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The life of a professional athlete varies enormously depending on what sport you participate in.  Swimmers and runners train every day in life, with the exception of rest days immediately before an event.  Footballers have rest days every week and for over a century rested for several weeks each summer.

Rest is an important part of any physical activity but I’ve never been convinced by the need for footballers to allow their fitness levels to drop so dramatically during the summer.  This is a different question from taking a break from injury-stressing contact activities – like playing football.  The summer weeks should provide a break from playing the game but presents a unique opportunity in the calendar to put intense work into other areas of fitness or physical development, without the need for travel or games.

As such, I’m glad Celtic are back at Lennoxtown, and that they have Champions League qualifiers in the middle of July.  Unlike the Barcelona players currently in Brazil with Spain, and who get one summer in four off, Celtic players have had the opportunity to rest any strains, and reinvigorate appetites ahead of the new campaign.

Have you registered for 1254125 yet?  Tom Conniffe has.  He is walking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal in five days, which measures in a tad over 125 miles, all for the campaign.  It is this simple to participate; find something you can do, register online and get goingYou can support Tom here.

Last call for tonight’s special Lions Roar event.  Watch the 1967 European Cup final on big screens in the Kerrydale Suite followed by a Q&A with the men who made history (including Willie Wallace, Heart of a Lion available below).  See you there.

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  1. Tallybhoy



    We’re at the other end of Liguria (the French end), and I never felt a thing. However, 5.3 is pretty big, hope everything is OK.





    It may have been a throwaway remark by WINNING CAPTAINS the other day,but I had not realised beforehand that Willie Wallace had been finding difficulty in having his book published.



    I think a pat on the back for the efforts put in,and for the risks taken,is due to all involved.




  3. How can Murray, Nadal, Federer go toe to toe for up to 5 hours constant high tempo activity sometimes every day/second day, yet football players, who, unlike the tennis guys, can hide on a pitch during a match, whine about (sometimes) playing twice a week?





    12:37 on 21 June, 2013





    Howdy buddy!



    I laugh in the face of earthquakes/tremors!



    Pencil me in for the Maharani nighoot!



    News just in – some structural damage reported.









    Just wait for the dry-cleaning bill!

  5. Bawsman



    I agree with you but some would argue that it’s the lack of contact with the opposition in tennis that makes the difference.

  6. Bawsman sliding tackles from behind, imagine them tennis player having to hurdle each other rather than bang a baw with a stick

  7. Apricale



    Everything ok here.



    Some minor structural damage in Lunigiana – one person injured they are saying.



    The tremor was felt stongly in Genova.




  8. time for change on

    Cathedral view



    Believe draw is on Monday 24 June …not sure if one fixture or complete path is drawn at this juncture.




  9. blantyretim.




    Went into my coal cellar to have a look at my clubs but mainly to get my golf shoes & glove out of the bag,they crumbled in my hand before I got to the door, I tried the glove on and three fingers burst open.


    Been away and bought a pair of |Calloway shoes,and a nice new glove.Now to pluck up the courage to hit a ball.

  10. The Token Tim on




    because they are using completely different muscle sets.



    The footballer puts much more wear and tear stress on his body than lots most other athletes simply because of the use of the whole body at many different angles……not to mention being kicked about the place at various times.



    The speed at which the game is played now is higher than ever and this on its own has put a different level of fitness on the players now too.



    Now i do agree that at times some players do moan a bit. But generally they get on with the game.






  11. 400 metres athletes are very lazy at one race a day in the Olympics.



    Rugby players don’t play more than 30 games a season.



    Boxers only fight every 6 months.

  12. Football injuries can be very damaging and end a career.


    You can still suffer 29 years later..



  13. Will be absolutely gutted if we sell Wanyama for the £10m being reported. I know it’s hard to demand a high price playing your football in Scotland but compared to some of the moves going around England Wanyama is worth a lot more – I truly believe he will become one of the best holding midfielders in Europe. Had he been plying his trade in England, Italy, Germany, France or Spain he’d be touted around for £20m+.



    I wouldn’t be happy to let him go for less than £15m and only if he wants to leave.

  14. Blantyretim,



    in fact some injuries affect can be terminal.


    Jock Stein inflicted an injury 45 years before death finally struck!

  15. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    When managers take over a failing team they usually criticise the fitness levels -look at the stats on yards covered by the barca players -they have great fitness levels -there is no reason why our players cannot become as fit -but perhaps not as skillful


    Half day training is a thing of the past.

  16. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Bawsman- and Murray and Nadal aren’t kickin each other.



    Kicking,elbowing and hacking are allowed in sevconian tennis, one of the the traditional summer sports of Ayrshire.

  17. Football injuries?



    A few very talented Celtic players have had their careers ruined by thugs who should have been banned for life – Brian McLaughlin, Stevie Murray, John Kennedy…




  18. I would love to see a tennis player try take a serve with cries of ‘Bobo’s gonnae get ya’ coming from the crowd

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