Discriminate application of the rules and a lack of defensive structure


The Rules of the Game do not discriminate between a first and second yellow, but it is the discriminate application of the rules that causes problems.  Two mis-timed – but not dangerous – challenges were enough for referee Nick Walsh to dismiss Callum McGregor, players are given latitude at the second yellow in the same scenario every week in the calendar.  When cast against the off-the-ball stamping, kneeing and kicking Celtic players have endured in this fixture without protection from referees, it is clear what we are up against.

Celtic took control from the off but the intervention of Walsh; awarding a foul against Scott Brown on the goalkeeper when no foul happened, awarding Newco a throw-in deep inside the Celtic half that should have gone the other way and three further fouls for shoulder challenges that went Newco’s way, broke the pattern of play.

Three of the four goals came from mistakes by our defensive mid, two from Scott Brown and one from his replacement, Ismaila Soro.  Scott wanted the win yesterday as much as you or I, but despite improved performances in recent months, the tank is empty.  Ismaila will learn from yesterday.  He was thrown into the game cold, there is a lot more to come from him.

For this third time in 2021, Celtic went to Ibrox and created a hatful of chances, at least on this occasion they took one, although many went a begging.   Creativity is clearly not the problem.

Odsonne Edouard got on the scoresheet and put in his most impressive and interested-looking performance in some weeks  Mohamed Elyounoussi again impressed, in a better-structured team he would be a star.  Kristoffer Ajer was man-of-the-match.  He repeatedly transformed defence into attack; too powerful, fast and skilful for Newco players to touch.

So where did it go wrong?  Teams practice how to play with 10 men and the first thing the practice is how to defend.  Not for the first time this season Celtic were porous, lacking a robust structure.  Defence protects the keeper and midfield protects the defence.  Scott Bain had little cover, the same could be said for the defence.  Our shape with 10 men was all wrong.

Still, as Viv said, tomorrow is another day!

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  1. Not for the first time the lads over on ACSOM have reflected my feelings very well.



    Paul John Dykes spoke today about how we’ve been treated and are still being treated by our executive when he spoke about how we were labelled as ‘noise’ by Neil Lennon.



    It’s a pattern throughout the club from boardroom to manager, all season we’ve been labelled as entitled, panty wetters and thugs.



    McKay has started his second week at Celtic Park and has yet to address the support.



    Rumours abound that Lawwell and Kennedy will be kept in some position at the Club.



    The only time in recent months we heard anything from someone in authority was when Desmond did an in house interview to throw a hissy fit at Dempsey.



    I won’t be renewing next season because of a board that think they’re above accountability and view me as noise.



    This noise is keeping his wallet in his pocket this summer.

  2. 25thmay1967 on




    Ajer is our most sellable asset, but it’s to early for him to go




    Yip, the formation and lack of change has been evident all season. John Kennedy parroting Neil Lennon, tactics , selection and substitutes?



    Or was John Kennedy the main tactician all along, and that’s the reason he did he not change things when he was eventually given the reigns.



    I said when we lost to Ross County in the cup, Pep or Jose would have struggled with this group of players.

  4. Never having had a main stand Season ticket , I have tried to get an upgrade for the past couple of seasons, since I no longer sit with my departed brother.



    Each year, I have to renew my own seat and have never been offered a sniff at a Main Stand tickets.



    Are any of you guys who are not renewing, in possession of a Main Stand SB? Can I get an inside run in bidding for it?

  5. Paul67 et al



    For those who may want to take themselves away this fine May Day, from the Celtic Mist that this site has become, (and coincidentally the name of Charlie Haughey’s yacht refurbished courtesy of our very own Dermot Desmond, who incidentally sold his shares in Man Utd to the Glazers) a welcome respite might be found later tonight in Rich Hall’s masterly, and very funny, ‘Working for the American Dream’ on BBC4 at 11pm. Proper TV. And with a great music soundtrack. First shown a couple of years back and, in case you aren’t allowed to stay up that late, will be available on BBCi player after the broadcast. A must watch.

  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 3RD MAY 2021 6:11 PM



    I think this season we’ve either been too manic or too lethargic, normally in the same game.



    Neither lends itself to making correct decisions at the right time. Both suggest a lack of the sort of meticulous planning and training that breeds confidence.



    Never having had a main stand Season ticket , I have tried to get an upgrade for the past couple of seasons, since I no longer sit with my departed brother.







    Each year, I have to renew my own seat and have never been offered a sniff at a Main Stand tickets.







    Are any of you guys who are not renewing, in possession of a Main Stand SB? Can I get an inside run in bidding for it?






    Why would you want to move away from the big darlin you sit next to………no , not Big JAMESGANG .



    JAMESGANG hope you and the gang are all fine n dandy.

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    An Dun



    Lenny has a nice wee Birra Moretti machine in his posh hoose in Dowanhill that he can use to help drown out the noise! I’d certainly be doing that if I was him. Always loved Lenny, but this season, much like P67, he rendered himself ridiculous with some of his black is white statements.




    I can only comment on what I see so I couldn’t say who’s picking the team



    But I don’t think the Huns players individually are 23 points better than ours. Apart from Davis I don’t think they’ve got any smart players and no stars.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Hard lines Pablo.



    You had a go (and missed).



    Yesterday was likely the last significant indignity we’ll have to suffer this season.



    A season which has been abysmal to the point of bewilderment.



    A genuine organisational failure.



    “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson”


    (Dalai Lama, instruction for life no.2)



    Right now it sucks but we’ll be back.



    I’ll be there.



    Looking forward to it already.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  11. PETEC on 3RD MAY 2021 6:43 PM


    Marspapa – so we defo going to see the Leather Belts?






    What other option is there , its ingrained in us , the empty years , the good , bad and the great years , never have i felt so disillusioned and disconnected this past season . Clever , astute Businessmen ( The Board ) disregarding the sentiment of the fans. Total lack of professionalism in how they’ve dealt with (me) Celtic fans.



    I would love to see a change but being a glass half empty soul i cant see it.



    Tell the G-THANG i was asking for him .



    PS… other fans might not think we’ve been poorly treated by the board.

  12. Babs and Clean Willie were in love they said


    So in love the preacher’s face turned red

  13. Rain finally stopped here in North Staffs although it isn’t lifting my mood.



    Not really expecting a managerial announcement tomorrow but we’ll see.



    The huns know they should have one the treble this year – not as easy as it seems even when dominating the league.



    Puts our 4 trebles in a row into context.

  14. Greenpinata on

    Eureka, a sure fire way to suss out the glazed swivel eyed trolls on here.



    Ask them to spell definitely, or is it definately

  15. FOURSTONECOPPI on 3RD MAY 2021 7:50 PM



    I don’t recognize that one, can you hum the tune?

  16. Tontine Tim on

    PETEC on 3RD MAY 2021 4:01 PM



    Tontine Tim, I dinnae ken the ins and outs, I hope our next Manager is bringing his Team that makes him the Outstanding candidate to take Celtic forward.



    *absolutely no sense in harking back, as the song says “Now what’s done is done and what’s won is won and what’s lost is lost and gone forever I can only pray for a bright brand new day for the team I Iove so well.” I added the team bit.

  17. 25THMAY1967



    Griffiths……………….1 year extension



    Ajer……………………..new contract & captain

  18. IniquitousIV on

    Lawwell – “We are regarded throughout Europe as a progressive European team.”


    Lennon – “This season is not the unmitigated disaster it’s been painted.”


    Just how far out of touch were they? Delusional fantasists, both.

  19. An Tearmann on

    Back to basics:


    dont loose the lesson.aint that the truth





  20. Bob Marley – “ None but ourselves can free our minds. ‘Mon the ‘tic.”