Discriminate application of the rules and a lack of defensive structure


The Rules of the Game do not discriminate between a first and second yellow, but it is the discriminate application of the rules that causes problems.  Two mis-timed – but not dangerous – challenges were enough for referee Nick Walsh to dismiss Callum McGregor, players are given latitude at the second yellow in the same scenario every week in the calendar.  When cast against the off-the-ball stamping, kneeing and kicking Celtic players have endured in this fixture without protection from referees, it is clear what we are up against.

Celtic took control from the off but the intervention of Walsh; awarding a foul against Scott Brown on the goalkeeper when no foul happened, awarding Newco a throw-in deep inside the Celtic half that should have gone the other way and three further fouls for shoulder challenges that went Newco’s way, broke the pattern of play.

Three of the four goals came from mistakes by our defensive mid, two from Scott Brown and one from his replacement, Ismaila Soro.  Scott wanted the win yesterday as much as you or I, but despite improved performances in recent months, the tank is empty.  Ismaila will learn from yesterday.  He was thrown into the game cold, there is a lot more to come from him.

For this third time in 2021, Celtic went to Ibrox and created a hatful of chances, at least on this occasion they took one, although many went a begging.   Creativity is clearly not the problem.

Odsonne Edouard got on the scoresheet and put in his most impressive and interested-looking performance in some weeks  Mohamed Elyounoussi again impressed, in a better-structured team he would be a star.  Kristoffer Ajer was man-of-the-match.  He repeatedly transformed defence into attack; too powerful, fast and skilful for Newco players to touch.

So where did it go wrong?  Teams practice how to play with 10 men and the first thing the practice is how to defend.  Not for the first time this season Celtic were porous, lacking a robust structure.  Defence protects the keeper and midfield protects the defence.  Scott Bain had little cover, the same could be said for the defence.  Our shape with 10 men was all wrong.

Still, as Viv said, tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Before the match on Sunday I was listening to Marvin Bartley in his role of SFA Equality Adviser and he said htat he had been racially abused as recently as the day before on Social Media. He went on to talk about higher profile players including a black player in Scotland “who had achieved much more than him (Bartley) in the game” who had spoken to him recently, in tears at the racial abuse he was regularly receiving on Social Media.



    He did not name the player but it got me thinking. It could have been Kamara or Tavernier or Goldson but it could have been Edouard or Ntcham too.



    As hurting fans, denied the 10 in a row, that we ad promised ourselves, we will hit out at every one involved in depriving us of our fix- Board, Players, Coaches and fellow fans. We reach for adjectives like lazy, want away, uncommitted, disinterested (sic) and mercenary to hit out at them. Meanwhile these well paid superstars are talking to Equalities Advisers about their depression and mental health.



    I take the view that no Celtic player deliberately lost us hte league. Neither did any coach or Boardroom member nor any fan.



    But we did lose it and it hurts like hell.



    While we vent, someone more cool headed will have t try and re-build.



    If they don’t, we will be calling out Eddie Howe as a failed Bournemouth manager before we get to Christmas

  2. squire danaher on

    From a T English piece on BBC website



    …..23 points behind having beaten them by 13 points, nine points, 12 points and 39 points in the previous four seasons.



    From 2016-17 to 2020-21 there’s a 62-point difference between the sides. (Huns) are on an escalator heading up and Celtic are on an escalator heading down.






    Don’t worry though, it’s all for the best in the long run.

  3. SAINT STIVS on 3RD MAY 2021 1:38 PM





    SAINT STIVS on 3RD MAY 2021 1:28 PM




    Aye sit back and accept your place at the back of the bus.








    I dont sit at the back of any busses.



    Not in my personal life, not in my work life and definately not in being a Celtic supporter.




    That you even use that term makes me suspicious of you.




    Will I see you at celtic park anytime soon ? anytime ever ?




    Will you join one of the events hosted by some on here ?




    will you disappear once celtic are winning again ?




    Do you post on any other blog ?




    So many question, never any answers.




    I always thought you were Peter Lawwell but I see you are really Ian Buckells.

  4. park t bus n blootir it simples on

    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 3RD MAY 2021 3:31 PM



    Excuse me but, how is 55 a lie?



    If the Ibrox club died why did Celtic PLC agree in 2016 to keep the same price of tickets for derby games that



    were on the tickets in 2012? When Rangers supposedly died?



    And why did Celtic fans continue to pay 2012 prices for tickets, when the same Ibrox club returned to our league in 2016?



    Celtic fans were giddy when Brendan arrived in 2016, maybe fans just overlooked the same 2012 ticket prices



    and paid up and continued to sing “Your Not Rangers Anymore” because they didn’t care, and maybe they



    hoped that nobody would notice that they’d been set up, and just carried on regardless, like the smart and



    switched on group of fans that they obviously are?




  5. glendalystonsils on




    The fact is , our board do indeed seem to tolerate and accept being cheated . My main point was that savvy and capable managers such as Jock Stein and Brendan Rodgers recognised this and took steps to overcome it .



    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always express my points clearly .

  6. park t bus n blootir it simples on

    SQUIRE DANAHER on 3RD MAY 2021 3:34 PM




    I have said before and will say again.


    The only thing our Board understand is money.


    Hit the bar stewards where it hurts.



    Exactly! How this case can continue to be argued against is staggering!



    Living on our knees is asking for more of the same.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 3RD MAY 2021 3:31 PM






    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 3RD MAY 2021 12:29 AM



    I recognise that post.






    Mucho apologies!





    Tee hee – :-))



    No problemo – I’m with you on that! I actually meant to (and will now) copy it into a Word document to be rolled out every now and again – it’s probably the third or fourth time I had to do the editing!!



    Yes – publish and be damned.



    If challenged – say “I can provide documentary evidence that Rangers died – can you provide me documentary proof that they didn’t?”



    Need to get on to tackle these radio phone in charlatans again…their counter argument is “Oh not that old opinion again”, or “Time to go to the break”…



    HH pal – you are most absolutely welcome :-))



  8. squire danaher on




    I take the view that no Celtic player deliberately lost us hte league. Neither did any coach or Boardroom member nor any fan.






    This is not an easy question for a short answer and indeed in someways it’s rhetorical.




    To what else, apart from deliberate malevolence, do you attribute what is, to my mind and at face value, one of the most complete and abject collapses in the history of organised sport?

  9. Tontine Tim on

    PETEC on 3RD MAY 2021 5:11 AM



    I Reckon John – If he is backed the way a Manager should be…….. whos the Backroom staff? Shocking Lenny wisnae Allowed his own team to try get 10.



    *no offense Pete but where’s this mythical backroom staff, big Dolph was back in Sweden for the 2nd time having left Bolton after a year, could be a personal situation there, and allegedly Gary Parker was a big concern at Easter Road, seems the players wurnae that keen on him and he badmouthed gas meter while there, so who’s he gonnae bring in.



    Lenny will NEVER work in fitba again other than commentating on games; he’s a busted flush and was more than happy tae take the job after the fraud bailed oot.

  10. 55 is a lie. Anyone who says or implies anything different views the world through eyes that do not see.

  11. Get this Season over.








    So the Saints stop the new incarnation. Thumbsup © philvis.



    Sky Sports is Criminal – The Scottish branch are pathetic beyond belief. Simpson Elbow was not regarded a Yellow never mind a red. Context for Callum getting 2 yellows.



    How they got the last Scottish contract was flabbergasting.



    JimShite has been working hardcore to place men for as long as he has been doon in England.

  12. squire danaher on







    The fact is , our board do indeed seem to tolerate and accept being cheated . My main point was that savvy and capable managers such as Jock Stein and Brendan Rodgers recognised this and took steps to overcome it .






    The cheating continued during the eras of both men.



    In BRs case it still didn’t affect outcomes. That was the time to challenge it.



    Mr Stein had many’s a run in and the history books are full confrontations v officialdom. 1966 return from Kiev late in Friday and having to play Saturday, 1970 SCF readily spring to mind.



    We should only have to beat the 11 in front of us.



    Not the 14.

  13. squire danaher on




    My question should obv say ‘would you attribute’ as opposed to ‘do you attribute’.

  14. Alasdair MacLean on




    The basis for my statement “55” is a lie, can be found in the companies house website…. as follows.



    Companies House:


    RFC 2012 P.L.C. Company number SC004276


    Previous company name: 




    27 May 1899 – 31 Jul 2012


    Public limited Company – Incorporated on 27 May 1899


    Company status – Liquidation.



    Complicity in that lie may rest with the Celtic board.


    Just because the Celtic board, corrupt authorities and cowardly journalists are complicit with the fraud – doesn’t make it true.


    Maybe I’m being naive, but who am I to call companies house liars?

  15. I like the variety of Celtic sites out there. They are all vital and varied.



    I have posted on over a dozen sites though CQN was my original home site and I am still very fond of it. It could be improved and I would like the log in issues and pop ups to be fixed and would gladly contibute to that if Paul decided to go down that route.



    Yet, I do find it strange and a little demeaning when posters from other sites come on to denounce this site or its owner but do not choose to contribute anything to make it different. It looks a little like trolling. It looks like there are attempts to entice posters on to other sites or away from this one by extolling the virtues of the site where you feel most comfortable or by denigrating this one.



    I think it is ok to advertise and to self-promote but it’s not convincing to do so by visiting alternative sites and telling them how bad they are. That’s just like rival firms posting nade up bad reviews on Trust Pilot. Most of the posters on here are well aware of the existence of alternative sites and how they differ and vary from CQN. The vast majority of them have very good qualities and very fine posters and they deserve our support………..



    But only if they suit your tastes.



    I like a lot of them but there is not one of them which is absent of insult, rancour, incursion by huns, disagreement and fall outs and I am deeply unconvinced by those who state there are such perfect sites.



    It is cheap trolling to constantly visit here and abuse the host’s openness by proselytising for your preferred site.



    CQN, for all it’s faults, is remarkably free from discussion about the merits or de-merits of other Celtic sites. Posters from here are not visiting The Huddleboard, Kerrydale Street or Sentinel Celts to tout for business or just to tell them how we disagree with them or their views or perceived values. There may be individual posters who are disliked but there is not one genuine Celtic site (as distinct from clickbait sites) that I would condemn.



    So, let them all stand or fall by the custom that they can attract, not by how difficult we can make them by hit-and-run trolling.



    You can prefer other sites to CQN – that is your right.


    You can dislike CQN – that is also your right


    But what joy can it give to visit disliked sites and tell them how much you dislike them?



    I don’t get that at all.



    40 shades of green csc

  16. Tontine Tim,



    I dinnae ken the ins and outs, I hope our next Manager is bringing his Team that makes him the Outstanding candidate to take Celtic forward.

  17. Putting aside the red card, what I saw yesterday was a pretty familiar story in these games. The Celtic team being pressured all over the park whenever we had the ball, so we had to make quick snatched passes which often went astray. In contrast our players regularly stood off the opposition, allowing them all the time in the world to find and complete a pass.



    I recall back in 2016 when Man City had just appointed Pep Guardiola and in the early season were beating every team put in front of them. We faced them in the CL home and away, and were expected to get thrashed. We pressured them across the park forcing them to pass quickly, making them uncomfortable and resulting in two good draws. We set the template to show others how to tackle Pep’s Man City, and for a while they had a wobble in the league as others copied the tactic.



    It took Pep Guardiola about 5 games to adapt and counter those tactics, and start to win regularly again. After over a year of facing pressing teams in the sevco (and other SPL) games we still haven’t found an answer.

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we’re a bit of a shambles at the moment!



    I agree wholeheartedly with Stephbhoy – it’s gotten so bad now that we need to stop our strategy of “buy low – develop – sell high” for the time being.



    Truth be told, we’re now just running on the fumes of Rodger’s work. The only sellable assets we have are those he signed (Eddy) or those he developed and brought on (Ajer, Christie, CalMac). I really can’t see is getting more than £30-40m for that foursome. Beyond that, there’s a load of players who either want to leave or should leave, and they won’t bring in much by way of fees:



    2 of our 3 goalkeepers can go. The other stays firmly as back-up who plays a handful of games a season.


    We’d be lucky to get £1m in sales here to be honest.



    The only full-backs we’ll have when loanees depart are Ralston, Taylor and Bolingoli. The latter is finished at Celtic – hopefully his Turkish club will pay the £2m or so option and keep him. Ralston isn’t good enough for us and will only have a year left on his contract. I’d consider keeping him around as cover depending on our rebuild, but for his own good we ought to let him build a career elsewhere. So £2m Max here.



    Julien is injured until the end of the year, so he’ll stay – Welsh should be kept until January to cover Julien’s absence then loaned out to get experience and regular games. I’m unsure about Welsh – he seems to be one of those who shrinks on the pitch (he’s said to be 6’3 but I keep thinking he’s too wee) and isn’t very quick – not sure he’ll make it for us, but we will need for cover next year while Julien recuperates.


    Beyond that, we have next to nothing – Ajer is for the off and Bitton is said to want to return to Israel (and is playing out of position anyway). We’d probably get around £1m for Bitton (at a real push). Hendry is likely to make his loan permanent, so that’s another £1.75m. £3m total on centre backs brought in (excluding Ajer, who’ll probably bring in £8-10m).



    Centre midfield is looking equally ropey! Brown is gone, CalMac and Christie too (accounted for above), so our most recent first choice midfield is gone. Rogic should go too – get £2m and I’d be happy. Ntcham – God alone only knows – possibly a £1m gamble purchase by someone, but more likely running his contract down. Our new man could possibly get a tune out of him, but with 1 year of his contract to go (and his attitude) he’d end up just leaving on a free to some moneybags club and think it’s all him – so whatever happens, not in the squad for me.



    That leaves Soro and Turnbull, both of who would be in my squad – I’m choosing to believe Spurs being interested is paper talk!



    In the wide areas, Forrest may look for a payday, but likely to stay. Mikey J needs to show something if he’s to rescue a career at Celtic. He’s so far proven to be an injury-prone coaster who relies upon a substitute goal to make us think he is great. He may be, but we’re almost at the stage of cutting our losses. Big season for the young man!


    Elyounoussi will go (and should – good goal scorer but offers little in most games), and Shved’s option (c£3m) will hopefully be taken up. Dembele – who knows…but having disappeared for over a year, a big ask for him to carry our rebuild!


    Up front – Eddy’s been gone mentally and will go in summer. We shouldn’t extend Griffith’s contract – he’s too unreliable for the money he is on! Bayo’s option probably won’t be taken up, so he’ll go off on loan somewhere else and run his contract down.


    That leaves Ajeti – who has shown to be unfit and immobile and someone on here said he’s a horrible person. We’ll be lucky to get £1-2m for him and probably stuck with him or loaning him back home.



    So that leaves us one back-up goalkeeper; 1.5 centre backs (Welsh and Julien), a left back, 2 CMs, 2 wingers and a rather ropey centre forward. Shaw will join on a pre-contract, so that



    We need at least a whole starting 11 – a starting goalkeeper, a right back (possibly 2), 2 (possible 3) centre backs (maybe 1 who can play right back), a left back, 2 wingers, 2 (pos 3) CMs and 2 strikers – quite the rebuild!!!

  19. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    As a fan base I think we are all on the same page,



    we all seen clearly we were heading for the rocks as early as the disastrous Europa League campaign confirmed by getting regular domestic gubbings off teams like Ross County etc, failing to fire a single shot against sevco, even yesterday finishing without a striker on the park with 2 sitting on the bench, calamitous,



    and we all know the failure has been from the top down, from DD / PL dithering when we needed urgent change to professional footballers failing to convert the simplest of chances to defenders ducking out of the way when a shot comes in, we’ve all seen it in technicolour,



    yet here we all are sleeves rolled up seemingly blaming one another or condemning Paul67 or storming off in the huff, bizarre.

  20. Assuming we get around £8m for the other departures alongside £8m for Ajer, £15m for Eddy, and £9m for CalMac and Christie, that gives us around £40m to play with – it’s doable but a big ask!



    So for now, the focus has to be on 11-14 first team ready players to get the£30m Champions League jackpot – then we can think about resurrecting the buy low strategy again, with hungry youths/I found gems and top coaching

  21. SonsOfErin on 3rd May 2021 4:01 pm




    There was a moment yesterday that said to me so much.



    Greg Taylor is wholehearted and being the best he can be but he got brushed aff the ba’ from Camara as if he wisnae even there.

  22. The English Premier League have swiftly taken the first steps to ensure that the ‘breakaway six’, and anyone else for that matter, cannot take liberties with the game in England. No punishments given as yet, however it is all in direct contrast to the weakness & inaction of those in charge of the Scottish game in 2012, when Rangers (IL) was ‘in the dock’.



    We can’t change the past, but we must be vigilant and ‘nosey’ when in comes to monitoring the new Ibrox club.



    Therefore it is entirely legitimate, indeed vital, to examine the prospects & finances of the Ibrox club in relation to how they may affect Celtic. The reason that they were able to duck & dive for so long during the EBT years, was precisely because everyone, including us, was looking the other way.

  23. The club is in a terrible state, a real mess. This season, nor yesterday has absolutely anything to do with referees. Nothing whatsoever.


    We have went from


    Rodgers to Lennon


    Gordon/Forster to Bain


    Lustig to Kenny


    KT to Taylor


    Boyata to Welsh ( young kid may develope but very raw)


    Armstrong to Moi



    One man is responsible for the mess we are in. Peter Lawwell.



    Going from Rodgers to Lennon is like going from Barcelona to Bristol Rovers.



    Going from Lustig to Kenny is similar as is KT to Taylor.



    Replacing Quality with Duds is only going to lead to failure.



    Hope Lawwell enjoys his 20 million in the bank and his retirement.









    Yours is a valid question, so I’ll give you an answer that is clear and uncomplicated.



    I don’t care what the majority of Celtic sites write. There are lot of them are repositories for click-bait and nothing else. They publish every rumour that appears online or in the mainstream press. They have no editorial policy. They do not pretend to try and influence debate and discussion … they merely exist to hoover up hits. I know the difference between those sites and those which are interested in those things.



    And for the record, people here and elsewhere can accuse me of running one of those sites as they will. I know what I do and why I do it and how I do it and I don’t care what people think of it.



    There are a handful of sites which have GENUINE influence on the thinking of large numbers of fans. There are a handful which are IMPORTANT to the debates being had about our club and its future.



    Only ONE site has the open ear of the club. Only ONE editor can get Lawwell on his speed-dial. Only ONE has the erudite and intelligent and influencial base of regular contributors who understand some of the more complex issues involving the club … this site was for a LONG TIME the most important in all of Celtic cyberspace, because the club takes it seriously and it takes its members seriously.



    This site, by the way, birthed a lot of the other sites including the ones I’ve run.



    its influence cannot and should not be underestimated.



    You are entirely correct that Paul is free to use that influence however he sees fit. But this site could have been an important voice in the last 12 months, and before that, in offering understanding of what happened with Rodgers, in the appointment of Lennon (indeed in preventing the appointment of Lennon had the editor so chose to take that position) .. .and instead it’s become an attack dog FOR this failed board in vendettas against the government and even, at times, sections of our support.



    This was the best site on Celtic by far, it is still the site with the most intelligent and informed contributors, of whom you, yourself, are one.



    But its greater role has been utterly squandered, and not only that, it has been used to defend the very people it should have been holding to account.



    That’s just my opinion, but you asked a valid question and that’s my effort at an answer.

  25. glendalystonsils on




    Quite correct . It has been going on since my earliest supporting days in the 1950’s and doubtless long before that . We are meant to be living in a more enlightened age of equality now though and there is no reason why we should not be vigorously pursuing a level playing field .

  26. ernie lynch on

    JAMES FORREST on 3RD MAY 2021 4:17 PM




    ‘Only ONE site has the open ear of the club. Only ONE editor can get Lawwell on his speed-dial.’







    The host of this site has the open mouth of the club, not the open ear.



    And the price for having the open mouth is that he tows the line.



    No one is under any illusions about that.



    And that includes you.

  27. Is there any precedent for a club to fall so far so quickly from a position of utter dominance?


    During such a dramatic fall, involving several humiliations, has a top club ever left in place a manager for so long?


    And, having eventually fired (?) the manager, can you think of any top club that didn’t have a plan B or C or D to implement shortly after?



    Absolute shambles of a club. Thank you DD, PL, NL and your staff.


    Thank you players for being thoroughly unprofessional.



    We got what we deserved yesterday.

  28. I don’t know why all the hype over Eddie Howe.





    I think it was on SC that i read the rules and i was confused(nothing new)on ss last night the rule as they saw it 2 yellows and a red.Now they did say that one of the yellows was not deserved but that’s a ref problem.


    I would hate to be a ref and make a judgement call on the new rule.

  29. Spidey101 @ 4.03






    Spot on, although, I believe Soro has still to convince


    Look at the 4th goal yesterday 😡

  30. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Ernie Lynch



    Exactly right. If I want to know where Lawwell is on an issue I come here. P67 is his go-between.

  31. park t bus n blootir it simples on

    ALASDAIR MACLEAN on 3RD MAY 2021 4:00 PM





    The basis for my statement “55” is a lie, can be found in the companies house website…. as follows.



    Companies House:



    RFC 2012 P.L.C. Company number SC004276



    Previous company name:






    27 May 1899 – 31 Jul 2012



    Public limited Company – Incorporated on 27 May 1899



    Company status – Liquidation.



    Complicity in that lie may rest with the Celtic board.



    Just because the Celtic board, corrupt authorities and cowardly journalists are complicit with the fraud – doesn’t make it true.



    Maybe I’m being naive, but who am I to call companies house liars?






    The Celtic ticket Pricer’s were obviously told to disregard Companies House, and set the old club ticket prices for derby games in 2016, just like the tickets priced in 2012.



    Or maybe Celtic PLC fancied their chances against their own fans who were still drunk on the arrival of Brendan also in 2016?



    Maybe the PLC had the measure of their own fans guile or lack of, and simply cashed in whilst keeping the old club the same as the apparent ticket prices suggested that the Ibrox club of 2016, was exactly the same as the Ibrox club in 2012?



    Same ticket price that Celtic’s fans paid for in 2012 as in 2016.



    Were Celtic fans tricked?



    If so, who would’ve did such a thing to them?

  32. I will be surprised if Julien plays for us again , not that it would be a miss , poor player.

  33. James Forrest – hard to disagree.


    I asked a few days ago but didn’t get any answers regarding how many regular users are still on here. 50? 100? 200?


    My assumption is far fewer than in its heyday and, therefore, its usefulness as a board-friendly platform will also have diminished. Why give away exclusives to a medium that few fans pay attention to?


    The news articles posted on this site alongside the blogs are exactly what Paul said CQN would not be. Lazy journalism. 3-4 stories a day that regurgitate what is in the Record, the Sun, the Mail. Gossip without facts.


    A Savvy PR board would be looking at ACSOM (A Celtic State of Mind) as something to try and work with, to influence, to favour. Daily broadcasts on Twitter and Facebook with lively discussion and debate.


    CQN is a difficult place to get into, a diificult place to navigate and a difficult place to stay in without being logged out. Incredibly user unfriendly.


    And before anyone asks, I love the site like an old dog still loves it’s master even though he is being badly neglected ☹️. I am not inclined to go finding a new home at this stage of my life. Maybe it will get an overhaul one of these days.