Discipline, provocation and a place in the semis


There will be no one better prepared to take a team to Easter Road tomorrow than Neil Lennon, but while Hibernian fans are likely to feel generously to their former manager, by all accounts there is little love lost between him and the Hibs players.  They will give everything for a place in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Neil has only had a few days with the players and I doubt he will have changed anything.  John Kennedy is his assistant specifically to ensure continuity at this time.

If our reception at Tynecastle is any kind of weathervane on how we will be received tomorrow (I suspect it is), the most important quality we will need is discipline.  Our treble treble could go on the line through rashness, provoked or otherwise.    Remain composed, pass the ball and get forward with the pace we possess, and a place in the semi-final is ours.

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  1. Glad to see BRTH back on the blog..



    A wee ditty for the old yins..



    There was an auld poster called Kojo


    Who liked to talk all “Sunday Posto”


    He often did state


    How the free market was great


    and slated our Lurgan ‘corner bhoyo’

  2. Make up Sh!t.




    The Great Goalkeeping coach, MAGICAL.



    Thank You for the Love of Celtic – St Pats Legend.

  3. Please for petes sake – dinnae get tattoos. The Subliminal Satanic Sh!t is there – Come to the petec Surgery. My Molar is making me wince, Funnily enough half the Tooth Crumbled. Annoyed Now that I have mor Mercury Fillings.



    End Times – Any ways.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    “It is unfortunate there will be rumours but the actual reality is when they came in Peter rang me and told me and said: ‘Listen, this is what Leicester have said, you’re their man, they don’t want to wait until the summer’. He asked them as well.”




    “I know the truth. If there’s a narrative around something else I can’t control that. Like I say, Leicester made the approach to the club and were very clear, they were prepared to pay big compensation to take me out, I was their candidate.”



    Pretty much sums up and supports my suspicions and as far as I’m concerned is typical of the Plc modus operandi.


    £6M compensation was too attractive and I will not quibble on that for a manager who was walking at the end of the season, my quibble was scapegoating him and not telling it as it was in case the Plc became targets of supporter ire.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Very interesting article I believe supports a previous SFTB discussion which questioned the stats.

  6. I got Friends in the Highest Places – Oh My Lord.



    Gerry C.



    Neil Lennon.



    The Bravest of the Brave.



    Thank You Brendan for what you Contributed.



    Listen up and Listen Good – Like you know You Should.



    C – E – L – T – I – C



    My Name is MC Lenny. Eventually the Truth is OUT.

  7. Canamalar



    My main issue from the outset was the nature of abuse he was getting , largely based on internet opinions and rumours from anonymous sources. These were being presented as fact by some posters here and labelling anyone questioning it as blind to the truth etc.



    We’ve lost one of the best managers in the clubs history, universally loved by the support. Questions were going to be asked and the breaking story had to portray Brendan in a certain light whilst showing the PLC as if there was nothing they could do to stop it. As for there part in it I haven’t seen anyone ask the question – Why didn’t they refuse him permission to speak to Leicester?



    It worked a treat . He was greedy, arrogant, narcissistic , self serving, insincere etc.The narrative was set , Brendan was the devil incarnate to some , a tsunami of criticism followed. He was accused of deliberately throwing the last Sevco match as a GIRUY to PL. Can you imagine someone as dedicated to his job and career to deliberately setting his team out to lose ? Na me either.



    Apparently he was keen on taking the entire backroom staff to Leicester according to a number of posters. Only problem with that is JK on record saying Brendan had asked him to be ready to take the team if he left. Two different newspapers carried a headline yesterday saying JK knocked back the offer but there are no quotes attributable to JK to corroborate this in either article, very odd to say that least.



    We were told he was the one who insisted the deal go ahead now, this was repeated multiple times on here as fact . Different version of that is emerging today. I would love someone to ask PL if Brendan forced the move or like he said Leicester weren’t willing to wait. I believe Brendan. If that is another apparent lie we won’t have to wait long for PL to set the record straight, surely?



    I have been amazed at how many folk have rushed to judgement on this but at the same time I can understand the angst it has caused to the support at such a crucial part of a crucial season in terms of what can be achieved.



    I think there is a bit more to go with this story . Too many conflicting aspects of it in terms of its reporting .We should be told the truth, not fed some media/internet constructed narrative to blacken Brendan’s reputation.



    Get it out the way and concentrate on our season ahead , any distractions will only harm the club.




  8. People get Tattoos not knowing the other meanings – likely linked to small gods.



    It is very interesting that Neil is surprised by so much CHANGE @ Celtic regarding so much.



    Celtic under Neil I think – Will Smash the 10 and then some.




  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Truth will need to be uncovered as it is with everything concerning Plc machinations. Problem is, when it is eventually uncovered no one will want to know.

  10. Having Neil @ the Rafael Van Der Vaart, and @ the end a much more REFINED Hunskelper!!!!



    I’m a Big Brexit Supporter – The Uk Is gonnae be shafted like the Irish.




    Njoi Every Win Celtic.

  11. Good morning CQN from a dry but overcast Garngad



    Here we go troops.?


    Here we go again, we are on the road again…….



    No talk of the Judas types today guys, we have a very important cup tie to win⚽️, and I cannot wait to see Lennys Heros again ??????


    We need the full backing of all our support at the game, in the clubs/pubs/house around the globe, possitive mental energy. COYBIG.



    Whatever team Lenny puts out, I just hope there is no football played from our 18 yard line back the way, from there go forward. We have the squad to beat Hibs, we just need to make sure we are up for it.??


    Let’s not forget how big Wednesday was to get a win, a win there at any time is good, but after a tomoltuos, whirlwind of a few days that was a greeeeeeeeeat victory, mentally that was crucial.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  12. Good morning,friends from an overcast but mild San Agustin. Win today and we will be very very short odds for the Treble Treble,

  13. David66 – I Sincerely hope the wee Lurgan Guy Proves EVERYONE Wrong.



    He has a Habit of doing that.



    N F, he has went elsewhere and kicked ass, L



    My Type of Manager.

  14. Today’s CQN Coupon.


    Lennybhoy ….Wolves













  15. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    DBHOY – 6:34 AM



    “We’ve lost one of the best managers in the clubs history, universally loved by the support…”



    Indeed, but that was then and this is now. Just a shame BR loved his own career and how he plans and assumes it will be on an ever upward trajectory a whole lot more. Still, if we’re blessed, maybe he’ll come for a final swan song to top up his pension in donkeys years time to reassure us that we were always his first love(violins), if he hasn’t come a cropper and been sacked multiple times and been on an ever downward trajectory since leaving Celtic. that is…



    And no, it might be a whole lot easier to see a sinister and dastardly, Machiavellian PL/ PLC conspiracy here but I fear the realty is a whole lot more bog standard and straightforward, with his baling out being entirely produced and directed by BR, with funding supplied by Leicester.



    I also suspect that his time with Celtic will turn out to be the pinnacle of his career but he was too busy scheming the opportune moment to jump ship that he never truly appreciated it, and due to his impatience he leapt when a few short months would have ensured heroic iconic status in perpetuity. Instead it was an ever more plodding onwards and downwards trajectory with the occasional fleeting upwards blip thereafter.



    Well Brendan, your initials may be BR but you really did crap PR this time.