Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. Saw that the fascist ex Celtic shareholder O’Brien got told by the courts tonight that it is not libel to point out that you are a capitalist pig and you can’t gag or buy off the press



    Crackin. I am more happy about him leaving us a few years ago than anything else. A Fine Gael man

  2. Coneybhoy on 2nd March 2019 12:04 am




    I seen him at Forrest, and thought Celtic should sign him, then before you know it he’s of to Germany for £15mill.



    He’s lightening quick but his touch is shocking, he did great setting up the goal on Wednesday but 4-5 times on that night the ball just bobbled away from him. I don’t think you can train that.

  3. Marspapa 11.43pm



    Sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s on our own doorstep… our interim manager knows exactly what he has to do… deliver the league & cup and hopefully the job is his …. sometimes foreign managers or even managers that have supported us all their lives aren’t all they are cracked up to be … I would much prefer a good manager and preferably a honest one :-)

  4. Hey WeeBawBaBitty,



    I’m still hangin in there grimly.



    I really can’t believe what has happened over the last week. Silly me – I know I should expect the unexpected more than ever now.



    Anyway, Thank You Brendan for winning the Magnificent 7 Trophies in a Row. Very annoyed with the way you have Treated Celtic – especially the Players that were actually very close to you – You saying they will all be friends for Life as a soundbite…. well I hope these things will come out in the wash.



    It is really disconcerting that Bada Bing is still calling (I appreciate he is lifting this info from elsewhere) who will be in the team Many hours before the kickoff.



    Martin would have had that sorted pronto. Leaks like that are just wrong, IMO.



    Neil is the best possible firefighter Right Here Right Now.



    Come on Celtic – Win against the Hibees.



    A Treble Treble is totally unheard of.



    Something inside So Strong.



    N F L

  5. Delaneys Dunky on

    Huddle and Larkin.


    Uprising album and Celtic games were my two favourite things at one time.


    One Love. Irie ?

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Petec- hope you’re well, i just post team stuff as Bhoys will be interested, it could be total Brendan right enough…

  7. Neil will Deliver.



    Brendan isnae a fighter, Stevie G will have the Establishment Square behind him.



    Great Words to Highlight so much in Scotland by Steve Clarke.



    Neil Francis Lennon is the Man who started this Incredible run of Celtic League Wins – Go on Neil get us the Eight.



    Brendan has Revolutionised the Club IMO.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on



    The Lurgan Legend will see us through our last weeks wobble. Annoyed to realise that BR is a charlatan. Thankfully Lenny is a Tim, as are John Kennedy and Damien Duff. Onwards and Upwards



  9. !!Bada Bing!!



    I know you are just relaying the message.



    I’m fine thanks and Thanks for asking BIG chap. :))



    I hope you take this in the best possible way – I hope we dinnae see your leaked (on CQN) teams again.



    IMO Brendan was being undermined by that stuff. Who knows if they were doing it for the Greater Good – Little olde petec disnae have a Scooby Doo.



    CELTIC and the NFL winning Every game noo – Olivier is Bach Soon – It will be interesting to see if he Rocks it from here on in.

  10. Delaneys Dunky on



    15 and puffin Uprising changed my life.


    Last song on the album was the majestic Redemption Song. My national anthem still. ?



  11. Delaneys Dunky on



    As you know, I love The Charlatans.


    Good Tim singer like James ?



  12. Delaneys Dunky on



    I was led to Lee Perry and Jamaican music in general. Love South of Tunis Jamaican collection he posts here. All belters.



  13. It will be Interesting after the Moussa stuff — whether ON will go forward in progression.



    He needs to be the MuthaF that owns that midfield.



    I’d rather have Callum than ON if it was a straight choice – Callum has Celtic @ heart.

  14. Delaneys Dunky,



    G-Thang, the End Days have been since Israel has been reborn. For Real – Och Aye the Noo.






    NJOI Celtic Dominating Everything!!!

  15. Garry,



    The Scottish Cup of Trembling isnae quite Like Jerusalem and it is now annoying me if Brendan faked that stuff to the Israeli media when the Celts were over there – Something not right.



    Anyway – Neil – God Bless you and shame on the Men behind the curtains putting the Man through it again.

  16. Another direct quote , this time from Brendan that contradicts another aspect of the original narrative . We were told it was solely his decision to leave now and not in the summer, this would appear to be false. As would the accusation that he wanted to take the entire backroom staff with him to Leicester , with JK on record as saying that when he spoke to Brendan about it he told him straight away he should be ready to take the team if he leaves, not do you want to come with me.






    But he insists he was forced into making a snap decision to drop everything for a new challenge in England’s top flight.



    And he has poured scorn on reports suggesting it was his call to make the move immediately rather than to hold out until the end of the season.



    Asked if he had spoken to Leicester about the possibility of delaying the move until the summer Rodgers said: “Yes. That was something I asked, ‘Could it wait until the summer?’ But they felt it couldn’t.



    “So I then have to make a decision. There was no way I was wanting to do what I did, with 11 games to go, in a cup quarter final and having won a trophy.



    “Everybody could see my passion in my last home game against Motherwell. But very quickly that night, there was an approach and I had to deal with it.



    “You have a choice to make then but waiting until the summer was one of the things I’d asked. It was beyond what Leicester wanted to do and you can understand their position.



    “There were 10 or 11 games to go and they have top players here, who were unsure of where the club is going. They need to make a statement, show ambition and maybe look to keep some of the players,



    “They wanted to give me a chance for the next two months to build something and move forward.”



    When pressed further on claims that he dictated the timing of the move Rodgers remained adamant that the choice was not his to make – and insisted Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell will back him up.



    He said: “No. Listen, people will bring that to the table of course, especially if it creates a headline.



    “It was never the case. I had a frank and amicable talk here. It just wasn’t something that they wanted to do. “That will be verified by Peter, who spoke to Leicester. Speak to Peter, Peter will tell you categorically Leicester said that was their position. He will tell you.



    “It is unfortunate there will be rumours but the actual reality is when they came in Peter rang me and told me and said: ‘Listen, this is what Leicester have said, you’re their man, they don’t want to wait until the summer’. He asked them as well.



    “So that’s when I went to speak. Peter will confirm that as well. That was the conversation because he relayed that to me.”



    Rodgers admits to being stung by the anger his decision has created.



    But he insisted: “I understand. It was so quick. It wasn’t something that was planned because my plan was to get to the end of the season and then, like I always do, review.



    “I know the truth. If there’s a narrative around something else I can’t control that. Like I say, Leicester made the approach to the club and were very clear, they were prepared to pay big compensation to take me out, I was their candidate.

  17. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks for Underworld memories.


    Magic tune. Remember listening to Kraftwerk at that time too.



  18. Big Man – What a Jam & Spoon.






    I’ve been critical of Scott Brown as we want to get better and better (Grrrr Brendan Jibber Jabber)…. I thought – I only seen 30 minutes @ real time speed, that he was very Good – still doing tackles that are saying he is slowing down.



    It is Just Celtic and Celtic People giving it their All.