Despite success, current European levels are not stable for Celtic


In 11 days we will know our potential opponents for the first and second Champions League qualification rounds.  While earning the money available for Champions League qualification is the overriding priority, we also need Uefa coefficient points.

Should they progress, Celtic will be seeded for each of the four qualifying rounds, but they are in position to be bottom of the seed: five points below second bottom PSV Eindhoven, and four above unseeded APOEL Nicosia.

Our place in fourth spot in future years depends on who else qualifies and how successfully we replenish our stock of coefficient points.  We earned eight points from our Champions League/Europa League endeavours last season, with a six point season due to drop off next year.

Eight points from one season is a baseline for teams who wish to be seeded in the champions route, but it is difficult to imagine even a modest improvement without a significant pick-up in performances.  Chances of us winning two or more games in the group stage feel no more likely than the chances of us winning none, or of finishing bottom of the group stage – equal to our seeding.

The dirty wee secret of European football progress should be acknowledged.  Teams from small nations find it nearly impossible to progress through the group stage every year, much like on the international stage when betting on the World Cup, but those who manage to get there more seasons than not, tend to have financially difficult season, where they fail to qualify for the Champions League, but earn a significant haul of points in the Europa League, making subsequent campaigns a little easier.

Despite the general invincibility of the team domestically, I suspect the current levels of achievement in Europe are not stable.  We will have to improve, or there will be a season of retrenchment.

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  1. Hi Paul67,



    It seems to be more and more difficult to; get through the qualifiers and into the UCL group stage, then progress through to European football after Christmas.



    However Celtic are in a very good position to take advantage of the domestic climate; we are the only show in town for the top talented young Scottish footballers, we have an in built winning mentality.



    However the downside is the level of competition; it allows us to win without producing our best, this has led to inconsistency.



    We need to be better, we need to be more consistent. We have all the resources to do those two key things and we should ensure we are properly prepared during the summer.



    That will bring us our holy grail, UCL football before Christmas, EUL football after Christmas.



    Co-efs galore!!!



    Hail Hail

  2. squire danaher on

    saint stivs 12:42



    It used to be the case that teams got half the coefficient points for performances in qualifying rounds eg 0.5 for a draw and 1 for a win.



    Bonus points were also awarded for qualifying for group stage and for qualifying for last 16.

  3. Neustadt-Braw on

    CELTIC BY NUMBERS on 8TH JUNE 2018 12:40 PM



    wow…thankyou for that…an incredible amount of work you put into that ….awfy braw



    hope the people in the know at CP know about your good self…






    ps were you a analytically minded child?



    smiley counting your sweeties thing

  4. I’m sure Paul67 is jibber jabbering.



    Not long ago he was Praising Neil Lennon… I mean before that Time… and in the Future!!!!

  5. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    Second gloomy, negative bullshit article in a week from Paul. Stuff I’d expect in a rag.


    As much chance if winning 2 games as winning none?!? If I read that anywhere else I’d sat it was a hurting hun writing it. Get a grip ffs

  6. The insolence or has the Almighty been rinsing out the Style?



    Dr Future has posted a Wonderful Blog again.



    You should check it out.





    Thats mibbe why the article broke the blog and cost me


    a gold medal ?





    Strictly speaking,Paul has been correct in his “less than 50%” judgement.



    If you stuck a tenner roll-up on all four ties,your return would be more than a score.



    Likewise,his caution about the price of failure. Our costs are astronomical,and would not take two seasons without CL qualification.



    It wouldn’t drive us to the wall,like it did with the huns,but it would mean a halt to our current drive for constant improvement.



    That is a huge responsibility for everyone,make no mistake.





    Did you manage to get things sorted for Belfast?

  10. Shocked and saddened to hear that Anthony Bourdain has taken his own life, one of my great heroes as a cook and about one of the only food guys show I could actually watch.



    You never know the time or the day or the troubles another person has.



    Rest In Peace Anthony you brought class and a wry NYC humour to an industry overflowing with mediocrity.





    Every time I hear of someone taking their own life,I’m reminded of my wee mate one disastrous Saturday night in 2001.



    All the mates he had,all the family,and on one fatal evening he was on his own.



    Hindsight is a wonderful thing,but all of us thought he was with another group.




  12. Michael,



    Way too dear. I’ve messaged James to say I’d no make it.



    £450 for 2 nights flight acc. No can do that. Was hoping for last minute deal.



    Njoi the Days.

  13. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on

    Costs of failure have nothing to do with us, folk paid huge salaries deal with that. In what way have we the support to be cautious? I buy my season ticket and the package for Europe with optimism and excitement of what the champions league nights will bring. With negative thoughts like that why bother?

  14. ‘.. I suspect the current levels of achievement in Europe are not stable. We will have to improve, or there will be a season of retrenchment..’


    Paul 67


    Rather than giving us Lawrie from Dennistoun speak, would you like to explain what you are think?

  15. Neustadt-Braw on

    1 million Euro Farage fraud has gone all wrong. His and another 7 UKIP MEPs pension just have been frozen by the EU.


    Let’s hope there will be justice served here soon.



    smiley let the people dish it oot thing




  16. Its the manager who needs to improve in the CL group games, or in the KO stage of EL games.


    The tactics and formation in the 1st leg vs Zenit, were / are the format to use in “all” European games, groups, qualifiers, and KO games.


    Ye see, the way that Brendan approaches “big” European games, it reminds me of the way that Celtic managers of the 90’s used to approach games vs Rangers FC, naive at best, not got it, at worst.


    This changed when wily Wim & Murdo appeared with bags of street wisdom, Cellic cuteness and Cellic cojones, which, sadly, made them appear to be a threat to, ma baw McCann, who seen himself as more important than the team on the park.


    Rebel ma arse.


    So, if Brendan can remove the dafty “The Glasgow Celtic Way” from his napper, and play “The Cute Underdog Way” well, he might remove himself from the category of a mere Scottish pub team skelper, imho.







  17. Big Pierres 2 front teeth on 8th June 2018 1:27 pm



    Costs of failure have nothing to do with us, folk paid huge salaries deal with that. In what way have we the support to be cautious? I buy my season ticket and the package for Europe with optimism and excitement of what the champions league nights will bring. With negative thoughts like that why bother?








    The guy is Talking Truth, always has….. WELLL… IMO.




  18. anthony bourdain has (had) a great series on cnn.



    really enjoyed the man and his travels to other countries.



    rip anthony bourdain.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Repost from end of the last article.





    My thoughts on TV money and true competition within Europe.



    It seems illogical to me that any given competition (SPFhelL, PL, UEFA CL etc.) may have only one, two, or four “big” clubs, that is big clubs in the sense of fan base and revenue generation, but the entire competition share in the spoils. The well marketed EPL (and however you dice it, it is well marketed, the money paid by broadcasters for the rights is testament to that) is really about the Manchester clubs, two London clubs and Liverpool. Yet, the team that finished 17th in that league last season, Huddersfield, were paid an equal share of TV money as the winners, £75.5m. Prize money and facilities fees mean the higher you are placed in the league, the more money you receive, but the actual TV income is divided equally between the twenty clubs.



    This means that the income of teams like Huddersfield, dwarfs the income of historically big clubs, such as Ajax and ourselves. That income though is really generated on behalf of the smaller EPL clubs by Manure etc. and creates an artificial power base within the big leagues.



    So to the future of European competition. It follows that the “big four” countries, who have an advantage in funding, and advantages in representation in the CL, are only going to get stronger under the current system. A system that sees the aforementioned historically big clubs, including Celtic, increasingly marginalised in a European Context.



    This situation means that big clubs in smaller leagues are disadvantaged, and this can’t be right in a sporting competition (I know, I know).



    As I am unwaged, I have made the decision this week, that I will no longer pay any subscription to watch football (I dumped Sky years ago, but had retained BT as part of my broadband). I do not want to watch EPL football. I want to watch Celtic. Both Sky and BT have lost me as a customer.



    I would however pay to watch Celtic games, and to me that seems to be logical way to distribute European TV money. If customers only paid for a subscription for their own club’s games, or at least had that as an option, I suspect the broadcasters would have more subscribers, I know that they would have at least one more, me. If we subscribed this way, each club’s pulling power could be accurately measured, and payment of TV money could be distributed using this information, that way the distribution of money will favour the bigger clubs (I include Celtic here) and not just the nations with bigger TV audiences.



    Under such a system, teams like Leicester would not earn more money than Benfica or Celtic just for turning up.



    Problems? It is hard to get turkeys to vote for Christmas.




  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Afternoon from the Celtic Charity Foundation annual golf day at Renfrew Golf Club.



    The sun is shining and the players are out on the course including the original holy goalie, Tom Boyd, Stan the Mhan, Stevie McManus, Simon Donnelly and Mark Burchill.



    Oh, Bunley 78’s Eden Mill is sponsoring the event and very nice it is too!!!



    HH hic!




  21. Coolmore Mafia on

    You could get a VPN (if you live in uk) and get celtic tv. All dosh to the club

  22. Earlier this week E Tims suggested Regan might have had a hand in alerting Dave King on Hughes “great unwashed” statement.



    Whilst not a suggestion I do buy into, I would put nothing past Regan trying to derail the UEFA Licence investigation given DK tried to derail the JPDT on the basis Hughes influenced the Compliance Officer, so E Tims have posted why Regan might be concerned.







    If the real truth comes out there will be a few being fitted for HM Standard Issue Uniforms, so yeah I wouldn’t put anything past anybody involved in the whole sordid business!

  24. Guys,anyone heading to the Fountain tonight,they have music from early evening on. The session itself is lighthearted,half song half trad tunes sort of thing. Easy going—-the musicians are half taig/prod but all good people. There are all sorts of bars nearby,Maddens and Kelly’s Cellars for thetrad, Robinson’s for ballad bands (not Rebs). My mate Rab does a Blues session in Madden’s tonight. SoTunis would love it. No info for the West pubs/clubs but easy to lookup. If you like real ales/lager, the Sunflower has them plus music. Belfast is my town and I’m proud of it.


    Looking forward to putting names to faces.

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