Directors bail as court orders served


Walls are closing in on Dave King with the news that the Takeover Panel were granted a court order to force the Newco chairman to offer to comply with count instructions that he buy out shareholders outside his concert party.  Money for the offer, totalling £11m, has to be in place before it can be made, which is the sticking point.

While all of this MAY be no more than an administrative oversight, Newco have just announced the resignation of two directors: Paul Murray and Barry Scott.  Murray, a director of former Rangers, has been an absolute charm.  How Newco will survive without his Midas Touch is unknown.

Directors of a business are liable for its conduct, have a duty to protect the interests of all shareholders and creditors.  If they fail in this duty, they can be prosecuted.  Paul Murray was a close ally of King, especially during the years the Glib and Shameless one agitated to get control of the club he supported all of its life.  To paraphrase Deepthroat, follow the rats off the ship.

The Newco experiment has failed.  It is a shambles at every level, drowning in toxicity, with regulatory, legal and funding challenges out with its control – and things are not going too well on the field either.

Remember, current custodians and fans groups chased the Easdales (actual benefactors) and one of Europe’s richest men (who loaned Newco five players), out of town.  For what? They knew the money they had.  They knew there would not be a Nomad in place “within 48 hours”.  They were not Fergus McCann-type newbies to football, they knew the resources required to run a football club.

They knew all of this better than you or I, but we were the ones pointing out the blatantly obvious.

Where is the Mea Culpa from those who led the fans?  Who is there left with clean hands?  When will fans be told how bad things actually are (they are very bad, btw)?

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  1. mike in toronto on



    Doubtless there would have been a time when a lorne was filled with whatever scraps and scrapings were to hand, in much the same way as pie fillings use heart and lung (esp lamb). And I’m quite sure there remain sausage products out there that you wouldn’t feed the dog if you knew the ingredients.




    re: ”Wouldn’t feed the dog’…



    My neighbour has the loveliest, sweetest Leonberger puppy, named Rosie. A Leonberger is a cross between a Newfoundland. a Great Pyrenesse, and a long-haried St. Bernard.



    Rose, the dainty little soul that she is, is now 6 months old and weighs 110 lbs!



    She is on a raw food diet, so for breakfast she eats either a whole raw chicken, or a whole raw roast!



    I suggested that my pal adopt me!







    I always thought that, that having seemingly, so far anyway, got away with what he did he would be foolish to then stick his head back up above the parapet, likewise The Cardigan…




  3. They weren’t known in ma hoose as Lorne sausages when I was a kid. They weren’t even called sausages.


    It was square slice, round slice and links and as far as I am concerned they are still called that.


    My old man, who was a blacksmith in the shipyards, would bring me my breakfast in bed every morning before he went to work. It was always a roll and square slice with brown sauce and a cup of tea, no wonder I’m a fat bassa. A more generous guy you would have never met but not a man to be crossed. ????????





    From last page of previous article…



    This may or may not be very similar to actual events,but they are close enough that when it goes nipples north for Mr Gerrard in his first managerial position,he reflects on your words.



    Because they provide a cautionary tale to anyone thinking of taking a job with that lot.

  5. mike in toronto on

    Starry … I cant see Smith coming back … he seems to like the veneer of respectabilty …and his ‘sterling record (cough .. cheat) would only be tarnished by third place finishes … so I dont see him coming back..



    there is a rumored Murray/ Ashley thing …. Murray and Ashely will go anywhere there is money to be made, and there is money to be made from the zombies…. and Murray probably realizes that he has come through this relatively unscathed, so he probably figures why not? so, I wouldn’t dismiss this one entirely just yet….

  6. Afternoon



    Always remember we called them ‘Flat Sausage’ when I was growing up Probably some windup by my mum who fancied herself as an urban Nancy Mitford in her dafter moments. Never ever ‘Lorne’.



    As for the Huns I have to admit that I do not know where things are headed but wonder if we are going to have some coming from left field in next few days. Bad or good – from our perspective- whatever happens will not quite be what it seems.



    Mon the Hoops




  7. On the old Skwer sausage debate, I bought some last week, super lean steak sausage, they were crap. Tasted like cardboard. I stuck them on the old George Foreman and right enough, no grease/ fat as promised by butcher, but by god they tasted crap. This week I will get on the steak slice and they are lovely and get them on a nice Crispy morning roll from the corner shop.






    D. :)




    Of course we have to take into account the ego of the man that’s for sure and we can’t rule out his return, it would be the end for me as watcher of football which apart from Celtic I no longer watch that much anymore.



    That as Auldheid said would be a bridge too far.



    As for Walturd he’s way to wiley to gets his fingers caught in the rat trap:)) And in poor health apparently, must be pushing 70???



    The Murray/Ashley Blue Bogey man rumour I take with a huge pinch of salt I must admit:))



    But as the great man once said Ruth Is Stranger than Richard(gough)





    JAMESGANG. 1246



    I’ve never forgotten the first time I met you,at a wee soirée in Bannockburn.



    Having chewed the fat for an introductory-who and how are you-period,I swiftly rolled a fag,and casually asked you what you did for a living,as I headed outside.



    It was a good answer,old bean. It may well have been the first time I realised that I can smoke for the rest of my days,or not…

  10. bournesouprecipe on 2nd May 2018 3:55 pm



    Roll n Sausage n Tottie Scone n Black Puddin.



    Treblers CSC




    A double trebler in a few weeks time and we won’t have to eat for a week!

  11. Guys if David Murray is allowed anywhere near that mob or any other football club in this country, we are as well all keeping our ST cash in our pockets, as the game is well and truely over. This is a guy who cheated his own Murray steel employees out of pension funds to prop up his failing business’s, one of which was Deidco. He ran up football debts of about £150 million pounds then sold it all for a £1 come on tae feck.


    3 maybe 4 season tickets for me will not be getting purchased any more.



    A feckin disgrace if he is allowed back



    D. :)

  12. tucobenedito on



    Stovies in this part of the world consists of Corned beef, Tatties and onion. In Dundee onion is pronounced as ingin.


    Before eating Lorne and sausages you should ask if Mechanically Reclaimed Meat is an ingredient.


    MRM is as horrific as it sounds. My mate is butcher and his description of the meat reclaiming process is oot a horror show. You will see it in food. Wee pink bits that dinna look like food. That’s MRM.


    A firm in Arbroath make it. I think it’s called Perimax. Look it up.


    Sorry if I have ruined Lorne rolls for anyone. Rich




    Hail Hail. Double Treble soon my Celtic brethren

  13. Auldheid


    Any idea who the mysterious benefactor is who gave Hearts 4.5m which allowed them to finish the new stand and some working capital? It wasn’t was it or am I just paranoid.

  14. Bobbio



    There aren’t that many people who I’d give up 5 mins of my life to share their craic as well as their smoke.



    You’re one of them but(t)!








    Re the perennial skwerr argument,and one or two similar ones.



    I believe the standard is a mixture of beef and pork;however,many butchers advertise their steak sliced sausage,in which case it has to be 100% beef.



    Regardless,most people will only buy the iconic foodstuff from a trusted source. And those who are in exile,like myself and others,are susceptible to a false dawn now and gain.



    But it’s better than no dawn at all. And just missing a decent roll.

  16. As I’ve pointed out before Minty didn’t put a penny into the dead huns and there is no compliant, crooked bank manager in the shape of Gavin Masterton to give him what resulted in being £700 million of your money and my money, ie tax payers. He spent two decades avoiding paying tax resulting in the source of his cash to being bailed out by the British taxpayers. huns don’t do irony. ???

  17. Just watched the whole game via Sky (YouTube) for the first time. A couple of observations – first, Walker is an absolute wammker – everything we managed to do was because the Sevco players were so poor, nothing to do with our quality. In the last 10 minutes or so he started praising our players, but WHAT a pillock. Secondly EVERY time we scored (and that was on 5 [FIVE] occasions) the sound was suddenly muted.!?



    Justs adds to the hilarity/satisfaction quota, dontchathink?

  18. Paul67 et al



    Interesting though it is from a sociological point of view, this discussion of the old square sausage, reveals to me at least, that many on here share what I would describe as a somewhat bourgeois background, even from places like the Calton, Clydebank an that.


    We couldnae afford rolls.




  19. Talking of Lorne / Square sausage. Miss them.



    Anyone know a good recipe?

  20. was always square sausage, or links sausage, in lanarkshire when i was growing up, never heard it called lorne, and the links were always beef sausages pork is an english thing, remember my old ma used to throw a couple of link sausages in the mince, when we had mince and tatties ah happy days.hh.

  21. ernie lynch on

    ”I have come to the conclusion that the making of laws is like the making of sausages—the less you know about the process the more you respect the result.'”




  22. Jimmynotpaul on

    TUCOBENEDITO on 2ND MAY 2018 4:21 PM




    Stovies in this part of the world consists of Corned beef, Tatties and onion. In Dundee onion is pronounced as ingin.



    Thank you, what a star you are.


    Jim Spence tweeted today about Ingin, I think he said he went to school with a Fred Ingin. :-)


    People were giving it a smiley and I was like I don’t get it.


    A wee while later and you post the above, sorts it out for me.


    Hail Hail

  23. ernie lynch on

    big packy on 2nd May 2018 5:02 pm




    I’d forgotten about the sausages in the mince, though I’m sure they were pork.



    I’ve got a notion for it now.

  24. Growing up in Glasgow with a Dundee faither and highland mum, I was often a victim of stovies confusion when inviting pals over for tea on a Saturday.



    Must have fried onions/ingins. Just can’t get enough!




  25. ernie lynch on

    Stovies has got to be lamb or mutton leftovers.



    Any other meat just isn’t right.





    A memory to treasure,nevertheless. So what do you do for a living,oh really,I’m just heading out for a smoke.



    Please join me,I might need a few contact numbers off you in the near future!!!!



    Hopefully not…

  27. The Battered Bunnet on

    Assorted comments on Sevco/ Murray and whatnot.



    Murray is a busted flush in business, and a discredited figure in football.



    He used money borrowed from the banks to sustain his reputation and exceptional lifestyle. When the bank said “No more!”, the illusion was broken, the reputation was smoked and the lifestyle with it.



    That he managed to squirrel some assets out of the Lloyds liquidation of MIH remains a scandal, but one upon which no light will be cast.



    In the final analysis, MIH went down for £925 Million of the bank’s dough, and a further £30M of avoided tax.



    Rangers burned £170M of Creditors, including £90M to HMRC.



    Given that the bank was largely nationalised, you could say with justification that Murray owed the UK public, fools as we are, more than £1 Billion.



    In terms of Sevco, there is no money to be made there, unless you were in with Chico Green and the penny shares. The basket of assets is now a financial bucket with a hole too big to plug.



    Scotland – and Scottish football – cannot sustain two “successful” clubs. There simply isn’t enough money in the game here. It will take a transformation of the playing environment for that to change, or a complete redefinition of the word “successful”.



    No matter which way you cut it, Sevco cannot match Celtic’s financial clout. Celtic, in enterprise terms, are three times the size of Sevco, and moving further ahead. Sevco needs £30M of new funds every season simply to achieve financial parity. Each year they throw £10M at it, hoping that this time, this season, it’ll be enough. The £10M is spent, and the result is the same. It’s Groundhog: Appoint manager, borrow money, buy players, fire manager. Repeat. The circles of hope diminish with each attempt, until…



    It would be cheaper to buy Celtic – market value £130M today – and rename the club “Rangers”, than attempt to bankroll Sevco to compete with Celtic over a four year period. That’s the madness of it.



    Without transformative change to the football environment – and that means European League or EPL – it would take Celtic and Sevco to swap their Executive and Football Management teams for Sevco to achieve competitive parity. And that would rely largely on the Sevco guys screwing up even more royally than they are just now.



    Chill. Ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

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