Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. Ben Chilwell


    “You look at his CV and the clubs he has been at, some of the biggest clubs in the world, and for him to join here is a massive compliment to the Club that he wanted to join when he could have stayed in Scotland and won trophies”

  2. Melbourne Mick on




    Good shout Norrie, Broonie on the coaching team as a reward


    for his loyalty to our club.


    Loyalty eh! wonder who else could learn from him.


    H.H Mick

  3. So some people don’t want Lenny because he is hated!!!!


    Ffs Hunbelievable .



    Nothing to do with his ability.



    God bless Neil Lennon… He is the Celtic manager and as such everyone of us should be behind him 100%. No buts….



    I have heard it all now, he is hated so we should not have him… Dreary me.



    Come on Celtic




    D. :)

  4. David66,



    Are you being deliberately stupid?



    The point was perfectly clear.


    Lenny requires major support, from a plethora of sources to carry out his job as Celtic manager.


    On all previous evidence he will not get it.


    Therefore I do not believe Lenny should be left to plough a lone furrow.



    Learn to read and understand what is being posted before exposing your ignorance.




  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Re Dembele, Could be a smart PR move by Neil,he might not get on but place will erupt when he’s warming up

  6. 3 hours till The Bhoys are in the tunnel. Could be my feeblest excuse for a pint in a long time




  7. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Not only is Neil Lennon hated but CELTIC is hated.The hoops top angers,annoys and disturbs them.The fans who fit into the Celtic top have endured hassle on a big scale:the charge by ‘ lawmakers’ in kerrydale street the kettling,the annoyance that fans from Ireland had to put up with alighting from ferries and planes not that long ago.If Neil did not want to be at Celtic because of what he has been through,then he would not be heading to Easter Road today.Give the guy the job…he knows the score!!!


    Sure it’s a grand old………

  8. Bada Bing,


    wanna make a pick for GG4 ?


    last man standing disnae win a prize in this comp :-)

  9. So pleased to see Edouard and Burke playing.


    As for Lustig ? for a team with our style he is finished, his lack of mobility will hamper our right Side attacking threat.


    Toljan has played well and we’ve conceded a penalty and a cheated goal, why?

  10. NFL is a grown man who knows exactly ” what the score is ” on and off the park @ Celtic.



    It should also be remembered that he was out of work. Very fortunate for us




  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GREENPINATA on 2ND MARCH 2019 2:46 PM


    NFL is a grown man who knows exactly ” what the score is ” on and off the park @ Celtic.







    It should also be remembered that he was out of work. Very fortunate for us



    As a ‘grassy knoll ‘ type of guy,i have my own take on Neil being available…..HH

  12. Most Celtic supporters I’ve spoken to reckon on the evidence so far Jeremy Toljan isn’t any massive improvement on Mikael Lustig, and I tend to concur.



    Jeremy Toljan hasn’t set the heather on fire and Mikael Lustig arguably a better player gives the new manager a ‘tap in’ for putting his team choice, on the park.



    In the long run I’d give ML a year extension to help bring on Ralston, and in summer sign a better alternative to Jeremy




  13. This stupid is as stupid does is away to the pub to watch the famous Glasgow Celtic and our winderful manager Neil Francis Lennon? and in full support of Lenny and the hoops I will be cheering, whether he is hated or not.






    D. :)

  14. ” The term “grassy knoll” was first used to describe this area by reporter Albert Merriman Smith of UPI, who was riding in the press “pool car” following the motorcade and had use of the car’s radio-telephone. In his second dispatch from the car just 25 minutes after the shooting, he said, “Some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the president’s car, probably from a grassy knoll to which police rushed.” These words were then repeated on national television by CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite in his second CBS bulletin on the shooting ”




  15. Thanks Bada,



    Re. Toljan, my understanding was that he’d played very little football in recent times, when he cam to us. I think he probably lacks a bit of confidence, and is a better player than he’s shown. Might take him a few more games to feel at home.



    Another thing. I know Boyata has his critics, and did himself no favours after coming back from the world cup, but there’s little doubt that he enjoys being part of the team. He’s always there when someone scores, and always get’s involved with the party after the game on the pitch.


    I like Boyata. ?

  16. The theory says that a three-centimeter (1.2″)-long copper-jacketed lead-core 6.5×52mm Mannlicher–Carcano rifle bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through President Kennedy’s neck and went into Governor Connally’s chest, went through his wrist, and embedded itself in the Governor’s thigh. If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of muscle tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at Parkland Memorial Hospital after the assassination. The Warren Commission found that this gurney was the one that had borne Governor Connally.[4] This bullet became a key exhibit for the Commission. Its copper jacket was completely intact. While the bullet’s nose appeared normal, the tail was compressed laterally on one side.



    In its conclusion, the Warren Commission found “persuasive evidence from the experts” that a single bullet caused the President’s neck wound and all the wounds found in Governor Connally.[5] It acknowledged that there was a “difference of opinion” among members of the Commission “as to this probability”, but stated that the theory was not essential to its conclusions and that all members had no doubt that all shots were fired from the sixth-floor window of the Depository building.



    The Magic Bullet Theory

  17. Brendan Rodgers suggested to Moussa Dembele he join him at Leicester LAST SUMMER – Duncan Castles



    Duncan takes you inside the inner workings of a relationship which crumbled under the weight of false promises.



    By Duncan Castles



    “#Interesting” was Moussa Dembele’s social-media comment when news broke of Brendan Rodgers’ decision to walk out on Celtic’s ‘treble treble’ campaign and “give my life” to a more financially lucrative position at Leicester City. Some Celtic supporters were more direct in their commentary on Rodgers.


    “You traded immortality for mediocrity. Never a Celt. Always a fraud,” read a 50-fan-long banner at Celtic’s first match minus a manager who’d oft traded on his affection for the Scottish Premiership club.



    A scorer of 51 Celtic goals in 94 appearances for the Northern Irishman, Dembele knew more about the move than he could publicly say.



    Last summer, Rodgers suggested they move to Leicester together



    The young Frenchman had an offer from Olympique Lyonnais, a Champions League-qualified club from his home country with a squad strong enough to challenge for silverware. The transfer fee on offer to Celtic was a record £20million plus bonuses, more than 40 times the sum spent acquiring Dembele from Fulham in 2016.



    Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell considered the offer fair.



    Dembele was confident of this having petitioned the board to be allowed to join Lyon in an extraordinary meeting he’d personally requested ahead of deadline day. He knew Celtic had been ready to sell him to Brighton for a similar sum the previous January.



    The board, however, would not sanction the sale without their manager’s approval. And Rodgers was against it, partly because there wasn’t sufficient time to sign a replacement.


    The pair met at Celtic’s Lennoxtown Training Centre on August 31.



    Rodgers challenged Dembele: had he ever promised the forward he could leave Celtic? Yes, replied Dembele. Rodgers made that promise to convince him to choose Celtic over more affluent suitors enamoured by the 17 goals a teenage Dembele scored in final last year of contract at Fulham. “I come to Celtic, I develop, and I leave. That was the deal.”



    Rodgers demurred. Dembele delivered more detail, describing a stain on the white Louis Vuitton shirt the Irishman was wearing the day they’d came to that agreement.



    Eventually, Rodgers backed down and sanctioned the transfer, telling Dembele he was only doing so because he’d made himself so difficult. Two days later he buried Dembele in the media.



    “The whole episode was disappointing – and I’ll say a bit on it and then that will be it then, because it’s been a bit one-way,” said Rodgers. “I had a really close relationship with Moussa. I enticed him to come here, with a plan going forward. He was desperate for the move, of course, but we wanted to try and keep him because we didn’t have another option.



    “But then there was a line that was overstepped, from a behaviour perspective, and I’ve been in these situations enough times to know if you can pull it back or not. And, like I said, I needed to speak to Moussa; and I had a number of my senior staff with me. I just asked him; can you tell me and the guys in the room that you received promises from me, or any member of Celtic? And quite clearly and categorically he said ‘No’. So, once he said that, that was fine then, I said, ‘You can now go, if you can get the move’.”



    “There is a lot of integrity here within our staff and with our team and how we work. I understand the model here at Celtic, with these talents coming in. You develop them and then you move them on. But there was a lot of stuff that was said that was not so nice and, ironically, not true.”



    There is more to Rodgers’ handling of one of Celtic’s most valuable asset. According to a close friend, his efforts to prevent Dembele from leaving last summer included a promise to take him with him to either Leicester or Newcastle United. Rodgers told the striker he intended to leave Celtic, and wanted to sign the forward for his new club.



    At another point Rodgers asked whether Dembele would be interested in a move to China. In late September, Rodgers informed reporters he’d passed on an offer from the Chinese Super League. “With China it’s big money, but I’ve found happiness here,” he said.



    On his part, Dembele told Rodgers that he no longer wanted to play for him. He’d lost trust in the manager during the preceding transfer window.



    Around the last Old Firm derby of 2017, Dembele began receiving congratulations from coaching staff on securing a transfer to the Premier League. Neither the player nor his representatives were aware of a deal.



    Rodgers subsequently called Dembele into his office. He told the forward that Brighton had made an offer, going on to extol the virtues of the South Coast club and its manager. Rodgers was, in Dembele’s view, trying to sell him on a move the player did not want to take up.


    It was January, not the best time to switch employers and leagues.



    Dembele felt he could secure a stronger club if he waited until the summer. And he didn’t like the idea of being bounced into a move. He was still less happy when Rodgers began rationing his first-team appearances and citing Dembele’s attitude as the reason for those omissions.



    “My job as the manager and the leader of the team is always to protect the club and ensure everyone who plays is totally focused,” said Rodgers on January 21. “Moussa’s a good kid, but for a lot of players January is a difficult window. There is lot of speculation, lots of things happening.”



    Rodgers’ assistant Chris Davies followed up by stating that “maybe Moussa feels it is the right time for him to move on. And when a player feels that way, then, there is not an awful lot of point in stopping them.”



    Dembele’s relationship with the Celtic support took a hit. The 21-year-old began receiving threats via social media. Close friends had to advise him to stay calm, focus on his football, and wait for the summer window.



    When August’s battle royale with Rodgers concluded and Dembele escaped for Lyon, he texted his former manager a message of thanks.



    Rodgers did not reply.



    Almost two months’ later, as Dembele prepared for a Champions League win at Manchester City, Rodgers texted back. He hadn’t replied earlier because he’d been upset by Dembele’s attack on him. (On the eve of deadline day, Dembele had posted an image on Twitter: “A man without his word is nothing. A real man keeps his word.”)



    Dembele was taken aback. Was Rodgers serious, he asked in reply;


    the Irishman had attacked him. He should be man enough to admit that in private. And, to be clear, they were no longer friends.



    Not friends, yet Dembele is looking forward to meeting Rodgers again. On a football pitch, where he can send an image-obsessed man a message via the medium of balls hitting the back of Leicester’s net.

  18. bournesouprecipe on 2nd March 2019 2:51 pm



    Most Celtic supporters I’ve spoken to reckon on the evidence so far Jeremy Toljan isn’t any massive improvement on Mikael Lustig, and I tend to concur.



    Jeremy Toljan hasn’t set the heather on fire and Mikael Lustig arguably a better player gives the new manager a ‘tap in’ for putting his team choice, on the park.




    Tolijan is a £6mill right back, goes to show how hard it is for Celtic to buy in that market.



    All very well saying buy a right back, pay £6mill, doesn’t mean we’d (if at all) improve on what we already have.




    Precisely what I posted after I’d seen him 3 or 4 times, and easily argued ML is a better bet


    even although we’re told ad nauseum on here ‘ his legs have gone ‘

  20. Lustig has played in all our poor performances away, even played 1st half in poor performance against St Johnstone.


    Toljan replaces him we play better second half, win then win again against Kilmarnock and Hearts.



    We already lack legs in Midfield with no McGregor and Christie, now we lack more mobility. T oljan keeps the Hibs wide guys pushed back, Lustig invites them forward. Would love to hear Lennys thinking, can’t understand it, hopefully Edouard and Burke will provide the cutting edge.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Im mitigation for Tojlan,won’t be used to the hammer throwers,tackling him from all angles.

  22. Im not writing off Tolijan, or saying he shouldn’t play all I’m saying is that’s what £6mill would buy us. It’s tough as hell to buy in this market.

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    For his experience, height and composure, it’s Lustig for me, in this must not lose game.

  24. SID


    For once we are in agreement;-))


    I don’t get why Toljan took criticism for wednesday when all the pressure they created came down KT’S side.


    Yes he has been booked but often for things that refs let opponents away with.


    On more than one occasion KT was wrong side and Ajer cleared up.


    Toljan gives us forward momentum and intelligent interplay.


    Strange that Lenny whose Hibs team had a game plan to capitalize on his weaknesses chose Lustig?

  25. Hibs have a winger, Martin Boyle ?



    Lustig can not compete with this guy’s pace.



    Lustig certainly has all of your stated qualities.


    But in the 2-0 loss and 4-2 win against Hibs this season he was a contributor to all 4 goals against us.


    I love the big guy and hope he plays well today.

  27. As usual, I posted the CQN Coupon picks this morning, 7 teams to win. The man Petec suggested it’s also be worth backing both teams to score in all games. And having read that I thought that I better not regret ignoring his advice.


    Half time and just 1 (ONE) team have scorex!

  28. Martin Boyle is injured and plays on the Hibs right side, think it’ll be Daryll Horgan and Lewis Stevenson on Lustigs side.


    Anyway enough about worries , let’s hope we can get the job done, a draw wouldn’t be a disaster, given our horrendous injuries.


    Mon the hoops.

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