Dirty battle between SFA and SPFL


The SFA put on a show yesterday, providing boxing and snooker promoter, Barry Hearn, with a stage to take aim at the SPFL.  I would urge caution when digesting Hearn’s words.  He took aim at some easy sounding targets, for example, the league not having a sponsor, but the league don’t have a sponsor by choice.

The alternative choice would be to sell the rights for a value considerably less than the old SPL’s rights.  The league took the view that they would rather maintain their asking price, and go to market when the league is in a more competitive position.  This may, or may not, be a wise decision, we don’t know, and neither does Barry Hearn.

He also talked about making money by selling fights between low-quality but committed boxers at £150 per ticket.  Good for him.  This kind of sport, and his auditorium-filled darts, may well have a bright future, but it’s not the direction Scottish football should be heading.

The backdrop to all of this is what’s going on at Hampden.  There is a power-struggle between the SFA and the SPFL.  The latter are more likely to deliver radical change, the former want to maintain control, privilege and the bowling committee-type structure which has lasted for over a century.

Can you imagine how inadequate the SFA would appear if the SPFL held a similar forum, with an invited guest there to poke fun at the SFA president’s EBT and “heavily conflicted” past?  If the Association are trying to clip the league’s wings I suspect they will fail.  It’s more likely the SPFL will redouble their efforts to bring structural reform to our game.

This has become a dirty battle.

Some great fun at Celtic Park last night, it was like the old days, you know, when John Greig was manager at Ibrox.

Remember, Joe Miller, tonight, at Waterstones, Stirling, from 5pm. Signing copies of Caesar and the Assassin, bring your camera.

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  1. Paul67,



    It may be ‘like’ the old days but I’m pretty sure Ally wishes he was ‘as bad as’ John Greig :))

  2. Are the SPFL waiting on a certain team’s promotion to the top league in order to attract a sponsor willing to pay what they think they’re worth?


    Could be a long wait!

  3. I don’t want to be a blog breaker but just wanted to thank you all for your kindness and prayers.



    Means a huge amount to me. Showed my sister the messages and she was in floods at the kindness shown.



    marspapa. No need to apologise. I wasn’t there last night cos I was working. That’s all. Cos at that point she was tickety boo. I’ll be there for the st mirren match.



    You’re a bunch of rockets on here. But some of the most special rockets on god’s earth!






    HH jamesgang

  4. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    To paraphrase the munters and mini munters……………………………………………………



    In Sir Ally and Dame Ann Budgie we trust.

  5. HT@8.59



    “So Celtic have said (according to the radio this morning) that no Celtic supporters were arrested for sectarian abuse on Sunday, directly in contradiction to Budge’s statement.


    I wonder what else in the lady’s spiel isn’t accurate.“



    I have seen a few references to Ann Budge having accused Celtic fans of sectarian behaviour or singing. That was certainly how it was spun in the media. Her own actual statement however mentioned the word sectarian twice.



    The first mention is here:- “The police report confirms that one Hearts supporter was arrested at the match for sectarian abuse. That is unacceptable and dangerous.”



    The second mention is here:-



    “The same police report confirms that five Celtic supporters were arrested for sectarian abuse, coin throwing and disorderly behaviour.”



    She is quoting police reports not making her own accusation. Now, is she inventing the police reports or did the police lie to her? Celtic have merely stated that they were unaware of any of our support being charged with sectarian offences; they did not state that it had not happened, merely that they were unaware of it.



    This was not about sectarianism, primarily. Ann Budge focused on families being able to enjoy a match in safety.



    It is correct for our club to focus, in their response, on the treatment our support and players received whilst also stating that they will investigate and act upon instances of unacceptable behaviour from our own. Our statement, in response, did focus on sectarian behaviour and made it clear that we felt more sinned against than sinning. We all seem happy to accept that this occurred without demanding that our club provide proof that there was sectarian behaviour from the Hearts fans (or players/officials??).



    Those of our fans that were there will have heard plenty of evidence but the rest of us are taking it on trust unless it is heard clearly on TV.



    So, do we demand proof of offences on either side before issuing statements or making accusations, or take a partizan stance and defend our own whether right or wrong, or agree that we have a problem to address?



    The press are happy to sideline this into a sectarian issue. The much more serious issues causing harm are the coin and object throwing. After that, mindless vandalism is the issue. The sectarian stuff, even if it can be defined, will take longer to work on and I would not trust it in the hands of Focus, Frank Mulholland or the Majority bloc voting party in the Justice Committee at Holyrood.

  6. I think their current manager is more correctly now referred to as Alloa McCoist.



    Back to work…

  7. squire danaher



    13:12 on 4 December, 2014





    You feel different .. i read a few comments on here about stokes slowing down moves. I dont see it.. he isnt blessed with pace which is why he will only be spl standard striker but he is always looking for quick one two’s or a shot when its on.



    Maybe iv missed it aswel but he doesnt seem to get annoyed as easy with his own team mates than iv seen in the past.

  8. Im hardly one to judge, married and living in England means i get to very few games but I hardly miss any on TV/Internet, however I can watch it.



    What’s really disappointing this year and last year to an extent is the dwindling crowds at Parkhead. As supporters we claim to be faithful through and through, the best supporters in the world.



    So what’s happened? Under O’Neill, Strachan slighly less so under Lennon, Parkhead weas pretty much always full and in O’Neills days almost impossible for me to get tickets for any game.



    Im now seeing half empty stadiums for European games?



    I know we are all having rough times economically but im sure it wasnt easy 4/5 years ago either? So whats changed? Why are the supporters staying away?



    Is it the football, the lack of ambition, the manager, the board, the cost, the lack of real competition?



    It does us a club no favours, less income means less expenditure on staff! As a club our supporters, our stadium and our almost guaranteed european nights are our only attraction for getting half decent players.



    The way things are I see no great immediate future for our club?

  9. Jamesgang



    Very sad time for you and your family. In time, the wonderful memories of a loving parent will comfort and inspire you.



    May she rest in peace.

  10. The gannon piece in in daily record is reminiscent of the “appalling vista” argument. In that true justice should not be sought as the resultant damage to the establishment would be too terrible to countenance. I would quote “justice though the heavens fall” did it not suggests a farcical notion of the importance of the SFA.



    He goes on to claim that because Tonev isn’t such a good player Celtic should not pursue justice on his behalf. I’ve never known your right to justice to be proportional to your football ability.

  11. When Neil Lennon went in front of, what some call, ’the bigoted preeks’ on the concurrent/consecutive issue, he did so with a QC beside him. The so called ‘preeks’ timidly backed down and Neil smoked a big cigar, whilst the media en masse whined “Unfair! Unfair!”.



    Does anybody know if Aleksandar Tonev is being accompanied by a QC when he has his appeal hearing?

  12. Can I risk the ire of my fellow posters by addressing this message over your heads to Mr McCoist … ?



    Ally: don’t listen to this mob.



    Even great managers get bad results like you did last night.



    Keep at it and don’t let the puerile comments from some people on here grind you down.



    And if all else fails, I usually find that a steak bake does the trick …




  13. mullet and co 2




    13:30 on 4 December, 2014




    is ally actually sackable? Is he an onerous contract.





    No, no, it’s a humerous contract…well for us anyway…

  14. Jamesgang



    Many many condolences on your loss.. Your Mum has passed the baton on to you and your sister so now you have the responsibility to look after the next generation and make her very proud of you.



    I always make a point of reading your posts, even the dull ones :)



    You are a great credit to not only your Mum but all Celtic fans in the way you always seem to look on the bright side of people and ensure you neither offend or take offence on here.



    God Bless Coleen


    right bhoys 60 tear ago today my first trip to CELTIC PARK.my cousin and his pal ANDY MCGLINCHY took me on a tram from YORKHILL to PARADISE..CELTIC WERE 2.0 and then EAST FIFE got a goal back.JOHNNY BONAR caught a corner ball and 4 FIFERS grabbed him and pulled him into the net.GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARANOIA started there n then. BIG JOCK picked up the ball and dropkicked it ,caught the ref on back of his head.booked!!! game finished 2.2 and I was tacken through THE JUNGLE. what a day.



    god bless SHUGGY GLANCY he does not know what he started.



    wee ps.40 years later HUGHIE’S bhoy MARTIN plays for ICT at CELTIC PARK and runs riot as CALLIE beat CELTIC 4.1

  16. jock1967


    13:24 on


    4 December, 2014




    Reasons for crowds dropping are many.



    Personally, I didn’t take my season books this year as far too many games are shifted from Sat at 3.



    I too live in England but drove the 2 and a half hours to Glasgow for every Saturday 3.00 KO picking my faither up and dropping him off on the way home after the game. Sunday I have my family around, that’s important to me.



    Others will have different reasons.

  17. johann murdoch on

    Agent McCoist return to base..repeat Agent McCoist return to base..over




    Ally “I must leave now…. my work here is done”

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    it was like the old days, you know, when John Greig was manager at Ibrox.




    Funnily enough the last time a club in that stadium wasn’t financially doped!

  19. .



    Right Bhoys Listen Noo..



    We Don’t Ken when the Next Old Firm Gemme is Gonna be Noo..



    Ally is No Very Well Jist Noo.. So we Need Tae wait .. Ken



    Mibees Aswell No Hivin another Old Firm Game..








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