Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    Marco Rose has a 71% win record from 97 games at Salzburg and probably has limited knowledge of Celtic and the Scottish league.



    Neil Lennon has a 70% win record at Celtic from 227 games (55% overall inc Bolton & Hibs) and will have extensive knowledge of the club, league and excellent contacts in the UK. He made good signings in his last stint and was the manager the last time we overachieved in Europe. His man management with the players on the Tynecastle pitch spoke volumes.



    I can’t help but think the pining for a foreign manager, of whom we know little, is a little pretentious(for want of a better word).



    The job is Lennons to lose.



    5/4 at the bookies.



    I know who my money is on!




  2. Go tell the Spartim on

    i agree with those that opine that Lennon beyond the summer highlights a lack of ambition, but thats for another day, he has my 100% support until he leaves.

  3. I can’t help but watch Lenny’s press conference and his comments indicate a guy not at a par with the modern level we need to progress – science, technology, etc.



    I love Neil but like others have said we should use the Fraudster’s positive legacy to upgrade the way we do things and have a boss who is in synch with that naturally.



    Would Lenny be a number 2 with us?



    A few months ago i posted about coaching recruitment and continuation being needed.


    Maybe Duff was brought in for such?


    A consistency of thought would give youth an easier path to first team as the only difference would be size and speed rather than tactics.


    Marco Rose came from coaching Salzburgs roof.


    Zidane and Guardiola both came from Real and Barca’s youth.


    I often complained about our team being reactive rather than proactive.


    Hopefully that will change both on and off the field.

  5. My feelings on the Manager front; as a wiser man than I said… I wouldn’t start here…



    Yet we are where we are. It’s up to this Manager/Coaching team to take us forward one game at a time. That’s all we can ask.



    If we are successful at doing that we may win the league and the cup, the fact is though, the odds have got to be against that.



    After May then what?



    I’ve really no idea, there is no point getting in a top head coach if we are still playing moneyball… we’ve tried that and although we got unprecedented domestic success, in reality it was a disaster.



    What about downsizing, let Lenny go toe-to-toe with Steven Gerrard’s Sevco Rangers. With the current Celtic Board that’s where we are… not very exciting but the mediocrity of SPL top dogs is what we aspire to, my expectations have been managed.



    Yet getting back to the present, one game at a time… and as Paul67 said, Lenny knows this Hibs team inside out and has the talent at his disposal to take full advantage of any perceived weaknesses.



    Hail Hail

  6. That Henderson pass to Sinclair was perfection.


    Reminded me of a golf shot, a pitch the weight of it.




    HH. ?

  7. Whenever Sevco appoit a new Manager or sign a new player, the MSSM is very keen to paint a very positive picture of any new guy.


    Ask yourself why they do this then ponder the many criticism of Celtic made by Celtic supporters.


    Are we so keen not to be seen as being like supporters of other team that we actively seek failing in our Club?


    I am confident that getting behind our team and management will lead to more positive and successful outcomes in our games.


    Discussing, one game into his interim role as Manager,whether or not Lenny should be made permanent is, at least, unsettling and certainly premature.




  8. 16 ROADS. on 1ST MARCH 2019 4:42 PM


    That Henderson pass to Sinclair was perfection.



    Reminded me of a golf shot, a pitch the weight of it.






    HH. ?


    Hendersons pass to Weah for our fourth against StMirren was also brilliant as was his cross on Sunday for Ed’s


    He has been directly involved in goals in every game he has played.

  9. Lenny has averaged 90 points with us in the League. That number will always win the League. Where he has fallen below standards is in the Cup competitions, which is were Brendan excelled. My two main concerns about Lenny are the Cups and the uber professionalism that Brendan brought slipping away. I cannot help but think the two are linked. This is where Peter Lawwell and the Board need to explain to Lenny the such standards are now mandatory at the Club. The European football situation is a different ball game all together and requires analysis. What i would say is anyone suggesting we should disregard European football in the coming years to secure 10 in a row is enormously short sighted.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    I wonder how Rodgers must really feel , knowing that he would be as welcome inside Celtic Park as Maurice Johnston.



    Can’t really see him sitting comfortably in the stand taking in a game the way that the likes of Alex Ferguson does at Man utd.




    He quite honestly CGAF.



    We should really stop feeding his ego.

  12. SUNDAY 1ST MARCH 1981




    I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul.




    My heart is very sore because I know that I have broken my poor mother’s heart, and my home is struck with unbearable anxiety. But I have considered all the arguments and tried every means to avoid what has become the unavoidable: it has been forced upon me and my comrades by four-and-a-half years of stark inhumanity.



    I am a political prisoner. I am a political prisoner because I am a casualty of a perennial war that is being fought between the oppressed Irish people and an alien, oppressive, unwanted regime that refuses to withdraw from our land.



    I believe and stand by the God-given right of the Irish nation to sovereign independence, and the right of any Irishman or woman to assert this right in armed revolution. That is why I am incarcerated, naked and tortured.



    Foremost in my tortured mind is the thought that there can never be peace in Ireland until the foreign, oppressive British presence is removed, leaving all the Irish people as a unit to control their own affairs and determine their own destinies as a sovereign people, free in mind and body, separate and distinct physically, culturally and economically.



    I believe I am but another of those wretched Irishmen born of a risen generation with a deeply rooted and unquenchable desire for freedom. I am dying not just to attempt to end the barbarity of H-Block, or to gain the rightful recognition of a political prisoner, but primarily because what is lost in here is lost for the Republic and those wretched oppressed whom I am deeply proud to know as the ‘risen people’.



    There is no sensation today, no novelty that October 27th brought. (The starting date of the original seven man hunger-strike) The usual Screws were not working. The slobbers and would-be despots no doubt will be back again tomorrow, bright and early.



    I wrote some more notes to the girls in Armagh today. There is so much I would like to say about them, about their courage, determination and unquenchable spirit of resistance. They are to be what Countess Markievicz, Anne Devlin, Mary Ann McCracken, Marie MacSwiney, Betsy Gray, and those other Irish heroines are to us all. And, of course, I think of Ann Parker, Laura Crawford, Rosemary Bleakeley, and I’m ashamed to say I cannot remember all their sacred names.



    Mass was solemn, the lads as ever brilliant. I ate the statutory weekly bit of fruit last night. As fate had it, it was an orange, and the final irony, it was bitter. The food is being left at the door. My portions, as expected, are quite larger than usual, or those which my cell-mate Malachy is getting.

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hey folks – for anyone in the Kirkshaws area tomorrow, Wee BGFC is playing the drums in a new rock band.



    Part of an all-day festival being held in the Kirkshaws Club from 12:00 mid-day.



    Gig is called the “Coatbridge Musicians Against Homelessness Festival”



    If anyone is in the area around 1:00 – pop in – it’s a good cause.



    We are leaving immediately after his band are on (1/2 hour or so from 13:00-ish) to head through to Edinburgh for the Hibs game :-)))






  14. For all that I understand that many are feeling the hurt by what BR did, I reckon most are pissed off cos they feel that he has duped them hence the outpouring of hate and vitriol towards him, he isn’t a fraud, he told the support what they wanted to hear, no more no less, any new manager would do the same, he has installed a true sense of professionalism at the club that hopefully Lenny will carry on.


    FFS he has brought us untold success, the invincible season, the double treble, eight points ahead in the league, a seventh cup, still in another cup, wheans of money for the balance sheet, we should be grateful for what he has done for our club, not act like huns and spoilt weans cos he has left, aye he left at an inappropriate time, so what, the transition with him leaving and Lenny being appointed was remarkably uneventful for Celtic, it’s kinda like they knew it was going to happen.


    We should be thankful that he even bothered to become our manager.


    Grow up FFS and stop whinging like huns.

  15. Ruggyman


    Agree with that team selection. Initially, I was thinking Lustig, but Toljan as you say has more mobility. Hope he learns the lesson about getting caught on the wrong side. HH

  16. Fool Time Whistle on

    Belated thanks to BRTH for his reply to me yesterday.



    I include here the link to the “By theMinute” podcast that he provided in that reply.



    It has Harry Brady, Lawrence Donegan & Remy McSwain chatting about all things Celtic but from 30 minutes in it’s about the circumstances surrounding of our ex manager’s last 9 months at the club. It’s informative & gave me some background on the machinations that go aon behind the scenes. They try to consider the various accounts of events that circulate & match them up with known facts in an effort to get a clearer picture.



    Reminds me of the Cheneyisms “known knowns, known unknowns & then unknown unkowns”.



    I see that BR has commented on Celtic fans’ reactions in some media today.



    Picture is even less clear now though – as he says LCFC wouldn’t wait, yet the Herald’s article says LCFC were prepared to wait to the end of the season. Both links here. The Herald article even suggests that NFL was being lined up to act as caretaker manager at LCFC until the summer when BR would take over. Bizarre stuff.









    Personally, I thought the first part of the banner at Tynecastle was very good, but I was less keen on the second part. I also thought the song lyrics were sick & an embarrassment to Celtic at a time when our fans behaviour is already getting undue attention from hostile elements in Scotland. Just my opinion.



    However, I think BR has rejected god like status here for a throw of the dice at an average club with a record of dumping managers regularly. I fear that he will be a remembered only as the man who could coach but not manage at the highest level.



    LCFC have had 6 managers in the last 3 and a half years. Nigel Pearson, Claudio Ranieri, Craig Shakespeare, Claude Puel, Mike Stowel(caretaker) & BR.



    Persisting down here in North Carolina so hope you are all enjoying the balmy UK weather.


    On a video call yesterday with my brother in law in Hampshire, he was wearing shorts which immediately made me wish it wasn’t a video call anymore.



    As Paul has intimated, we’ll face a very motivated HIbs team tomorrow so we’ll have to bring our A game & be cool. NFL can also show his new, more mature self by staying calm regardless of the certain provocations he’ll face.



    Have a great weekend.



  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Fan-a-tic 4:31


    Yeah – good points.


    With this sort of structure in place it could be that in the future sometimes an internal appointment makes more sense than an external one. Often see it in the NFL when an offensive or defensive co-ordinator takes over when the head coach leaves. Might even see JK as the next but one manager?

  18. Good evening CQN from an excited Garngad



    Come on the Hoops



    Ruggyman from earlier your team looks good, but I would swap Hendo for Bitton.


    I think young Henderson is a wonderful player, but, I think large parts of the Herts game passed young Hendo by, his positional sense wasn’t the best.



    Only my opinion.


    Let’s manage his first team game time.



    D. :)

  19. mike in toronto on

    G 2/3 Fanatic



    I posted a few articles recently on the Ajax model …. similar principle ….

  20. The exiled Tim @ 17:30



    “I reckon most are pissed off cos they feel that he has duped them”






    It’s exaclty this for me.



    If your Ronny Deila’s and the like had brought us the success which Rodgers delivered, and then left in the same terms as Rodgers has done, then they’d leave with my greatest thanks and best wishes. Regardless of the timing, you would look on it as a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Deila type manager. A foreigner who sees the EPL as the be all and end all.



    But what Rodgers has done is fool probably 95% of the Celtic support with his stories about McGrain etc, and tales about this being his dream job and lifes ambition and so on.



    In my lifetime (30 years), I would say that we as a support have been very welcoming and supportive of any manager who can deliver us the goods. We don’t need to be spun a web of lies and deceit in order to love a man who has came to lead us.



    The fact that he felt the need to pitch himself in this manner, with the benefit of hindsight knowing it was all a pack of nonsense, is more infuriating than leaving in the manner in which he did.



    I will never agree with those who had partaken in the chanting towards him on Wednesday night, but neither will he go with my best wishes.






    Chris 1888

  21. FAN-A-TIC on 1ST MARCH 2019 3:45 PM


    DELANEYS DUNKY on 1ST MARCH 2019 3:08 PM







    Having seen a Marco Rose team play us off the park. I would like him as Celtic manager.




    I agree but see no reason why he would choose us over his present employers.




    Wonder if St Pauli have an up and coming youth coach in the same vein as Marco Rose. Pretty sure he would know our history- at least better than you know who. Have you seen their In The Heat Of Lisbon clip?


    On another point…. any CQNers taking their child/children/grandchild/grandchildren to the Young Hoops Training event at Barrowfield tomorrow. Taking my 6 year old grandson. Betting he won’t get much sleep tonight.

  22. The No.13 Shorts on

    Any pragmatist would argue that Celtic should, financially, year-on-year, reckon less and less without an expected Champions league pay-day in future (I think Lawwell said previously that they don’t budget for it but rather see it as a bonus to be reinvested in the club). It then follows that the current yearly wages are unsustainable if we are to remain financially secure. I think Rodgers impending departure and a refocus on youth development has been the underlying theme with the club in recent months (the abruptness of Rodger’s departure not withstanding). Rodgers underwhelming reaction to two North Americans, the millionth winger guy and the Slovak league striker would seem to re-enforce the theory that the PLC have been looking to reappraise the wages and signing structures to get back within a more financially stable model.



    It is my fear that with this in mind, too-tempting bids for the likes of Tierney, Rogic, Forrest, Edouard McGregor and the cream of the youth crop etc. may be in the mind of the ruthless Rodgers and the Southamptons of this world over the next short while and it will be interesting to see how the PLC plays it’s hand in this without disenfranchising a support hell-bent on 10-in-a-row.



    Rodgers famously said on arrival that he was here to put bums on empty seats. Just as it will be a monumental task for Lennon to learn quickly and adapt to Celtic’s new style of play and the modern sports science elements of the set-up as is, so i feel it is a likewise monumental task for the PLC to keep the fans buying the season tickets while they reduce the hefty wage bill.



    I feel strongly that Neil is the man for the job right now and we lucked out big-time that he was available at short-notice. I’ll be backing Lennon to the core and cutting him and his back-room team some slack as he adapts to new ways of working. I do ultimately also have faith in Lawwell and i hope that the PLC, in it’s adjustment to new financial realities, balances the prospect with the proven and remembers that they need to keep the bums on seats that Rodgers brought over those last two and a half imperious years. Thanks for the memories, Rodgers. Over and out.



    Welcome Neil. ✊?

  23. Chris1888


    How do you know it’s a web of lies ?


    With respect I would contend that those who are saying it’s lies have an agenda.


    I fully understand the process, I was as shocked as the next man that he left, but the fact that we got Lenny in just like that and the reason he desperately wanted to gtf from the club is telling for me.



  24. I don’t know much about JK ,it was a tragedy that his playing career was cut short. I would like to see him put in a position where he is in charge of something be it youths ,development squad,or even to out as a manager somewhere else


    He has been around the inner working at Celtic seen different managers and their methods if he has a future at Celtic let’s find out if it can be as the top dog


    As for Neil Lennon I hope he has matured since the last time he was the manager. He passed the probationary test the last time,passing this time is going to a lot harder,He has everyone of a Celtic persuasion in his corner hope he can make it happen

  25. DAVID66


    I disagree about Henderson’s positional sense .


    He made a lot of very good creative runs on Wednesday that our central midfielders did not have the awareness to see.


    In the second half he constantly broke their lines and never received the ball.


    He is also 18 so will make mistakes but i would take that over an experienced predictable player who offers no attacking threat every time.

  26. The Exiled Tim



    I don’t doubt for a second that there’s reasons he wanted out, if rumours are to be believed then him and PL were at loggerheads for quite some time, but regardless of that, would someone who was a self proclaimed huge Celtic fan who was fulfilling his life’s ambition really leave in the way he did? This to me calls into question everything he’s said about how much he loves and chersishes our club.



    The spat with PL has been ongoing for countless months (again subject to rumours / media reports / those ‘in the know’) and he rode out the storm through that to where we are now. Are we to presume then that something so severe has come up which meant he couldn’t see out a further 12 weeks, potentially leaving his status as our greatest ever manager second only to Stein?



    There’s 2 scenarios for me; either the ‘something so severe’ I referred to is the huge pay packet from Leicester and he’s abandoned ship to bolster his bank balance, or he’s been afraid of failure in the last few weeks of the season and letting the league slip away from us and undoing all his good work over the past 2 and a half seasons.



    I guess we’ll never know as very little is ever said on record, but those are my views.







  27. Hamilton Tim,


    Thank You.



    Their names shall be remembered as history unfolds

  28. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    mike in toronto on 1st March 2019 6:17 pm


    G 2/3 Fanatic


    I posted a few articles recently on the Ajax model …. similar principle ….




    Think I printed one off to read later and forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder!

  29. I see Leigh has posted a picture of himself & Lenny on Instagram, plus a few emojis of egg timers.


    Sign he is on his way back?


    Hopefully, all the best wee mhan looking forward to your return.

  30. In BfRs presser I think it says more about what he doesnt say.



    More of the ‘rumours’ will look true.



    Anyways…tough game tmorro.. but…3 1 us




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