Dilemma of youth development


I know squad numbers are limited but I’m disappointed Eoghan O’Connell has not been retained. In his performances early last season he displayed the attributes of a modern-day footballing central defender. He has a future in the game and will do well wherever he goes next.

The perennial dilemma of youth development is that while teams want to improve performances NOW, they also need to leave space for worthy development squad candidates to grow into. Kieran Tierney got there, but the truth is, Celtic had been trying to sign a left back for year but were unable find anyone of the necessary standard. If we did, Kieran, Eoghan, would never have had the chance.




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  1. ——






    It Will Take Some Time For Full Ramifications Of Yesterday’s Election To Become Evident…



    A Totally Disastrous Result For The Cohesion And Stability Of These Enchanted Sceptred Isles….



    With The Tories Reliant On The Support Of The DUP To Maintain A Majority…



    Seinn Fein May Take Up Their Seats At Westminster….



    And Play Devil’s Advocate….?



    Ernie & His Courgette Cultivating Comrades…..



    Will Be Dancin’ In The Streets Of Croydon The Nicht…!



    Dark Times Ahead.



    Do You Have A Spare Room For An Outstanding Chap..?






    Have We Signed Johnny Hayes Yet?



    Borini…NO THANKS !




  2. thetimreaper on

    Kieran dislodged an established left back. John Collins says he blew them away in his first training session. He was making it regardless. As for O’Connell, Paul I think you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking because he’s decent on the ball he’s a good defender. The reality is we were shipping goals and he was part of the problem. Good luck to the lad in his future.





    I saw the young fella’s stats the other day from his few games with us.



    From CELTICBYNUMBERS,I reckon.



    They were outstanding!



    He won’t be at Bury for long,and I wish him well. He can look forward to a long career,I just wish it was with us.

  4. I always liked O’Connell but the number 1 thing he has to ask himself is would he get game time at Celtic. Same goes for Henderson and Christie. If the answer is no as it appears to be for all 3, then they need to move somewhere where they can play. Sometimes that’s on loan, with O’Connell out of contract it means a new club for his own sake.



    Disappointed and surprised that Celtic haven’t tied up a deal for Armstrong prior to the England game. A good performance from him can increase his demands from us, or further alert clubs in England who then call his agent and make him aware of the money he can make down south.

  5. Paul 67 et al,



    Our young players will need to be exceptional like KT to warrant a place in our first team squad. Unfortunately it is a consequence of having a leaner, fitter and high quality squad and the quest for continued success.




  6. Good afternoon all and may I have the pleasure in wishing myself a Happy Holiday!




  7. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    Shay Given says don’t beat yourself up… we’re only human.



    Grahame Sourness tried to endorse Shay’s sentiments but Neilly Mochan told Grahame to GTF and chase his ego elsewhere.

  8. From last blog –







    Haven’t been on here for a long time, so not sure if anyone has heard the bad news I was given this morning from a friend of mine –




    CQN blogger, Lambo’s Front Teeth (Brian Oates), formerly of Hamilton and Stirling, lately of Aberdeen and Banff, passed away last month. His funeral was held in St. Mary’s RC Church in Stirling on 12th May. Brian suffered from Crohn’s but I do not know if that led to his passing.




    Brian and I used to meet up a couple of times a year for a blether and a bite of lunch. Haven’t seen him this year, and thought the other day that I would have to give him a shout. Guess I am too late for that.




    Anyhow, just thought I should let you know, apologies if the news had already been passed on.









  9. I cant agree about O”Connell.A decent CH no more IMO.Sometimes a strange bunch,Celtic fans.For a couple of weeks we have been hearing that Johnny Hayes is only SPFL standard,why do we want to sign another squad player?.Now all of a sudden,someone like O”Connell,who has done really nothing,is a big loss.


    He will be a decent CH for many teams,but not the standard we require.Best of luck to him.


    KT was always going to be a sensation.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE DONALD on 9TH JUNE 2017 12:11 PM





    How are you , sir?


    Can`t imagine you would be feeling different from me.




    You`re right , though.


    It`ll take time to assess all the ramifications .


    Mind you , happy to see the decline of the SNP .


    Wish we could return to the days of a two party system where fringe dwellers no longer had any influence on the governance of the country.


    Buenas noches.


    Keep well.

  11. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Did you not once profess to CQN that Ciftci was Celtic class?

  12. The following was posted om JJ’s site in the interests of clarity around what CF made available on social media and when.



    It helps separate possible motivations.



    It is memory dependent (recently fortified) so I’m sure of its accuracy.



    From memory CF (Billy Stevenson) from May to June 2013 at least a year before DK purchased material from the same source offered it to SFM and Channel 4 at no price.



    SFM were uncertain about how the material gained, the story that CW had let his Domain lapse and Mr S bought it not aligning with SFM’s technical knowledge of how that stuff works, so SFM declined. BP can elaborate if he wishes.



    CH4 had an employee who posted on CQN who hinted of damaging information that Alex Thomson had been given. Everyone on CQN waited in great expectation of that information being broadcast but after legal advice from on very high the decision was taken not to use.



    This was at the time of Levenson so legals were a nervous bunch.



    That advice basically stopped the material going mainstream in 2013 and acted as a reason/excuse for others in media not to make it public.



    What happened with the DK transactions is not discernible from any public info just set out but it is wrong to suggest blackmail was the motive of Mr S based on 2013 activity but not necessarily wrong that Mr K bought the same material for blackmail purposes.



    At some point the full story of CF leaks will come out but the 2013 material freely available allowed the questioning of the UEFA licence in 2011 to gain traction.





    I wonder if May thinks she might have been better sticking to policies rather than trusting in the right-wing press to destroy Corbyn while she relied on meaningless soundbites.



    One thing for sure,her favourite one of Coalition of Chaos has come back to bite her on the arse.



    It’s a bloody disaster,worst result possible.

  14. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    IT IS YOUR CHOICE ALONE TO DECIDE “Am I that thick I am going to bite”




  15. Curly



    I seem to recall Brians passing being mentioned by several posters at the time.it must have come as a shock to yourself on hearing as i think was the general on the blog.i met him with Richie in blane valley.a good tim.Rip LFT.



    Good to see an old name posting again ;-)



  16. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Do you know “for fact” that David King paid somebody to hack Craig Whyte’s phone or to purchase the data from a hack of Craig Whytes phone?



    Does anybody? Know for fact?

  17. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    If I ever go fishin I hope there are fish in the pond like you.

  18. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Actually mate, having read back, are you promoting hearsay?

  19. O’Connell – some summary stats


    • 13 apps – I have data for 12.


    • 905 mins


    • 60.46 passes per 90m @ 91% complete


    • Won 66 challenges and lost 3! WOW.


    • 54 intercepts @ 5.27 per 90m – high


    • 7.66 clearances per 90m – high


    • 1.09 fouls conceded per 90m – high


    • 7 defensive saves @ 0.7 per 90m


    • 14 def errors, 4 critical @ 1.39 per 90m – ugh (more than Efe…1.26 per 90m)


    • 1 assist vs Dundee



    The most worrying aspect for me was that every loan spell ended in injury. Looked promising otherwise. His last 22 m in a Celtic shirt was at the Nou Camp!




  20. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Your choice whether to bite or not. Don’t let it ever be told I did not warn you about the the slug.

  21. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    Reading back again and please put me out of my misery…



    2 years ago, when I asked how Res 12 was progressing you published on here it was “6 inches away from an open goal”…. that was TWO years ago mate, now it looks to me like you are basing any hope of success of Res 12 depends on the unfrocking of Charlotte?????????



    Class action or no closure. Celtic PLC have no fight for the right.

  22. Surprising election result but that the SNP lost in the seats that they did was no surprise. Timing and guesswork is everything in politics. This time the SNP got it wrong and weren’t expecting the Corbyn factor.



    Yes, Scotland voted to remain but most was willing to accept the democratic process and see what happened. How can you make a decision on what is best for your country when you don’t know how that event will shape your country?



    Timing of another referendum was all wrong. I think the SNP knew it as well.



    Scottish Labour gained from this election. Their share of the vote is not that far behind the Tory’s AND a lot of SNP voters are Labourites, impressed by Corbyn, but dismayed Dugdale and their stance on the constitution.



    If they can get them back, the SNP are in trouble.



    I woke up this morning with a Tory MP for the first time since 2007. He only won by 148 votes and he is a Celtic season ticket holder (so Ive been told).



    If SCOLAB get their act together the blue rising will just be a flash flood.

  23. A Stor Mha Chroi on 9th June 2017 1:09 pm











    Reading back again and please put me out of my misery…







    2 years ago, when I asked how Res 12 was progressing you published on here it was “6 inches away from an open goal”…. that was TWO years ago mate, now it looks to me like you are basing any hope of success of Res 12 depends on the unfrocking of Charlotte?????????







    Class action or no closure. Celtic PLC have no fight for the right.




    I don’t know where to start with your interpretation of a straightforward attempt to clarify a story that CF motivation was blackmail.



    So I wont,

  24. McPhail Bhoy on

    From last thread:


    As an outsider looking in; someone who was educated in Coatbridge and has long since left those shores, who are the 7,318 people (Ra peepul?) who voted Tory in Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill? Surely the old Orange card wasn’t played?


    Genuinely interested anyone have an idea other than mine?

  25. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    AULDHEID on 9TH JUNE 2017 12:45 PM:



    Reading back yet again… what was the point/meaning of that post?



    Could you please put it into English in layman’s terms, and in doing so… do you personally endorse Johnjames as a quantifiable and unimpeachable reference beyond doubt or ridicule?

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