Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. Chris 1888


    And I respect them, I just don’t agree with them ;-)


    It is what it is, he’s gone and Lenny is now in situ, the hate is not good, we are better than that.



  2. BadaBing @ 4.02


    BadaBing makes an extremely important point about The Rangers and Willie Collum. They are effectively telling the SFA who can and who cannot referee their games. Juventus were relegated and stripped of league titles for influencing the choice of their match officials.So what is the response of Scottish clubs to this? Is our club accepting this?

  3. Friesdorfer at 6:43. Yep, All’s we’ll here. Hope the same at your end. I’m sure he/we’ll have fun. I’ll be looking for some ghosts at Barrowfield.

  4. See Alison McConnell in the Herald is spinning the Celtic PLC line. The SMSM are now to be trusted are they.



    Did anyone notice Alison had the exclusive on BR-exit hours before Celtic QUICK News.



    Hail Hail

  5. I was told from a very good source that Neils departure was because Dempster a dyke in the heat of the moment when Kamberi threatened to quit and was clearing out his locker.



    Friday’s teaser is how does a player who offers no attacking threat every time, score 1 goal every 14 games ?

  6. Chairbhoy



    “we’ve tried that and although we got unprecedented domestic success, in reality it was a disaster.”



    Is Europe the reality and Scotland a fantasy land?



    Am I missing the point or have you expressed yourself clumsily here?




    Do we want more of this disastrous success or less of it?

  7. Invincible season v twice CL knock out stage


    double treble v three in a row while saving us from the fate of the zombies.


    Under sells celtic every time he can v always says we are the best club in the world


    treated like a god while manager v treated like an unwelcome guest (not catholic, not irish and perhaps worse actually proud scotish)


    Quit for cash v quit when he could not bring us four in a row at the height of the huns EBTs.


    Rodgers v strachan


    I love celtic but as a non irish catholic i don’t always love my fellow supporters.

  8. Chairbhoy on 1st March 2019 7:05 pm



    What is the PLC line? do tell. All we have had to date are unsubstantiated snippets of info. Obviously apart from Rodgers has gone and mutual back slapping fest of statements from BR and Celtic

  9. Good evening friends from a still warm San Agustin.


    BSR at 6.52 on page 3 – Now that was very witty! My Friday evenings just won’t be the same.

  10. Corkcelt



    How’s it goin ye oul rebel ye…



    It’s no secret Griffiths and Rodgers relationship was strained



    Maybe Lenny’s return will have given Griffiths the motivation to return that he didnt have previously




  11. QF on 1st March 2019 7:08 pm



    Rodgers v strachan


    I love celtic but as a non Irish catholic i don’t always love my fellow supporters




    Emmm WGS brought us great success. However unfortunately was left with the task of downsizing an aging and expensive squad. Some of the football we played under Gordon was turgid stuff, effective but would cause an insomniac to fall asleep.



    Hope nationality or religion does not play a part in a Celtic supporter liking or disliking a manager.

  12. SID@7-05



    Friday’s teaser is how does a player who offers no attacking threat every time, score 1 goal every 14 games ?



    Do you mean the midfielder who in his last 45 appearances in the SPL who has scored a whopping total of 1 goal and had one assist?


    These are factual stats from 2016 -2017 to the present day


    IN his best season 2015-2016 he had 5 goals and 4 assists from 30 games


    In 2014-2015 in 31 games he had 2 goals 2 assists.


    One decent season tally 4 years ago hardly makes him a threat.

  13. SFTBs @ 7:06 PM,



    Well, I didn’t see it that way. Think I’m more clunky than clumsy:)



    Still, my point was that there was many plusses from the BR-era; most of that has gone up in a puff of collective amnesia…



    But the down side…



    We have a make shift Management/Coaching set up that, even if all the ghuys involved stay, will need a huge overhaul.



    Half of our first team players are out of contract for the beginning of next Season. The rebuild for that, in and of itself is phenomenal. The fact is we have to rebuild our Football managerial functions at the same time.



    Our domestic rivals are closer to us than they have been in the last six Seasons.



    We have failed to make the quatum leap, to be competitive in Europe.



    We have engendered animosity throughout the team, the coaching staff, the Board and most importantly the Supporters.



    The progress that we have made through hard work and commitment and got the Club to an unprecedented high in terms of players, managers, coaches, Lennoxtown, financials in June 2018.



    Has taken a logarithmic decline… and we have lost a decade of progress… tragic really.



    Hail Hail

  14. Larry the lurker ? on

    Was Brendan here, specifically, to prevent trouble from fans as the club from Ibrox entered the top league, without having a trophy stripped, and were the real winners, the directors who didn’t have to deal with the stripping of trophies, or the Sevco – Rangers issue, the real losers, again, were the tic fans who have until this day, not seen one trophy stripped, allowing the team from ibrox to wriggle off the ebt hook, and Celtic’s board to wriggle off the same club issue hook, was that the plan after all, and are Celtic no more than a rich man’s toy ?

  15. Just read back.



    Like many on here , I feel a sense of betrayal, by the manner and timing of Rodgers departure.


    Maybe just me , but I will always be etarnaly grateful for the success that he brought to the club . The magic days & nights that I had witnessing many of the games, and the unbridled joy , especially that moment when big Tom Rogic sealed the invincible treble.


    Having Neil Lennon, ready and willing to step in is a huge bonus.


    I’ve read criticism of Neil in the previous pages, what I would say is that he’s five years older and wiser , in a football sense. His Hibernian team wasn’t to shabby either.


    From a good source at Lennoxtown , I’m hearing that John Kennedy now has a vital part to play. He’s well thought of by players , staff, the suits & our new manager.


    Every one of the above, want to maintain the high standards set by Rodgers . The dressing room is motivated.


    Life and Celtic, both go on . HH

  16. Marrakesh Express on

    Just thinking about how different an animal we really are from our neighbours The Hun.


    Take the vitriol dispensed to a manager who moonlighted on us for mediocrity, (which he deserves), and contrast with the easy ride Sir David Murray, a man who almost single handedly buried his club through fraud, got from the deluded ones. Many in fact still see him as a hero.



    I enjoyed your Ajax article and especially the maturity of the young captain De Light on the present season and future choices.


    They are doing something right.


    Young Capaldi is some chanter as my sister in Glasgow would say.


    I enjoyed that so cheers for the heads up.




    How does our ultra-smart, no-nonsense support deal with Peter Lawwell.



    The Rangers support turned on many a manager…






    Vive la difference ~ NOT!!



    Hail Hail

  19. Chairbhoy, Only guy out of contract that we might want to keep is Lustig. With, De Vries, Gamboa & Allan we will be glad to get them off payroll.


    At this stage we look like losing, Boyata, Toljan, Weah, Burke & Benkovic


    On the other side we have Maryan Shyed & Bayo in plus possibly Arzani, Kouassi & one would hope lads like Griff, Ralston, Rogic, N’cham will be back to full fitness.


    Add to that upcoming lhads like Oko-Flex, Karamoko, McInroy & Coffey plus Ewan Henderson will have developed into a regular by next year.


    Not saying we don’t need reinforcements but the situation isn’t that bad.

  20. CHAIRBHOY on 1ST MARCH 2019 7:05 PM


    See Alison McConnell in the Herald is spinning the Celtic PLC line. The SMSM are now to be trusted are they.




    Did anyone notice Alison had the exclusive on BR-exit hours before Celtic QUICK News






    I’m told Peter Lawwell has a few selected ‘Celtic minded’ journalists on speed dial. Apparently if you send Peter a text he will reply back with an honest answer or if he cannot give an honest answer he will ignore the message. It’s what I was told anyway.

  21. Fanatic



    You wrote “a player who offers no attacking threat every time.



    That statement was false, i see you’ve now changed to hardly a threat.


    Youve just proved me right when i accused you of over the top of criticism of Nir Bitton, thanks.

  22. I believe Brendan Rodgers IS a Celtic fan and always has been.


    I also believe Brendan Rodgers is a professional football manger .


    I believe he was able to separate the two and made his decision accordingly.


    It may well be that many are angry because they feel they have been duped.


    We have to take some responsibility for that.


    I think Brendan Rodgers did a great job at Celtic and I have no problem with his obvious desire to manage in a much better League. I can even accept the unfortunate timing of it.



  23. SID


    My original post was based on the present.


    I had commented on i would rather have Henderson who has assisted on 3 goals in all 3 games he has played in to an experienced non threat.I never named any other.


    One goal and one assist is frankly crap for a central midfielder.


    Would a non threat be more to your liking.


    Proved you right?


    Aye .

  24. fairhill bhoy on

    Marco rose you say?


    I keep getting told on here we need someone who gets us?


    I’m sure he does eh??



  25. glendalystonsils on




    I’ve a feeling we might just see the old freescoring Griff back under Lenny.

  26. fairhill bhoy on

    Hot Smoked-not to sure he really was a fan like his brother ?


    He didn’t know who feed the bear was?


    Apparently ?

  27. Wow! What a week! Not sure what Rodgers was thinking of – he has a massive ego but I would have thought he’d hang around until summer so as to get a statue to go with his large portrait!


    Anyway, tough gig for Lawwell and the Board now to rebuild the entire management structure. If I were in his shoes I’d offer WGS a Director of Football/Technical Director post – in charge of everything football wise: scouting (hopefully more onus on the Nakas, Robson’s and Borucs than the Caldwells, Killens and Riordens); youth development (he did a lot of work on that with the SFA who promptly binned it when they binned him); sport science; performance analysis; medical Department; overall ethos (if not playing style) of the football department. I’m sure he’s not the doyen of all these things but has great networks and has shown a willingness to learn.


    I’d be happy for Lenny to keep the job until we get 10 (hopefully) and ideally I want 13 to get to 55 before THEM, so having WGS there would provide continuity should Lenny leave….

  28. fairhill bhoy on

    GLENDALYSTONSILS-you have to much time on your hands ?


    Brilliant though ?




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