sombre tone so far, it will be handled like the death of a communist era Soviet leader!

  19. Presumably Jelavic will be looking for a sweetener/slice of the fee from the menace before he’ll agree to sign for anyone else.

  20. RogueLeader says:



    31 January, 2012 at 10:53



    TONYG – “Long term strategic planning comes to mind.” Anyone who has liquidation as the main facet of a long term strategic plan is not a businessman. He is a shyster. Believe me, the only plan is stuff your bag with as much cash as possible and run.




    What is the extradition law in Monaco anyway

  21. The Bhoy from the Village on

    On the day Fergus was Boo’ed….. I have never felt so ashamed



    Disgraceful behaviour

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger says:


    31 January, 2012 at 11:09



    Unfortunately the case. Even stranger was that he would play in a World Cup final only a few short weeks after being turfed out of Celtic Park.

  23. Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois says:


    31 January, 2012 at 11:08


    ‘What a great day.



    The BBC will eventually catch up and say something. Tomorrow’s Sun ‘exclusive’ will be their attempt etc



    So, pressure on the MBB builds.



    Why now?



    This has to be about Murray and his reminaing influence with the old media.



    The big tax case result. History blames Murray if the appeal is lost. History blames Whyte if failure is now.’








    I think that’s it in a nutshell.



    Murray still has a hold over the media in this country.



    Probably more to do with what he can reveal about what has happened in the past than anything he can give them in the future, but the influence is still there.

  24. Mort rfc are not in trouble because of last 3 years


    That goes back 12 years


    Dirtymac ? Keanes wages were covered by robson, Caldwell , McManus all freeing up wages


    The other 2 ?? An embarrassment , what did they do??


    Ps forget to mention robson and caldwelld transfer fee



    Fire Sale , reinvested in permenant players. Zero

  25. What is the Stars on




    Perhaps once you were right



    However not with this current board



    Permanent revolution


    Off with their heads

  26. I’ve just overheard a shifty looking guy in Motherwell making a hoax bomb warning phone call to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. All flights grounded.

  27. Big Swee



    I was too excited about knowing the answers i didnt read the question…..who care the huns are going to Division 3



    Hail Hail

  28. The Record’s “exclusive” stinks.



    I think that this is the first shot being fired in Operation Renaissance.



    It is probably Murray Minor and King who have been leaking to the websites, not forgetting Murray Major.



    The DM appearance at his eponymous training ground and Walt’s interview from the bunker are not unconnected with the recovery mission.



    Enjoy the discomfort of the unblinkered, but, the big battle lies ahead.



    Celtic- you know what has to be done.



    Acquiesce or Resign.

  29. Paddy Gallagher on

    SydneyTim says:



    31 January, 2012 at 11:13



    Go and enjoy your day mucker – it’s easy if you try :-)

  30. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Paul 67



    Cupla should read ‘Culpa’.



    Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you have put in for years now to inform us about how the Rangers house was built on foundations of sand. It seems a long time ago now when you told us about the indebtedness of Murray International Holdings (MHS) and how it was headed for inevitable disaster and the consequences of running a football club the way that Minty Moonbeams had run Rangers FC. We have had to be very patient but it looks as if the final scenario is about to play out.



    Hail! Hail!