Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. Sky Sports reporting that Fraudgers walked out of Lennoxtown on Monday without a word to the players and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.


    Ironically, his first game is at Watford. They are the first club he walked out on. He got actual death threats there not just a re-worked Nacho Novo song.



    He’s history now. Very much doubt he’ll be back for the 10 in a row celebrations. We could maybe get David Brent to stand in.

  2. Dust has settled a tad, now for some clear thinking methinks..My choice for next manager is Neil Lennon. Why, because he had a good record with us before and because of his success, the greatest little country and their hacks gave him a n unbelievable hard time. Do not underestimate the merde he suffered, we all are aware of it, and I’m sure there was more which went unreported. So, Lenny for me, he is the real deal, Celtic through and through, plays good attacking football. Ask yourselves do we want another narcissistic mercenary with a big name, and subsequent ego? And do not forget, these guys don’t come cheap.



    So, Lenny it is,OK


    If you don’t agree I’ll send round the boys!!



  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Well said Pablo.



    Upon a few days reflection, Wednesday’s result becomes even more remarkable.



    The players had their guts ripped out by the previous manager late on Monday.


    (figuratively of course – Brendan is not Jim McLean)



    Against that backdrop, it was incredible to get that result.



    Hopefully they’ll be less stressed Saturday.



    Hail hail

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    KingLubo- I think we need to concentrate on going for 8-9-10,park any exotic ideas about doing anything in Europe. Take whatever money we can get from there,and build a team for the leagues ahead. If we get to the CL,great but expect a few doings, the EL is more our level, so getting out a Group is success IMO

  5. Go tell the Spartim on

    Emerald Bee



    Sadly i cant claim its invention but its fact now that he’ll be called that from now on

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    NL: “Tom, Callum and Ryan Christie will be a few weeks until we’ll have them back. Dedryck has reacted well to a knock and will be ready for tomorrow.” #ScottishCup #HIBCEL



    Benkovic back training

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Thats me back in, couldn’t find a happy hun, in fact i couldn’t find a


    ugly hun, or even a hun.


    Oz can be a strange place, just canny get the banter.


    I can understand people wanting to move on from the moonlighter




    Oh! and just to explain an auld tims vocabulary a bit clearer to our


    younger members of CQN i met a couple of our young team today at


    the local hostelry, and they said to me ” Mick we read your comments


    on the blog this morning so what is rid biddy?


    Well back in the day all the wee wifeys used to say whenever somebody


    was a bit merry he/she’s been on the rid biddy ( red wine ) don’t know


    why it’s called biddy but it’s stayed on my mind. cue OLD TIM 67.


    ” And what about moonlighter?


    Well again back in the day anyone who wanted to make a quick exit from


    their home because they had something to hide or were shameful about


    something moved in the wee small hours.


    hence they done a moonlight.


    In the Glesga tenements it was usually because they didn’t have the rent


    money, sadly.


    But it’s always worthwhile educating the young, they are our future.


    H.H Mick

  8. NFL is not a risky apppintment at all. HIs 70% win rate at Celtic is better only by Jock Stein and MON.



    He has all the credentials to be a success but what he needs most is total support from the PLC , in whatever manner that is required, from now until end of May 2020.



    If they give him that, allied to the love of the fans, then we are in for a very exciting 27 months or so…..

  9. Melbourne Mick I left a message for you a couple of days ago. I will be in Melbourne with Mrs PMTYH from the evening of 9th April until morning of 13th April when we head back permanently to Scotland. If you fancy meeting for a couple of cold black ones please let me know.


    Just about to board flight from KL to Penang.




  10. Melbourne Mick on




    Just catching up on previous posts and seen your one about arriving in Melbourne


    i think April.


    It would be a pleasure to meet up with you for a wee swally as i’ve tried to do with


    any tims visiting this huge Celtic loving island.


    We’ll arrange meet ups nearer the time and hopefully the eight past the gate.


    See what i done there 8-))


    H.H Mick

  11. Hibs are playing well.



    New Manager has gave them an injection of life.



    This new striker they secured in January, is a definite threat.

  12. Ruggyman



    Have a look at the highlights from the St Johnstone match. They should have been battered out of sight and went 1-0 up with a penalty award that would have embarassed Douglas Ross.



    They’re one for watching but only we can beat ourselves in this one…



    Full concentration…

  13. Melbourne Mick on




    RUGGYMAN is spot on, we can only beat ourselves, these teams don’t


    have the talent, the fans, or the tactical nous to beat us.


    The big threat is the mibs and they’ve threw everything at us and we’ve




    H.H Mick

  14. prestonpans bhoys on

    Big Wavy



    just had that conversation with a hibs fan at lunchtime, they were very very lucky.

  15. Titter he noted! I said I liked a good Phil article and today is a thing of beauty.



    Despite their interim (unaudited) accounts proclaiming a “profit” of £5.2m, The Rangers have secured a pay day loan of £10m from Close Brothers in exchange for a floating charge of a variety of assists (car park etc.) for the knock down price of 42% interest.




  16. eddieinkirkmichael on

    NFL will get all our support in the comming was and months.


    However I seriously hope we are not blinded to his obvious failings while previously in our employment. His record in cup competitions was frankly dreadful and in all honesty we should be going for 9 in row this yr as we had the league in the bag only to throw it away at Inverness in the Cardigans last season at the bigotdome.


    For me he is an average coach. I would hope any right minded Celtic fan would put his legendary status to one side along with their green tinted specs when thinking about how we move forward in our quest for a new head coach.


    Plenty of good coaches on the continent and in England who we could approach, Jack Ross being a particular fav of mine along with Pablo Machin Girona, Ivan Leko Bruges and Miguel Cardoso Rio Avi(Portugal). If we are serious about progressive forward thinking football we really need to look further than our own back yard.

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    G’day EDDIE



    Haven’t heard from Emma, gave her mail about upcoming events


    but no answer, Paddys day coming up, maybe if your phoning let


    her know.


    Glad you’ve found employment again, keep saving your wee bawbees


    for another visit to rebel town.


    H.H Mick

  18. traditionalist88 on




    And yet, the last time we overachieved in Europe, Lenny was our man.




  19. I think NFL has matured ( his own words ) and is a far better coach since he was last with us nearly 5 years ago.



    The permanent managers job is in his hands.




  20. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    San Luis on 1st March 2019 12:45 pm


    NFL is not a risky apppintment at all. HIs 70% win rate at Celtic is better only by Jock Stein and MON




    Stats can always say what you want them to say. Five trophies out of 13 (38%) is less than Ronny Deila’s 50%.


    Agree that it wouldn’t be risky but I would just be looking for the BEST manager out there (of the ones we could realistically attract, obviously). I think there are better managers out there than Neil.




    I couldn’t agree more. If we retain Neil beyond this season it will be a cheap option and lack of ambition of club to move to higher level.




  22. My preferred team vs Hibs






    Toljan Boyata Ajer Tierney



    ——–Broony Hendo———–



    Forrest Burke Sinclair






    In that set-up, I would give Forrest and Burke the instruction to swap in, swap out. Rotate so to speak.


    Likewise, Edouard and Sinclair can rotate / alternate from left to centre and vice versa.


    Henderson would need to be instructed to be more pragmatic in his forward runs.



    At right back, its a marginal call. I think Hibs have more speed than say Hearts, down the flanks. Toljan has more mobility than Lustig. So for me he gets the nod.

  23. traditionalist88 on

    GINGERNUT on 1ST MARCH 2019 1:57 PM



    Likewise, the most expensive option is not always the best option.




  24. I would hope that no matter what happens next season that there is a place for Neil. Whether he would accept anything other than the top job is another thing.

  25. Celtic will need to downsize somewhat, the wages under BR were beyond comfortable forsomeone winning in Scotland and failing in Europe. We need to be a bit more pragmatic here and accept that a period of re-adjustment is necessary and for NFL the only remit should be win the Title and qualify for the CL. That’s it.

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